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15 Shocking Before-After Pics Showing Effects of Drug Abuse

These shocking before and after pictures show the negative effects of drug addiction on the human face. Released with the hope that kids will think twice about ever touching drugs by appealing to their vanity, these pictures show how addicts have lost teeth and scratched their skin to the bone.

These pictures show the first arrest of a drug addict and a picture taken in some cases just a few months later. The pairs of mug shots have been assembled by the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office in Oregon. Some of the transformations are very dramatic.

Methamphetamines user first pictured in 2001, left, and then in 2008

Methamphetamines user first pictured in 2001, left, and then in 2008

Methamphetamines user from January 2008, left, and again in August 2008

Methamphetamines user from January 2008, left, and again in August 2008

Methamphetamines user in 1997 and 2008, right.

Methamphetamines user in 1997 and 2008, right.

Heroin and Cocaine user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2007

Heroin and Cocaine user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2007

Methamphetamines user from May 2000 and November 2000

Methamphetamines user from May 2000 and November 2000

Methamphetamines user, left image taken in 2000 and right image from 2007

Methamphetamines user, left image taken in 2000 and right image from 2007

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in February 2005 and right image taken in December 2005

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in February 2005 and right image taken in December 2005

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 1997 and right image taken in 2007

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 1997 and right image taken in 2007

Heroin user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2007

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2007 and right image taken in 2008

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2007 and right image taken in 2008

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2006 and right image taken in 2008

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2006 and right image taken in 2008

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2000 and right image taken in 2004

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2000 and right image taken in 2004

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2006

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2003 and right image taken in 2006

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2005 and right image taken in 2008

Methamphetamines user. Left image taken in 2005 and right image taken in 2008

Methamphetamines user in 1997 and 2008, right.

Methamphetamines user in 1997 and 2008, right.

People that once looked normal in their initial photos, taken in their early stages of addiction, transform into unrecognizable wrecks. This is evidence you can see of the damage caused within months from using meth, heroin or cocaine.

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734 Comments on 15 Shocking Before-After Pics Showing Effects of Drug Abuse

  1. this is heartbreaking. I worked for years as a substance abuse counselor..later in ‘outreach’ as an ‘assessment and referral specialist’. Meth is one of the hardest addiction to break. Right up there with Heroin and Cocaine. Many women, especially, get started by wanting to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get more energy’. You’ll get both…and you’ll get what you see above, plus a whole lot more. Eventually, you’ll get D-E-A-D….and leave behind,in pieces,people that love you. The most intelligent,gifted and talented people I’ve ever met were addicts. They are a ‘resource’ we can’t afford to lose.

  2. John Smith // January 13, 2014 at 11:36 am //

    This is funny stuff. Let the scumbags kill themselves.

  3. I believe that marijuanna should NOT be considered as drug abuse cases such as these. These People were obviously using More than just marijuanna.

  4. John, wait til it happens to you or one of your family members. It won’t be so funny anymore

  5. Brian Hill // January 13, 2014 at 4:01 pm //

    How can you say that? you must have really been screwed over by someone to have such hate for another human. have you not one OUNCE of empathy????

  6. But I’d bet that’s the drug they started with.

  7. Squatchymoto // January 13, 2014 at 5:10 pm //

    No Bonnie Ill bet Alcohol was the first drug they started with!

  8. My cousin just died last week from a heroin overdose. Everyone in my family is torn up about it. I bet you wouldn’t feel the same as you do now if your daughter OD’d on cocaine. These people are victims of their own mistakes. Think before you comment.

  9. Our body is a loaner. It’s not up to us to destroy it for any reason.

  10. Our body is only a loaner; it’s not up to us to destroy it.

  11. Pot should not be classified as a drug,it’s a plant with medical capability of assisting
    MS,seizures,cancer and also hemp.
    Can be used for biodiesel,clothes food the list goes on.

  12. Paul Miller // January 14, 2014 at 3:20 am //

    You can be sure they all started with milk. Millions of people smoke pot. Few become speed addict or junkies.

  13. Under their pictures is what drugs they were on… None said marijuana. FYI

  14. They make one bad choice and then the drug becomes their master and they are no themselves. As to the marijuana…yes, it does help with pain, as does oxycodone,..but it also breaks down inhibitions and changes depth perception and judgment in general…would you want to ride in a car w/ someone like that driving?

  15. Agreed, millions of people alone pot and don’t turn out like these individuals abusing hard drugs

  16. All drugs have risk and benifits, marijuana should be treated the same as any other otc or prn drug. Many medications have warnings agianst driving, even otc tylenol.

  17. Ha, lol, marijuana – the gateway drug … more like lack of self respect and lack of respect for others, selfishness is the gateway drug

  18. Colleen Murphy // January 14, 2014 at 9:03 am //

    I am 32 years old. I was a meth addict for about a year. I lived under a bridge for 3 of those months. The last time I ever touched it was under the bridge, I blacked out. When I woke up I thought I had died. Well lets just say I have never done it again. It was the worst night of my life. I thank God every day for giving me the strength to get through it alive. Now I have 2 beautiful girls and a wonderful husband.

  19. John you just aren’t there YET (You’re eligible too)

  20. Great job Colleen!!!

  21. Ann Peebles // January 14, 2014 at 10:42 am //

    John, I will pray for you as well as these people. You have a problem that will destroy you too.
    God bless!!!

  22. Won’t be happening to me or any of mine. We are not the armpit of society and know better than to get near anything like that or the people that do. Clean life, clean people. Not that hard. Raise your standards people.

  23. I agree! My dad got saved out of heroin and is in an amazing rehab center. It’s personal when it becomes one of your own family members. Think before you post!

  24. I’ll bet they started with a beer.

  25. thumbs up, James

  26. After reading a few more of these, I can see that I definitely do not belong here! So Watch as I split before any of the bad can influence me. Color me Stainless.

  27. I dont believe weed is a gateway drug. Ive smoked pots for years. Before i stepped foot in a dr office for siactic nerve pain and they handed me oxycodones. That was my gateway drug. The rush i felt was amazing. But the next 2 yra werent. I went from having everything to losing it all. I thank god everyday for giving me a second chance. Never did my body feel the way it did from smoking pot as it did detoxing from pills.

  28. Thank you for sharing your story. I am very proud of you and yes, you are extremely Blessed. God bless you and your family!

  29. You do know that thing called Karma is something that bites Everybodys ass right? Buddy I would love to be watching when yours comes to you cause everything you just said is fixing to come home to you! It’s people like you who have the pain pill addicts in their family’s! Ya’ll think that’s okay cause it comes from a doctor, but that addiction will take you down just as hard and quick as this will!! Enjoy your life asshole!!

  30. Colleen,

    Please keep telling your story. Not everyone sees that opportunity to walk away, let alone using that as a testimony.
    I pray God continues to bless and bless you and your family. My heart swelled reading your happy ending. <3

  31. Colleen, I am so happy for you! You are very fortunate.

  32. Really? I think all those skeletons we find everywhere would say otherwise.
    Or someone just isn’t collecting on the loan.

  33. I’m going to guess you haven’t smoked weed since you think breaks down inhibitions. You must have it confused with alcohol.
    Neither does it change depth perception, again you have it confused with alcohol.

  34. Borissgal // January 14, 2014 at 1:36 pm //

    I can tell you, from personal experience, that prescription drugs are the most traveled gateway. Drugs have affected 2 of my family members and they both got their start with prescription pain killers. My mother who became addicted to codeine and my baby sister who got hooked on oxy. Mom became addicted in the 80’s after a bout with lymphoma. They didn’t know much about the disease back then and fed her tylenol 3’s like candy. By the time they realized that she had a new problem, it was too late. She lied, stole, drank and even spent time in jail, yet none of her doctors took responsibility. She eventually died from malnutrition in ’96, but not before she alienated every single one of her children and had been arrested 3x for DUI.
    My baby sister started her addiction with plain old darvocets. She injured her knee while waitressing and found that instead of making her sleepy as the bottle warned, they gave her a sort of speed high. Well, she lied about the extent of her injury to keep getting drugs and the longer she lied the stronger the drugs got until she ended up with a knee replacement (her insistence) and hooked on oxy. She became so desperate that she began to steal from every job she had, then couldn’t get a job any more and turned to selling her prescriptions so she could get stronger stuff. She then began drinking in addition to the drugs.. she ended up in jail for distribution, fraud and domestic violence. Before the drugs, my sister was very independent, worked hard, paid her bills and was happy go lucky. During her decline, she committed fraud with food stamps/welfare, sold drugs, drank up every dollar she had, cheated on and beat up her husband because they were both hooked and neither worked to support their habits. The judge finally ordered her into rehab and she’s tells us she’s been clean since (2 years) but I’ve seen her drinking and taking pills.
    I have cancer now and I also have 2 blown disks, nerve pain and degenerative disk disease. I am scared to death that I will end up like them. I refuse to use pain meds unless the pain is so bad I can’t function and then I only take one. I quit drinking any kind of alcohol when I saw my mother become a drunk. Drugs can destroy your family in many more ways than just losing you. Watching you deteriorate can psychologically scar everyone who loves you for life. I watched my mother go from the “before” to “after”, then watched my sister go from the “before” to “after” and back to the “almost before”. You NEVER get your “before” back… physically, emotionally or psychologically… and neither do your loved ones.

  35. Bonnie & Squatchymoto, you shouldn’t bet anything re what drug they started with cause you don’t have a clue – everyone is different so I would just keep my mouth shut unless I asked the person personally. Most of you here don’t know anything about the disease of addiction and really should just keep your mouth shut.

  36. Regret even coming to this site and reading most of these idiots comments. Maybe one day one of you or one of your family members will be very heavy into the disease (hopefully not) of addiction and if that happens, come back to this site and read your stupid comment and see if you feel the same way. You don’t belong on sites like this and especially the ones making jokes about this terrible disease should really take a look at themselves and look at their lives cause I bet they are miserable as hell in different areas.

  37. John, I really feel sorry for you cause you are probably a sad miserable person who has other major issues in life so you have to come here and put others down. The good thing is that we have a good foundation of friends the guide us in the right direction where you probably don’t have any clue on what to do with you issue(s) nor you probably don’t have any good friends to help you out. So why don’t you just go back to mommy like a little boy and cry in her lap knowing once again she can’t help you with your insecurities because that’s where it all began. :) Oops – did I hit a raw spot.

  38. @ Lee33 ……never say never! I pray to God you never have to live through the torment of watching your loved one go through addiction. My daughter was raised in a two parent middle class home. She was highly intelligent and had full scholarship to a prestigous college. While attending school she made the mistake of trying meth and becoming an addict. I am one of the lucky ones who didnt loose their child but it has forever changed her life and mine. Today she has 6 months clean! Way to go baby girl! I am proud! She is not a bad person just made a bad choice.

  39. All I can say is … NEVER SAY NEVER LEE33!

  40. brenda roberson // January 14, 2014 at 2:59 pm //

    Never say never…I have a cousin that has battled life as a addict.She was beautiful and started eating pills,pot,drinking,meth,needle and so on That shit is the devil she got clean 4 over 8 years n in the blink of an eye back at it.I don’t think anyone says oh I want to be a meth,pill head you try it like it n it has controlof your mind!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I read several of the comments here – I am in recovery – clean and sober 35 years. I know doctors, lawyers, politicians, pastors, priests, mothers, fathers etc. etc. that have been addicted to drugs and alcahol. Alcahol is the oldest drug out there. Substance abuse is substance abuse be it liquid, pill, powder, rock – makes no difference. The damage it does mentally, physically and emotionally is the same. There are no socio economic boundries or borders to substance abuse. The truth is without recovery the prognosis is jails institutions or death. There are 12 step recovery programs all over the world that work and people can live normal and usefull lives after addiction.

  42. Maybe it’s just me but, I guess I would prefer to be in the presence of “scumbag” drug addicts then a horrible person with no shame and a lack of humanity such as yourself. You are pathetic “John Smith”. Your lackadaisical dehumanizing hatred probably comes from a place of bad parenting and lack of love. I feel sorry for you.

  43. Any one hooked on drugs are there because of there own free will . no one forced them to start on them people know instinctively without being told so that drugs do nothing to improve your health but contribute to the destruction of a persons health if your normal you wouldnt swallow poison because you know it would kill you you wouldnt hold high tension wires in your bare hand it would electrocute you so there is no excuse for people being hooked on drugs and dying a slow death you are responsible for your own demise i feel sorry for children born with hiv or cancer or leukemia or heart trouble but i feel no pity for some dam fool that purposely started on drugs because he wanted to get high and hallucinate or escape something unpleasant that annoyed him the cure for that is a shrink and a bottle of anti depressants

  44. Christy Pepple // January 14, 2014 at 6:54 pm //

    God bless you! Thanks for sharing.

  45. Christy Pepple // January 14, 2014 at 6:57 pm //

    God bless you! Congrats on your recovery. Thank you for sharing.

  46. The last time I checked antidepressants were a drug. Hmmmm – let’s just medicate with a legal drug is that what you suggest? I can only hope that no one you love is ever affected by addiction. – They will certainly find no compassion from you. No one wants or needs your pity.

  47. Wayne Emerson // January 14, 2014 at 7:18 pm //

    Re: your sciatica; my severe chronic sciatica is in complete (and unexpected) remission from an antidepressant (Effexor). I’m not sure how it works or why but I’ve been taking it a bit over a year and the only back pain I’ve had since was when I missed a couple of days when I ran out. The pain (and lack of mobility) again went into COMPLETE remission after a couple of days back on the Effexor. Side effects? Apart from lack of back pain and near-normal mobility, I honestly can not tell I’m taking it! I have no ulterior motive for posting this except to make people aware of MY experiences along with several others that have reported similar results; I don’t believe im exaggerating when I call it a “MIRACLE cure. I’d suffered with steadily increasing pain over more than a decade. I’m off Tramadol and Percocet but had quite a lengthy period of withdrawal… By the way, when I started taking Tramadol (Ultram) it was listed as NON HABIT-FORMING and getting over the Percocet was a walk in the park compared to kicking the Tramadol! I finally began taking smaller and smaller doses over about a six-month period.

    I wish you good luck and good health. The Effexor doesn’t work for 100% of the people who take it but everyone does report SOME pain reduction. God bless you all <3<3<3

  48. Thank you – I have been blessed many times over in my recovery. My biggest blessing is seeing someone else recover and share a fulfilling life. Maybe just one person will see this page and find some help.

  49. Wayne Emerson // January 14, 2014 at 7:31 pm //


  50. You never know when and where this will happen to someone in your family. Please do not be quick to judge. :(

  51. Robert,

    I feel that that you are right in some instances, It is a choice. It should be taught and posted all over and published how much this stuff can hurt you. I have never drank, smoked, or did drugs of any sort. Anti Depressants are not the answer either. I was on Anti Depressants for 90 day to help with alleviating sever debilitating migraines. The meds they put me on made it so I could not wake up on time and my kids were late for school every day for those 90 days. I had hallucinations and and trouble sleeping too. Aside from that they are also addictive which I did not become addicted to. I love being in control of my life and stopped taking them when I ran out and did not refill the order. The side effects of Anti Depressants are so severe that I feel so sorry for those who truly need them. I pray that all find comfort in God and do not depend on drugs and fight to rise above their issues. I pray for you all.

  52. I feel no sympathy for them if they die another one less to worry about cause either the needle will get em or me shooting em when there broke n at my house stealing something I’ll shoot em n drag em out in the rd n leave em for everyone to see fucking meth heads

  53. Around my way if ur meth head guaranteed a thieve cause there to sorry to get a job they’ll run around n steal n sell juss to get high

  54. Lisa Davis // January 14, 2014 at 7:50 pm //

    Actually…..i started smoking weed when i was 15. By the time i was 16 i was on speed…When i was 18 i was snorting a 16th every other day by myself. If someone needs 2 use anything 2 get through the day….thats an addict. Even when u get clean u still have addictive behavior. Thanks for ur time

  55. So many people don’t realize that addiction is a disease. Yes, most people are using to numb their feelings, to escape the reality of God knows what? curiousity plays a part w/ younger users as well as peer pressure. the pics above are not examples of new users!I was a heroine addict, I used every day or I wouldn’t get out of bed!! The thing that saved me was God’s good grace!! While in intake for rehab, I found out I was PREGNANT!!A 39 yr. old pregnant addict!! Could’ve been a recipe for disaster, but God thought otherwise!! He gave me another chance!! My beautiful, healthy boy is 11 now!! Colleen, I think you understand about God’s grace… You are here & clean for a reason!! God Bless You!! And, Thanx for sharing!! HUGS!!

  56. This guy is right let em rot

  57. Scott easy to say if youve never been addicted to annything. Not everyone is that strong in mind have whatever problems n an addictive personality maybe made a bad choice n its a battle from there u ppl that have no sympathy cause ur so much better than ppl that have a problem ur input doesnt help nothing nice to saykeep it to ur happy problem free life just sayin i have a few freinds that i helped w inspireing words ur words just knock em back down

  58. John Smith, replace the word addiction w/cancer. addiction is a disease. If our disease was cancer, would we still be scumbags?? I’m an addict, will always be an addict. I choose to live clean, but w/ the understanding that there isn’t just 1 pill, 1 beer,1 pair of shoes!! temptation shows it’s face everyday , but it’s up to me/us to turn away… And ,just like cancer can be… I like to think I’m in remission!! hope I’ve cleared things up for you,John!!

  59. People of all walks of life become addicts…and most of them cant tell you why. These people that have never been addicted live in a fantasy world. If it were as simple as just stopping, there would be no addicts. While they do choose to “try it”, No one chooses to be an addict. You dont have to be stupid, or weak or trashy to be an addict. Addiction does not discriminate. I am glad these haters with no empathy do not know what addiction is like. I wouldnt wish it on my worst enemy. I am glad you are clean. God bless you and yours!

  60. wow! Borissagal, you really have a grip on reality.You are blessed that the addictive gene was not passed on to you. it must have been hard seeing your mom & sister travelling the same road. I don’t wish that on anyone!!I know what I’ve put my family & friends through, if I could take it back I would…I can’t!A friend once said,”Dr. so&so is to blame for my addiction!!” the truth is , we SOUGHT that dr. out because he DID write scripts!! we LET him make us feed our addictions!! We are ADDICTS!! We can lie our way through life only so long. It’s eventually going to come back to us , IF we’re lucky or blessed to still be here. Borissgal, God bless you.I’m praying that you’ll beat your cancer, truly. If addiction can do anything good, it has enlightened you, so you can tell people .Thank you for sharing a no doubt difficult story. If you’re in pain,take your meds, but discuss w/ your dr. , your hesitation. I’ve done this & any dr. that I see…I’ve expressed NO NARCOTICS!! it’s in my file. Bless you & I wish you a speedy recovery…

  61. It is a problem,a big problem that no one understands but the person themselves I know I would be the one to kill myself before I EVER let it get that far. I am so sorry for the people that goes through this but it is of ones own doing. Good Luck to those that read this and are addicted to to this problem..I do hope one day you will be well and are living a well-deserved life.

  62. Weak willed, weak minded, let darwin run his course for the good of all mankind. You have to be pretty freaking stupid to get hooked on ANYTHING whose nickname has “head” in it. Meth-head , crack-head etc. I do feel bad that THEY ruined their own lives, but thats the rub, They did it, not me, not us, they did it to themselves and the majority of the time we get stuck with the *()_ing bill. Stupid people doing stupid things get a stupid fate.

  63. I still call bullshit to it being a disease. Nature didnt force that pipe into their mouth or force them to be so stupid and weak willed.

  64. AMEN , its a choice they chose. 0 brains. You have to be a truly stupid person to get hooked on meth or crack. Stop intervening and let darwin win.

  65. I have two daughters that were on meth. One seems to be doing okay and the other one is still doing that. this is a bad sickness or disease. the police told me it is one of the most powerful addicting drug out there and the cheapest one to make. this is real bad I feel for other families in my position who have love ones on this. you watch them go down hill and there is nothing you can do about it. so people who criticize people on meth. you don’t even know the half of it. they are very good people who somehow did say no.

  66. Lord help. You need a lesson in grammar before you start worrying about others. You’re so ignorant. I’m sure this will warrant you calling names and trying to save face from “the girl that insulted you,” but what you really need to do is check yourself. How are you better than any other person? Judgement is the number one no no- and look at you, classifying everyone as a THEIF (not thieve) just because they have an addiction. I feel sorry for any person that is subjected to you and your idiocy on a daily basis. You better knock on wood- people pay for their judgment in terrible ways. I hope that your children don’t suffer for your asinine and askew opinions.

  67. Your entitled to your own opinion sir….. I do have to say though. You obviously haven’t dealt with someone very close to you becoming an addict. Some people don’t use just for the “fun” of getting high. There are a lot of damaged people out there. Perhaps they were molested or raped by a loved one…. Not just “annoyed” by some idiot they have dealt with that particular day… Some people do make the choice to pick up those drugs, but most people that do are usually do, are trying to drown out something that they don’t have the ability to deal with. At least not without professional help. You Sir are ignorant to the facts. So please continue to exercise your right of free speech, but before you start passing judgment… Realize that you haven’t walked a day in their shoes. Until you do. Keep your ignorant comments to yourself. Don’t be shocked when someone else out here casts judgment on to you. That is all……

  68. strawberry // January 14, 2014 at 10:46 pm //

    You must live such a sheltered life, you have no idea how slowly it can start. Many people start out as KIDS who try drugs and grow into adults who use them. Some people don’t ever tell their children about drugs so no, not everyone knows what drugs do. I have so many friends who tried things as young teens and then got hooked. You need to work on compassion towards others dude. What a hoity-toity response.

  69. strawberry // January 14, 2014 at 10:49 pm //

    Ps-my comment above is for Robert

  70. I went through and read a few of these comments – and was thoroughly disgusted for a moment. Then I just felt sad for the idiocy, the judgment, the ignorance and lack of compassion in some of these posts. Addiction, I have learned, takes many many forms: certainly there’s meth, GHB, heroin, etc. Then there are those who hide behind their prescriptions; there are many people who HAVE to take oxycodone and the like for chronic health issues who become addicted through no real ‘fault’ of their own.
    I am a recovering meth addict. I’m not brilliant, but I’m fairly intelligent. Always have been. But like most people, I’ve had my misguided moments and made some poor choices. My husband was one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met, but he never got the tools he needed to cope with life in a healthier way for a variety of reasons I won’t detail here.
    All this has given me a unique perspective: I know what it is to be an addict, and I know what it is to love one as a ‘straight’ person. I know the pains and frustrations of both.
    “Judge not, lest ye be judged” comes to mind – among many others. We may hate some of the things people do, but hating the people who get caught up, wishing them death?? Where is your humanity? DON”T FORGET-THERE MIGHT BE FAMILY MEMBERS (EVEN CHILDREN) OF ADDICTS WHO SEE WHAT YOU POST! Be careful not to spill your poison over onto them in your attempts to feel superior to someone else. Drugs can be pure evil, but they aren’t the only addiction/evil there is. Some people gamble. Some seek the same unhealthy relationships over and over. Some just shop or eat too much. SOME PEOPLE HATE. They judge, they grab ahold of things that they have very limited knowledge of, they spout off and LET IT TWIST THEM INTO SOMETHING FAR LESS THAN WHAT GOD MADE THEM TO BE. That is the definition of addiction! Hate is just as ugly an addiction as anything I ever smoked, snorted, or shot up. Hate is a choice, too! I survived, for whatever reason, and my ugly past has made me a better human being than if I hadn’t gone through it. We are here to love each other with as much wisdom and patience and compassion as we can muster. If you can’t offer something reasonably productive or positive…why bother?

  71. Brandon,
    Some of the comments people have made to you about your comments are from compassion. Most of us realize that what we sow, we will one day reap. And also that it is bitterness that has actually caused many people to become drug addicts and lose or ruin their own lives and hurt others. You might not be too far away from a big and terrible fall by the sound of your judgments. Be careful. I suggest you seek God. He is Love and He will help you to love and forgive and then have love and forgiveness to share, instead of these terrible wishes for others. I pray for God’s help to find you.

  72. Oh yeah Robert…..the answer is absolutely a bottle of drugs! lol So many people BEGIN addiction with prescriptions. I feel sorry for people like you….haven’t got a clue but sure have an opinion lol

  73. strawberry // January 14, 2014 at 10:57 pm //

    Lee33, your attitude makes you far more disgusting than a ny of these pictures. Color you stainless…that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard .

  74. strawberry // January 14, 2014 at 11:04 pm //

    Bless your heart Borissgal. Thank you for sharing. It is so true that no one starts out that way, no one starts out WANTING to be like that. . My brother died drinking and huffing freon, he started out such a great kid., good people make mistakes

  75. As a retired cop/detective I’ll say this – people need people. There is no doubt that a person is responsible for the decision to use. But when you don’t know who your daddy is and your momma is a crack whore – the hood becomes your parent. Or, when you’re raped as child over and over by your momma’s multiple boyfriends it’s easy to devalue yourself to the point of taking any measure to forget the pain. Everybody has a story. Compassion is a good first approach. Time needs to be served for crimes committed, but justice and mercy can work together for a redemptive cause.

  76. People are so F’n ignorant! Making statements like “It wont ever happen to me or mine because we don’t live in the armpit of society”, or ” They chose to be where they’re at!”. LOOK…
    I am an addict who unfortunately as a 18/19 year old decided to stupidly “try meth” DUMB! However, as of recently I WANT TO STOP…And im scared to death because…I cant stop for some f’n reason! I dont want to be the bearer of bad news…But I got excellent grades in school, raced dragsters, modeled in magazines, have dated famous people, And…I Grew Up so far from the damn armpits I felt like Repunzel! So wake the f*ck up…People…People you know, people you have interaction with during normal daily life tasks and dont know…Doctors, Lawyers, Nurses, Teachers, Cops, Friends, Family Members…SOME OF THEM ARE ADDICTS! Know it or not. It’s not something you decide to take up like a sport and show off cuz ur proud! You dont know alot of addicts that “are” addicts, because we dont put it out like that its no longer a choice and definately NOT SOMETHING WE’RE PROUD OF!

  77. Robert, you are an ignorant man, not only is your comment highly condescending, but also ignorant. Do you know that shrinks, and anti depresents are just as bad as meth?

  78. There’s no God or his grace. There’s you and your freewill. No divine plan, no God’s will, nothing. You and other people’s actions.
    However, if you feel better by believing in a higher being, go ahead and do so.

  79. Elizabeth Stallings // January 15, 2014 at 1:38 am //

    you appear to be under the mistaken impression that life is a level playing field and that we are all born with the same strengths,weakness, intelligence,opportunities and health. You seem to believe that all of us are exactly the same. Just like you. And if we are not we are not worthy of you empathy or concern. I feel sorry for you that you are unable to walk in another mans shoes.

  80. You people are ridiculous. You make it seem like we SHOULD give sympathy to those who are addicted. I see no reason for it. You put yourself there. You picked it up first. You WEREN’T addicted before. But you decided to try that drug and look where that got you. Take some fucking responsibility and own up for your own actions.
    Now, I can understand being addicted to opiates due to prescription pain meds.
    But crack, or meth? No, there’s no reason for that.
    Know what I do when I have a bad day? I smoke some pot.
    And then I get on with the rest of my addiction free life.

  81. Elizabeth Stallings // January 15, 2014 at 1:44 am //

    That is where you are wrong Jack. The simple truth is that in many cases that is exactly what nature did.

  82. Robert, you are as heartless as you are ignorant about the realities of addiction. Please shut your mouth, as you are making a fool of yourself and a mockery of truly courageous people. Your words are offensive, inaccurate, and disgusting.

  83. Lee, you are as heartless as you are ignorant about the realities of addiction. Please shut your mouth, as you are making a fool of yourself and a mockery of truly courageous people. Your words are offensive, inaccurate, and disgusting.

  84. Jack, you are as heartless as you are ignorant about the realities of addiction. Please shut your mouth, as you are making a fool of yourself and a mockery of truly courageous people. Your words are offensive, inaccurate, and disgusting.

  85. I’m 22 years old and have been sober for almost 3 whole years now :) I was addicted to meth for 3 years, living in a hotel and about 40 pounds lighter than my usual weight. I thank god everyday for giving me the strength to stay away because I know for a fact wouldn’t be alive now if I hadn’t stopped. I’m now married and have a beautiful 7 month old son. And I’m happier than I have ever been.

  86. Well said Kathy!! From someone who has been there, worn the shirt, and by the grace of God, and free from the addiction I had for 5 years. October 4,1998 was the last day I dealt with my addiction. I was informed my actions had led me to contracting the HIV virus. Imagine (16) years with out the warmth of another human being next to you. I made this mistake and under no circumstances will I get mad and let someone else contract this disease from me. Because of my actions so long ago I had 1 good thing to come of this. I quit, but have a consequence to deal with until the day I die. I am on medications that run $3000.00 a month for a (30) day supply. I wish I had of taken another road but at the moment only saw cocaine as a way to escape the pain I had endured growing up. I saw the 2 men who had put me through hell growing up at the beginning of last year.One had molested me for 8 years, he’s a Family member. We were at a Funeral and it took all I had not go up and punch him in the face instead of shaking his hand and saying I am sorry his mother had passed away.
    There are reasons people fall into the disease of addiction and they need help. Feeding them pills only makes things worse, it causes another addiction, which fills the Doctors pockets. For anyone with this problem, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Get into NA.
    From someone who has been there.

  87. Michele Brandy // January 15, 2014 at 7:27 am //

    Being empty is what leads people to doing drugs, which means they are in search of some type of fulfillment and have not the mental tools as a “normal” person does. Although people do know of the harm that drugs cause, it is the escape from reality that he/she is after, thus putting the consequences on the shelf, which is truly sad. Who is to say what “normal” is though? Is it a CEO that swallows pills to make it through their day, or is a stay at home mom who has a secret meth addiction ’cause she needs help to make it through her day as well? Drugs affect “normal” people just as much as legal alcohol does, which also happens to be poison, but lots of “normal” people partake in the use of such for that familiar escape that a drug addict seeks. I don’t only feel bad for all of the children born with diseases due to their mother and/or father being stricken with one, I feel bad for all children of addicts, as well as for the addict, for they not only have a physical disease, but a mental one as well, and both need proper medical attention. Anti-depressants are not the solution for drug addiction, for Anti-depressants are not for the treatment of chemical dependency. The only thing that you have stated that I can agree with is that, a shrink would be proper for these people, as well for most of the “normal” people that make up society, and for those of you who are brain washed that people actually choose to do this to themselves. Addicts are empty and hurting way before use begins, and addiction is also genetic, so basically, one would need a shrink before addiction begins, which is rarely how it goes.

  88. Mr. Burnstein, Obviously you are of such high moral fiber that you do not use any influential drug. Like smoking, or alcohol use, or perhaps a “legal” drug such as antidepressants, or diet pills” or anti-anxiolytics?
    yur a dichead

  89. Mr. Burnstein, Obviously you are of such high moral fiber that you do not use any influential drug. Like smoking, or alcohol use, or perhaps a “legal” drug such as antidepressants, or diet pills” or anti-anxiolytics?
    yur a dichead

  90. Wow. The lack of compassion for our fellow man is heartbreaking. Just because you don’t understand something, doesn’t mean you cant be sympathetic. I hope Robert and others like him get more compassion from others than they show.

  91. icantwithyouidiots // January 15, 2014 at 9:51 am //

    Actually, Anne is quite correct in her analysis of the detriments of marijuana usage; actually there are many studies on this phenomenon. Perhaps you should read up on the effects of marijuana and cognitive abilities before you comment. I am also speaking from personal experience mrsleep.

  92. icantwithyouidiots // January 15, 2014 at 9:55 am //

    God bless you and your family. I pray for your continued strength and the love and faith of your family. Yes, drugs and alcohol can destroy a family. I know first hand how you feel and have battled my own addictions. Continue to fight the good fight… :)

  93. icantwithyouidiots // January 15, 2014 at 10:00 am //

    AMEN!! I couldn’t have said this more eloquently. Bravo for showing what truly we all need to show one another.. Love and Compassion… :) Many blessings to you and your family… :)

  94. icantwithyouidiots // January 15, 2014 at 10:05 am //

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Pot meet the kettle… If you’re smoking pot to get through your life and deal, then you are no better than a meth addict or any other addict for that matter.. You have the same lack of discipline these addicts have because you smoke to “handle your life”. Don’t pass judgment when you’re holding a bong to your lips to cope with having a “bad day”. Look in the mirror and really take a deep look at what makes you turn to drugs in order to deal with your life. Be careful, you may one day be selling your ass to score rock just to deal with the pain and misery that you call your life. Hypocrite!

  95. icantwithyouidiots // January 15, 2014 at 10:08 am //

    Fabulous!! I’m happy to see that you’ve broken the bounds of addiction and are living a full and happy life. Remember to stay vigilant and help others along the path to recovery. May God continue to bless you and your family… Remain strong!! :)

  96. My 35 yr. old daughter was a meth addict for many years. (IV, as well). She never looked like these photos though. She changed in appearance mainly due to weight loss, but no sores, etc.
    I have something to say about “choice” vs. “Addiction”. At the beginning of meth use it IS a Choice, after so many uses I tend to believe it is no longer a “choice” but a “necessity”. They can’t stop because they are so deeply addicted. It takes major in-patient treatment and the world needs to literally MOVE to get a person to admit they need treatment – meth promotes constant denial they can quit (or not).
    Meth, “Indirectly” killed my daughter July 6, 2013. When she couldn’t get her drug of choice (meth) she huffed a an of duster / keyboard cleaner by a larger river, accidently fell in and drown. She lay in the water for almost 4 days before anyone found her body. There are still many questions regarding how this actually happened as the can of duster was found over 70 YARDS from where her body was found in the river. She had been doing some work as a Confidential Informant so therefore the police dep’t didn’t bother to look into any of the very unusual circumstances at the death scene – they slammed the file drawer shut and said, “oh well, there’s another addict around the corner to use, so who cares about this one.”
    Well, I am her mother and I DO care. Meth took away my daughter in every respect of the word. She was in treatment at the time of her accidental death and trying to get well for the sake of her 12 yr. old daughter. Now, I am left without my only daughter, and raising HER daughter.
    I could speak hours and hours on this subject and have been so much through the years with my daughter. I have no regrets as I helped her as much as I could.
    Let me leave you “haters” with this: “Do not judge, lest ‘ye be judged!”

  97. My 35 yr. old daughter was a meth addict for many years. (IV, as well). She never looked like these photos though. She changed in appearance mainly due to weight loss, but no sores, etc.
    I have something to say about “choice” vs. “Addiction”. At the beginning of meth use it IS a Choice, after so many uses I tend to believe it is no longer a “choice” but a “necessity”. They can’t stop because they are so deeply addicted. It takes major in-patient treatment and the world needs to literally MOVE to get a person to admit they need treatment – meth promotes constant denial they can quit (or not).
    Meth, “Indirectly” killed my daughter July 6, 2013. When she couldn’t get her drug of choice (meth) she huffed a an of duster / keyboard cleaner by a larger river, accidently fell in and drown. She lay in the water for almost 4 days before anyone found her body. There are still many questions regarding how this actually happened as the can of duster was found over 70 YARDS from where her body was found in the river. She had been doing some work as a Confidential Informant so therefore the police dep’t didn’t bother to look into any of the very unusual circumstances at the death scene – they slammed the file drawer shut and said, “oh well, there’s another addict around the corner to use, so who cares about this one.”
    Well, I am her mother and I DO care. Meth took away my daughter in every respect of the word. She was in treatment at the time of her accidental death and trying to get well for the sake of her 12 yr. old daughter. Now, I am left without my only daughter, and raising HER daughter.
    I could speak hours and hours on this subject and have been so much through the years with my daughter. I have no regrets as I helped her as much as I could.
    Let me leave you “haters” with this: “Do not judge, lest ‘ye be judged!”

  98. Responding to Christi
    January 14, 2014 at 9:39 pm who responded to Brandon you candidly “criticise” or “criticize” (depending on which side of the Atlantic you reside) his grammar please note that the word you indicated in capital letters is spelled with an ie not an ei; for example ie: THIEF is the correct spelling OK my friend!

  99. I don’t think anyone is arguing that that first time was a decision the addict made. One stupid decision and they’ve traded their life for an addiction. I have compassion for that having made my share of stupid decisions in my life – just none as devastating as that decision. I can’t really pat myself on the back for that as I’ve never had to make the decision of whether or not to take meth. So I can have compassion for that, as well, as they were unfortunate to have ever had meth cross their paths.

    I will join you in offering free and unsolicited advice from a fictitious moral high ground. As far as what you do after a having a bad day, may I suggest (and this is just a suggestion) that you take up running or some other strenuous exercise after a bad day to work off your obvious anger issues. May do wonders for you and the world at large. As far as sympathy and compassion, you just leave that for the people that have the capacity for such things.

  100. Hope you die a slow and painful death. Are you that much of an uncaring idiot?

  101. Good thing ignorance and self righteousness isn’t illegal.

  102. My current boyfriend started to use dope when he was 12 years old. He was only 12!!! Can you really say that it was a choice when he didnt know any better!?!? It has been a long and hard struggle but I am happy to say that has been clean for 2 years. i am very proud of him. I don’t use drugs, drink or even smoke cigarettes, so I don’t tolerate those things, which I feel it definitely helps him because he doesn’t have to deal with someone like that like he did with his ex. We both know that he will always have an addition but I support him in everything he does and stand by his side to keep helping him. Drugs are a horrible thing, and they affected him for most of his life. Now that he no longer uses, he is the most amazing person I have ever met. Some people just need help and if you can help, please do.

  103. Alcohol is a legal drug and it’s addicting. Prescription drug abuse is rampant. Addiction is addiction. Even food can be addicting either by denying it to your body or overeating. Be careful about judging others for it it by God’s grace that any of us are here. The Lord’s mercies are new every day and there is always hope as long as some one is alive.

  104. I used it for half a year. Someone sold me some stuff cut with a downer… almost had a heart attack, never touched it again. haha… worst thing to ever put in your body.

  105. Lee33, don’t ever say that it wouldn’t be happening to you or any of your family. I’ve seen very good, intelligent people get sucked into drugs. Also, drinking alcoholic drink or Nyquil then getting behind the wheel can be a deadly mistake. As a former police officer, I’ve seen it. None of us are immune. You may be able to control your own actions but you can’t control others.

  106. Lee33, don’t ever say that it wouldn’t be happening to you or any of your family. I’ve seen very good, intelligent people get sucked into drugs. Also, drinking alcoholic drink or Nyquil then getting behind the wheel can be a deadly mistake. As a former police officer, I’ve seen it. None of us are immune. You may be able to control your own actions but you can’t control others.

  107. Mkang, I am so sorry for your loss. I am praying for you and your granddaughter. May the Lord wrap His arms of comfort around the both of you and the rest of your family.

  108. My my my Robert aren’t we the wholesome spotless unblemished one?are you sure your name isn’t Jesus?because he is the only one I know of that is perfect hmmm would there happen to be any alcoholics in your family or sex addicts liars cheaters or even thieves what about you sir are you any of these if so I am sure that you help make excuses for them or yourself which in turn helps them & or yourself to keep on keeping on oh but wait that’s all different right?WOW just WOW I hope that people show you the same compassion that you show toward others

  109. John Smith how do you excuse yourself for being a moron?maybe all morons should kill them selves then we wouldn’t have to put up with asinine remarks from people like you

  110. some people deal with problems, tragedies, abuse differently. Have some compassion for people, you are simply just judging the top layer of people with your comment and not having any compassion for the reasons behind it. Obviously it’s not the healthy way to deal with problems but if you can dig a little deeper you could have a better understanding of people.

  111. I am in shock at some of the commits about drugs. You do not know the person story how they got hooked on drugs. I know someone that was having health issue’s and they were taking medication to relief the pain. The pain was real I watched tears roll down their face taking something hour after hour just to have some kind of relief. After so many bottle’s of pain medication you are subject to be addicted. Don’t judge someone because you have no clue what lead them to be who they are. Don’t down fall a person because the addiction they have is worse than the one you have. Maybe its coffee, soda’s, cigarettes, or maybe food. Try to understand maybe the world could be a better place.

  112. Robert, I have to say your right…Don’t tell me with all this drugs out there and how long they been out there WE ALL HEARD ABOUT THEM and what they do to you Dam! when are we going to start blaming to people who use them and not just the drugs! I don’t believe in Legalized Marijuana it’s not doing good for anybody HIGH IS HIGH! If you believe in it don’t say nothing to you kids or doctor,local bus driver,hell even teachers yes just wait and see. AMERICA…HELL IN A HAND BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Robert, knowing the potential harmful effects of drugs is not an instinct. People do not automatically know about these things. People make mistakes and then find out about the downsides. I suppose you might have learned a thing or two about your own mistakes? Maybe not. At any rate, learn a thing or two about compassion.

  114. Lee33, you are a complete moron. I pity you.

  115. Colleen – I was introduced to meth about 15 years ago. A friend of mine and I went on a 12 hour binge. I have to say, it was the best high of my life. Once I awoke, after finally falling asleep, I felt as if I had the worst flu ever and I knew that if I did one more hit (we smoked it) that I would feel better. The pain of coming down, the knowledge I could ease the pain with more meth, compounded with my taste for it made me realize it was not something I should do. My use ended that day. If I had kept with it, I don’t think I could have quit. Kudos to you for stopping. You’re stronger than I could ever be.

  116. I was using that meth shit in my 20s,last time was 2000. Now 4 months ago I just bought a brand new corvette, own my own house out right and I am a productive member of society. It has been in my face and without hesitation I say no fn way. It can be beat, its just one day at a time. good luck who try and forget all ur so called friends who do it, they work for satan

  117. Thank you so much for sharing. We see pictures of drug users, but rarely hear a real story. The comments ignorant comments above are pathetic and truly a waste of time to even read. Reading your story is very moving and I have tremendous respect for you. Choosing sobriety and also choosing to respect other individual by not spreading your illness is absolutely applaudable and honorable. Karma is on you side, and good things happen when you are genuinely a good soul. Everyone is here for a reason, whether it may be cloudy at times what our purpose is, we all have one. God bless you, and your journey!

  118. So ignorant I can’t even believe I just wasted my time reading your comment. Yes, it is a choice and addiction does start from that one time or multiple times you chose to do drugs -knowing that drugs are bad. We learned this in elementary school during D.A.R.E. …. HOWEVER, we are all human. We all fall into temptations and rebellions and curiosity. From someone who has played around with drugs, it could’ve happened to me. Luckily I don’t have an addictive personality. But for some, addictions run in the family, genetic. Robert, to say what you said, can you honestly tell us all that you have never given into temptations? Drank too much, got high off pot? Anything? If the answer is yes, please tell me where this rock you’ve been living under is so we can send the rest of the world there to live in your unrealistic and ignorant world. Shit happens, people make mistakes. This post was meant to inspire people to make better choices, not to be mocked or made fun of. Take your negativity elsewhere.

  119. But how smart are you for realizing what you did then and there, and stopping the use immediately. That’s pretty awesome…don’t sell yourself short buddy!!

  120. Seeing these people who have and are suffering from their addictions is so sad. How can people make such negative comments about these human beings who did not ask to become addicts. If you look deep enough, there is probably someone in everyone’s family who is or has been addicted to something. If more people were less mean and more compassionate to others, perhaps fewer people would want or need to find a negative outlet to escape from or relieve their pain. I pray for those caught up and addicted along with those who don’t understand, don’t care, and are “not yet” affected in their lives by someone the too care about.

  121. I feel sorry for the people who have such awful life problems…that they feel drugs make them forget those problems. I do understand how easy it can be to get hooked on pain meds..after usually leads to bigger and better drugs. Personally, I love the feeling that nature weed gives me! But, that doesn’t make me a hooked pothead! It’s just equal to having a glass or 2 of wine. They’re are many many upscale people and professional people that take such drugs on a daily basis. Hopefully, these people that are downing all the recovering addicts and ladies n gentlemen that have lost loved ones to addiction….I hope the next doctor who might operate on u or ur parents or ur grandchildren didn’t happen to “pop” a few before surgery. You know…just to stay awake!

  122. Ramona & Strawberry,unfortunately people like Robert Burnsein do exist.The best thing to do with ignorant jerks like him is to ignore them. As ignorant as he is there’s no doubt he’s a lonely man.Probably seeking attention because no one else will give him the time of day. Ethan probably has the same issues so they run their mouth on here. On a better note, congratulations to EVERYONE who has found a way to beat addiction.And @ James, God bless you too! I’m sure the assholes on here will be commenting so just ignore them maybe they will go back to their porn sites as lonely low life men will do.

  123. Robert,
    I have read a lot of the comments that other people have posted to your unbelievably ignorant post, and I might be repeating what some people have said but here goes anyway. While everyone does have free will and I agree with you on that, that is where I STOP agreeing with you. Addiction is a disease…plain and simple. A disease that I hate with a passion, it has taken many people that I love away, and many people that my friends love. One of the biggest phrases I have come to love is “hate the disease, not the person”. Here’s a hypothetical for you, someone you love is (heaven forbid) diagnosed with cancer, do you then turn on them and tell them you hate them? Or do you hate the disease and stand by your loved one and help them with the battle? Your loved one has free will, they didn’t choose to get the disease. While there is a certain amount of culpability when it comes to the start of drug addiction, everyone has a story and you can’t even begin to know what their story entails. There are plenty of people that have battled this disease and lost, and plenty that have one and for both of them I have nothing but empathy and compassion. You would do well to learn pick up a dictionary and learn the meaning of both those terms. If this is how you feel about addiction, I cringe to think of how you feel about other “hot button” issues…you are a strain on humanity and I hope you never procreate and pass your ignorant beliefs on.

  124. Awesome Colleen! One day at a time!

  125. Sharon Elaine Calnan // January 15, 2014 at 8:27 pm //

    Borissgal, I am so sorry for you and your family after reading your comment. You made me cry because I know exactly what this all feels like. I feel sorry for the many comments made by people who are judgmental, unfeeling, idiotic, and think they are so above it all. I hope that someone or they themselves do not become addicted to any of these “drugs” because I also would not wish the trauma that causes to anyone even worst enemies nor even while I despise some of their comments I certainly would not wish upon their families all of the heartache that seeing a family member or dear friend go down this path will instill. That said I do believe in karma and I believe these few will have their negativity and coldness come back to them intensified. As for you and the other’s who have posted comments ranging from positive, supportive, and empathetic to those who related their own recoveries from addiction stories, I must applaud you for your true strength, and empathy. I had a brother who along with my siblings and I had much in our childhood that damaged us. Not least was more then one instance of Molestation by both strangers and by friends of one of my parents. Not naming which parent. My brother became addicted as a young adult by first alcohol then onto various drugs. It was the alcohol that nearly took him out. Our family tried everything that we could think of to get him help until we had to make the hard choice to realize we were not helping but enabling. That no matter what any of us did he would not hear us. Well aware that some can and will but in our case it took a friend of his who was a recovering alcoholic who finally was able to get through to him. Who drove him to a rehabilitation center and helped him check in. It saved his life because over a few years of this alcohol abuse he went from an obnoxious embarrassing drunk to isolating alone and bingeing until he ran out of whatever alcohol he had and sobered up. Yes, he suffered from paranoia and DT’s. We suffered along with him, watching him slip away from us towards an early death. Although he never was back to himself, changed forever by this experience after recovery he lived with my Mother and stepfather, helped them as they aged, got part time jobs to help support himself. Eventually when my stepfather died, became along with my elderly mother primary care person for my three young nephews when my youngest sister through her various problems lost custody. He did this up until he died this past May of a massive unforeseen heart attack. I have also seen the other side of the story where the addicted person appears to likely not recover. An ex-boyfriends young adult daughter became addicted to first speed then cocaine and we don’t know where she even is now. As with my brother, yes she lied, cheated, and stole to fund her addiction. But she has gone on to be incarcerated many times, swore she had learned from her mistakes and once out each and every time slipped right back into her addiction. We have lost track of her and no longer know if she is even alive much less if she has finally gotten help. There are always similarities to the how’s and why’s but each and every story is different, each person’s reactions different and the outcome different. To judge blindly and/or throw Medicines at them (thinking one size fits all) is completely stupid not less inhuman (at least not any kind of human I would want to be). You will never reach or help anyone help themselves by being negative or judgmental. And the damage some of these clearly uninformed or callous people do by this negativity only adds to the problem not to the solution. I am sorry for your illness and for the extra pain you are enduring to not succumb to a genetically predisposition to become addicted. I must applaud and thank for their honesty all those who are recovering addicts who have told their stories here. You must be commended for surviving, for being strong enough to fight to survive, to continue to fight every day to remain clean. These addictions are very debilitating and quite often the afflicted can’t pull themselves out so those that do I can only say I am glad for you, proud of you. The fight was not easily won. For those who remain addicted I have sympathy for your families who grieve, also hope and pray that at some point you find that strength. By the way, never say never. Karma may well teach you different.

  126. Praying for you, that one day your heart will be opened to see otherwise <3

  127. Brandon, learn how to spell and punctuate……you judgemental, idiot…..wanna be tough guy, big talker

  128. Looking at these pictures, it makes me question what happened in their life to make them choose this path. To some people, this is the only escape that they have from reality-a reality that might be something they might not want to face. There are people that face some indescribable hardships, and I sincerely hope the best for anyone that feels the need to use drugs for this reason. I only hope that they can get some help and realize there are a ton of people that care about their well-being and love them.

  129. Sharon Elaine Calnan // January 15, 2014 at 9:34 pm //

    Mark, Wow. Thank you for your experience, perspective and your comment. Clearly your job has allowed you to experience and learn from the people you encountered. To learn their stories and to gain enough knowledge that you don’t brand them pariah’s, judge them as if you thought you were Godlike, perfect without sin. You have learned to have compassion and while acknowledging the need for consequences for their actions you still have hope that they can recover. Can extend compassion and be a positive role model. Good for you.

  130. Brandon the funny thing is I know you…how you might ask? Because I was you. You are ashamed of what you are and what you have done and like all hypocrites you are choosing to take your guilt for using and spread it amongst the ones who have found the strength to accept their addictions and fight them. So may God be with you.

  131. I am a wife of a drug addict. Until very recently, I was unaware of his addiction. We have a 2 year old sweet baby girl. The first year we were married, my husband rarely helped with bills and always had an excuse for having no money. It was very difficult and I worked full time with a part time job to make it. I was unable to spend the time with my daughter that is so precious during a baby’s first year. As things got worse, he not only failed to help with bills, diapers, groceries, etc., he began to steal from me and sell anything valuable in our house. He always had an excuse. He blamed it on betting on a football game and losing, an unexpected “bill” for something, that he “lost” his wallet with hundreds of dollars in it, etc etc etc. All the while, he was loving towards our daughter and put on a front to everyone we knew that he was an awesome daddy, although he only spent time with her when it was convenient for him. He once even pawned my wedding ring when I left it next to the sink after washing my face one night. The final straw was the night I went to get dinner and left him there to watch our daughter. He paid no attention to her and a neighbor found her roaming in the street!!! I do not have compassion for my husband. When your actions make a person’s life unbearably difficult(your WIFE for that matter) and you put others’ lives in danger (your CHILD’S of all people), I feel like you are simply selfish, selfish, SELFISH. I continue to love my husband but I do not feel compassion for him. I understand that addiction is a disease, but there are moments when addicts are not high. And they see what is around them- they see reality-the face of their child, mother and father, spouse, sibling, or even just a friend- and they see the pain. They see what they are doing to the people that love them. And they CHOOSE to love the drug more.

  132. Shawn, don’t sell yourself short. You stopped. One day at a time. You can do it!!! Congratulations on your sobriety :)

  133. Colleen

    well done stay strong … I am glad you found your way out of it!!!

  134. Fuck theses people! Everyone is saying how ashame it is and how bad they free for these pathetic fucking junkies. Who the hell gives a shit. These people made their own decisions to become this way. No one forced them. No one stuck the shit up their noses or in their veins or made them swallow the fucking pills or light the joint. They are fucking junkies. And once a junkie always a junkie. %60 of these people are going to go back to the drugs and drinking again so why the hell should we or anyone else feel bad for them. If anything the police should have them euthanized after the 3rd time they are locked up for abuse or position. If they did there’d be a shit load less of them out there robbing innocent people and a lot less dealers on the streets. Fuck these people!

  135. You’re an idiot. Maybe you should learn how to spell before going on a self-righteous rant, so next time you won’t look like a TOTAL DOUCHE BAG. I have more respect for someone in recovery than someone with the literacy of a third-grader trying to preach about who deserves pity. I pity you for your sad and narrow-minded perspective.

  136. Caitie,
    Just because you believe in your God does not mean your beliefs are correct and a non believer’s is not. If said person wanted your prayers or your self righteousness they would ask. By telling someone that you’re praying for their heart to open and see your way of thinking you are being as judgmental as those who claim it is wrong and to say the only judge should be their “God”. Stop hiding behind “praying for you” comments.

  137. I suggest you find someone with terminal cancer and tell them about your “disease”. If they have enough strength left, hopefully they will beat the shit out of you.

  138. I was born into a family that had twin sons. I was 5 years younger than my brothers. I am 43 years old now and I cannot remember a time, day, week, month, or year that my brothers didn’t struggle with addiction. One brother died at age 32 from an accidental overdose. The other brother is now 48 years old and cannot get through his day without some kind of drug. In the early years, I used to hope for a brother that I could share my life with. I watched both of their children grow into wonderful people,despite the examples my brothers set for their children. I used to wait for some miracle to occur, in which I would wake up to this wonderful brother that had his life together. I am sorry to say that now that I am in my 40’s, I have given up on waiting for the miracle to happen. I have had no choice but to move on and safe guard my children and myself from the sickness that my brother has. My heart breaks everyday for the man that used to be my brother. It disappoints me that he gets the disease and the whole family suffers with the symptoms.

  139. Sad you don’t have the gift of faith. I suspect you’ll seek it sometime — when you’re a bit older, a bit wiser and a tad less arrogant. Good luck.

  140. Not all were or are there by there own free will. I am a prime example of that. I, thought, I had a decent life with a family of my own and one day I happen to come home from work early, and thinking my husband was at work, I go into our bathroom only to find my husband and a friend of his with a needle in his arm. I immediately got scared and didn’t know what was going on. But out of the blue and so fast they both grabbed me and threw me down on my own bathroom floor and my husband, you know the one who is suppose to love and protect me, stuck a needle in my arm. whatever it was, i later found out it was speed, hooked me from the second I felt the initial rush. I hated him but have now forgiven him. But from that point I was hooked and then, yes, freely did it on my own from then on. There are scenarios similar to mine all over and some that are worse, like as in children getting hooked. So please, don’t just assume and judge because you don’t know them and their situation that got them there.

  141. never say never. and when or if it may happen to you or a family member, which I pray it doesn’t, be a real family to them to care enough to reach out and help them and not just throw em to the curb.

  142. Brandon, your a douchebag, I can honestly say when i was doped up i never stold a fing thing from anyone, in fact i helped the homeless with providing them with clothes and sleeping bags so stop being stereotypical. U must no nothing about addiction, maybe there addicted cuz they were raped there entire life and there subconscious mind supressed many things throughout life or maybe thats all they grew up knowing was addiction and before there adult mind could make a choice it was to late. Thats one of the dumbest things ive heard someone say, guaranteed a thief ha

  143. Come to think about it, when i was 20 they had me on doxepin and i damn near commited suicide, every time i complained to my councalor about the way i was feeling they upped my dose, higher and higher until i almost did myself in but instead threw them away and my depression was much worse for a very long time after, only for them to try and give me busbar, prosac, zoloft, and wellabutrin plus xanax, just cuz the government makes it doesnt mean its right, thats a fact

  144. Judge not less ye be judged yourself

  145. i started with good legal alcohol, hmmm another one that has to do with the government

  146. Jack why don’t you look up the definition of disease and then decide. And remember that active addiction does cause Dis Ease.

  147. just a thought Wayne my sciatica would cause havoc for about 4 months, seemed good for about a week bad 5 or 6 days then the same again, i went to physical therapy for a month and i havnt had a problem for about 2 years now. Everyone is different but it might help you

  148. I agree Robert should just kick back and have another beer.

  149. HowardScott // January 16, 2014 at 3:56 am //

    WOW, a most excellent troll attempt! I hope you all understand that almost all of these so-called “haters” are just actually trying to get a response out of you for attention, right? Best way to handle them is either don’t respond, or let them know as I am doing, that you know they are trolling! Do that, they go away!

  150. ur a fucking HYPOCRITE

  151. I’m 21 and a recovering heroin addict, I’m also going to school to become a drug and alcohol councilor. When I was using I never really realized how quickly drugs deteriorate your body, but more than that they eat away at your soul. Almost immediately after detoxing my body and my face just looked so much healthier, my friends were saying I had a glow about me that they hadn’t seen in years. Seeing these photos scares me but in my addiction nothing could have scared me straight. I’ve been addicted to drugs in one form or another since I was about 16 and I realize how lucky I am to have had the chance to get my life together at such a young age because I know the longer you use the harder it is to stop, especially when it comes to heroin which has the lowest recovery rate of any drug.
    I hate to share my story because I’m not proud of my past but at the same time I try to share it as much as possible because if I can help one kid to not get addicted then I know everything I went through was worth it. I pray to god every day for my sobriety and for every addict that still suffers. Drugs and alcohol are glamorized by the media and I just want kids to realize that there’s nothing glamorous or attractive about it. Spending all your time and effort stealing and looking for your next fix is not fun, and track marks and liver failure are not sexy. I think the best thing to keep kids off drugs is the dirty, painful truth, not trying to shield them. Some of the most intelligent and talented people I’ve ever met were addicts and it’s so sad to see them squander all that on their addiction. A lot of them were self medicating, I know I was. So parents, if your kid is depressed or has ADD or has signs of any mental illness please get them help before they try and help themselves by using drugs.

  152. Colleen, I love to hear stories like yours. People who are able to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and move forward. Great job….hope you are doing well.

  153. Colleen, Wow! That does take strength! Congratulations! Good Job!

  154. Robert I hope you continue to have your life of people who care about you and resources/ability to care for yourself. Some people the pain and hurt is stronger than there need to stay healthy. In fact they will do anything to escape their own reality. I am not saying it is right. I am not saying I support drug abuse. I agree there should be personal accountability. I am just saying it is possible. “Those without sin can cast the first stone”. Dude, what goes around comes around. With that statement you just posted, you are headed for a big fall”. And if that is how you treat everyone. You will be alone


  156. Robert must be on drugs, for him to not see the punctuation on the keyboard. :-)

  157. Dude, you need to lay off that meth!

  158. Ethan,I don’t know why you decided to attack the beliefs of the people being supportive of those who were able to walk away from their addictions.It would be wise to say that if you don’t have a comment on the subject to keep your comments to yourself until you have a grasp on what you’re talking about.When a person becomes an addict,their drug of choice becomes their god.They live for it,They die for it.They do anything that is ask of them for it.I know of no one that has ever defeated an addiction without replacing it with the belief in something else.

  159. Pam Browne // January 16, 2014 at 8:07 am //

    We do recover, gratefully 9 years clean.

  160. Sherry,
    You are absolutely right about good people making bad choices. Sometimes people make mistakes and pay very dearly for them. Praise God for your daughter and her road on recovery!

  161. so proud of you!!!!

  162. wow. I have to know.what’s it like to be so perfect?

  163. To Brandon-I also believe it would do you good to get a tutor to help with that grammar issue. However, some people have lived lives you have been fortunate to have missed out on-a 3 year old girl molested for instance or maybe a 10 year old boy watched his father pour gasoline on his mother and toss a match on her to watch her burn to death, etc…..often times these are the people that grow into adults with addiction problems trying to forget the unimaginable mental pain they have been thru-unless you have lived in someone else’s shoes you should hold your tongue prior to casting such quick judgement. I have never used drugs nor have I had addition problems however I have worked in mental health facilities in the past and the things others have suffered at the hands of people who are supposed to love them still haunts me. It can be a terrible world by no fault of their own, they are just trying to deal with the life they were given. Of course this does not apply in every case there are people out there that just like to get high and for those people I too have no sympathy. Just next time try thinking before you rush to judgement.

  164. I’ve seen a lot of addicts and alcoholics in my day. The one thing I’ve noticed is that once they get involved, they usually stop thinking for themselves. Unfortunately, most addicts don’t get help. I’ve tried to quit smoking cigarettes a million times and I know how hard that is so I can’t imagine using meth, heroine, or prescription meds. I know people that have been told they’re worthless or losers for using and that doesn’t help. I’m shocked at how this could turn into people attacking other people…and even going as far as attacking someone else’s religious beliefs. I’ve attended several funerals because of addiction. Every time, the deaths were either alcohol related or overdoses from prescription drug use. We all have a crutch that gets us through tough times. Some just take it farther than others and that’s sad. Some turn to drugs, some to religion (I’ve seen that be pretty dangerous too) some just sink. It’s no one else’s place to judge. I’m just saying, if you’re not going to be a part of the solution, at least don’t contribute to the problem.

  165. congratulations to you! it helps to hear positive comments. this problem is a disease of society. too many people just laugh and make fun. but as you know, there is NOTHING FUNNY about it. God Bless you and your recovery, and please continue to inspire! your kids are worth it!!!

  166. Shawn- Excellent testimony. My story mirrors yours. The absolute best high I ever had and it scared me to death. I knew the next day that I could never allow myself to do that again or I would be hooked for life. One and done for me about 25yrs ago.







  169. If your friends offer you meth….run away and unfriend them immediately.

    -Brain damage
    -Sensation of flesh crawling (formication)
    -Paranoia/ hallucinations
    -Rashes and skin pigmentations
    -Muscle breakdown (rhabdomyolysis) which can lead to kidney damage or failure
    -Damage internal organs.
    -Increse libido (which the #1 cause of HIV/AIDS or STDs due to lack of judgement about safe sex)
    -Death due to stroke, cardiac arrest or elevated body temperature (hyperthermia)

  170. Please Share // January 16, 2014 at 9:53 am //

    Crystal methamphetamine (CM) is an extremely addictive stimulant that increases sexual arousal while reducing inhibition and judgment. Streets names for CM are ICE, SHABU, POOR MAN’s COCAINE, SPEED & ETC.

    Its use is associated with a range of high-risk sexual behaviors that increase the likelihood of acquiring or transmitting HIV. Given the relatively high prevalence of CM use among people living with HIV and among men who have sex with men (GLBT), there is great concern that this drug is fueling the HIV epidemic.

    Equally worrisome are the effects that CM use can have on the prognosis and overall health of HIV-infected patients.


    *Brain damage
    *Sensation of flesh crawling (formication)
    *Paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, tension headache
    *Muscle breakdown (rhabdomyolysis) which can lead to kidney damage or failure
    *Death due to stroke, cardiac arrest or elevated body temperature (hyperthermia)

  171. That is awesome. Very happy for you.

  172. Michael Good // January 16, 2014 at 10:33 am //

    I too was a heavy meth user. Been clean for almost nine years and now have two businesses and custody of my daughter. There is a life after method. A good one if you want it bad enough. God is good!

  173. Sharon Elaine Calnan // January 16, 2014 at 11:07 am //

    LS, I would suggest calling a Drug and/or Alcohol crisis hotline. You did not give City and State where you are nor did you state what the addiction is although you appear to be asking about medications for ADD and ADHD. I am not an expert, counselor etc, just a family member or friend of people who had addictions (various substances), I do however have three nephews all of which have both ADD and ADHD. Yes, the family can be in serious crisis if the meds they are taking are not helping or have side affects etc. It’s very scary. Short of going to your family Doctor to relate these issues I would suggest finding a crisis hotline locally or I did an internet search which listed itself as a National 1-800 hotline site and directed people to phone number: Need Drug/Alcohol Rehab?Call Our 24/7 Referral Helpline1-866-684-6303. On the site it has a web address of: Since it is national they should have resources to direct you to for your exact problem in your area. I hope that helped. No one had replied yet and you seem very desperate, so I did my best.

  174. These photos should be shown in EVERY SINGLE middle school and high school in the county.

  175. Glad to see you judgemental and so self righteous. Even though I am not an addict , I have been around alot of people who are addicts or recovering addicts and it is heart wrenching to see the pain or circumstance that led them down that path. I will agree some, it was clearly a choice a bad one at that and are responsible for their own demise. So in future think before you cast such words of Judgement.

  176. Kathy Cremin // January 16, 2014 at 5:13 pm //

    That is the effects drug use has had on the men and women pictured here. What it has done to their values, morals, integrity and more than likely family and friends is more than likely 10 fold or more.

  177. Jonathan B Douglas // January 16, 2014 at 5:19 pm //

    Retards, is where this begins and ends. You make life what you want out of it. these guys and gals wanted someone to feel sorry for them but why. you had a choice people and you made the wrong damn on, a gun to the head would have been much more painless. and saved tax payers ton of money

  178. Renee Grandy // January 16, 2014 at 5:32 pm //

    i agree with jonathan B douglas every one has a choice and free will to do what they want yet i do not believe that they fully understand what their drug use does to their families and the people around them. Its very sad

  179. smfinley47 // January 16, 2014 at 5:55 pm //

    Re-think the use of the “R” word. Most truly retarded people (such as those with genetic issues or syndromes that retard their development or intellect) don’t do drugs. Now stupid is a word that might fit, but retards does not.

  180. Tonya Stone Holwadel // January 16, 2014 at 7:22 pm //

    Yes. everyone has a choice. I bet one or two of these people may be sociopaths but most are ordinary people making shitty choices. I see some overweight people commenting here. Obesity causes more problems and uses up a shit ton of tax dollars. Thank God for the perfect people who have never made some shitty choices. Too bad hateful shit fucks are allowed to live alongside the drug users. I think the world would be a much better place without any humans.

  181. Tonya Stone Holwadel // January 16, 2014 at 7:50 pm //

    and while we are at it, can we please get rid of all the diabetics and people with hypertension and heart disease who eat up tax dollars. I’d also like to get rid of people who are too tall , too short, ugly, who eat meat and dairy and give themselves cancer. Oh yeah, let’s please, get rid of anyone who has ever smoked, liars (even white lie tellers…ooops that every major corporation who advertises), people who give birth (afterall, people are fucking up the planet. Can we also get rid of democrats and republicans and liberals and anyone who votes. Jesus. Look at the fuckwhips these people vote into office. I also want to get rid of anyone who manufacturers or uses anything that is toxic to the planet.

  182. Its true, people make choices, whats ur excuse for being fat lazy person ?

  183. Cleo's Crafts & Creations // January 16, 2014 at 8:27 pm //

    How sad. The worse part is that they think they look sexy while high!

  184. Where do you get that “these guys and gals” wanted someone to feel sorry for them? They didn’t pose for these shots, genius. You are looking at arrest photos which are public record. They aren’t a pity play. And who on earth says “gals” anymore? What are you from 1950? You had a choice with that last Twinkie and from the looks of things the Twinkie won. So you are no beacon of self-control. Looks like you just want to focus on someone else’s issues to make yourself feel superior at their expense. Suicide isn’t painless, you functionally illiterate moron. It leaves behind a legacy that can affect generations of innocent adults and children. It is very expensive in calculable and incalculable ways.

  185. Its sad, they start off trying to cover some emotional pain, it makes them feel better and covers the hurt, but then the next thing they know is they are addicted. and cant see the forest for the trees. Vicious cycle, what is being insane= doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Its a sad disease, but yes with help they can make a better choice. Hopefully!! Recovery !!

  186. I will say a prayer that noone here will ever have to experience the loss and devastation that the use of drugs and alcohol of a loved one or friend can have on your life. It seems like a simple solution until someone loses a life!

  187. worriedsibling // January 16, 2014 at 11:12 pm //

    if this was one of your brothers or sisters that had this sickness, would you still feel the same??

  188. Donna Reid // January 16, 2014 at 11:36 pm //

    Until you have had an addict in your family you do not know how this disease of drug addiction effects your life. We all make bad choices in our lives some just do not now when enough is enough and the drug takes control of your life. Life is too short to pry on other peoples weaknesses to make ourselves feel better. We are all human and need people to accept us for who we are and the world would not be so screwed up!! Sin will talk you further than you intend to go and keep you there longer in the hell hole you have created for yourself!

  189. Debbie S. Banks // January 16, 2014 at 11:41 pm //

    It’s so easy to say what you would do, when you are in a nice warm house, with a car to drive, food on the table and family that love you. Walk a mile in their shoes, before you judge those whom you know not. Try praying for these people. God is the only one who knows their story, and the only one who can help them.

  190. Danielle Elizabeth // January 16, 2014 at 11:42 pm //

    shut up. Stupid liberal. Drug addicts are drains, like murders, rapists and other scum. Im assuming you have a few of these close to you otherwise youd be singing a different tune. Im sure you are also for the $15 min wage hike too? And voted for legal pot use? SMDH

  191. My son has Down Syndrome and yes “You make life what you want out of it” but you don’t know the hand they were dealt. My son was dealt a hand and it’s not an appropriate term to belittle others, it’s a burden, not something to be ashamed of.

  192. Thank You! smfinley47

  193. Breanna Wright // January 17, 2014 at 12:08 am //

    You sound like an idiot. Drug addicts are HUMANS who suffer from many things like, trauma, mental health issues, and poverty. You know nothing about drug addiction; and I am betting you think you are informed politically, from whatever pops up in your news feed on Facebook. I bet you have no idea about anything other than your close-minded perception of the world. :) Stupid liberal? Minimum wage hike? lol Where did that come from?

  194. Breanna Wright // January 17, 2014 at 12:16 am //

    It hurts me to read all the judgmental comments posted in response to something so serious, and real in all of our communities. I am a recovering IV meth and heroin user, and I did not do it to make “anyone feel sorry for me”, I am not a “retard”, and I didn’t “think I was sexy”. I was dealing with trauma by disassociating with drugs. I was ashamed with myself, hated myself, and wanted to die the entire time. Being a drug addict who is using was nothing I enjoyed, and would never wish on anyone. We need to stop distracting ourselves with these stupid ideas of what we think every addict’s motives are, AND START GETTING ANGRY WITH THE REAL PROBLEM…..Drugs are what we need to be upset with. Not the addicts. Who has the moral issues here?

  195. if you are not one of them be thankful, not hateful!
    Only a truly successful person recognises that the abilty and dicipline it takes to be successful is a gift!

  196. Joy Carroll Merlenbach // January 17, 2014 at 1:11 am //

    Thank you Breanna. I totally agree with you. I am a recovering meth user too. I never enjoyed using, I just like the fact it took my problems and bad feelings away for the time being. People who have never been addicted to any drug never understand the illness of addiction.

  197. Joy Carroll Merlenbach // January 17, 2014 at 1:14 am //

    Whom may I ask Tonya is perfect? You. I am sorry, are you God? There is no such thing as perfect people. Every one of us, drug addicts or not, made at least one shitty choice in their lifetime.

  198. Joy Carroll Merlenbach // January 17, 2014 at 1:28 am //

    Feel sorry? Jonathan, obviously you are not educated at all. Drug addiction is not an action for attention. It is a serious illness. All I keep hearing on this site is “tax payers money” . Well you know what? I am a tax payer and a recovering addict. Even when I was using I still paid into taxes. It is so easy for close minded people like you to make judgement on something you obviously do not understand. Let me guess. You are one of the perfect people like Tonya. Who ever told you that you were better than any one else? FYI, your not. I am sure every decision you have made in your life has not all been the right ones.

  199. this could be the story of any one in the world, all it takes is one negative event in their lives

  200. I think it’s so sad. In their faces you can see ghosts of their former selves. I think there needs to be more treatment facilities for addicts. It’s cheaper to treat the problem then to let it escalate to the point where they end up in prison because of something they did to feed their addiction.

  201. When you have travelled in their
    family shoes and you have experienced it with them, then you can comment. Yes
    they have choices and yes they have made bad ones but that does not mean they
    are bad people. No one will ever understand what goes through their head unless
    they have been there and I am sure they will all tell you it’s a tough road to
    travel and recovery is even harder. I lost my brother after being 2 years clean
    from a 10year heroin addiction trust me it was a long hard road of love, hate,
    anger and wishing at the time all you could was Judge. Going to meetings with
    him and hearing his stories you have no idea what it takes, how hard it is, how
    they battle to be part of society. So if you have experienced as a family
    member its not easy but they are still your BLOOD, Forgiven them and yourself
    and if you are a recovering addict Forgive Yourself and WANT TO BE CLEAN. No
    One gets to Judge ONLY GOD can Judge because you have no idea what road they
    travelled or how they became addicts. So for some Thank God they have recovered
    and still are on a never ending road and to those who have gone they are
    resting to those who are still battling PRAY for them

  202. NO ONE IS PERFECT I am sure your door step is not shining …. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones it will come back and bite you in the arse

  203. Josie Spadoni // January 17, 2014 at 2:35 am //

    I think this post was meant to be sarcastic.

  204. Addiction is a brain disease, not mind – brain. It is chemical and genetic. Twin studies show identical twins adopted separately at birth when followed later – the BIGGEST predictor of whether one had addiction… was if the other one did. Didn’t matter where or by whom they were raised. Trauma is the second biggest indicator. One of the diagnostic criteria is the INABILITY TO CONTROL USE. Not tendency to use too much – but the inability to control use. There is no “one hit” or “couple of drinks”… the addict brain does not allow it. The judgments come from ignorance. Ignorant people stay that way until they choose to be educated. I hope some choices happen in that arena …soon.

  205. Miss Cleo…you don’t have to say stupid things just to join the conversation. I don’t think anyone pictured here is giving off the impression that they think they are sexy. If you would open up that small judgmental feeble mind of yours and look again you would see whats clearly obvious. I see the same look in the eyes of all these people and that is the look of SHAME. When your ashamed of yourself do you think youre sexy? I don’t think so. While you’re entertaining yourself looking at the devastating progression of these peoples addictions, let me remind you that this is real life for some people and they know its not sexy…..they’re the ones who have to look at this everyday. It’s not just some entertaining blog on their computer screen so if whats coming out of your mouth has no substance then shut the fuck up. Save your ignorant comments for the next PTO meeting. Your a weak bitch.

  206. Marty Williams-Hill // January 17, 2014 at 3:20 am //

    I think that they are very brave to put a face to the ravages of addiction, to help others avoid that path. It takes courage and unselfishness, Thank you all.

  207. I agree and they would appreciate that we see it that way. At this point I would think they are all aware of where their lives are at and I feel for them all because its a rough road…its so hard. I don’t necessarily feel sorry, I just feel for them.

  208. Danielle Elizabeth // January 17, 2014 at 4:25 am //

    Actually my door step is quite clean and squeaky :) and you’re right no one should throw stones in a glass house, it’s a good thing mine isn’t glass :)

  209. Mike Sullivan // January 17, 2014 at 4:39 am //

    Wasting their life away…Very sad!

  210. You right your house is not made of glass, its a made of box, its sad how closed minded you are and clearly you have been stuck in your box for tooo long… I hope one day you wont have to experience any sadness or a loss someone so I wish you well on you good squeaky clean door step life :) there is at least one person with an addiction per family – its not only drugs – addiction is addiction

  211. David A Kitchens // January 17, 2014 at 4:50 am //

    I do not think that is what is being said here. Those who have never had to face the problem of addiction can only sit on the sidelines and run their mouth.

  212. scary shit!!! Pls dont comment if you havent experienced it first hand!!! (using or watching a person go through it)

  213. Katherine Pretorius // January 17, 2014 at 6:22 am //

    Your an idiot…..and it makes me crazy to think that you should count yourself as a member of the human race. Your imperfections insecurities shine through brightly by the comments you just made. Sort yourself out, then perhaps you’ll have something worthy to contribute to a topic such as this…

  214. Melissa Jones // January 17, 2014 at 6:26 am //

    Agreed. Most people are too involved in themselves to understand irony.

  215. Julia Walsh // January 17, 2014 at 7:24 am //

    The fact that all these people fell victim to temptation for one reason or another is human. My own father was a drug addict/alcoholic. I’ve been sober since 1990. We don’t do better until we learn better. Rare is the human being that can embrace an addict and offer a way up and out. It cannot be done alone.

  216. Debraschefer // January 17, 2014 at 8:10 am //

    There but for the grace of god go !!!!! I have a child w a addiction and he comes from a good home where he is loved. And his parents both work, have morels, and care for him deeply, It’s deases not a disgrace!! I will pray for these people that they will get sober and find a better way of life.

  217. I applaud you Breanna and Joy, comments from people that have never had to deal with any addiction have NO idea what it’s like to pull yourself out. I’m sure you won’t let the comments bother you because it’s not worth the time thinking about it, you took the step to improve yourself and you’re not full of self greed such as they. Hang in there, it’s a day at a time for a long time ;-)

  218. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 17, 2014 at 9:35 am //

    No, that’s ridiculous. We are all aware of the effects that these drugs have before they are taken. I have zero sympathy for anyone dumb enough to do something you know good and well will ruin your life. Not to get upset with drug addicts.. lol, right.

  219. cigaweed head // January 17, 2014 at 10:15 am //

    What do you say before using I want to get high do people with real illness have this option noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  220. I can understand how anyone would want to get out of whatever deep shithole they are stuck in, and its understandable that our feelings would get so intense to turn to something that you would think would make you get out of this shitty society we have built today. So much worry and stupid shit we now days look as important, an illusion created by our own hands. Almost everyone goes thru these emotional stages, its all lack of inner-self piece…i do talk from experience. I have to disagree on the part about blaming the drugs, its not the drugs fault that people decide to take them. If anything i would blame your so-caring government, for creating all these boundaries in what we call a “free-society”….when someone tells you what you are “free” to do and not do, that is no freedom.. when you are caged and not able to live/express your full on self how you deserve to in this world, your emotions will not flow back great results. Meditation would be great healer/helper for your emotions, everyone goes thru struggles and that’s when we make ourselves weaker than we are. This is all from experience…anxiety, anger, confusion, neglection, been cheated on, and underestimated… Turning to prescription drugs WILL make your situation worst,because now you have to rely on another drug. We all have the power we seek withinourselves.

    – Love/Cherish/Peace
    May you all find the road you seek

  221. But than drug addicts have genetic issues and syndromes as well. There’s an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that addiction is a brain disease. So in the diagnosis addicts are different to retards, but just as helpless. It’s the illusion of ‘free choice’ -which in philosophy has been covered for a long, long tim- that let the disingenuous retards like Johnny B. Douglas make moral judgements on those they simply do not understand. For those people and others we have a word reserved: stupid. Once more a genetic issue.

  222. cigaweed head // January 17, 2014 at 10:41 am //

    It stinks when I shit will someone feel sorry for me

  223. the African mans problems were caused by whites not meth

  224. Howard Ross // January 17, 2014 at 10:44 am //

    Don’t look like none of that is from POT use…..

  225. our media taught me that

  226. cigaweed head // January 17, 2014 at 10:49 am //


  227. cigaweed head // January 17, 2014 at 10:50 am //


  228. Nicole Mayernik King // January 17, 2014 at 10:52 am //

    It could also be that these people aren’t brought up with the proper focus on education, or that the parents don’t instill ambition. I cringe when I see grown adults that don’t know how to spell simple words like morals, disease, etc. You have to wonder when people like this go to submit an application being THIS grammatically challenged, how far CAN they go in life?

  229. Nicole Mayernik King // January 17, 2014 at 10:56 am //

    So if I couldn’t afford a house, car or food, the odds are I couldn’t afford the high cost of these drugs. I don’t find the connection here. In the case of most drug abusers, they find a way to scavenge for their next high… Always finding a way to get the score. If only people had that much ambition EVERY day in the real world, then perhaps they WOULD have that warm house, car and food on their tables. Just a thought…

  230. As a grateful recovering addict alcoholic I can say a few things that may or may not help. One thing people assume is that drug addiction is a choice. Not really. Addiction is defined as :
    “Addiction is the continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences,[1] or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors”. When the brain acknowledges a new substance that mimics it’s own inner workings ( ie relieves pain, stress, offers a temporary lapse of cognizant thinking ) it welcomes it. That’s how addiction begins. Also, addiction is often attributed to problems in the users life that seem overwhelming, sexual abuse, or an inability to get the proper medication through normal channels ( ie modern health insurance.

    Did I make the choice to begin using drugs? Yes. It was a bad choice. Who here has not made a bad choice? ( seriously, take a look at the name tattooed on your arm/chest/neck ).We have all made poor decisions, but drug addiction is the result of one bad decision leading to another, that is out of your control once addiction sets in. It takes more than a few concerned, understanding people to step in and ask the addiction person if they need help. Once you’re in the grip of addiction you aren’t thinking straight and most of the time intervention requires outside help. For me it was the justice system, and a loving family who knew I was more than just an addict.

    People will judge, no matter what. It’s what helps them cope with their own short comings and feel better about themselves without doing any of the work needed to become an actual better person. I consider myself to be a very lucky person. I survived sexual abuse, am surviving PTSD, and have something to offer back to the people still suffering. I’m not going to say the following for applause or kudos, but this journey lead me to a place of opportunity. I found a way to give back to those that still suffer. In 2007 I became a Substance Abuse Counselor. At my first job interview I told them I had over 20 years of “research” under my belt. In the business of addiction that is an actual plus. Not everyone will make it this far. Not everyone will make it. Not everyone who isn’t a addict or had one close will understand.

    I hope those that need help get it, I hope those that have gotten help give back, and I hope that are indifferent never have to suffer the loss, or endure the sadness of a person afflicted with addiction. Please think of your family, and how they would feel if you were an addict. Then, remember the human race is a family of people drawn apart by distance and years of gene mixing. We are all humans, we all suffer from something, we all need help. Hopefully you can ask for, or offer, help to someone by just being better educated and less judgmental. I say a prayer everyday to remind me of where I came from. The Serenity Prayer.

  231. Nicole Mayernik King // January 17, 2014 at 11:05 am //

    Do you know anyone who’s ever had a problem? Try finding resources for them if they don’t already have insurance. Try being a family member reaching out to find help, and you’ll realize how difficult it is!

    People make mistakes. Tossing them aside because one bad mistake snowballs is pretty asinine . We should have more readily programs available for those in need to treat people; from drug users, to soldiers with PTSD, to our homeless, etc. We make no effort to help those in need with programs, and if you think we do, you’ve never been in a position to have to find help before. I went through this with a 13 year old child we had guardianship of. It was devastating and mind-blowing how little options we had for help, if any. And this was a CHILD!

    We set our citizens up for failure. We teach people at a young age a sense of self-entitlement. You don’t have a job? No worries. Welfare or unemployment for all!

    You don’t have an education? Don’t worry about it… In a matter of time you can go work at McDonald’s and make $15/hour.

    You are a crack addict and want a free cell phone, EBT, free insurance and financial assistance? Hey… Step right up! The taxpayers will foot the bill for you!

    It’s no wonder our society has gone down the shitter! We do nothing to promote prosperity, and instead reward those who want to continue to be parasitic leaches.

    Odds are the mass majority of these people could be ample contributors to society with a little help!

  232. Yes I would feel the same say. I wouldn’t want them to “use a gun”! Did you read my comment worriedsibling?

  233. I Think this is about showing our children what drugs can do as a deterrent to keep them clean. not a place to point out your own personal views on who is right wrong and knows the most about drug use and to place blame. I personally lost 3 cousins to drugs and they had no one to blame but themselves. the drugs are there for them and the family and resources were there for them. So I will be showing these pictures to my family over coffee and making sure they get the point. Thank You!

  234. Jennifer you didn’t read what she said. She was dealing with her pain with drugs.Her pain was greater that the presummed effects of the drugs. You deal with pain by eatign or se or anger. She used drugs. At least she clean…what are you using?

  235. What he should pick a different slur when he tells addicts to kill themselves? Maybe “moron”? Would that be okay? He told people with addiction to do us all a favor and eat a gun because it is cheaper and less painful, and you are more worried about that slur? When human life is valued by how much it “saves the taxpayer” adults and children with Downs Syndrome and those who love them will have much more to fear than that word or any word. Maybe you are worried it will all start with a slur, (as if they ever end) but you seem to be choking on a gnat and swallowing a camel. He encouraged people to kill themselves to save money!

  236. Sandra Jackson Brooks // January 17, 2014 at 11:47 am //

    I have sat here and read some of this bias and judgmental post that people have put on here. Until you have been where you have been where some of these people have been you have no idea of what you speak. I reared one of the sweetest and best girls that ever came out of our county. She is a Christian and went to college has 3 degrees and a masters 3.7. She was a teacher for 17 yrs. She married a man who mistreated her for 19 yrs. Because she was taught to marry and unless it was for adultery you were not to divorce she stayed in it. She had 2 boys by him. He abused her physically and mentally. We knew part of it but not all of it. She continued to bring her children to church and was so beautiful. He accused her of having affairs. And of all sorts of things. She had terrible back problems which were caused by having scoliosis right at the base of her spine, She couldn’t take blocks because of spinel headaches that caused her blood pressure to go up well past stroke stage. So a Dr. put her on meds. for pain. he got her hooked on opioids, she is a 5″2′ 105 lb. girl who can’t take a lot of anything. She managed on it. When she finally got the courage to leave him. She left with nothing. She was so scared of him. His family is powerful and he wouldn’t let the kids go. Now she single handedly had raised these boys, while he went to work, played his drums, drank his beer, rode his horses, fished, hunted, and had bond fires and drank with his buddies. And came in smelling like beer and smoke expecting her to be all welcoming at 2 and 3 in the morning when she had to get up. He also started shoving Lora tab down her throat to make her “perform” for him. After she left him she was in such distress the nice Dr. put her on colozapam and zannax both. Which with the opioids makes for someone who doesn’t know which planet they are on and she was driving. I knew when she couldn’t hold her head up to eat she was on something but unless you’ve dealt with this you have not idea what you would do or what your talking about. She blacked out at school and at home. With me just talking to her. And that Dr. just kept writing her scripts. She got to go to rehab, lost her job. And lost her status in our little minded community. Which I don’t have any feeling for anymore. Because I was a never mine before. And you never say never my child because you don’t know. It can and will happen. I have seen it too many times to good people and to bad people. Drugs and Satan are no respecter of person. And you out there who think different better take heed. It’s just waiting. Our children and grandchildren are human and they can fall pray to Satan. He is telling them things that you have not control over. And you don’t know what a person is going through. We all have a judge and He will judge us not you and I am glad. God is my judge and he is yours leave it that way.

  237. I think that is kinda her point although not as well put probably because she is angry. I read Tonya’s statements and although distasteful I think she is angry with the way addicts are being judged as lower than all other people.

  238. Many people struggling with “real illnesses” become addicts too. The drugs their doctors give out are the best. So did they have a choice or not? Others have terrible trauma like rape and abuse and they take drugs to escape that pain which is unimaginable. Did they have a choice? One addict was in a car accident and pumped full of morphine and one was a crime victim, and a third addict was both. People with “real illness” are at risk.

  239. Ricky L Johansen Jr // January 17, 2014 at 12:08 pm //

    OMG!!! What is this world coming to? Perfectly healthy looking individuals hooked on a drug that creates living zombie-like individuals. Totally unreal and unbelieveable!! Do any of these folks get help and recover and gain any of their stellar appearance they once had? I wonder….

  240. Your house isn’t that clean or glass free. You are obviously overweight and it shows even in your face and distorts your features quite a bit. Why don’t you just pick the weight you want to weight, and then eat appropriately? Imagine what a smug self-satisfied b!tch you could be if you were thin. LQTM It isn’t that easy is it?

  241. Joy Carroll Merlenbach // January 17, 2014 at 12:15 pm //


  242. They jump the gun once they read one thing they don’t like.

  243. Jen Roach Cooker, No you are ridiculous. Many people take drugs and it doesn’t ruin their lives. People take them in hospitals and after injuries. People take them to have fun- just like alcohol and not all become addicts. People take them to escape pain sometimes prescribed and sometimes illicitly. Some people leave hospitals addicts and some people leave hospitals and do not get addicted. It is the same with illicit drugs and drugs given to help people get past trauma. Some get addicted and some don’t. So people don’t know “full well” it will ruin their lives. It starts out as necessary or at least effective and eventually becomes pathologically counter productive. The addict who got addicted from breaking his back in war is no “better” than the addict who got raped and took drugs illicitly or even the stupid teenager who started drinking and never stopped. If he thinks he is better than he can never get well. You know nothing about addiction. I hope it never touches you or your children or anyone you love.

  244. I am one of those families. We raised a grandchild because the mother was a heroin addict and CHOSE that life over her son. Yes, CHOSE, was her exact words. She has relapsed many times, overdosed many times and has now been clean for years and each time she has told the family. I am wrong, using drugs has always been my CHOICE. IT IS THE USERS CHOICE…..NOT THE DRUGS CHOICE. Stop blaming it on the drugs and the drug dealer, you can say no. Plus the system needs to stop catering to the drug addicts, free everything and they get away with a lot. Everyone should be drug tested before they receive any type of help such as insurance, disability, food stamps, etc, etc.

  245. Agreed

  246. Joy Carroll Merlenbach // January 17, 2014 at 12:42 pm //

    Exactly. I recently lost my husband because of the pain medications that he was on. My husband had brain damage and had forgotten he had taken is pain meds. These are pills that addicts everyday are smoking, snorting, swallowing or shooting.

  247. Actually I agree with you.

  248. Oh and you can bet her life isn’t perfect either. No one is perfect.

  249. Don’t let those fools hurt you. Congratulations on getting well.

  250. Jason Grace // January 17, 2014 at 12:59 pm //

    Addiction is the result of deep and unmet needs.

    Smith, Hyrum W. (2013-02-16). The Power of Perception: 6 Steps to Behavior Change (p. 52). Juxtabook Inc,. Kindle Edition.

  251. ^ignoranus. Danielle, you know little and speak much. Passing judgement on something you obviously have no idea about. What is the real source of your anger?

  252. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 17, 2014 at 1:13 pm //

    Seriously? We are looking at mug shots of meth heads and heroin addicts, not people that were prescribed pain meds for breaking a bone and so on. You’re right, my life isn’t perfect, if I had a boat load of money it would be cool, but I don’t. Otherwise, I have health, family, and I am drug and alcohol free. And yeah, meth and heroin do ruin lives, it’s not a secret! What am I using? I am using a computer, that’s about it! Bunch of idiots.

  253. now it makes sense. she’s an angry at her weight

  254. I was with a drug addict for 15 years… They lie cheat and think there entittled…They dont love them selves just what you can do for them.. Mine is now with a druggie like him and although its been painfull to let him go its for the best

  255. Randi Vrecic // January 17, 2014 at 1:32 pm //

    I don’t even bother reading ignorant people’s responses as I realize that they have no idea what they are talking about because they are only watching from the outside they have never lived addiction so they have no clue as to what goes on inside of these people. It is the majority of people who respond who want to throw their opinion out there, but are truly clueless. So in reality what they think doesn’t matter… I feel after looking at these people’s pictures and how these pictures remind me of what could be….that is what matters. God bless you Breanna, spread the hope to other addicts that they can get better and that you are a living example of that truth!

  256. I hate to break it to you but your writing is far from clean. Not one of your sentences is grammatically correct. In the first sentence you should have written “their parents” not “the parents” because you are referring back to “these people” which is awkward anyway. In the second sentence “grown adults” is redundant and “morals” and “disease” should be in quotation marks. The last “sentence” is so poorly written that I hardly know where to begin. Your verb “wonder” is weak and painfully separated from the clause that completely the verb. Repeating the pronoun “this” in the same subject is bad enough, but to make things worse “this” must refer back to the last noun which would be “application” not “challenged” and therefor make no sense. Why the second “this” ended up in all caps is beyond me. You also awkwardly repeated the word “go”; “when people like this go…. how far can they go” is just horrid. By the way, my last sentence contained a proper use of the ellipse because in your former comment above this one, you misused the ellipse twice. In that comment you also forgot your question mark and you misused the plural pronoun “their” as well. I am not a grammar Nazi, but since you are so judgmental(especially in your former comment) , I though I should set you straight on your writing skills or lack thereof.

  257. Leigh Stevens // January 17, 2014 at 1:58 pm //

    They just look so sad before and after, no smiles. May God bless all these people with hope and peace and some happiness too!!!

  258. Hedy Pridgen // January 17, 2014 at 2:21 pm //


  259. I am so happy for you that you have nothing better to do than critique someone’s really, if that’s all you have to worry about in life–I’m jealous..

  260. Doris Kemp // January 17, 2014 at 2:45 pm //

    Nature weeding out the stupid

  261. I totally agree with what you say I my self am addicted to pain pills that I got percribed to me 6 years ago for a ingury I obtained at my job and I now have gotten better and could get away without taken them but I get to sick if I don’t. I have tried to go on methidol but there are no drs within 2.5 hour drive from my house and they want me to come there every day for two months before they will give me my carries even if I got through that I would then have to drive 45 min to a drug store that carries methodone ..what a crock a shit that is . how in the hell do they exspect me to be able to afford to do all that driving.. as far as I am concerned are governments are not taking this drug problem are society faces these day very serious at all and it is going to get a hell of a lot worse if the drs keep prescribing it so freely.i also believe that these coke and meth and herion dealers should get the death penalty when they get caught because that’s what happens to people when they get hooked on these drugs there lives are over .that’s just my opinion.are governments need to make it more easer for a person to get help when they need it instead of just calling use loosers and sweeping use under the rug.

  262. Kim Primeau // January 17, 2014 at 3:21 pm //

    I have read all the comments to this point and have found one common strand through them all and that of course is personal opinion. I want to try to address them one at a time.

    1. Political and Economic Factors- I am a self declared conservative however many people disagree with that statement because I tend to consider all options before making decisions. I call myself conservative because I believe everyone should do their part in society and not depend on others to do it for them. I believe one should reap what they sew. (Yes, btw, I believe in God). I have been raised this way and whether people care to admit it or not, your raising is the foundation for the rest of your life’s choices. Not to say that each individual isn’t responsible for their own choices and should just blame whoever did or didn’t raise them. Once an adult…always an adult and strangers didn’t take you on to raise.

    2. Moral and Ethical Factors- Whether you believe in a higher power or not is not the issue. Only that you believe. Again, our raising teaches us how to be strong. If we have a good support system we believe we can achieve most anything we put our minds to. If we don’t have that fundamental ability to believe in anything we are a hollow shell of a human and nothing no one ever says to us will make sense. Again it’s up to the individual to seek out what makes them whole and gives them that feeling of worth and belonging. Everybody turns to or leans on something or some one at some point in their life. Either by necessity or choice we each need help at some point. The “help” that is available is what or who we turn to whether it be a friend, class, deity, substance, process, family, doctor, food, activity…..the list goes on and on. Some of these are positive and some are negative. Circumstance decides which we choose in many cases. We all don’t have the same opportunity for resources as others.

    3. Need vs. Want- Unfortunately far too many out there who have a desire to do nothing positive even if there is ample opportunity to do so. Finance, background (including but not limited to ethnicity, belief systems, family, education etc.), environment (where one lives and the people and events that shape their days) and medical issues (genetic, accident, trauma, abuse, neglect) all play a role in who we are and what we are capable of doing. It is true that many of us don’t know what we’ve got til it’s gone so we neglect ourselves when we pass up on chances to improve our current status as human beings. Many who need can’t acquire due to the fact that we have made those bad choices and have absorbed vital resources that could have otherwise been used for someone in real need. We are all guilty of this in some way from taking advantage of credit then declaring bankruptcy once in too deep, to taking advantage of the welfare system and riding it for everything possible. People who are able and do work and finance their own way but go in debt for what they cannot afford, loose everything and wind up on some type of tax payer support are no different (in my eyes) than people who have already acquired the assistance and milk it for everything they can get including fraudulent claims, doctor shopping, selling prescriptions, food stamps, and hiding income. These two groups of people make it nearly impossible for the ones who are in dire need through no fault of their own. Yet those groups tend to focus on pointing fingers at each other. “The ‘haves’ have and the ‘have nots’ have not.

    When will we start looking in our own back yard? When will we admit that we may actually be part of the overall problem? When will we stop passing judgement on others? When will we be honest with ourselves and accept responsibility for our OWN actions? Why must we blame everything and everyone else for the trials in our lives? Why do we tell ourselves, “I’m better than that addict (tobacco, alcohol, heroine, marijuana, food, sex, gambling etc.) or that bulimic, anorexic, or obese person; that atheist, Christian, Muslim, or Scientologist; that Asian, African, European, American, Spanish, or Indian person; that type 2 diabetic, lung cancer patient who smoked, or that cripple who was drunk driving; that celebrity whose dirty laundry is spread around for the world to see, the neighbor who is having an affair because “she says she’s afraid to leave her husband”, the person in church last Sunday who you saw purchase wine, beer, cigarettes, or condoms; that biracial couple; that gangsta, hillbilly, or yankee; those liberals, conservatives, or independents; that hetero, bi, or homosexual; that man, woman, or child.”????

    The truth is we are all simply human and we will never understand everything. But we have to allow people to stand on what they will. Good or bad…right or wrong. This is America and like it or not the freedoms we hold so dear are what put us at odds on a daily basis. If we like our freedom and hold it dear, we have to remember to RESPECT others and allow them the same amount of rope that we will use to hang ourselves.

    I do not say any of these things without having experienced them. Racism (I’m southern American), physical abuse (including as a child, rape, and domestic assault), mental abuse, lack of identity, addiction, severe epilepsy from 13 yrs. old with no apparent cause, rare cervical cancer, abandonment, hard working not accepting to even file for SSD to absolutely disabled and no other way to raise my child, educated but not intelligent, no support to good support, shooting myself to believing in myself, prosperous to broke to sustaining, 370 lbs to 200 lbs, 10 years of psychological therapy, medications and hospitalizations to one small mood stabilizer and 3 month follow-ups; 42 total pills per day to 11 for 6 different conditions,…I’ll stop there. All these things have made me who I am. I made bad choices and I made good choices. The one consistent thing is that they were MY choices and I have to live with their outcome. I accept that and hold no one responsible. All good things are good and all bad things are good cause they made me who I am and I am able to share that with others. One person may see, read or hear something concerning me and it might help them to better decide. I have no need to know about it. The simple fact that it is possible makes me happy.

    In summary, stand on what you believe and who you are but keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to realize that the person beside you isn’t you and what makes sense to you today may not tomorrow. Change is inevitable. There is no need to try to force it. It can be a good thing if accepted for what it is and not for what we want it to be. Change on a large scale starts with a tiny change in ourselves.

  263. Drugs are not a simple choice like what to eat for dinner. Decisions are altered, to some of these people it is not a choice, its all they know. Maybe they never had anyone to teach them growing up. Its easy to judge others when you have never walked in their shoes. Life is hard and people deal with it differently, We dont all have the same support system in life and we all fight our own battles, so help out or get out of the way.

  264. happytoshare01 // January 17, 2014 at 4:44 pm //

    In my experience, those people who are the most judgmental are the same people with the most skeletons in their closet. It’s hard to believe that people like you still exist in the world. Perhaps, instead of throwing stones at suffering people (and, yes, they ARE suffering) you ought to be counting your blessings that you never became addicted to drugs or alcohol. Shame on you.

  265. Anna Morehead // January 17, 2014 at 4:47 pm //

    hope u live happy in ur little bubble & pray to God it doesnt crack & someone u love becomes an addict . U call people idiots ,u must b lookin in the mirror ! & no Im not an addict nor r my children ,thank God but Im not so ignorant to judge someone that is ill ! wow its quite the epidemic out there open ur eyes . but grow up & dont judge !!!!!!!!!!! Educate urself b4 u speek ,cause ignorance is another epidemic & u totally fall into that group

  266. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 17, 2014 at 4:50 pm //

    Right, yeah, because I said I have a perfect life. I have had drug addicts in my family – and even them I do not sympathize with. NO ONE is perfect, not being perfect isn’t an acceptable excuse to do drugs, there is no acceptable excuse. You just keep on eating your own BS beliefs if that’s what helps you sleep at night. At some point, it would be best to pull your head out of your rear.

  267. I understand stress and hard times, i have 2 kids, divorced, im a server and i do not have a lot of mobey but if im stressed i dont turn to comsuming battery acid, motor oil, toliet bowl cleaner or any other product that is in these drugs, so i dont agree with it, and those that say we wouldnt understand because we have never had an addiction well thats because we are smart enough to stay away from something that makes you look like this!! Hello!!! If you dont want to be addicted dont do something addicitive!

  268. And if you are just young and dumb, peer presure, i got picked on a lot because i didnt fall into drugs like my other peers, i just think of loosing them over drugs as their loss, i want better fir myself. Not perfect but i do what i can to provide a healthy life for my kids.

  269. Jay Smith // January 17, 2014 at 5:11 pm //

    meth does that not cocaine

  270. Debbie Permenter Garcia // January 17, 2014 at 5:55 pm //

    It’s called compassion. †

  271. theworldneedslove // January 17, 2014 at 5:56 pm //

    Hey Jennifer- Roach! You have the compassion of a, roach, and the maturity of a 12 year old. I have ZERO sympathy for anyone dumb enough to not have compassion for people who become addicted. Why? Just because you didn’t make the call to use drugs doesn’t give you the right to not understand why some else did. It’s complex, and if there was simple fix, there would be no addicts. Breanna has every right to voice her experience as a drug user. And let’s hope and encourage her to heal and recover 100%.

    I certainly hope you are not faced with a child someone day ends up with an addiction, some compassionate loving parent you would be. You are the idiot, so move on along in your no empathy world!

  272. theworldneedslove // January 17, 2014 at 5:59 pm //

    Perhaps you should hold the mirror up and read those words. It’s BS, lacks understanding, maturity and hey, here’s a concept for you! LOVE.

  273. Debbie Permenter Garcia // January 17, 2014 at 6:03 pm //

    As far as I know Jesus Christ was the only perfect human being. We were put on this earth to have compassion and help others. Some people are stronger than others. Even the best people can become addicted to many things. It’s called human frailty. An until you and I have walked in their shoes we have no right to ridicule anyone. God is the one and only judge. What will you do when he judges you? There but by the grace of God go I.

  274. Robin Vea Schifferman // January 17, 2014 at 6:58 pm //

    Wow, I’m glad I never have to hang out with Jennifer. Addiction is a serious “disease”. Thank you for all of the other intelligent, educated comments

  275. simone blue // January 17, 2014 at 7:11 pm //

    Its so sad for we never know the pathway we might take in life Praying for all who are having a struggle with addiction

  276. I never thought I would be someone to actually respond to one of these but honestly I am disgusted with some of these view points.
    I am a nursing student who just finished my 3 month clinical rotation in a psych ward. Number one thing that opened my eyes during that rotation was mental illness can happen to anyone. It’s all about coping mechanisms and how we react to stress in our lives. And who doesn’t have stress?? It’s all about how we deal with that stress… What breaks my heart here is seeing these faces pictured above. What in the world happened to them that caused them to turn to some of these drugs.

    Yes, Jennifer, I agree. Everyone knows that drugs are bad for you. Haven’t we all had that engraved into our minds our entire lives?? Nobody starts drugs because they want to harm themselves. They start because its an escape from reality. Through my chemical dependency rotation I saw first hand how addictive meth is. Why would it be addictive? Well because it makes them feel better than they ever have before. First time it’s taken, the brains entire storage of dopamine is released- making them feel happy. Now if someone is miserable and can’t find that kind of joy anywhere else, what would stop them from continuing to try and feel that happy again?
    I guess my point is, before you talk about how idiotic these people are for starting meth, or whatever drug of choice, please educate yourself. Try to put yourself in their shoes. and for the love of God try to have some compassion. Jennifer you are blessed that you have some sort of support group where you can relieve stress in a positive way.
    For those of you on here who say that you used to be users and currently are not- WAY TO GO!!!!! I am so proud of you. I know people that are in your lives are proud of you too. And please know there is ALWAYS someone out there who cares about you.

  277. Carrie Stewart // January 17, 2014 at 8:02 pm //

    Breanna Wright…..please explain to me why we should be upset at the drugs and not the addict. The addicts MAKE THE DRUGS, CHOOSE to TAKE THE DRUGS, CHOOSE TO STEAL, etc. They are not stricken with a disease like cancer, they made a choice to begin doing something we all know is illegal and bad for us!!!!!!! If you don’t want to be an addict don’t start using drugs! Tired of addicts being the victim! I salute those who get help and stop but you won’t get some shiny medal from me. And before you say I don’t know what it is like….I have used but made a choice to be smart when I got pregnant and be a mom. Stopped and never went back. Left the lifestyle completely

  278. Carrie Stewart // January 17, 2014 at 8:04 pm //

    Oh and also…..I have gone through an extremely traumatic event involving my son and still suffer PTSD but still never chose to become an addict.

  279. Suzanne Richman Binder // January 17, 2014 at 8:41 pm //

    It’s a double-edged sword….these people (assumingly) use drugs to escape pain. They felt pain, chose to try meth or heroin or whatever (yes I said chose—nobody forced them), felt good and then tried again, and again, and again. The kind of pain they were/are in I’m sure is terrible and I hope to never be in their shoes. I feel sad for them and want them to get help and be happy. But on the other hand, they are (assumingly) doing things, in their pain and addiction, to hurt others around them, be it family, friends or just random people: stealing, burglary, possibly assault…and whose tax dollars are paying for their treatment when they’re admitted to the hospital? That’s not fair to people that find other ways to deal with their hardships…I don’t work hard at 2 jobs to pay for the choices of these people. However, I also want to help those in pain. It’s a difficult situation for all.

  280. Lee Eakin // January 17, 2014 at 9:04 pm //

    WOW LADY you are 1 of 2 things either a real bitch you just don’t care about anyone but your self-center self no one sets out to be a drug addict but hey thats just my oppinion

  281. Lee Eakin // January 17, 2014 at 9:29 pm //

    well as a recovering drug addict myself I never asked to become this and wish it had been different but at the end of the day I am still a addict not a practicing addict but I still am one and you can trust and beleive 5 years later it is still a day by day battle so far I am winning so I say this to you haters and people in your glass houses dont be so mean 1 in 5 people are addicted to something in this country and please dont tell me your family is Immune to all of this .

  282. Lisa Gregory // January 17, 2014 at 10:37 pm //

    Grow up people! There are very few mature adults making good points.

  283. Lisa Gregory // January 17, 2014 at 10:45 pm //

    Seriously! I understand that you are defending drug addicts but you are too extreme. You are condemning people for their opinions but yet, you are talking about someone’s weight. You should feel embarrassed.

  284. Utzli Gutzli // January 17, 2014 at 10:48 pm //

    ^ignoramus. Dude’s going to attack someone and call them stupid with a noun they cannot even spell. How ironic; ass clown.

  285. Were you molested or raped as a kid Jennifer? Many times that is the reason addicts get in their position. You are not only an evil spirited person, but your ignorance is on display withevery comment that you make. I know people like you, and your lives always play out the same way. Your friends are the first to go, then family, then you end up by yourself left to wallow in your own hateful, selfish and disgusting thoughts. Much like a pig wallows in its own feces. I have seen people just like you end up with the same addictions that you once deplored as having no tolerance for. I am convinced that God has something special lined out for you and the people whom liked your comments. If nothing else, karma will pay you a visit to balance out all of your self centered, child-like, hateful ways. You are the definition of a slob, and I pity the people who are subjected to your disgraceful presence on a regular basis. This world would be a better place without you.

  286. Asking someone like her to put herself in “their” shoes, or in my case as a recovering alcoholic, my shoes……… forget it because our shoes will be too big for her because our life experiences have made us who we are and not (small minded small like her mind and shoes!) Because we have grown to love and understand. I began abusive alcohol after I found my mother. She died of a massive heart attack TWO nights before. I was guilt ridden and kept chasing forgiveness at the bottom of any bottle I could get my hands on. I was of legal age -31. Oh and I forgot o mention…… 26 years ago this month when was almost 17, I came home from school and found my father. He committed suicide that morning.
    My life story might be different from other addicts, but until someone goes through something traumatic that changes their …….they’ll never understand why we do or did what did.
    Today, I still miss my parents but I’m clean and sober and I’m a stronger person for the things I went through. I pray the people above still alive and gave support to get through their addictions. One last note***** everyone is always one day away from death, we are not promised a tomorrow.
    Many blessings,

  287. Then you shouldn’t be so ignorant and more understanding!

  288. So it would be a better place without you too according to your comment!!

  289. Linda Villano // January 18, 2014 at 12:36 am //

    Breanna Thank you so much for sharing your truth ! Beautifully worded and real thank you for your bravery !

  290. No they don’t say I wanna get high they say I NEED to get high. If you’ve not witnessed it first hand then u just don’t know. It is a sickness and an illness. N even after you quit and cut ties with all the people in your life the urge is always there it’s an everyday struggle to fight the rather and addiction. In the end the people who do surpass it are some of the most strong willed people you will ever meet. So don’t act like you know what drugs mean to an addict unless you’ve walked one day in there shoes.

  291. I think they might have been trying to use the word “anus” sarcastically……..

  292. I want to ask a curious question and I’m not being judgmental this is a serious question that baffles me and I guess I need help understanding it. But why would someone take a drug that they know is made out of Drano, Lighter Fluid, Rat Poison, and Battery Acid? Again I’m not being judgmental I’m glad that people have the will power to stop doing this because I know it’s almost difficult and it took my cousin almost dying in a car accident who they thought was brain dead but wasn’t but she’s not the same person anymore to quit. And I dunno I just know that it’s hard to quit it’s a real addiction and it takes some pretty strong people to make up their mind and quit. And I’m proud of you all!!

  293. No acceptable reason to do drugs jennifer? I knew a girl who was raped by her step dad and step brother. She couldnt even sleep at night because of nightmares of the rapes each time she fell asleep. When her step dad raped her, it tore open her vagina so bad that she almost bled to death. When her mother finally took her to the hospital, she told her daughter that she better tell the doctors and the police that she had never seen her rapist before in her life. Her younger sister, her only friend in the world, was later raped by the same dirt bag, and proceeded to die as a result of extensive damage to her internal organs. She contemplated suicide daily. A few years down the road, the son of her foster parents offered to shoot her up with heroin. Wanting to die, she accepted his offer. Guess what???? It dulled her physical, emotional and spiritual pain. For the first time since she was 6, she was not in agonizing pain, and was able to smile and even laugh from time to time, even if it was only when she was under the influence of the heroin. Of course the heroin would eventually turn on her too, and she ended up selling her body on the cold, dangerous streets of downtown Denver. After being severely beat, and left for dead, she ended up in the care of a local rescue mission where she kicked the drugs, and eventually got the much needed therapy that she needed. She went on to become a physicians assistant, and now she treats and cares for victims of rape in Africa. I met this extraordinary young woman almost 12 years ago at a charitable event for orphaned and homeless children. I thank God every morning that I wake up, and she is lying next to me in bed, as she is my wife, the mother of my children, and living proof that the redeeming Love of God is sufficient for each and every one of us. Even drug addicts. To say that there is never an excuse for becoming an addict is short-sighted. There are many people out there that share the same story as my wife. Could she have went on to become the same loving and giving person that she is now without becoming a drug addict first? Probably. But my point is that behind every sore riddled, wrinkled, sunken eye face, is a potential success story that just needs a chance with a lot of unconditional love. I know the African rape victims that she helps on a daily basis are grateful that someone took the time to give a heart-broken addict another chance.

  294. Wild Bill // January 18, 2014 at 1:44 am //

    Apparently you’re just addicted to being an angry and course critic of those you don’t understand. I assure you that you will regret your attitude one day and eat your words and probably some pills or some other form of self medication. Anyone with that much disdain for people already going through a living hell will reap what they sew. Now go to the animal shelter and kick a puppy.

  295. Here is my reply to many of the comments I have read here: Addiction is an illness. Nobody wants to live that way. Yes – we all know that drugs can lead to addiction, so why take them in the first place? Because the hard fact is, that you do not know you are an addict until you become addicted to something. Then it is too late. Nobody picks up their first drug and says “here we go – I am starting my career as an addict”. Once a drug has a hold on you, it is a long, hard road out. many do not make it. Many end up in jail or dead. This is serious shit, people. take off your blinders and stop judging. If you have never lived with addiction, you do not have a clue.

  296. Oh and I almost forgot. I had an employer who used race, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, political affiliation, history of addictions and anything else he could use to distinguish himself from other people as a way to justify his hatred of others. He was consumed by it. He was bitter, lonely and showed nothing but hate to those who were different than him. He had no friends left. His family left him. He sat at home by himself at night. He continued hating. He continued referring to others as f@g$, jews, drunks, obama lovers, lard a$$e$, spooks, druggies, etc. He shot himself in the head with a .40 caliber a couple of months ago. All because he would have rather hated others instead of embracing and helping others.

  297. Jennifer,

    Have you ever been to the doctor/hospital and had them give you pain relief medicine or cough medicine or dentist and had a tooth pulled? Well if so your an idiot too like those above because you used drugs!!! Did you know that most drugs that hospitals use for chronic pain relief are opiate based….or also known as Synthetic Heroin. Your a drug addict now! No One feels sorry for you either for taking them knowing that your gonna be a recovering drug addict. Now imagine being on those for a month, or two….pretty sure your body has already created the addiction and once they stop you from the prescription, your gonna go score something that is equivalent(if you haven’t already)….This is how most drug users begin…Just sayin’. For your reading pleasure…Here is a list of the drugs YOU may have been given at the hospital…Very Common. I Forgive you for your drug use and hope you have sought the correct medical attention to help you cure this before your picture is up top from being arrested while trying to score the smack.

    CODEINE — Codeine is an opiate agonist – sedative and analgesic narcotic substance found in opium in concentrations between 0.1% and 2%. Codeine was first isolated from opium by the French chemist Pierre-Jean Robiquet in 1832. Because of the small concentration found in nature, most codeine found in medical products is synthesised from morphine. Codeine can be found in many pharmaceutical products…

    DEMEROL — Demerol is a narcotic analgesic with many actions similar to morphine. The general therapeutic effects of this drug are analgesia and sedation. Demerol is used to relieve moderate to severe pain, as a preoperative medication, and the support of anesthesia and for obstetrical analgesia. Side effects include confusion, convulsions, dizziness, drowsiness, low blood pressure, and slow heartbeat.

    Hydrocodone (related to codeine) is in a class of drugs called narcotic analgesics. It is a pain reliever. Ibuprofen is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It relieves pain and decreases inflammation. Hydrocodone and ibuprofen are used together for the short-term treatment of pain. Hydrocodone is an opiate used as an anti-cough agent as well as for pain control.

    LORCET — Lorcet is the brand name for the controlled substance combination of acetaminophen (Tylenol) and hydrocodone. Lorcet comes in tablet and capsule form and is prescribed for moderate to moderately severe pain and is to be taken on a 4 to 6 hour scheduled basis. The Acetaminophen is a pain reliever and fever reducer. The hydrocodone is a semi synthetic narcotic, opioid pain reliever that is…

    METHADONE — German scientists synthesized methadone during World War II because of a shortage of morphine. Although chemically unlike morphine or heroin, methadone produces many of the same effects. Introduced into the United States in 1947 as an analgesic (Dolophine), Methadone is primarily used today for the treatment of narcotic addiction. The effects of methadone are longer-lasting than those…

    MORPHINE — As a a powerful analgesic narcotic drug found primarily in opium, morphine may also be produced naturally by the human brain, according to recent research. Like other opiates, morphine acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to relieve pain, and at synapses of the arcuate nucleus, in particular. Side effects include impairment of mental performance, euphoria, drowsiness, lethargy,…

    NaloxoneNaloxone is a drug used to counter the effects of overdosing on opiates such as heroin or morphine. It is being offered under the trade names Narcan, Nalone, and Narcanti. The drug is derived from thebaine and has an extremely high affinity for the opiate receptors on nerve cells in the brain, and blocks those receptors quickly, often throwing addicts into immediate withdrawal symptoms. It acts as…

    Oxycontin–Addiction to Oxycontin has become a highly publicized epidemic over since its introduction in 1995. OxyContin is a prescription painkiller, developed by Purdue Pharma. Its active ingredient, Oxycodone, has a long history of abuse. OxyContin was developed as a time released medication for severe pain associated with cancer and very severe injuries. OxyContin contains a very high dosage of Oxycodone,…

    Vicodin– is a commercial, prescription form of Hydrocodone. It comes in a white tablet form with the name Vicodin imprinted on its side. Vicodin is painkiller, designed to relieve severe pain. This type of pain normally occurs after surgery or an serious injury. Vicodin is a schedule III drug because it is highly psychologically addictive, and also moderately physically addictive. Vicodin…

    Vicoprofen–A narcotic analgesic, which combines hydrocodone and ibuprofen. It is used to relieve pain and decrease inflammation for a short period of time. Because it is habit forming and addictive, those prescribed Vicoprofen are highly cautioned not to take more than the prescribed dosage. Dependence on Vicoprofen and other drugs containing Hydrocodone will occur over time, and withdrawal from Vicoprofen will…

  298. If you hold up a mirror and read the words, they will be backwards.

  299. After reading the comments from the ex-users, it appears most of you ex-users still have anger issues. Don’t attack those that disagree with your position. YOU chose to put that poison in your system. We all have issues and family problems. I handled mine differently, no drugs or alcohol involved.

  300. Then don’t start at all. Nobody held a gun to these people when taking their first hit. Everyone knows the dangers by now. It’s a game of Russian Roulette. The first time you snort, inject, smoke is the first step in possibly becoming an addict. Smoke cigarettes? Then don’t wonder why you got cancer.

  301. It is a choice….in the beginning.

  302. And that is just the addicts’ outside view. I would imagine that their internals are pretty messed up too. Its just the slow train method of suicide!

  303. April Boutilier-Ferguson // January 18, 2014 at 9:15 am //


  304. Earle Holland // January 18, 2014 at 9:21 am //

    Really? So it’s SOCIETY’S fault that YOU chose to do drugs? I don’t think so. Society never told you to take drugs. It’s not a sickness, It’s not something that just randomly happens. Society told you NOT to take drugs.
    1) You were stupid enough to think you could control them
    2) You were unfortunate enough to find out that you couldn’t.
    3) You were fortunate enough to get off them when YOU decided that you had hit your bottom.
    I congratulate you, I really do. But It’s all YOU. Not once in those three sentences did I say “we” or “they” Don’t turn around and blame your bad decisions on anyone else….. and don’t blame their bad decisions on anyone else, including yourself unless you were off in the corner hitting random people with huge hits of cocaine…. or meth, whatever. You’re probably going to get mad at me now, because I pointed out the weakest link in the whole scenario but that’s ok. I’ve got broad shoulders, I can take it. Again, I’m glad you got your shit together and are off the drugs, for you, that should be the most important thing, Keeping yourself where you are today and only moving forward.

  305. Earle Holland // January 18, 2014 at 9:23 am //

    So, being a med student, you have the audacity to call a self induced state a sickness? Next you will be saying that Cancer is self induced in the same manner? What hospital you going to be working at? I don’t want to go there. I have a needle addiction I guess……I have to take drugs up to four times a day so I’m an addict. It’s all my fault, I should never have taken that first hit of insulin.

  306. In theory, that sounds great, but most people experiment with one drug or another when they are young. They do it because it is ‘fun’. Becoming addicted is not even on their radar. It’s all fun and games until – well, you know… As for you comment about Cancer, you do realize that MANY people get cancer (even ‘smoking related Cancers’) that have never smoked a cigarette in their lives, right?

  307. Carrie, nobody CHOOSES to be an addict. If you had a choice to not continue to use, you were a casual user – NOT an addict. How very fortunate for you. And therefore, you are not qualified to judge anyone who is.

  308. Yes, it is the person’s choice to pick up and to use the drug, but it is not their choice as to whether or not they are an addict – which then, in turn, eradicates their ability to put the drug down. It is a cunning, insidious disease that steals your ability to control your own life.

  309. Did you read the comment above from Nicole, which Kaththee was responding to?

  310. The word I chose to express my opinion on these folks is
    “pity”. It is pitiful that these individuals chose to start a drug they
    knew full well was bad and highly addictive.

    These are photos of logical consequences. I had a chance to do
    some pretty heavy and addictive drugs in my time but I also had the intellect
    of a human to know that those drugs were/are extremely harmful to my body and
    way of life.

    These folks made poor life choices and are self-made victims.
    I wish them the best but they made their own beds.

  311. Marlene Williams-Clark // January 18, 2014 at 11:46 am //

    It never ceases to amaze me when a movie star is found to be using drugs. They are not judged, they are put on the media, poor guy, or gal, sent to the best and most expensive rehab facility in the country because they can afford it. The little man on the street is judged, put down, said to be a bum, with no way out. They have lost their homes, their cars, their jobs, and their families, they usually end up dead because they have no inurance or a way out, they just go deeper into their drug habits, lose their lives. Most treatments run up to the thousands, where can they do but down. Something needs to be done, these are human beings, they don’t want to be where they are, they made the choice, yes they did, but drugs are very powerful, how can we help them?????

  312. Marlene Williams-Clark // January 18, 2014 at 11:54 am //

    i responded, didn’t post

  313. Marlene Williams-Clark // January 18, 2014 at 11:57 am //

    I said when a movie star is found to be using drugs, no one judges, gets media coverage and the best rehab available to them, they can afford it. The little man just goes deeper into the addiction, losing home, family, car, job, no way out, no insurance or help to the bum that let hisself get into such a condition is the way the public views them. Too bad, they are human beings, they hurt, they love, God help them.

  314. Cindy Price // January 18, 2014 at 12:13 pm //

    We live in a society where we are inundated with messages suggesting we can find happiness or cure depression and anxiety by popping prescription drugs. When we have a sucky childhood with less than perfect parents who create the demons which cause a person to medicate to ease the pain, we’ve set the stage for potential addiction. The events that cause the addicted person to start using drugs can not be changed. We are incapable of going back in time and ensuring every child has parents and family who care. With that being said, it still becomes the responsibility of the person with demons to become a survivor rather than be a victim. Once they become empowered and are allowed to go through all stages of traumatic events, the potential for healing begins. To continue to blame parents, society, teachers, family, friends or even strangers, does nothing to promote healing.

  315. Micheal Liegh // January 18, 2014 at 12:37 pm //

    I agree with most of what the two of you have said save one thing.. “People who have never been addicted …never understand the illness of addiction.”. It is on that one point you are very wrong. I’m not a drug user, and while I’ve had my own issues with things, cannot claim to be an addict. But I have lived through anothers addiction (both parents and step-father), and my sister is currently incarcerated for her own Meth addiction. I can say that if anyone could understand the affects of having an addiction as well as the one addicted, it’s the family and loved ones of said addict. Something I’ve noticed is a fairly common trend with the addicts in my family, all of them seemed to end up focused on the vicious cycle of abuse that they were locked in. It’s only after that cycle was broken that they could see they really weren’t alone.. the rest of us took that ride with them. Why? Because we loved them enough to walk through that hell beside them. Yeah sometimes it gets to be too much for us too. The difference is when they turned to their drugs, alcohol, or whatever to escape.. we turned to each other to hold onto the belief that we could somehow pull them back. Try to keep this in mind when you think of how bad things have/had gotten… we’re there too. And while we often don’t have all the answers, hell most of the time we’re just as lost as you are about things. We’re still there, and because we love you we’d be willing to do almost anything to help you back up. A burden shared is a burden easier carried… instead of reaching out for the addiction, reach out to the ones that have their hands and hearts reaching for you.

  316. James 2:13, “For judgment is without mercy to one who has shown no mercy.”

  317. I love that and hate it all at once, “I don’t know what’s worse, The fact that Jennifer still does not understand what people are trying
    to explain to her, or that there are so many people that likes her
    comments” So true. :,(

  318. First, we should be upset at the drugs and not the addicts, just as God hates the sins and not the sinners. Second, a lot of dealers and people who make drugs don’t do the drugs. They take advantage of the weak. A lot addicts do, but not all. Also, MOST cancers are preventative, as well as many other causes of sickness and death, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, aids and stds, etc. Sometimes they are genetic or not one’s fault, but a lot of it is lifestyle. Addiction IS a disease. Addiction effects your brain and from that point, your brain sees the drug as a means of survival; no different than eating. If you are starving, you will do what you have to to get food. When someone is going through withdrawls, it’s as if they are starving.

  319. Well we don’t all have the same vices. People deal with pain and struggle differently.

  320. Society never told you to take drugs??? Music, TV, Clothing, political movements, peer pressure, … … …

  321. stainlesssteel // January 18, 2014 at 2:00 pm //

    “These shocking before and after pics show the negative effects of drug addiction” The problem with this page is it uses classical antidrug scare tactics, which hurt the credibility of anti-drug arguments. Most of the really bad looking people here probably got that way from being homeless and/or neglecting their health as a side effect of their heroin or methamphetamine use, rather than as a direct effect of that use. There are many functioning drug users that look just fine. This is not to argue for drug abuse, but rather for accurate, statistically valid information on the direct effects of drugs. For example, showing a cancerous blackened lung vs. a healthy lung would be an accurate, statistically valid portrayal of direct effects of smoking.

  322. Jessica Dwyer Figueira // January 18, 2014 at 2:30 pm //

    A CURE FOR METH!!! :-).

    The iboga root from Africa cures addiction. Ibogas highest rate of recovery is on meth users. It is powerful and transformative, taking one on an inner journey of deep introspection and release pains and guiding one out. Some report their birth experience and traveling through their DNA. It resets the brain to pre-addiction state. A feeling of rebirth is experienced.

    Iboga is illegal in some countries because of its success, which threatens Big Pharma sales of methadone.

    Iboga is legal in Africa. Treatment is cheapest in Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Come see Dr Jeewa at ‘Minds Alive Wellness Centre’ – “You have a dream to liberate yourself’.”

    *My friend had a wonderful experience on iboga and turned his life around!
    Iboga removes the cravings and difficulties of the detox process.*

  323. Jessica Dwyer Figueira // January 18, 2014 at 2:58 pm //

    A CURE FOR METH!!! :-).

    The iboga root from Africa cures addiction. Ibogas highest rate of recovery is on meth users. It is powerful and transformative, taking one on an inner journey of deep introspection and release pains and guiding one out. Some report their birth experience and traveling through their DNA. It resets the brain to pre-addiction state. A feeling of rebirth is experienced.

    Iboga is illegal in some countries because of its success, which threatens Big Pharma sales of methadone.

    Iboga is legal in Africa. Treatment is cheapest in Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Come see Dr Jeewa at ‘Minds Alive Wellness Centre’ – “You have a dream to liberate yourself’.”

    *My friend had a wonderful experience on iboga and turned his life around!
    Iboga removes the cravings and difficulties of the detox process.*

  324. People, people, please relax. The Jennifer you are all getting upset about is not worth your time or energy. I have suffered from depression and manic depression almost all my life. People didn’t understand why I was like I was. And besides if they had to think about my life and then consider theirs they might end up with a mental illness. I understand and know things other people don’t because of the life I have lived. And they will never, ever know. My life was a living hell in my head. I can not even begin to grasp what addiction is like. I have been so lucky to not have had the problem myself. I didn’t care about myself, I wanted to die. I had a very hard time working and enjoying anything. So every one has problems and issues in their life. Your past has a lot to do with what you do. If you have been abused in any way, it is going to affect you. And people cope their own way. Every person who is an addict, alcoholic, bi-polar and hates other people have mental illness. Sorry, but that is the way it is. Think how miserable this Jennifer is. I am not taking her side at all, I just am trying to make a point. She deals with her issues by hating. That is sad. So forget about her. Let her sit in her hate and cry.

  325. I truly believe that people have gotten way to sensative. If a child has too much energy BAM he/she has ADHD. If you have pain, the Doc is like ” here are some perks” without thinking about it twice, hell i was almost overdose on morphine in a hospital one time, Clinic, hospitals, and medical centers are so quick to give out medication that can be highly addictive. There are products for the public that use to have cocaine, how do we know if its comepletly gone? We dont. I know people that were given meth at the age of 12, like my boyfriend. 12? seriously? Do you think it was his choice, and if it was do you think he knew what he was really doing?? He is clean now and has ben for 2 years. I have never used drugs, i dont smoke nor drink so i cant say i know how it feels. But we shouldnt be so quick to say its someones choice when we can easly go and get drugs at any CVS or Walgreens or go to your doctor if you need something stronger and no ones says anything. If your not willing to help the situation then dont say anything and leave it along, but if you can help someone or lend a hand do so. I support my guy in everything he does and i see him get better and better everyday.

  326. dolphins1972.17.0 // January 18, 2014 at 4:11 pm //

    I would like to counter your comment a bit. I had been on a few of the drugs (Pain Killers) that you quoted above. I had been on them for 5 years due to an injury I sustained.
    A big difference between those prescription drugs, and those in the original posting, is that these pain killers are monitored by your doctor or pain management staff and if followed legally, can be dropped almost immediately. After the 5 years that I was on them multiple times a day, I was able to drop them cold turkey with no following “addiction”. Maybe my body doesn’t have addiction tendencies to drugs, but to some other thing such as food or sex or…. Or, maybe I have a structure in place in my life, which I created, that includes God, family, and friends (all who have a faith too), and those helped me to not have the addictive tendencies? Either way – what I am trying to point out is that you are making a blanket statement just as Jennifer did, and you are just as guilty of judgement and bias as she is….

    Maybe we just need to quit making blanket statements, and just realize that each person has a viewpoint which has some merit and validity because of where and how they have lived life….

    Jesus in your life gives you a lot more opportunity to turn to something that gives you the structure, the safety net, the support needed for those horrible times in life where you feel that you just cannot go on and want to do anything to remove the pain, hurt, and hatred that life brings…. That is truly the number one fix for addiction!

    I know I will get jumped on for my comments, especially from those who do not think much about God/Jesus… but as stated earlier – Maybe we need to quit making blanket statements and just realize that each person has a viewpoint which has some merit and validity because of where and how they have lived life. Their viewpoint is no more invalid than yours or mine…. Peace and love to you all.

  327. Peggy Reimer // January 18, 2014 at 4:16 pm //

    It comes down to the choice a person makes to take the drug…whatever it is. Everyone has (differing levels) of past abuse, stress, and anger in their lives. How one chooses to respond to those stressors is key.

    Responding to stressors by taking drugs is not the way out. It is just the way to ruin your life and the lives of all your family and friends and people who love you. Using drugs to ‘feel normal’ or ‘feel happy’ is a conscious choice. A personal decision and a choice. There are better ways to come to terms with past or present issues in your life.

    I had horrible things happen to me as a child and had years of issues that were related to that trauma. The person responsible for those offenses to me, other people related to me, and to MANY other people is still alive and I have no doubt is STILL doing horrible things to children and women. He has never been charged with any crime.

    Even so, I have never had either the desire to kill myself, immerse myself in religious fervor, or numb my reality by choosing to do drugs. Doing drugs is simply an easy way out of dealing with problems in one’s life. Only my personal opinion from my personal experience.

  328. Vickie Ferrish // January 18, 2014 at 4:30 pm //

    a person should never judge anyone for doing drugs no one knows what the other person is going through they are all still human beings who need to be loved like the rest it is sad and doing drugs is an addiction and hard to get away from it take care and all the best

  329. Ambur Thomas // January 18, 2014 at 5:47 pm //

    No one knows the path they have walked. This is obviously to bring awareness to people to show the visual effect of drug use. It “sticks” with people when they see what the drug use can cause more than just hearing about how much you life falls apart and how they lose everything etc which mostly turns to using more to numb n then this is how these users and many more in this world get to this. Never judge a person pray for them because when I see this my first instinct is to pray for them to have the strength to surrender to God. once they give it to God n overcome this they will b stronger and reflect on that long path they walked n b grateful becuz of who they once were showed them where they never want to b again n it will have made them a better,stronger,wiser person and then they would help people who are in the same shoes they once were in. I think to post these pics of a person who is still down is cruel and its becuz its just another thing to drive them to using more. So I get the whole awareness thing n respect it…but let’sthink about the ppeople who are trapped n weighed down by the chains of the devil…. Just some food for thought.♥

  330. theworldneedslove // January 18, 2014 at 5:50 pm //

    Duh!??? LOL!!!! Okay…. and how old are you? 10?

  331. Terri DuMonte Millard // January 18, 2014 at 5:52 pm //

    Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself.

  332. After viewing these pictures, I think we can all agree;

    The only proper response to someone who offers to give or sell you meth is to beat the living sh*t out of them.

  333. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 6:41 pm //

    You are wrong in one important point! People who have never been addicted to any drug indeed very much understand the illness of addiction. That´s why they never start with that shit in the first place!

  334. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 6:52 pm //

    Well, your god has already done a great job to change their life! evidently, looking at the pictures, he was a great help already, so what else do you want from him? :-)

  335. My adult son is in jail (again) right now for a meth-induced attack on another adult son. He certainly had no “tragedy” in his life – he had a pretty decent life with lots of love from supporting family and friends. Then he “met” someone…everything changed. It was his bad decisions and his alone, and after 15 years of trying to help him, he can just sit in jail this time and figure it out for himself. My bail money from his last two arrests is still tied up pending trials.
    I believe everything happens for a reason, but sometimes that reason is that your just a dumbass and can’t make good decisions.

  336. sure, they choose to become addicts by choosing to use. Are you saying that every user isn’t clear-headed when they shoot up or pop pills for the first time? bullshit…

  337. Shannon Story // January 18, 2014 at 7:25 pm //

    I think really your the idiot, I’m an addict in recovery and you know I never thought that it would me. Never used until I was 24, that’s all it took. So think again when you think that you know what your talking about.

  338. Being a clinical provider of addiction services this hurts me to see individuals struggling. However, I hope this can be a motivation for others. Addiction is an illness that has taken over this country and continues to grow daily.
    Kudos to all of those that have shared they are in their own recovery. May your recovery continue every day.
    For those who seem to be “disgusted” by this article….all I can say is I sincerely hope you, your family members, or children do not show up on this article at some point because then you might be “disgusted” by your own comments. Addiction does not simply pass over you because you think you have everything right in your life. It can happen to any person at any time. At any time your own life can become overwhelming and you feel that you don’t know where to turn. If you have support systems you are lucky because others do not.
    To those reading this who are considering recovery – reach out to a local provider…..the first step is the hardest.

  339. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 8:22 pm //

    you are wrong in one important point: It can NOT happen to any person at any time. lot´s of ppl are struggling at some point in their lifes, but just dont use that as an excuse to start with drugs. you only put an excuse in the mouth of addicts for simply having made wrong decisions. drugs will never solve you any problem and those who start with that shit very well know that.

  340. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 8:33 pm //

    you are only looking for excuses! that´s all! you dont have to do that. if you want to do drugs, just do it, it´s your right. it might not be legal, but i think it is your right as a human to do with your life what you want. so if you want to do drugs, just go ahead. i am sure, you can find some unfortunate cases where unrelated illness or injury led to an addiction, but get real on the numbers! most additions are simply self inflicted situations from idiots who want to take the risk. you are right, that lots of ppl use drugs and dont get addicted. but when you start with the shit you know the risks. so dont be mad on the majority of ppl who simply think, that taking that risk is a stupid act. we also know that not all drugs come with the same risk. i have lots of friend who do drugs, but they just dont cross a certain line. and there is a line between e.g. smoking pot or injecting some chemical shit into your body. and no! one does not lead to the other. people make decisions and finally are responsible for it. that all. thats not judgmental. it´s a simple fact, you like it or not!

  341. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 8:40 pm //

    dont understand what your problem is with “judging”. we all judge ppl every day by the decisions they take. if you deliberately destroy your body and your brain you just have to live with the fact, that most people will think that you are an idiot. its a fact, so what is so bad to name it?

  342. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 8:55 pm //

    i dont know what makes you think that a certain opinion must be based on “hate”. i just think you get that completely wrong. i dont hate addicts, unfortunately my best friend of my whole life, is on that way of no return and he is still my best friend. however that does not change the fact, that he is an idiot for deliberately wasting and destroying his life. there was nothing that destroyed his life prior to the drugs and alcohol. he did it all by his own. as most addicts do. i “judge” him as an idiot as i do with other addicts, but i dont hate him nor other addicts. in my opinion, it´s their right to do with their life whatever they want to do, and that includes destroying it with drugs. you make a decision, you are responsible for it, that´s all.

  343. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 8:56 pm //

    the fact that so many people like her comment might reflect that she has a point there!

  344. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 9:00 pm //

    dont be silly! just get real on the numbers! most addicts start with the shit as teenagers and have not even seen a hospital from inside before they were addicted to some shit. we all know that there are exception, but it wont change the fact, that most addicts start using that shit deliberately.

  345. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 9:09 pm //

    so someone put a gun to your head and forced you to try it with 24? i dont think so! i dont know what your problem is with Jennifers opinion. most people would think that you are an idiot for trying drugs and taking the risk getting addicted to it. certainly you thought you could handle it, but you were wrong. you made a decision, so just live with it. dont get mad on other people who think that you are an idiot for taking that shot on your life! considering the consequences you have to face, i am quite sure, that you thought for yourself that you were an idiot to try it. right!?! so dont get mad when other ppl simply speak out what you know for yourself! wish you all the best for your recovery!

  346. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 9:17 pm //

    fact is, that every casual user knows the risk to cross that line. so if you take the chance you are still responsible for your decision to start with it in the first place. you are possibly right, nobody chooses to be an addict, but taking that shot on your life can still be considered as a stupid act. so you are judged as an idiot, not for being an addict, but for taking the risk to become one.

  347. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 9:19 pm //

    you got a brain to make your own decisions. if you choose to follow others without using it, than it´s still your fault.

  348. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 9:21 pm //

    judging someone as an idiot for deliberately destroying his life has nothing to do with hate.

  349. Robert Meidinger // January 18, 2014 at 9:24 pm //

    you make a decision, shitty or not, you have to live with it. and that includes that someone calls you an idiot for making a shitty decision. and nobody has to be perfect himself to identify a shitty decision and name it as such.

  350. stainlesssteel // January 18, 2014 at 10:05 pm //

    “These shocking before and after pics show the negative effects of drug addiction”

    The problem with these “shocking” photos is they’re being used as classical antidrug scare tactics, which hurt the credibility of anti-drug arguments. Most of the really bad looking people here probably got that way from being homeless and/or neglecting their health as a side effect of their heroin or methamphetamine use, other unrelated health issues, or simple aging (one photo set was 11 years apart), rather than as a direct effect of that use. There are many functioning drug users that look just fine. This is not to argue for drug abuse, but rather for accurate, statistically valid information on the direct effects of drugs. For example, showing a cancerous blackened lung vs. a healthy lung would be an accurate, statistically valid portrayal of direct effects of smoking.

  351. I agree drugs are a coping mechanism, but I’ve had Severe trauma and abuse and have never touched drugs. Just occasional alcohol. It’s still a choice, to not abuse yourself like that with meth.

  352. I agree drugs are a coping mechanism, but I’ve had Severe trauma and abuse and have never touched drugs. Just occasional alcohol. It’s still a choice, to not abuse yourself like that with meth…

  353. just my opinion // January 18, 2014 at 11:32 pm //

    I believe some do choose to have this life style only because they refuse the help. I dont believe anyone truly wants to live this way. The worst thing you can do is give up on someone. My husband is a recovering alcoholic. Yes, he chose to pick up the bottle but couldn’t control it. I had enough and figured with my threat of leaving he would change. Hes a wonderful husband and father when hes not drinking. I didn’t understand why he would still choose to drink and risk everything. I needed help to understand because I wanted to try everything before our family was torn apart. It was explained to me that it is an uncontrollable addiction. I felt we had tried everything and he didn’t care anymore. It was told to me like this..its a disease…would you give up on someone because they found out they had cancer? No you wouldn’t. You would both work together to seek the help that will work for you! That’s just what we did. It took about 3 years but he doesn’t drink anymore and we are still together going strong. Once I realized to be a supporter for him it was easier for him. Prior to that I was judgemental and angry towards him. My threats only drove him to drink more because now he was dealing with the pain of losing his family and didn’t know how to fix himself as much as he wanted to. So please dont turn your back on an addict. That’s the last thing they want isto ask for support and help . Nagging them only keeps them running towards it!

  354. Carrillo Robert John // January 19, 2014 at 2:47 am //

    Congratulations to all of you who have recovered. Now, If you choose to make poor choices, you are responsible for the consequences. Every school teaches kids not to use drugs, and everyone has heard how drugs ruin life’s. There are a lot of things that can get you hurt or killed, and most parents will teach their children, or they will learn about it in school. Some people can use drugs, drink alcohol, eat unhealthy , and gamble in moderation, but others will become addicts! I have been on morphine after surgery, but I wanted to get off of the pain killers ASAP, because I have heard stories of people becoming addicts; I don’t think I would, but I’m not going to take that chance! Don’t make excuses for you problems, because then you will just continue your path of destruction. You are in charge of what goes into your body, and only you.

  355. I disagree with your last thoughts. Without people causing problems for themselves and each other, there wouldn’t be a problem. Drugs in some form exist everywhere and are not really the problem, as it seems you have made clear enough in the first part of your comment. You hated yourself and wanted to die. THAT’S the problem. And that’s a personal one.

    Maybe the reason you turned to drugs wasn’t because they existed but because you didn’t know how to deal with your real problems. Or maybe you didn’t want to.

    After all this time, you’re recovering from drugs. Congratulations. I hear that’s tough to do.

  356. [email protected] // January 19, 2014 at 10:30 am //

    It’s sad to see these Beautiful people have gotten or gone so far. I have never judged & am glad for I have been Blessed! I Always! keep the addicted in my prayers. Goodluck & God Bless! to All~ Cherie*

  357. Les Metcalf // January 19, 2014 at 11:00 am //

    i been in and now out of that meth life and i know first hand….TWEAKERS SUCK!

  358. wonderbread // January 19, 2014 at 11:19 am //

    Oh Jesus. These people are gross custies. End of story. Save your sob story.

  359. I agree in this sense: there but for the grace of God go I, but the drugs aren’t the issue. Like a gun, drugs don’t do anything in and off themselves. The drug user chooses the drug; he/she is an active participant. Don’t get me wrong. Since my brother’s death, I LOATHE drugs, but I know I am just projecting my anger. Folks, stay away from drugs. It’s not worth it. Life is short. May God grant us all mercy and may He change your hearts.

  360. Peggy O'Connor // January 19, 2014 at 12:02 pm //

    I have tears rolling down my face looking at this. This breaks my heart so much. No one should laugh or make fun. Addiction is a very real thing and can happen to anyone. It took my daughter years to break free from drugs and alcohol. She is free now! We must always pray for the weak, and not ridicule. I pray God touches each one and take the addiction away and gives them newness of life.

  361. Jennifer149 // January 19, 2014 at 12:10 pm //

    These are prescribed by a Dr for pain, which is legal. The choice of drugs addicts are using is illegal. I did not have a great childhood, good marriages and had traumatic things happen to me, which I’m not going to share because I choose not to. But, I chose to deal with my problems a different way, a healthy way. Did not turn to drugs, did not have a support group to help me cope, did it by myself. It’s mindset. You can keep feeling sorry for yourself or tell yourself your not going to let this drag you down. It’s your choice!!!!! When you ask someone why they are still on drugs, they say because they had a rough childhood or something traumatic happened to them, these are excuses to give themselves reason to continue on drugs!!!!! The choices you make dictate your future. There is help for addicts prior to drug abuse, it’s the choice they make to either do it the right or wrong way.

  362. The drugs don’t sneak up on people and attack them unaware. People choose to use them, so they have to bear at least part of the blame. Transferring all the blame onto the drug, while it may ease your conscience, does nothing to help the real problem, which is addicts. Believe me, I know several addicts, and it is not the drugs that are the problem, it is their choices. If they quit one drug, they tend to just move to another one.

  363. Let’s stop blaming the drugs or alcohol. These people became addicts because they chose to buy that next gram. They chose to do whatever to get that next hit. Stop blaming the bad situation or the drugs. People who made uncool choices are to blame. It’s about taking responsibility for our actions. Accountability and choices are paramount in every single situation. Every day we NEED to be accountable for our actions in order to facilitate change. Who hasn’t had a tough life or suffered some form of abuse? Choose today NOT to be a victim and stop blaming everything and sundry. You can heal from this disease. One day at a time. It is a mofo choice! Much love

  364. Salisha Odum // January 19, 2014 at 1:30 pm //

    Chemicals kill people.

  365. Salisha Odum // January 19, 2014 at 1:35 pm //

    Chemicals kill people.

  366. David Roth // January 19, 2014 at 2:07 pm //

    Honestly, a lot of these pictures looked as though they have been photoshopped – poorly at that – to make a point. Yes, drug abuse messes you up. No need to make it worse than it is with faked pictures to sell an article. Too many of them have a National Enquirer look to them.

  367. lildee352 // January 19, 2014 at 3:37 pm //

    I have one comment,This is sad . so sad . I know a beautiful girl who did Meth when I met her she wasn’t this bad but her skin was getting sores and she was stick thin. Now she’s come around and stopped before it was too late .Thank God

  368. lildee352 // January 19, 2014 at 3:39 pm //

    And although i haven’t read all of the comments I see from the first comment . Breanna Wright, You’ve shown me I really don’t want to (I don’t mean yours)

  369. Cindy Fredricks // January 19, 2014 at 4:43 pm //

    Well said. very well said

  370. My take on this… It is no ones fault that anyone gets hooked on any drug but that person. That person chose to start using in the first place. However, it is everyone who pays for the ramifications of a drug addict… ie welfare, drug abuse treatment, foster care for children. So, don’t pick up the pipe in the first place and manage your own life.

  371. Sara A Mink-Taylor // January 19, 2014 at 6:57 pm //

    Breanna, wise words from wisdom hard won. Congrats on your progress toward recovery and many prayers that you will continue!!!!

  372. gatorgirl59 // January 19, 2014 at 9:49 pm //

    I am screaming BS here!! You can blame it on whatever you want to but the fact of the matter is you will always have problems in your life. Does that mean you will always have the excuse to turn to drugs??? I have plenty of trauma in my life, just in the last year I lost my mother, my nephew (who shot and killed himself, and then my uncle) all within a matter of 6 months. Cry me a river because I don’t use drugs and I don’t abuse anything. It’s called life, deal with it!!! I can’t stand for people to sit here and say well this happened and that happened. Well Sh!t happens deal with it!!! Stop crying me a f@cking river because to be quite honest I really don’t want to hear it. And I don’t feel sorry for any of you!!! Your using it as an excuse!!!

  373. We should stop blaming the alcohol and drugs. Start taking responsibility for your actions. You chose to buy that gram, you chose to be in that situation, you chose to stick the needle in your arm or bring your nose towards the roll-up note and sniff that line. Start being accountable. Stop being a victim. Many of us have suffered abuse in our lives yet have chosen NOT to take drugs or abuse alcohol. It’s a choice to stop one day at a time! Make good choices people! Stop the blame game! Much love

  374. ericasmiles // January 19, 2014 at 11:20 pm //

    WhaT are you talking about people become drug addicts off legal drugs every fucking day. Your kid could go by robotussin and get plenty fucked up and end up with a needle in his arm by twenty. You don’t have to experience trama to become an addict. A handle full of kids try coke or a pill and 3 out of 5 of those kids have the disease of addiction that that sets off inside them. Yes you have a choice but ultimately you can’t control being an addict. Pray about it bitch.

  375. Angela Stamps-Massey // January 19, 2014 at 11:29 pm //

    shame on all of u who judge these people. Mental illness and drug addiction is a horrible thing to through. god bless them and their families

  376. ericasmiles // January 19, 2014 at 11:30 pm //

    Some would say your stupid for fighting with people about addiction when your saying it gas never been apart of your lifestyle. Why the fuck do you care so much? There’s only been books and tons of real experiments and tests that prove addiction is a disease. But keep trying to convince the world the sky is red your wasting your breath. Anyone that can get up and walk away from drugs that’s awesome your not an addict but you don’t have to be addicted to drugs to be a fucking shitbag.

  377. Robert Meidinger // January 20, 2014 at 12:29 am //

    evidently you are too dumb to understand the point. there is no doubt and i dont need books to know, that addiction is a disease. and i never said anything against that fact. but point is, and that is a fact too: you cant get addicted to meth or heroin or other shit without trying it in the first place. and you are a fucking moron when you do that. and you are fully responsible when you make that step. once you are addicted, of course you are sick and you are no longer in control of the situation and your decisions. but you are still fully responsible for being in this situation.

  378. mark Mc.cord // January 20, 2014 at 12:37 am //

    Couldnt agree with you more Breanna. More power to you. The REal problem though is seperation from God.. Jesus brings us back. You can see the same before after pics with winning the lottery, multiple divorses, bankruptcy………only one solution feeling so good on the Inside that everything else pales – thats what Jesus does. Not Church or religion, Jesus.

  379. Heather Iris Hansen // January 20, 2014 at 12:53 am //

    So incredibly sad. All of these people had hopes and dreams and hopefully someone who loved them at some time in their lives. When you think about it, this could be any one of us. The only reason I never tried drugs was because I knew that addiction runs in our family. All it takes is one weak moment – none of us are always strong and able to deal with life’s ups and downs. I will show these photos to my boys with the hope that they’ll bear this in mind when perhaps one day they are offered a little something by a friend or someone else “just for fun” and have to make the possibly life-changing choice of saying yes or no.

  380. Cassie .lizotte // January 20, 2014 at 1:11 am //

    I my self was an alcoholic from age 15- t0 age 29. I married and I wasn’t used to being treated nice I had things bought for me I destroyed them hung with a crowd that were always drinking. one day this man left me. I started thinking he didn’t deserve this my mom was beside her self. I called him at work and asked for a second chance I would stop drinking and I did for 30 yrs. I was going through some bad withdrawls but it was worth it. I relapsed twice but that was 3 yrs ago after my husband died and caught my self. I went through horrors in my teen yrs that were beyond ever talking about. we are never promised but while you have your life its up to you . ty god bless

  381. Jennifer149 // January 20, 2014 at 1:33 am //

    Do I need to spell it out or draw a pic for you.?? A Dr gives legal drugs to those that really need it to cope with pain, which they legitimately need. That’s how they begin. Then you have those that become addicts because they make excuses for the reasons such as a bad childhood and so forth and they do it to cope. I know because I’m married to someone that was an addict for several years and has been clean now for 10 yrs. Also, had a daughter which was on drugs, she wanted to blame it on a bad childhood. She and her sister went to a private school and raised up in a Christian home and so forth. By the way, I pray everyday, several times a day. Especially for people like you.

  382. Breanna Wright // January 20, 2014 at 3:33 am //

    Explain to me how responsible the 12/13 year old children who are exposed to these drugs are responsible when they have been raped and abused? “knowing several addicts”, means very little when attempting to judge a persons perspective on a subject you know little about.

  383. “There is help for addicts prior to drug abuse”? They aren’t an “addict” if it “prior” to the abuse. What kind of help are you talking about? I’m sure it depends on what state you live in, how old you are, whether you have children or not and many other things as to whether there is help available. If someone does have help available then it likely won’t be enough or adequate enough to get someone through their problems. Our society is very inadequately structured to provide as much help as is needed. The more stressed people get the more help should be available but it is not. There are physiological differences in many or most people who become addicts versus those that don’t. It is awfully judgmental and ignorant of you to claim it’s just will power. I have seen alcohol addiction in friends and family and believe me I do not understand it. I’m fortunate that I don’t have that problem even though many family members have had and do have to struggle with it. After a bad break up one time, I chose to have a couple of glasses of wine one night to ease my sadness. Then the next night or two after that I did the same thing. After finishing the second bottle of wine over a two week period I realized it was making me more depressed so I quit. An alcoholic’s physiology is different and reacts differently which enables them to become addicted instead of just choosing not to partake. A seriously addicted friend one time told me it made her feel euphoric! That is the last word I would choose to describe how alcohol makes me feel. So I don’t and can’t understand it. To malign anyone who becomes addicted because you made a different choice is equivalent to maligning anyone who loves coffee when you hate it. The difference is the consequences of alcohol addiction versus caffeine addiction. Unfortunately alcohol destroys lives and results in premature death as happened to my friend. I still don’t understand it but academically am understanding that there was a physiological difference between her and I and fortunate for me I don’t have to worry about struggling with that horrible disease! So you should feel fortunate yourself that you aren’t afflicted with those genetics instead of being so self righteous!

  384. And you have never made bad decisions of course?!

  385. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 20, 2014 at 8:13 am //

    I come from a family with addicts, very close family none the less. I have found a life long friend crashed with a needle in her arm, NO SYMPATHY! METH AND HEROIN ARE BAD THATS WHAT IM SAYING! When someone chooses to do them, THEY ARE AN IDIOT! I mean it is just that simple, someone chooses to do meth or heroin, the “ILLNESS” you all speak of was by CHOICE! You guys blow my mind at how ignorant people can be. And you all call me ignorant, yeah, OK! If your going to pray, pray for your damn self. “Gosh, I had a hard day. I think I will go do some meth. Damn, now I can’t stop. I have given my damn self an illness!” yeah real effing logical.

  386. Robert Meidinger // January 20, 2014 at 9:36 am //

    Of course i have made an enormous number of wrong decisions in my life, but i simply take responsibility for it and dont blame others or society for my wrong decisions.

  387. Brandy Travis // January 20, 2014 at 10:10 am //

    Jennifer- you’re the idiot. Take a grammar lesson huh? 5th grade English perhaps? At least the recovering addicts can speak properly. Your ignorance is a disease and unfortunately for you there’s no drug prescribed or illicit that can cute that. Good luck to you. Please don’t reproduce.

  388. Shannon Story, Congratulations ! You deserve Kudos for your want and need to get straight . I don’t know or care (Please take no offence to that comment I meant none) What is important is that you know you need to do something about your addiction.I know someone that needed someone to literally beat the crap out of them and break his arm over crack to open his eyes. he was my ex Husband and I couldn’t help him.My anger took over and I think I made it worse because nothing I did worked ,so I blamed myself as well as the people selling to him and trying to get me to “join him” to make my point I think it doesn’t require a bad life or self pity all of the time sometime it just takes the belief that it’ll never happen to me or an addictive personality like my ex even the people at the rehab he went to tried to make him see that’s part of the reason .He told them to bump off and he kept leaving .He lives with his Family out of state now and seems to be recovering . So my point is God bless you and bump all of the negative nellies that have no clue about what does or doesn’t lead to addiction .

  389. Hey, jump a stump… do you know someone , are you an addict > um I guess not so don’t act like you know .Okay?!?!

  390. I hope these people got the help and treatment they need. Some people here really do lack compassion…

  391. I can not believe all of the people that really have no clue what causes addiction, Good grief. People wake up smell the coffee! You can go to a Doctor with real chronic pain and have a doctor tell you ” Oh no Oxycodone isn’t addictive ” but you may feel a dependency from it ,”you do ?” well lets give you some Tramadol to ease you off “it’s not addictive” For those who don’t know yes it is . So lets give you Hydrocodone and on and on and on. All drugs are addictive all people are candidates for addiction I DON’T CARE WHAT IT IS OR WHO IT IS .Open you’re eyes and realize you nay sayers are also addicts to judgement because you think you’re better than the drug users ..Guess what you’re not you may be addicts and be in denial or not even know it I’m addicted to drugs yep. I have Epilepsy and take some wicked drugs .So do you get my point ? Do you take over the counter stuff every day because you have allergies, headaches stomach problems ? How about coffee ? Sweet Tea ? chocolate ? Yep you’re an addict

  392. Robert Meidinger // January 20, 2014 at 10:46 am //

    well, my best friend is on that road of no return for the past 20 years, so i know plenty of it. but i dont have to be an addict to know that it is stupid to start with it! if you dont agree, just take a look at the pictures …

  393. I can’t go through all of the comments from the recovering addicts that are admitting to addiction and want to quit or are recovering or just plain admitting to it .But know you all deserve praise Here’s mine :)


  395. I take drugs every day,,I have Epilepsy and I guess I am addicted ? By choice but they keep me off of the ground .Some of them are really wicked and I get so high I can’t function i would rather ride out the buzz for a little while than seize and have people stare and walk away rather than help me .Get it ?Got it ? good….

  396. Amen honey Amen

  397. Robert Meidinger // January 20, 2014 at 1:04 pm //

    i dont know why you think that you have to justify yourself? if this is your story and this is your motive, and this is how you want to resolve it, then i hope the drugs work for you! i really hope! because i am not sure if you are going to solve your problem or if you have to deal with two problems now. i dont have a problem with drugs, i am not anti-drug and if it would be my decision, i would legalize all that shit. All i say is: if you take it, it´s your decision, so you have to live with it and its consequences. that´s all!

  398. lildee352 // January 20, 2014 at 2:22 pm //

    Oh Robert, I thought I was clear that I’m not addicted to drugs and I buy them off the street..My point is I don’t want to take these drugs. My Doctor says I have to .Do you know what Epilepsy is ? do you have a clue what happens when someone gets off of these meds.. Do you believe that just because people take prescribed drugs they like the way they make you feel? I don’t WANT to take these drugs I don’t choose to .I have NO choice . Just like some people have no choice to take heart/diabetes etc. meds . Addiction doesn’t always begin by choice it ,it begins because someone says “hey you need to try this and it’ll help you feel better ,Doctor prescribed drugs etc. Yes some people are weak natured and can say no and can’t stop whatever drug of choice they are on BUT most of us are addicted to something and don’t even know that they are dependent on “coffee,chocolate cigarettes etc. These people started doing these drugs as a recreation and now it’s a need, a want .We have a methadone clinic here and let me tell you there are peopl lined up for a block just to get through the day …Methadone is no solution ,it’s just as bad but at least they have somewhere to go and get help and try to get off with professional help. I am not an advocate for drugs and if I had a choice I would smoke medical Marajuana why ? because it helps controls seizures medical fact .but…….My state would rather fuel the Pharm. industry

  399. happytoshare01 // January 20, 2014 at 4:17 pm //

    No need to ‘pull my head out of my ass’ as you say so eloquently……you just proved my point by admitting to the lack of empathy you felt for your very own family members. Perhaps you ought to take your own advice so that you may see the world as it is. You are to be pitied.

  400. Robert Meidinger // January 20, 2014 at 6:20 pm //

    Possibly you were not clear enough (:-)), or i just did not understand well. sorry for that. i got it now! I know what Epilepsy is, but i dont know which drugs you have to take. so your case is very unfortunate, but i guess you also know, that – considering the population of addicts in general – cases like yours are the absolute minority and i do not refer to cases like yours. I thought i made myself clear too. i refer to addicts who started doing drugs deliberately. and that´s the majority. as you said, they start doing it as recreation and it becomes an additions. the problem is that most of these idiots think that they have control over the situation and that they can do it once or twice or from time to time. actually i think the same for myself. i think that my personality is so strong, that i could do meth or heroin several times without getting addicted to it and just stop it after that without any consequences. but i will never know if i am right or wrong about my assessment, just because i am not stupid enough to try, and to find out i could have been wrong. if you are smart you just dont take that shot on your life. that is my point. again … not refering to cases like yours! take care!

  401. Jennifer149 // January 20, 2014 at 6:40 pm //

    Is someone an addict if they have been on drugs for 16yrs?

  402. Your an idiot, Addiction is a fucking disease as drug addicts and alcoholics we have a physical allergy followed by a mental obsession. and its something that will never leave us.

  403. its not the drugs we need to be angry with either , theres always something to tempt you no matter what it is, we need to be angry and do something about the hurtful people who damage other people so much that they end up with so little joy and self love, they turn to this to forget, kill drugs with kindness to each other

  404. Robert Meidinger // January 20, 2014 at 10:53 pm //

    if you want to explain us, that you have been born as an addict, it is quite clear who is the idiot here! it is common sense that at the point you have an addiction, you can name that a disease, and i never denied that! however it is common sense as well, that you dont get to the point of addiction to something without trying it ever! So, if you try drugs and get addicted to them, it was still your choice and free will to do so.

  405. Krista Meadows // January 20, 2014 at 11:00 pm //

    To every addict… No one will quite understand the torment that comes with NOT using and using. My heart goes out to you. I hope everyone including yourself will focus on how beautiful the heart is instead of the errors of our minds (at will or against our will.) I love you, I love you I love you… Please care for yourself. Love your inner child enough to seek help. I hope with all my heart that the right people will surround you to point you into the right direction… People you can trust… Who aren’t selfish… Who understand what you’re feeling. Look at the heart. Those who don’t TRY to understand are only half alive. Just know you are loved. Know there is always hope as long as you’re breathing. <3

  406. Krista Meadows // January 20, 2014 at 11:12 pm //

    Earle… Since you use Cancer as your example, I’ll point this out to you so that hopefully you’ll understand better what it is like. First off, your irritation leads me to believe you have fear of what you don’t understand, so I’ll try to help you out. Secondly, I’d like to point out that the majority of cancer nowadays IS caused by what you are purposely exposing yourself to. Say that overexposure to radiation causes this cancer. Even if it’s self-induced (intentionally or not.) Say… eating too much microwaved food, GMO’s, or playing on your computer for too long… Or being angry all the time (like your comment suggests,) Either way, you end up with cancer. OK… So… Was your INTENTION to get cancer??? No. The first use of ANYTHING isn’t “to become addicted.” It’s to STOP feeling tormented for just a MOMENT. If you were in pain ALL the time, you can’t tell me you wouldn’t TRY to help yourself? Then given the circumstances, what is available, the people, the moment… you try something that gets rid of the pain. But the pain returns this time with more pain… The only thing that let’s you escape or rest from unimaginable pain, is by taking that one thing. Does it MATTER HOW one became addicted? Does it matter HOW someone got Cancer? What matters… is that they have cancer. What matters is the person needs to be saved from the addiction. And we must do our best to help them LIVE. Because you know what? You NOT having cancer does not make your life more valuable than theirs. You NOT being an addict doesn’t make you a better person. You lack empathy. Learn it before you attempt to heal anyone little med student.

  407. Wow! She defends you and you kick her to the ground…I guess its better just to slam the addicts, huh? *I* appreciate what you were trying to do Oreos…don’t take it personally, because one day one of those addicts will be seeking YOUR care and begging YOU for pain medications while there body fights through the dt process!

  408. vickie OAKES // January 21, 2014 at 3:54 am //

    I agree totally with those of you that said “people don’t know until they walk in your shoes” I was in a very bad physically and mentally abusive marriage I grew up seeing my father beat my mother and I swore I would NEVER be with a man that beat on me I even said the women must like it to stay in it, well here goes walking in that woman’s shoes, you never can or will understand it unless you live it abusive men beat you down so low belittle you call you so many ugly names from slut to bitch and in between them were such bad names I can’t say on here, they little by little get rid of all your friends and than your family until you are totally dependent on him and some how you start believing everything he tells you about yourself that you are bad ugly and no man out there would want or love you like he does, I had to plan my escape yes I said escape because that’s exactly what it is an escape, I finally got my chance and I got out before he killed me and if I had not got away I know I would not be here right now, that was 27 years ago I married again but the trauma from that abusive marriage my new marriage didn’t last I have been diagnosed with PTSD and that was almost 20 years ago and I am alone except for my daughters and my grandchildren they are my life, But what I am trying to really say is if I hadn’t went through all that I would probably still believe what I believed about abuse and the women that stayed in it, so never judge a person or what that person does until you yourself have walked in their shoes….

  409. Kristin Rader // January 21, 2014 at 9:27 am //

    I am a recovered addict myself, 20 years sobriety, and i can honestly say it is very self educed but the pain that put us in the mind set to escape was not, What are you using to escape from your pain? Can you say that you are honestly not addicted to anything Earl? Im happy to say that my new addiction is Jesus, he heals the wounded and broken. And i say recovered not recovering, because Jesus completely healed me of it. AMEN.

  410. Francisco Foschi // January 21, 2014 at 1:47 pm //

    This is very simple, you have no right to judge if you have not been an addict… Plus who are you to judge anyways?

  411. the_momur // January 21, 2014 at 2:07 pm //

    My private insurance company and employer discontinued treatment for addiction. Nice work, guys.

  412. Shellie Nichol // January 21, 2014 at 5:37 pm //

    Thank you Breanna for being so bold and brave as to share your hurt with us. I am a foster mommy to many children with parents that are on Meth. I will tell you that there is always a deeper story…these parents did not just pick up the drugs as a beauty regimen they do it, did it to escape major hurts and pain. The current child I have..his mother was given meth by her own mother and they have been doing it together for years. NO judging these people, they are all children of God, they all have feelings but for one reason or another something went wrong and the drugs were there to help. (in their mind the only help readily at hand) Judge NOT, we need to show kindness, support and humility…

  413. Melissa Rashid // January 21, 2014 at 6:21 pm //

    I also was a meth addict and an alcoholic, and I also had an addiction to opiates. Some people don’t want to understand what it’s like to be an addict. And you know what, that’s their deal. We know it’s a disease that’s very real. Even though I don’t use drugs anymore, I will always be an addict…it will never go away. We have to learn how to control it, how to recognize the ways it affects other parts of our life. A lot of people would argue with that, and who cares ? For all those people who judge us and call us names, there are just as many who can be compassionate and supportive. Don’t let those comments hurt you, who are these people to you ? Nobodies. We know we are noneof things they say we are. I feel sorry for people who are ignorant and judgmental. I was able to get sober, but they’ll most likely be ignorant forever.

  414. Earle Holland // January 21, 2014 at 8:43 pm //

    Wow…. How in the fuck did you get I don’t understand? My irritation is because stupidity bugs me. “Oh Woe is me, I decided I wanted to be a party person and became a drug addict!” Really? There is NO EXCUSE for that. I have no empathy for pot heads who became meth heads because they didn’t want to or couldn’t handle whatever life threw at them. Shit happens. Everyday. It happens to me, It happens to my family. I get it. Drugs are a CHOICE. Regardless of everything else, YOU made the choice, YOU couldn’t handle it, YOU couldn’t control it. I made MY choices too, I controlled them, I handled them. As for me NOT being a better person, I’m not going to break into your car and steal your shit, I’m not going to grab a gun or knife and take your money. So does that make me a better person than some used up old meth head? I’d say yes because given the chance, That meth head will sell their child for a fix from some pusher down the road.

  415. Earle Holland // January 21, 2014 at 8:49 pm //

    See…. There’s you OTHER problem, you believe in the invisible man. You believe in the bible too? Awesome… Invisible man AND fairy tales. My addictions are something I can control. I don’t have an invisible entity in the sky who loves me and will forgive me for whatever I do as long as I ask for it… but IF I DON’T, He’s going to send me to eternal damnation with a demon who is mean and nasty and sadistic…. Makes gooder sense to me. ( yes, gooder is supposed to be there.)

  416. Earle Holland // January 21, 2014 at 9:00 pm //

    Addiction is a fucking disease? You’re right… It generally aims at stupid people. a process Darwin called natural selection.

  417. Earle Holland // January 21, 2014 at 9:07 pm //

    If you take a chance on a drug known for addicting people YOU ARE AN IDIOT. It’s that simple. I don’t want to be an addict, ergo, I don’t use meth, crack, cocaine or whatever else is out there. I hope you pay extra for your spellchecker cause that poor bastard is extremely over worked, Yet you have the audacity to suggest that someone educates themselves?

  418. Earle Holland // January 21, 2014 at 9:12 pm //

    Bahahahahaha, My life must be dark, miserable and lonely? Why is that again? Oh cause I’m not some fucked up meth head? I’ve got my own business, A wife who I adore, 3 young children who see me as a superman and MY life must be bad? My life is freaking fantastic thanks.

  419. I wish people wouldn’t treat addiction as an involuntary condition. It’s just another way to separate it from personal responsibility. Addiction is not a disease like obesity and alcoholism are not diseases. They are choices.

  420. Krista Meadows // January 21, 2014 at 9:22 pm //

    Like I said…

  421. Thank you for being courageous enough to share you story. My daughter is currently and IV heroin user and I’ve read so much. I truly didn’t understand the disease of addiction until it was my family. I’m sorry so many people are so ugly about it, I would say on their behalf if they do not know personally about addiction, if they haven’t researched it or seen it first hand they are going by the “world’s view of it being a choice”. Its sad and does not help the addict or recovering/recovered addict at all. I am proud of you for getting clean and wish you success and happiness. God bless you.

  422. Rebecca Feimster // January 21, 2014 at 10:56 pm //

    I usually don’t get into things like this.Yes people do make that choice to do drugs but they don’t think it will make them do things like others. They say things I can deal with it I want be that them.When I was growing up we didn’t have this drug meth.They lose it when they get hook nothing matters but getting that fix.I seen it destroy good people it changes who they were.Not making excuses but they do need help.I always look at what if it my child are someone in my family would I want someone to kill them I would hope that someone would try to help them sometimes it takes jail to wake them up and some will never learn

  423. Rebecca Feimster // January 21, 2014 at 11:08 pm //

    They don’t think that when they use drugs there idea is oh just do it one time this is the most addicted drug and destroy thousands of lives I smoke pot and drank not thinking I will get hook that didn’t even cross my mine I was never hook on nothing but been around people that were I have never seen a drug like meth have a hold of people like it does.when people get hook they care about nothing.And I mean nothing they will do anything to get it

  424. Rick Chaffe // January 21, 2014 at 11:20 pm //

    Addiction, be it to alcohol or other drugs, is not a disease. It is a choice someone made to put crap into their body, No one forced anyone do it. Cancer , ALS, Crohns and multiple sclorosis are diseases. These are something people endure by no choice of their own. Alcoholism, drug addiction and most obesity cases being called diseases is a cop out that deflects blame from the person at fault. If these people look in the mirror, they will see who is at fault. I know addiction,having watched my father destroy himself and family with alcohol because he thought it would compensate for his failures. He didn’t have a disease, he was just a weak, pitiful excuse of a human who refused to acknowledge he had a problem.

  425. Rick Chaffe // January 21, 2014 at 11:31 pm //

    Cancer is not something a person chooses to get because they decided to inject it or smoke it. It is a disease. Drug use, for whatever reason, is the choice of the person who uses them. Yes both classes of people need help, but please don’t expect me to equate the two, as drug users made a completely voluntary choice to ruin their lives. Calling drug addiction a disease is just a pitiful attempt to shift blame from themselves for self inflicted destruction.

  426. Rick Chaffe // January 21, 2014 at 11:40 pm //

    I’m glad you are recovering, but if you think that we non addicts don’t understand your affliction( as an illness is not self inflicted) of addiction, you are completely wrong. I spend 25 years watching a selfish, weak man destroy himself and family because he was to much of an asshole to admit he had a problem or accept attempts to help.

  427. Kristin Rader // January 22, 2014 at 1:37 am //

    Oh Earle, if you only knew how much God loves you. I will be praying for your salvation. Trust me if you look around, you will see how UN invisible God is. God Bless you Earle.

  428. Kristin Rader // January 22, 2014 at 1:40 am //

    zach, how do you know hes an idiot? do you know that he has a family member that put him thru hell with their addiction? Addiction is 100% curable, You have to be strong enough to face your demons and have enough faith that God will heal you of this “disease” All you have to do is let him.

  429. Heather Simon // January 22, 2014 at 1:58 am //

    I don’t see how believing in a higher power is a problem. Addiction, by definition is not something that can be controlled. Reading your conception of a higher power saddens me, and honestly, if I had that for a God, I would be angry too.

  430. yes it is a shame based disease. I’m happy you are in recovery. <3

  431. Happy for your recovery. Sorry for all your losses.

  432. Darla smith // January 22, 2014 at 4:23 am //

    Wow is all I can say.. not all addicts set out become an addict.. I work with a gentleman n he’s in his 50’s.. he got sick n the dr’s have had him on so many meds (oh the joy of ur so called dr monitoring)that he is going to 4 differant rehab to get him off them. Wtf he got sick n had blood on his brain n thyroid issues.. oh n he didnt chose to become a addict. Also my niece became an addict from a dr. Over prescribing her pain meds. Alot of dr’s nowadays are helping people become addicts. Then when the pills stop their body hurts so bad they need something else.. my husband also became a cocaine addict after smashing his fingers from a 900lb tow motor fork. N severinghis 3 fingers off. N eventually amputating his middle one off. The pain pills never took the pain away n someone said hey this will.(he was in severe pain cause they were trying to save his finger for months sept-feb) he tried it to get rid of the pain . N it did n he was hooked. He was now an addict.. trying to get rid of the pain from an accident. After they amputated his finger his pain wasgone. N know he struggled to become a recoving addict.u see the moral of this is . Tgere is many reason good people become addicts n dont realize they will become one from that first time to get rid of pain , suffering, trauma.. saddens me that u people think the worst of people that became users.. btw my husband has worked many years owns his owe tow trucks. Family kids n married 13 years.. n one accident changed our lives.. AND I MYSELF HAVE NEVER DID DRUGS..BUT DAMN SURE DONT PUT MY HUSBAND DOWN. I know his story.. n see how easy it can be started.. . I can say u never know if n when ne of this can strike u or ur family. N yes its a choice. And fir cancer u have a choice . U can take drugs n chemo n radiation or suffer from something that u didnt do.. as my husband didn’t ask for his accidentbti happen. It just did.. .

  433. Darla smith // January 22, 2014 at 4:29 am //

    Drugs are powerful. N I hope neone that becomes addicted can get the help they NEED. N if ur recovering or recoved addict. I commend u for helping urself out of this vicious cycle.

  434. I want to reply to Trina’s comment. That is some very hard things you were faced with in life and i want to just say to you that i am very proud of you for getting clean and sober and facing your reality of life again. I have many alcoholics in my family, so i know from being close to them how terribly powerful that is. I have never seen one alcoholic quit drinking, in fact most of the time they don’t even think they have a problem, or pretend to believe that anyway. But you on the other hand, you so deserve praise for what you have accomplished and i am so very proud of you for doing it. Good luck to you in the rest of your life. God bless you.

  435. Well said krista.

  436. Ok, also well said earle.

  437. Not all of them are horrible people. I am a meth attic for most of my adult life. But i have never used needles and i never steal from people. I am a single mom and i own my home. I have worked at my same job for 27 yrs and i drive a nice vehicle. I have raised my son to be a nice and respectable and decent human being. He is very well mannered and compassionate. He is now 18, and low and behold he wants to be a cop. He has already been an explorer with the local police dept for almost 2 yrs. and is very serious about pursuing this career. So not all meth heads are horrible.
    I too was faced with some pretty ugly things in my life. I grew up with drunks for parents and my dad often beat on me and my sister. I married young of course, but my love was born with a lung decease. We were married for 16 1/2 years when he died from cystic fibrosis. But throughout all of this and my addiction, i still did not decide to be a horrible person. Still kept my job and i am a respected citizen in my hometown. And even have cops around my house quite often.
    I am proud of who i am and the son that i have raise alone, except for that one detail. And i would absolutely die if my son were to learn i was an addict.

  438. Rick Chaffe // January 22, 2014 at 8:49 am //

    If all these people were hurting so bad, why didn’t they get help?. Their lives were not destroyed until they started using drugs and caused pain to all off those around them . Selfish people, weak people. What a cop out. There is no justification for illegal drug use. Disliking people that lie, steal and even murder to fuel their escape from reality, instead of getting help does not sound unreasonable to me.

  439. You are not very bright are you Rick. I could explain the whole part about being raped, to the point of almost dying and then sister gets raped and dirs. Then she has emotional scars so bad that she wants to die so drugs turn out to be her way of suicide but they dont kill her so now this is the position she is in. I tell you what Rick your primitive brain is going to get your ass in a position that it cant get out of one of these days because peoplelke you who have the world figured out is going to get yours handed to you, and when you do your going to want help but the people who know you know that you are not worth saving. Jesus said that those who come first on earth come last in His kingdom. He was speaking directly to you dude. I feel sorry for you dude because you have missed the point in life. Go ahead and throe stones since you are without sin. Now, I have to get back to work as this 120 million dollar bridge that I am senior structural engineer on isnt going to design itself. I need to make money so i can prepare for the newborn that is about to arrive for mr and my ex-druggy wife who by the way is donating her time and expertise to treating under privaleged kids with life threstening illness. Dont you have a seal to club. Have a good life and good luck. You will need every bit you can get.

  440. Laura Laird // January 22, 2014 at 9:25 am //

    Your wife’s story made me cry! I read it to my husband and we are both amazed and grateful for God’s unfailing love, for your wife’s determination and resolve – I know it was not easy for her to fight through all the pain of her past, but she did it anyway – and for your love for her and understanding for her pain! What a beautiful testimony!! God bless you and your family!

  441. Laura Laird // January 22, 2014 at 9:45 am //

    Well Jennifer, you may, in your opinion, have health, family and a mercifully drug and alcohol free life but at the same time you are so deeply deceived it is painful to watch! Because you do have a problem and it is as big and as dangerous as any drug addiction – it is called PRIDE! I am not sure what your heart is hiding, what pain or disappointment but whatever it is, it has blinded you to the painful truth that you are so self congratulatory about not being a drug addict that you are now incapable of having any mercy and compassion whatsoever for people who are. You may not be “using” drugs and alcohol but I can assure you you do have an addiction. Whether it is to judgement and criticism, TV, work, computers, whatever, it is there and it is pacifying some nagging void caused by some painful event. I know because we all do. Some of us deal with it head on, some dull the pain with chemicals, some with alcohol, some are workaholics, some have porn addictions, etc., etc. And some, like you, mask it with excessive criticism, lack of compassion and self righteousness… Oh, and BTW, many people who end up having addictions to more serious substances like coke and heroin start out with pain killers prescribed by doctors for something they went through. I would suggest you start looking inward and start examining your heart before you end up having to eat your words but I’m sure you’re too good to take advice from anyone…

  442. Laura Laird // January 22, 2014 at 9:48 am //

    And there it is…

  443. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 9:53 am //

    Man, there is no reasoning with these idiots. No matter how you try to word it, or break it down they just keep on with the same old same old. The post is about meth and heroin addicts and they keep on about prescription drugs. I completely see eye to eye with you and appreciate your posts. I apparently have some kind of mental disorder because I think meth and heroin addicts are idiots. Who would’ve thunk it?!

  444. Rick Chaffe // January 22, 2014 at 9:54 am //

    WaaaWaaaa. Cry me a f—king river.Her turning to drugs is still a cop out. I’m glad she recovered and you now have a happy life, but she fucked up her own life with drugs as a coping mechanism. Should have gone for help instead of being weak and turning to drugs. They do have rape crisis centers you know.

  445. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 9:56 am //

    So I should have compassion for people that throw their lives away? Why should I bother? They didn’t care enough not to do it in the first place! I have kids to raise, I don’t want my children to have ANYTHING to do with the people in those pictures, nor do I want them to pity them because it was self inflicted!

  446. The disease of addiction has a target organ known as the mid brain. The cause is regulatory dysfunction of a neurotransmitter called dopamine. The effect is a common group of symptoms seen in each and every alcoholic and addict known to have the disease of dependence: loss of control, craving, and persistent use despite adverse consequences. Many alcoholics and addicts have been accused of selfishness, of choosing their behaviors for a reward or pleasure, since that portion of the brain targeted by alcohol has often been called the reward or pleasure center. This impression of hedonistic behavior on the part of the addict has for a long time caused inappropriate judgment, bringing shame to the one who suffers with this disease.

    One question for you Earle, when and where did you go to medical school???? Don’t think you are qualified to argue the topic of addiction!!! I get this is YOUR OPINION but I think I will trust the opinion of experts!

  447. happy also for your recovery. Pain can be more devastating than any other
    emotion mentally and physically, God be with you.

  448. Debbie Permenter Garcia // January 22, 2014 at 12:07 pm //

    I will pray for God to change your heart. We are put here to help each other. No one WANTS to become an addict. I’m sure they didn’t wake up one morning and say…I think i’ll become an addict today. There but by the grace of God go I. †

  449. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 12:36 pm //

    So which of the pictures above belong to you two?

  450. I am no expert Earle unlike Nola74 ,Thank you Nola. Now back to why I’m being stupid and replying to you Earle.I figured I go ahead and call myself stupid to save you the trouble. Pot heads that became Meth Heads ????? Whoa I smoked Pot for however many years and believe in the legalization of Medical marijuana . Yep, that’s right ,I am pretty sure you didn’t read my previous post regarding this… I have Epilepsy. Do you know what that is ? Bet not .Look it up ,I have smoked weed off and on most of my life.Guess what ? I’m not on Meth, Crack, Pain killers, muscle relaxers or any kind of Opiads .I’m not even sure how to spell that because I’m not too familiar. I don’t drink except once in a blue moon I DO however take anti Epileptic drugs ,nasty little pills they are… They make me sick and dizzy and foggy and confused and mean and I have memory loss .Not from smoking weed but because I’m supporting DRUG companies that thrive on addiction YOU MY FRIEND are an ASS You have absolutely no clue …These people DO have a disease and yes they made the choice to do it the first time but ,it was not their choice to become an addict . I bet you’ve taken a drink or needed a pain pill at some point in your life . If not ,YAY FOR YOU . If not you are one of the very few and it makes you even more clueless .. Get your head out of your butt and get educated as to how to help someone you know or suspect is or could be on their way to being addicted to anything .How many of your Friends/Relatives could be addicts and you have you nose up in the air and you don’t even know ? NUFF SAID ?? I hope so

  451. Thank you Nola 74, at least you know what you’re talking about unlike most of us .Some more so than others ^^^^^^^^^^^

  452. None ,but a do see a strong resemblance to your profile pic in a couple of the photos above admit it baby you’re not clean and pure now are you. shame on you Karma is a Bitch baby .oh by the way “love the bikini :)

  453. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 12:57 pm //

    You even type like a crackhead with a career path in Waffle House. No wonder you have been offended, “Baby.”

  454. lildee352 // January 22, 2014 at 1:10 pm //

    How do you know how a Crackhead types ? I am offended because you are a Holier than Thou . Never stepped in “shit” perfect ass. Oh and by the way I don’t have to work but,if I did I would be proud to work at waffle House it takes strong patient people to deal with someone like you . My typing has nothing to do with anything. Now you go get your Mani/Pedi so you can go talk to all of your snooty Friends and make fun of the women doing this for you . I hope you don’t drown when it rains from having your nose so far up in the air

  455. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 1:16 pm //

    You got me all figured out. If only I could have been queen of the trailer park like you. Then I would be perfect by giving lots of love and compassion to meth and heroin addicts. Oh how I have missed out. Maybe I can click my effing heals together and ask the almighty Oz for a heart since I am judgemental and cold hearted, OH and snooty! And for the record, I stepped in shit yesterday.

  456. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 1:18 pm //

    All hail queen of the trailer park!

  457. lildee352 // January 22, 2014 at 1:55 pm //

    It’s “heels” not heals *smh* .Ok I am tired of this back and forth childishness .How about you ? I’m so tired of allowing myself to be dragged into battles that are unable to be solved . You believe what you believe I believe what I believe ,My intention was not to get into a name calling cat fight but ,some people Yes I was and still am offended by the reply you left the to the comment made by “Happy”comment “That puts a label on you as Stuck up , and snooty and Holier than thou . Especially the smart comment about Waffle House workers and”Trailer Trash” There are people that work and do the best they can and Financial status does NOT make you classy at all I don’t care who you are .FYI,I don’t live in a trailer I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood but if I had to I’d make the best of it and be proud and happy I wasn’t living under a bridge in a box.*Which happens to include ex veterans and mentally Ill* So until you can step in “shit” take off your shoes clean them off and offer them to someone not as fortunate as you .Don’t judge until you know where they’ve been and how they got where they are. I believe everyone deserves a chance to have their story heard good bad or ugly.

  458. lildee352 // January 22, 2014 at 1:56 pm //

    OOPS, I made a mistake in the first part of my last reply,yes I saw it too late

  459. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 4:12 pm //

    If you like, I can dissect your posts and let you know just how many grammatical errors you have, because there are quite a few, “baby!” However, moving forward, I really am not a snooty person, and am middle class, I have lived in a trailer before. I have been through my fair share of trials and tribulations. I have been posting on this thread for a couple days now and have allowed myself to become frustrated with the ignorance. Everyone has just made excuses for addicts, that it isn’t their fault and so on, when in all actuality, it very much is their own fault. Then of course there were the bible thumpers telling me not to judge and in the same post judging me as they told me to do as they say and not as they do. Clearly there are a lot of mixed emotions, but when you get down to the bottom of the matter, they made the choice to do meth and/or heroin. That is what my posts have been in regard to up until I was annoyed and started trolling you. I get that someone doesn’t know they are an addict until they take the substance, that’s a given. But the fact of the matter is the original decision to “give it a whirl” was a very DUMB decision. If someone is recovering and/or recovered, good for you! That’s amazing! I know that the recovery is a feat in itself, so much so that most people don’t recover from it. With that being said, most people are aware of that so why take the chance in the first place? That is all I have been saying. And that is why I don’t “bless their heart” and I don’t put any time or effort into them. Why should I let that craziness into my life? I didn’t take that chance to throw it all into a downward spiral, therefore, I don’t want to be a part of a person’s life that did choose it. I am not saying that recovered people are dumb, but I will definitely say they were definitely dumb at some point and time to even begin that journey. I have watched addiction from the side lines for years, with my family, with dear friends, and still to this day, my view has and will always remain. When they wake up, IF they wake up, I will be there. But it’s not fair to me or my husband and kids to have people with that lifestyle around us. Anywho, this is my last post, I won’t continue to troll you. I will agree to disagree. For you Bible thumpers, practice what you preach.
    lildee352, you have helped my day go by so much quicker and a good sport too, “baby.” I miss you already.

  460. Little Hard // January 22, 2014 at 4:21 pm //

    Is it weird that these made me a little hard?

  461. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 22, 2014 at 4:28 pm //

    That doesn’t make it OK! I admit it’s a sad story, but seriously, something bad happening to someone doesn’t make is OK to shoot up. It doesn’t magically make it acceptable. If that were the case, I wouldn’t be at work and I myself would have a needle in my arm due to the happenings of my past. I know that seems awful insensitive but it’s the truth. Nothing, NOTHING even my own children will go through will make me think its OK for them to shoot up heroin. Am I alone in that? Nothing will ever make it an acceptable decision. It’s. A. Bad. Decision. That is what I have been saying! It’s wonderful how her life turned around, as it is quite a hard habit to kick. Maybe I am heartless as most people on this thread seem to think, but it just doesn’t change the way I feel. I over analyze things and so on, it’s just the way I am wired, but when I get down to the bare bones, I still think it’s dumb that someone makes the choice to do meth/heroin. And quite honestly, I feel that anyone who says it isn’t a dumb choice, is just as dumb.

  462. Parkersspace // January 22, 2014 at 5:53 pm //

    In most cases Cancer is something a person chooses. They choose to smoke, lay in the sun, eat burned meat, not eat enough high anti oxidant vegetables and fruit, eat too much fatty food, let themselves become over weight, don’t exercise regularly and many other risk factors that are associated with greatly increased chances of getting cancer. The person that first tries an addictive drug or is prescribed an addictive pain pill from their doctor chose to do that, yes and just like the person who got cancer ended up just one of the 1000’s of unlucky ones that became addicted for making that choice. I wonder where the line should be drawn. Diabetics type 2 bring it on themselves, heart disease, is brought on by oneself and the cures are within their grasp. Funny how they aren’t all eradicated, there is so many stupid people in the world I guess.

  463. Krista Shek // January 22, 2014 at 6:55 pm //

    An addict is a person just like anyone who has made mistakes and is entrapped in their addiction. I think a bit of compassion to help people heal and recover is the best not judging people. we are ALL fallible.

  464. Meth is just killer…

  465. lildee352 // January 22, 2014 at 8:29 pm //

    I’m making this my last post too ,I have to agree with a good part of your last post . Bible Thumpers ,annoy me too but that’s a whole other subject,.I also have lived in a “trailer” and i worked in a Pizza joint for 5 years for pretty much nothing as far as pay goes ..And maybe my grammar is lacking I get worked up and to hell with spelling ,punctuation or anything else. I personally think we both have our views on this subject i know some people here are trying to blame the “awful life these people have had to deal with and this is why they turned to drugs .That’s not true , I’ve seen it in middle class functional loving homes .But then again we we haven’t walked in their shoes . No I’m not trying to justify what they’ve done to themselves I am saying let’s not condemn them . I’ve seen many many posts from people that have apparently been there and are trying to get straight or already have, including my ex . He’s got a little brain damage from his journey into oblivion. I’ve also been in drug abuse and alcohol abuse situations..My ex Husband was addicted to crack cocaine (I thought it was my fault) He’s clean now ,and for a sweet little girl I knew it was meth and she’s still doing it My dad and step Dad were alcoholics one dead one clean. I see your point in the fact that oh let’s give it a whirl is stupid i don’t think anyone thinks it’ll addiction will ever happen to them and then it does. Abstinence works, experimentation doesn’t with drugs that’s just the facts. I get that . I kind of felt like we were neighbors that lived across the street from each other .Mad as hell ,screaming and yelling at each other and when we got done venting all was right with the World .Ok I’m done this crap is exhausting . But know I feel cleansed and I’m gonna miss you too “Baby”

  466. lildee352 // January 22, 2014 at 8:30 pm //

    Is it weird that you’re a little weird ??

  467. Judging IS a right.

  468. You seriously aren’t comparing tea, chocolate, and coffee to hard drugs, are you? Look I don’t think I’m better, I think I’m wiser for not taking that first hit in the first place, because I know full well what drugs can do to a person. Like everyone my age I smoked pot as a youth. But when it came to the hard drugs, I’ve heard of so many, “I can handle it”, “I can stop anytime”, “It won’t happen to me”, and the “Only the stupid ones get addicted”, stories to fill a book. You can’t tell me that, the one momentous time when they decided to do that needle or smoke that pipe that they didn’t think that “Hey, this is a major fork in the road for me, should I really do this?”.

  469. kelli krueger // January 22, 2014 at 9:13 pm //

    This is a sad thing. I will not judge them because I know how hard it is to stop smoking cigarettes and can only imagine how hard it is to kick that habit. Praying for them

  470. kelli krueger // January 22, 2014 at 9:15 pm //

    I know how hard it is to stop smoking cigarettes. …I can only imagine how hard it is to kick that habit. I will pray for them not judge them

  471. Yes, God bless them and their families. But they weren’t born addicts. They made a decision knowing the risks. I pity them for their poor decision

  472. Okay… So now trauma is the new excuse? I think I’ve got more trauma in my live than most… Some put there by addicts. But I never took drugs! You don’t think I sometimes wanna forget? Feel good for ones? Sure, but with drugs I would just avoi.d my responsibilities and leave other people with my shit. Why do some people think they have the right to escape this gruel live and dump there shit on others? What made you so special? Stop crying and face the fact that you are weak if you use and that there is no excuse ever!!!

  473. No one is laughing or making fun, just pity for those that can’t stop, and disgust for those in denial. And addiction doesn’t happen to everyone only to those who do dangerous drugs.

  474. Fallible, yes, but we’re not all drug addicts. This isn’t smoking pot at social gatherings. You seem to forget that most of the crime in America is due to people like these who need to feed their habit. The folks above aren’t working people spending their hard earned paychecks on drugs. They are the muggers hitting your grandmother over the head to get her purse. They are the ones pointing guns at your neighbor who’s working a part time job at a 7-11 store. They are the ones breaking into homes on your street. They are your neighbors who leave their kids home alone in shitty diapers while they run out and smoke their dope. They are the prostitutes walking the streets of your town spreading aids and other diseases. Because of their decision to take that first hit, we all suffer. My compassion is only for those truly who want to change their life, not the ones who wallow in it.

  475. If you knew smoking causes cancer and heart disease than why did you start?

  476. Friend of Bill // January 22, 2014 at 10:29 pm //

    To Earl the (Med Student) Have you ever tried to Will away diarrhea? Before you graduate Med School GO get an education on Addiction! Because once you graduate and do all the other necessity’s you will be able to prescribe and that could be somebody’s relapse….

  477. You both are so blessed to have each other. May God continue to bless you both and your family.

  478. @Rick Chaffe: I’ve been reading these posts for the last half hour or so and decided to chime in. To answer your question regarding why people with addiction don’t seek help, at the very least the contempt with which you and others exude towards users is a good start. Addiction is hard enough to live with without being condemned or castigated by other more fortunate people.

    Some people don’t even realize that they have a problem. Others find it shameful or embarrassing to admit that they are weak or made bad choices. Speaking as someone who grew up in a pretty shitty household myself, I can say
    with certainty that I internalize my troubles. It’s a defense mechanism I developed at a very young age. Is it smart? No. But sometimes you get so desperate you find yourself making choices you never thought you’d make just to get yourself through the day. I won’t presume to know your childhood, nor what avenues you utilize to cope with your pain.

  479. fed31960 I have found from experience that the only way to help them is to stop bailing them out. I am surrounded by drug addicts, two of which are my sisters who I love very much. I have had to put distance between them and my family out of self preservation.

    They survived the same sexual abuse that I did but choose to numb themselves for the past 35 years with drugs. I originally chose that path but was blessed with more strength than they and was able to deal with my demons thru therapy.

    After years and years of pulling them out of trouble, making sure they kept breathing thru the night and being put thru the window of a car by one of them when I was trying to stop her from driving I had to realize that I was not and could not make them better.

    I love my sisters dearly but have come to the realization that the only time they are healthy is when they are in jail away from easy access to drugs.

    They live together and enable each other. One of them has a daughter that has moved states away because she can no longer watch her mother slowly killing herself..

    The whole family is hoping that they will respond to the tough love we are giving them now but we are all also very aware that we may be going to one of their funerals sooner than we should be.

    You are in my prayers.

    I do have to say one thing to Earle Holland. There is so much pain in your words. In some way someone has hurt you deeply and you are reacting with so much hatred as an act of self-preservation in some ways. Do not let this anger and hatred devour you. You say you are “in control” but clearly you are not because you are allowing your anger to control you and it is evident to anyone who reads your responses.
    Do not judge until you have walked a mile in the shoes of that person, which I pray you never will have to.
    I know you probably are going to have some witty hate filled response or even no response at all just to prove a point. Whatever the case may be do know there are people here that would be willing to reach out to you and to talk to you at anytime if need be. In most cases you will find that they are the followers of that “invisible entity” you like to refer to but we just like to call him God.
    Perhaps if you looked into some type of religion you could find some comfort and some tranquility in your soul.
    I know many on this page are praying for you and will keep you in their prayers. Your pain is deep and please know that even though you seem to prefer to quote Darwin, it is God that is up there watching every move you make, hearing every beat of your heart and Loving you even though you don’t realize how much you need him yet.
    I wish you peace.

  480. No Jay, just trying to make a point and truth be known , I am exhausted Coffee and chocolate etc. just isn’t getting through to caffiene junkies or sugar jocks nicotine nuts ….get it yet ?? geeze opeeze we’re all adicts ….get it now ? no offence honey just trying to get my point across ….

  481. @breannawright:disqus: I could not have articulated it better myself. Unfortunately, the bulk of the negative commenters seem to be looking at the situation from the outside looking in. I spent the majority of my life despising drugs and their users. I too easily and often condemned and castigated those who in my eyes were “weaker.”

    Had someone told the 12 y/o me who I’d be now I’d have laughed them all the way to the funny farm. I “vowed” at a young age to never touch drugs. And I didn’t until I was almost 20, ironically, after my mother falsely accused me of being on them. I was so insulted and disgusted, as well as horrendously depressed. I thought, fuck it why not? And it just became so easy to numb the pain as my morals slowly eroded. I’m recovering, struggling to stay clean ATM. But I can still recall how self-righteous and good it felt to look down on people who used. i guess the one good thing, if any, to come of it all was the much needed lesson humility I was given as a result.

  482. O.K. then lets split hairs then. Lets say you are walking to work one morning and a car spins out of control and cuts off both of your legs, turns one of your arms into hamburger, and fire erupted with 70% of your body being severely burnt. MAJOR physical pain. You do not go into shock so you are experiencing 100% of the pain. A couple of other pedestrians stop to help, and successfully stops the bleeding and now other than the ungodly pain, you are in stable condition and will live. It just so happens that all hospitals and EMT’s are on strike so there is no way to kill the pain. You are screaming as loud as you can, but to no avaik. This pain you are having is too much to bare. You remember that you are an NRA member, and making a point about your right to exersize the 2nd amendment, you pull out your 40 caliber glock with pink pistol grips, and old english engraving that reads “Bad Ass Bitch”. You put the gun up to your head and just before pulling the trigger a guy yells “wait!!!”. He pulls out a sack which contains a high potency heroin that had just arrived from Thailand a couple days earlier. What do you do? You know for a fact that there is never ever ever ever never ever never ever ever a justifiable reason to use illegal narotics. You think about your kids and husband back home. You want so much for the pain to stop but we are talking about a schedule I narcotic which according to the U.S.-DEA, there is never ever ever ever a reason to posess or use. The pain flares and you put the gun to your head. You think of your children. “Damnit” you say. “Why couldnt this pathetic slob have leglly purchased and possessed oxycodone, or hydromorphone, or oxymorphone, or fentanyl?”. You love your children desparately. You remember that heroin’s scientific name is diacetylmorphine, and is used s a potent pain killer, legally, in many countries, including England. What do you do Jen? Maybe during this whole ordeal, you realize that some pain whether it be physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc., just might be great enough to justify the use. You realize that maybe when your option is to kill yourself, or out of desperation, use something that you said you never ever never would. You feel terrible for being insensitive. You have the junky loser shoot you up, and you continue to do so until the hospital strike ends. You get proper help. You never use heroin again, but your eyes have been opened, and your heart humbled. Your husband still has a wife, and your kids have a mom. Your days are sunnier, your love is deeper, and your compassion is far reaching. Lifeis now just about perfect. At least until you find out 2 years later that the junky that helped save your life by shooting you up, used a dirty needle and you now have AIDS. ROFLMFAO!!!! What did you just think you were going to ride off into the sunset after being a complete scum bag druggy loser?? Hahahaha!!!! LMAO!!!! I love it!!!!

  483. Peggy O'Connor // January 23, 2014 at 7:58 am //



  484. What about kids who are dx with cancer, diabetes, etc. Your theory may have some flaws, many flaws……….

  485. suck it up!!!!! // January 23, 2014 at 9:34 am //

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have EVER read!! You sound like you are trying to justify people ABUSING drugs! There is a difference in people taking prescription drugs from a doctor and ABUSING prescription drugs. This whole conversation started by people saying that addicts DO NOT have a choice in the matter, WHICH THEY DO! Your little fucked up story that you made up makes it perfectly clear that this is all about CHOICES!! I understand that people have had rough pasts, THAT IS NORMAL! Most of us are not born with a silver spoon in our mouth and even if they were there is this thing we call LIFE and it has its ups and downs. Most normal people deal with their problems responsibly RATHER than shoving a needle in their arm! If people would CHOOSE to deal with their problems the correct way the first time instead making the wrong CHOICE and then finding an excuse to why it was ok at the time we wouldnt even be having this talk. All of you people who justify this bullshit are what they call enablers and one of the things that is wrong with our country!!! So quick to make an excuse than to admit fault!! ABUSING drugs is NEVER ok!!!…I love how everyone is saying that Jennifer is cold, has no heart, full of hate, and judgemental (because she doesnt think drugs are ok) BUT WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MAKE ALL OF YOU????? You sound like the arrogant/stupid/naive assholes, NOT HER!!!

  486. Parkersspace // January 23, 2014 at 9:34 am //

    Hence I said for the most part. One does not know how lucky one is if they do not have an addictive personality or gene that predisposes them to be more likely to become addicted. These people become addicted to many things and they often live lives of suffering for it. Be they smokers, gamblers, drug addicts or many other things. Like the child that was exposed to some environmental dangers or has a genetic predisposition that does not combat the early cancer or was fed too much or genetically was heavier than the pancreas could handle (diabetes type 2) is no different. The addict does not make a choice to be an addict. No one would choose it and if it was easy to stop they would most certainly stop. You can go on believing that an addict choses this but one day, if it affects someone you know and love dearly, maybe you eyes will open and you will understand.

  487. a sad reflection of us all… and on the world we live in… !

  488. Angie Easley // January 23, 2014 at 10:34 am //

    Drugs are bad, the addiction is horrific. I will be praying for all of these people today. God bless each and everyone of them and many, many more not pictured here.

  489. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 23, 2014 at 10:55 am //

    Next time you want to talk shit you can hit reply to me so I see it instead of stumbling across it. I’ve dealt with addicts my whole life, if it happens with my children I will cross that bridge when I come to it. But don’t think for a second that if my own children make that stupid decision, that I wont tell them how stupid it was. I don’t feel bad for people that make a life changing decision such as choosing to do meth or heroin and then get addicted to it. If you’re in that business, well I guess business is booming. The world needs love… no, the world needs discipline. All in all, the people in this thread disagree that it is stupid to choose to do heroin and meth. How the fuck that makes any sense is beyond me.

  490. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 23, 2014 at 10:59 am //

    No one stays on the topic. They continue to stray from the path to try to convince us that choosing to do meth and heroin isn’t a stupid decision. Just a good kudos to your post was deemed necessary. No matter how nice or cold you put it, they don’t get it.

  491. Nicki Octane // January 23, 2014 at 10:59 am //

    A part of me wants to print this and save it to show my children when they are older to show them, instead of tell them about drugs and their affects on your body and life. Hopefully these people are now clean and living a better, happier life.

  492. kim trivett // January 23, 2014 at 11:43 am //


  493. theworldneedslove // January 23, 2014 at 1:00 pm //

    Listen you asshole, And.. pardon me, if you have been dealing with addicts your whole life and giving them love and compassion? Then you have a really bad bed side manner. And since you don’t know me as well, but feel compelled to order me around, I have much experience with addicts myself. Yes, the world needs love you twit. Because with out that there is no discipline. How the fuck that makes sense is beyond what is compassionate. With all your holiar than thou ranting about how you are an expert, maybe you should go get some therapy and learn about addicts and their struggles. Rule #1 you don’t put them down any more than they are. Stupid? Sure, but life is full of moments where one mistake can cost you. Jennifer< I feel bad for people like you that actually says: discipline is better than love. And you are a mother? Palm to forehead.

  494. theworldneedslove // January 23, 2014 at 1:01 pm //

    Oh, and a quick search of the comments, you are wrong, people on this thread are overwhelmingly insulted by your attitude.

  495. SnuffySmiff // January 23, 2014 at 1:04 pm //

    I am a retired Corrections Officer, and have seen these detrimental effects of Drug Use first hand> I am also a life long smoker, who began smoking in the 1950’s when it was accepted, encouraged, and cool. I am suffering the detrimental effects of that. MY point is, that ANY substance, including WATER, when used to extreme excess, is DETRIMENTAL TO YOUR HEALTH.

  496. scorpiannes // January 23, 2014 at 2:04 pm //

    As a woman I never understood WHY women in particular would use a substance that would so dramatically age oneself in such a short period of time. It’s not like we haven’t seen these pictures Faces of Meth since the 90’s and women keep on using it. I can’t wrap my head around it….

  497. WTF ?????? Now I know where the Circus gets all the freaks from !!!!

  498. mercy. this is so sad. it happens so quickly. JESUS! heal, deliver, restore. please!

  499. Jules Davis // January 23, 2014 at 4:32 pm //

    whether or not someone believes that addiction is stupid or affects only flawed individuals in society doesn’t matter. The reality is that humans suffer from different diseases. One of these diseases is addiction. Some people are far more prone to it than others. There are many reasons that people turn to self-medicating: past traumatic experiences, brain chemistry, emotional issues, physical issues, psychiatric issues and of course present life experiences that may lead to poor decision making. We are all human and we are equally capable of falling victim to events and circumstances that are out of our control.
    It is really important to look beyond the addict and see that their problems are ultimately society’s problems as well. If we, as a society, or community are going to be able to assist those with addiction issues to recover and seek out recovery, then we need to realize that this is done with empathy, understanding and a desire to help these sufferers to feel excitement on a really basic, human level. Drugs and alcohol are a short term fix for what people are missing in the form of community, identity, and self respect.
    It is not the job of the rest of society to deem these sufferers as “useless, stupid, retarded, etc”. They are people who are fighting a seemingly impossible fight. For those of you who would like to sit back and point your fingers and sneer at those who you deem below you, perhaps consider that you are not perfect either. We all have faults, some are just more readily seen than others.

  500. Lori Brien // January 23, 2014 at 5:16 pm //

    I have been around METH users….I can honestly say I have never seen anyone look that bad, even the ones that have been using for years!

  501. Janna Fulbright // January 23, 2014 at 6:28 pm //

    Some of the vile comments here make me sad. Addiction IS a disease. The poor decision that leads to it is a personal choice, but it quits being a choice REALLY quickly. To paraphrase Mitch Hedberg, “Addiction is the only disease you can get yelled at for having.” I work in a mental health facility, and there are some VERY fine people there who have not only mental health issues, but addiction issues as well. They have it SO tough, and most people in the “real world” don’t give them any sympathy, empathy or even compassion. Granted, they often have a history of lying, using people, manipulation, crime and many other transgressions, but many find that through supports, medication and a system of people who care, they can recover. METH on the other hand, is probably the WORST drug ever, and one of the easiest to make. I think we should de-criminalize many drugs, but I’ve never met ANYONE who told them they had a really good time with meth. It’s a nightmare almost from the beginning. It hijacks and ruins the pleasure centers of your brain to the point that getting high is the only way to feel normal (or at least not suicidal). Really, we need to help people understand exactly what addiction is, and we need to dump the war on drugs in favor of an all-out nuclear assault on methamphetamine.

  502. Michelle Keepnitwheel Fay // January 23, 2014 at 7:01 pm //

    conrats to your success Breanna and only a n addict can best understand a fellow addict, keep up the great work girl, your story is inspiring, from 9 months clean on the 20th xoxo and yes my one year ironically is on 4/20/2014 couldn’t of planned that if I tried

  503. Michelle Keepnitwheel Fay // January 23, 2014 at 7:13 pm //

    lol no addict chooses to be one Earle, just as someone with Cancer doesn’t choose to die, we are people born into the disease of addiction, who don’t desire to be hooked all our lives, so until you experience addiction 1st hand, and take the journey to hell and back paved with promise, and I pray you never have to experience it, never judge, I personally have been to hell and I never want to go back, Im not a religious person, but spiritual, the difference is religious people believe in heaven and hell, spiritual have already been there and have no desire to go back. Its very easy to point a finger, but no one whos ever experienced addiction ever looks for sympathy.
    I have been around the rooms of recovery and these people are thee most honest sincerely sorry people you will ever meet, they are just merely trying to share their experience strength and hope with another and keep a support network in place. I pray for addicts in recovery and the ones who haven’t made it into the doors yet, for if the whole world looked at us like you do? where would be the hope? Clean and sober 9 months and counting God willing, Not looking for a hand out or sympathy, just someone to share my story with in hopes to give them hope, and a second change at life, I will not tell you what profession I am in today, but I will tell you, I am a successful member of society today who chooses to protect my anonymity due to my career today!

  504. lildee352 // January 23, 2014 at 7:45 pm //

    Congratulations Breanna,I’m so glad for you . I had a not so nice discussion here with someone that lasted 3 days and I told them and myself that i wouldn’t post again but when I saw your comment in my email I had to . I am not a drug user ,oh don’t get me wrong I’ve dabbled here and there and luckily for me nothing really stuck but not so for my ex he was addicted to crack and he went down hill hard and fast and obviously I wasn’t helping him by helping him he finally went home to his Family and he’s getting clean So I know how hard this must be for you. But ! You can and will do this and you’ll be better for it . All of the idiots on here talking out their ass because their head know better ,don’t have a clue what does or doesn’t know how an addict feels or why they got to where they are unless they’ve been there like you have. Everyone thinks they know everything about everything . I hope your Family is by your side helping to keep you strong I know important Family is . God Bless you sweetie and I wish you all of the luck in the world

  505. lildee352 // January 23, 2014 at 7:48 pm //

    The same goes for you Joy that I said to Breanna , God Bless you , and i hope you have Family beside you to keep you strong .Good Luck .YOU CAN DO THIS JOY

  506. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:27 pm //

    Are YOU an addict? No? Then you don’t apply,
    If someone I know is headed to addiction, too fucking bad for them. If they are stupid enough to make the choices to go down that road, fuck them. I certainly don’t need them in my life.
    My post/comments aren’t on weed smokers…. it is on weed smokers turned meth head…. You need/use weed to battle an illness, Good for you, If you live somewhere that it’s legal, great, If you have a prescription, great, If you don’t, be careful that you don’t get arrested.
    ANY SELF INDUCED ADDICTION IS NOT A FUCKING DISEASE AND ANY ONE WHO THINKS IT IS IS A FUCKTARD. any more questions? This includes alcohol, drugs, nicotine etc etc etc You have a choice to make before you ever take a puff, a hit or whatever you wish to call your fix.

  507. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:30 pm //

    Don’t pray to YOUR god for me….. Here’s a link, Pray to them for me…

  508. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:33 pm //

    Bullshit…. all they have to do is nut up and shut up. Get it done, go somewhere and get help. Have a friend help you. Don’t blame it on your immune system and don’t expect the invisible man to fix it for you.

  509. Charlotte McFerren // January 23, 2014 at 8:35 pm //

    I agree, I did not read all the comments and Am not congratulations on getting and as ting clean

  510. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:39 pm //

    No where does it say I’m a med student. Too many fucktards with make believe problems for me thanks. My bedside manner might leave a little to be desired.

  511. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:43 pm //

    They CHOSE to do the drug in the first place. If they did this as an adult, then they already know that they are predisposed to addictive tendencies, therefor, they should know that trying a new highly addictive drug is stupid.
    Secondly, Diabetes for some people, are something they are also predisposed to, at 6’1″ and 195 lbs, I was hardly over weight when it set in on me at 39 yrs of age. Shit happens.

  512. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:47 pm //

    Trina, I’m sorry that you had to endure those tragedies in your life, at 17, your mind would have went into overdrive when you found your father. It’s regrettable and sad….. But not an excuse. Glad that YOU made yourself a better person by getting rid of the booze.

  513. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:56 pm //

    I went to school where I learned that addictive drugs are bad. I learned at home from my parent, I learned from my older siblings and I learned from my life experiences. I’ve watched good people go down the shitter because they made bad choices. I’ve seen alcoholics who thought they didn’t have a problem who were useless drunks. I’ve seen druggies sell everything they ever owned to get another fix and just shook my head at their stupidity. Some were friends, some were family, NONE got sympathy. I drink occasionally and when I decide I’m done, I stop. I smoke pot in the same manner. I’ve had Meth passed to me and thought “Ummm no.” I decided to gamble a bit in my 20’s and lost a lot of money. Bill money, food money and any other money I got my hands on. SO to say I’ve never been addicted would be a lie BUT it was MY choice and when I realized I was addicted, I stopped. I felt I had to. I didn’t go to a clinic, I didn’t replace one addiction with another, I just fucking quit doing stupid things.

  514. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 8:59 pm //

    Yes, addicts do choose. They choose to start and they choose to continue and sometimes, they choose to quit. I don’t expect that it’s easy but it’s a choice. Glad to read that you are quitting and I wish you well. Someone called me an ass earlier… I’m ok with that. Maybe that’s MY new addiction. :D

  515. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:04 pm //

    I agree that they need help. That’s a choice that they have to make and stick with. They have to make that mental decision every minute of every day. Jail would/should/could help because they don’t have access to the source of their addiction, unfortunately, many just replace one addiction with another, provided they aren’t in some hick jail where the guards will bring in whatever they want.

  516. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:09 pm //

    So, You would be bothered that should your son become a cop, he arrests your dealer who turns on you…. That to me, would be an excellent reason to QUIT. You use every day? Several times a day? Still manage to make a career? Imagine the suspicion your son would go through were that dealer arrested by a different officer who knows your son…. They could ruin HIS life through YOUR addiction….. Parent of the year nominees are…. Not you.

  517. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:12 pm //

    Have you READ the bible? Asked religious leaders the definitions? You should. I was raised Catholic and attended church fairly regularly as a child/youth.

  518. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:15 pm //

    The children who are born with addiction are definitely born with a disease. They can’t be faulted for what their useless cunt of a mother did. Parents who give birth to addicted kids should be sterilized in the delivery room, Just another of my opinions…. Which has a lot of people in an uproar apparently, LOL

  519. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:17 pm //

    And you are smart enough to know that should your alcohol become an issue, you can stop it. Glad you are making it through your issues without becoming an addict.

  520. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:23 pm //

    Her pain? Drugs for pain are prescribed by doctors, not pushers. Her emotional pain led her to a life of recreational drug addiction? I use talk to deal with my issues. I use my friends and family to help me through rough times as far as they can. So I would be addicted to……..

  521. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:32 pm //

    I’m glad that she was able to kick her addictions and I’m glad that she found her mate, which is you. I still disagree with her choice and agree with your statement “Could she have went on to become the same loving and giving person that she is now without becoming a drug addict first? Probably” I still don’t think it’s a disease and I don’t think you do either..”she kicked the drugs, and eventually got the much needed therapy that helped to reclaim her life. ” We treat diseases with treatments, not therapy. Regardless, Sir, You and she both deserve medals. Glad you found each other. May she keep her sobriety forever.

  522. Parkersspace // January 23, 2014 at 9:37 pm //

    Earle, you obviously passionately believe that addicts are just worthless humans that do it to themselves and made that choice and should just be able to stop or don’t deserve help to stop. I am not here to change your mind, but just fyi, at 40 with a weight of 195 and height of 6’1″ your BMI was 25.8 that’s overweight and at risk for diabetes. But I can show you many studies that say the weights and BMI risks are not accurately calculated, but that would just be a way to say it wasn’t your fault and you would not want to be the type of person that made excuses for things you could easily fix. You wouldn’t have to lose very much to come in at the healthy weight which I’m sure would only be good for your diabetes.

  523. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:38 pm //

    Read above posts…. I was raised catholic. I attended church through childhood and youth. Too many discrepancies, too much fairy tale for a realist to believe. I’m not hateful, I’m not hurt and I certainly AM in control. I appreciate your sentiments but they are better used with someone else. If I appear to be angry, please forgive me, stupidity does that to me.

  524. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:41 pm //

    see… fucktards endorse drug use as a disease… this would be a prime example.

  525. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:43 pm //

    Apparently we are wired the same. I agree that his wife had a horrible life and it’s a sad story but that doesn’t change the reality. I’ve always called myself a realist with a side order of “giftedly outspoken”. I welcome you to my ranks, I guess. :D

  526. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:44 pm //

    Don’t forget me… I’m cold, heartless, hurt AND an ass…LOL

  527. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 9:47 pm //

    Wait, If she goes and abuses that puppy, will it too turn to drugs as a way to escape it’s emotional pain? Do they have rehab for drug addicted puppies?
    Because she has real opinions and thoughts instead of pity producing emotions over riding her common sense, she’s going to go kick a puppy?

  528. Brian Reyes // January 23, 2014 at 9:49 pm //

    First, congrats to the recovering uses, but I do have a question. What are the spots on there faces? They look like burn marks.

  529. Earle, I don’t think you realize that most addicts start early, as early as 12 years old! The part of the brain (Prefrontal Cortex) that controls reasoning, impulse and the ability for to use good judgement doesn’t fully mature until the age of 25!!!! Some of the effects of this is risky behaviors like the inability to control emotions and experimenting with drugs and alcohol! I understand you think it’s a choice but teenagers don’t make very good choices. I really do think you need to educate yourself on this subject before you pass judgement on others! I congratulate you for overcoming your addiction(s) but not everyone can be as lucky as you and just quit cold turkey, that’s why they call addiction a disease! Yes, alcoholism is a disease, a disease that’s hereditary and unfortunately it runs in my family. My father has been sober for over 25 years now and has completely changed his life around. He was born into a family of functional alcoholics. As a matter of fact, I have never seen his mother sober as a child! Good thing she was a happy alcoholic!

  530. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 10:00 pm //

    where in the fuck do you see that they don’t deserve help in all this? Yes, they need help NO, it is not a disease!
    open your stupid BMI chart again and enter these numbers… 5’9″ and 274 pounds… Got BMI for that? Good, Now, Go tell this man he’s overweight….. Dumbass.

  531. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 10:07 pm //

    Your father made the choice to drink. Your father made the choice to STOP drinking. It’s still his choice. I’m glad that he’s sober today and a better person for it. Addiction is not a disease, He decided to drink, he decided to stop, what part of this is confusing? And you are right, teen agers don’t always make the best choices but they are still choices that they make or are pressured into by “friends” Luck had nothing to do with my quitting, nor was there some invisible man hanging around whispering to me while I was showering ( Creepy picture huh?) I decided I had to do it, so I did.

  532. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 10:11 pm //

    Exactly, I agree with at least part of your comments. No one should judge them as someone who has a disease for doing drugs. They are still human beings who need love and help to get rid of their addictions. They also NEED to want to. They need to make the right CHOICE when it comes to drugs and they are indeed taking a hard road but it’s the ONLY choice they can logically make.

  533. Daniel Ramsey // January 23, 2014 at 10:13 pm //

    Earle I am sorry for you. Look how much time and energy you are using commenting on this when you really don’t have a clue what you are talking about. It is a choice to pick it up, but you also claim that alcoholics have a choice too and they can just stop, that alcoholism it isn’t a disease. They do have a choice, but their ability to make that decision to stop is nothing you would ever feel or understand not being an alcoholic, scientific fact. Alcoholics also become so oblivious and fogged to the fact that they even have a problem until they hit their bottom. It is not as simple as “do I want to stop, yes. done”, it isn’t, maybe it worked for you, but if I were to label you, I would call you one of those dry drunks. Guess what Earle, others are different from you. Their brains, while practically identical, operate differently than yours. However you and an alcoholic have a lot of things in common. Alcoholics and yourself are very self centered. You and alcoholics typically think they are always right. You and alcoholics like to think they are better than others when really you aren’t. Alcoholics and yourself don’t take criticism well and get angry. I bet if I were standing in-front of you and you turned your head to the side, in your little world I would cease to exist because I wasn’t visible to you at that instant. Have a great life Earle Holland, or shall I say King Baby.

  534. Earle Holland // January 23, 2014 at 10:25 pm //

    Well Isn’t that nice, someone recognized my Kingness? More retardation in a NON realist world. Everything is someone else’s fault, I did it but it’s his fault? My Mommy didn’t love me enough? Daddy thought I was gay because I wet the bed till I was 12 so it’s their fault that I’m an alcoholic/drug addict…. Fuck off and wake up. When people stop blaming others for their bad decisions, the world will be a much better place.

  535. Earle, Addiction IS a disease ask your doctor and READ what all of the Scientists have proved. .And while you’re at your Doctors office. Ask him to schedule your operation ASAP So he can get you head out of your ASS. YOU ARE AN IDIOT

  536. Gambling and drug addiction are not in the same addiction category Earle and you know it and I think you have a lot of anger in you

  537. Can we agree it’s your choice to believe addiction is a choice and it’s my choice to believe addiction is a disease?

  538. You seem so very smart with a clear grasp of the concept of hyperbole. I think you’ve changed my mind. I would expect that even the person that you are defending is a little embarrassed by your perfectly logical thought progression.

  539. Earle, Earle Earle, good ole Earle. You seem to be a little more worked up this evening than usual. Is everything alright? I just worry about you sometimes. Are you eating enough vegetables? I know if I don’t eat enough vegetables, my colon never gets fully evacuated, and I can get quite irritable. I think it has to do with toxin build-up that finds it’s way into the blood stream, and in return, I get fatigued and my mind stays in this perpetual cloudy state that leaves me grumpy and saying things to other people that often comes out as condescending, belittling and mostly just plain rude. That may, or may not be the case as I do not have any degrees in Biomedicine. You may want to contact somebody with the “National Institutes of Health” and ask them. This United States government agency spends over $26 billion annually on biomedical research and has over 4,000 postdoctoral fellows that research anything and everything that has to do with biomedicine, including your colon that is probably caked with digested slim jims, snickers bars, Big Macs, and any other healthy delectable that you stuff into your pie hole on a given day. They do other research too. they do a lot of research on addiction. Here is an excerpt from an article that was published by the NIH:
    What Is Addiction?
    More than three decades of research supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has proven that addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist despite potentially devastating consequenWhat Is Addiction?
    More than three decades of research supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has proven that addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist despite potentially devastating consequences. Addiction is also a developmental disease; that is, it usually starts in adolescence or even childhood and can last a lifetime if untreated.ces. Addiction is also a developmental disease; that is, it usually starts in adolescence or even childhood and can last a lifetime if untreated.

  540. Of course 16 years of addiction meets the definition of an addict. You seem to miss the point that I was trying to correct your statement “that an addict can get help before they are an addict”. I said they are NOT an addict if they try to seek help BEFORE they start substance abuse. The point it there isn’t that much help out there depending on where someone lives and their situation. So your blanket statement that someone with problems simply needs to seek help before they turn to substance abuse isn’t so black and white. Figures you wouldn’t bother trying to understand what I was saying to you. You’re angry and probably justifiably so but grouping everyone in the same category shows you have zero compassion. Some people do get better in spite of your condemnation.

  541. I am a recovering alcoholic & also work in a 3/4 house for recovering women. I see all to much the ravages that drugs & alcohol do to the mind, body & soul. Just today we found out that one of our beloved friend’s cousin (and a friend to many of us in the rooms) was taken by this disease. So many people don’t realize that this is a disease. I sure didn’t wake one morning and say “Hey today looks like a really great day to become a 17 year alcoholic & throw away my home, friends, family & children.” For 17 years I drank to hide myself, my emotions, my demons. But all it resulted in was throwing everything away. It’s been a very long 13 months since I’ve seen my kids. But by the Grace of God, I’m on my way to trying to be the mom they deserve. My position allows me to see the growth & development of the women that walk through these doors, & unfortunately, shows me how easy it is to be taken back out. I started out living here in the house I now work at. I was 3 months & 3 days sober (living in the house exactly 3 weeks to the day) when I was woken up to the news that one of the girls (20 years old) passed away of a heroin OD. In the last 8 months since then I have seen the multiple successes that have come into this house & into the rooms. And as the nature of the beast is, also take them out. Some are fortunate enough to make it back in. Some people are closed minded and we can argue with them until we are blue in the face about this disease but in the end all we can do is pray that they never have to endure the affects of addiction either in them selves or in someone they are close with. We all (addict or not) only have today.

  542. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 12:41 am //

    30 years of idiot bleeding hearts in ‘Merica do not convince me. Thanks anyway. “National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has proven that addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive,at times uncontrollable, drug craving” So…. These people were craving drugs uncontrollably before they ever made that first choice to take them? Funny, Do you crave Haggis? I crave a lot of different things at different points in my life (None of which you listed above, ick.) I don’t crave anything I haven’t had before as I wouldn’t know what I was craving, would I? It’s a lame ass excuse that some bleeding heart from the awesome country of ‘Merica decided to give to a bunch of fucksticks not smart enough to leave things that they shouldn’t touch, alone. The only situation where I would consider it a disease would be the child born addicted to drugs. I’ll even push that envelope to include that same child as an adult as well because then they would be craving something their body has had before. That’s as far as I go with it. You don’t like my opinion, it’s probably because you are someone who is coping with your own addiction, be it drugs,. booze or whatever. I wish you well with your therapy. I hope it works for you, I hope that everyone who has made the wrong choice gets the therapy and help they need, even if it means their friend Bubba from the gun store has to sit on them for three days to help them kick the drugs. Whatever it takes. It all boils down to the choices made.

  543. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 12:47 am //

    Read above…. or should I copy/paste it for you too? You’re just a whiny former(?) addict who wants someone to blame…. Anyone.. It doesn’t matter who as long as it ISN’T you. “My best friends uncles dog was a drug addict and peed in my cup when I wasn’t looking so I became addicted to the meth he took?” Stand up and take responsibility for your own fucking actions and admit YOU made a mistake. Then take pride in saying that YOU made the decision to fix your mistake and have been clean for how ever long it’s been. This is actually becoming an irritant. Too many “Woe is me” stories. Life happens, you want to waste it being addicted to something that will kill you, eventually, have at it. You want to blame someone else for your problems, go ahead. Fuck it, Blame me. I supplied the ENTIRE United States of America with Meth for the last forty years, you can call me “Heisenberg”? LOL

  544. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 12:48 am //

    Nope.. I’m pretty happy with life….. made all that money selling Meth to ‘Mericans…

  545. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 12:50 am //

    I think I’m addicted to your response….. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to post my opinion.

  546. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 1:04 am //

    Hmmm maybe I should join a group? Get some medical advice and buy a support dog. Oh, I know, if I start taking Meth, I can blame it on my gambling addiction which I should be able to blame on my Mom for dragging my 6 yr old self to Bingo on nights when she couldn’t get a sitter…. I’m sure these doc’s would say it’s all her fault.

  547. earle you are dumber than a coal bucket.

  548. out and researched theory that addiction is not a disease. Just like my previous post that quoted those fucktards with the National Institutes of Health, there are numerous other fucktards that also believe that addiction is a disease. These other fucktards are much like the National Institutes of Health in the sense that they are very smart and very educated fucktards. But like I said, it is too difficult to post on this website with an iPad. I have been accused of being smart and educated myself, and I am sure that plenty of people have called me a fucktard at one time or another. I am in the business of computer networking, and software development. I decided to hack into your home computer with my ipad. Getting into it would be a breeze on a PC, but the iPad does not have all of the necessary “breaching” software available, so I have to write it myself. I ran into a problem while accessing your hard drive, because it appears your ISP has a Canadian address (it looks like Ontario to be specific) and will require some tweeking to my program code in order to gain access. Oh by the way, your firewall is completely worthless in protecting you. Anyway I’ll keep you updated on my progress. I can hardly wait to see just what it is that ole Earle uses his computer for. We know it’s not to research the science of addiction, and probably not to research proper nutrition either. And I really, Really, REALLY doubt that you look up anything on how to be compassionate, showing humility or using proper internet etiquette. The suspense is just killing me

  549. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 1:28 am //

    Well Fucktard…Or do you prefer Fuckstick? Why not just ask? No, I certainly don’t look up anything about compassion, humility or proper internet etiquette. I know all I NEED to know in all three of those categories. As for proper nutrition, I don’t feel it’s a great concern for me. I counter nutrition with activity… Weird concept, the more you work, the more fat you burn off. As for my firewall and ISP, That’s the issue with ‘Merica, everyone is so afraid of life. Hey Maybe you’ll find some naked pics of your wife on here… Just never know who might be routing through where….

  550. I love haggis. I got some great haggis in Toronto once. Maybe the next time I am up there I will go ahead and drive on up to Nova Scotia. I thought your IP address was Ontario, but when I went to get back into your computer’s domain sequence, it clearly shows Sydney, Nova Scotia. Am I right or am I right….eh? What about it hoser, wanna share some haggis? Eh? I’m getting close Earle boy. I’m getting close!

  551. Lol! That’s fucking awesome. I’m starting to really enjoy your comments. Seriously, you remind me a lot of me. I doubt you freebase coke three or four times a year, or drop an extremely excessive large amount of LSD once a year, but other than that your antics seem to come straight out of my very own play book. I feel sorry for your family. Try to stay warm up there in the great white north eh. Asshole.

  552. Debbie Duck // January 24, 2014 at 3:48 am //

    I’m interested in the same question Brian. I also want someone to tell me what to do to help someone so they can help their children. People say you’re talking to the drugs not the person…I think that’s absolutely right. Don’t know what to do :(

  553. Jason Lucky // January 24, 2014 at 5:52 am //

    This one goes out to Earl I believe it is. Check this out bud, you seem to be relatively smart and well versed in your attacks from behind your keyboard nonetheless (pussy…just saying). Only thing is your going to piss off the wrong mother fucker dude running your yammer to everyone with an opinion. Just a word to the wise….Be careful what you say and whom you say it too. I know down here in California, you talk to someone like me in the same manner, I would open hand palm bitch slap you. And then have you make me a sandwich and do my laundry. Dirty5Thurty♢

  554. So many lives destroyed so uselessly. But we need to ask ourselves, what can we do to help people before they use. Most use to escape. Perhaps we need to find away to make reality less painful.

  555. Jennifer Roach-Booker // January 24, 2014 at 7:51 am //

    lol, reporting for duty!

  556. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 8:47 am //

    Bahahahaha, Hey, let’s try Newfoundland next, loser. Maybe Fort St.John? How’s about across the street? Careful what ya do…. Ya just never know what might happen next. Remember, you are NOT promised a tomorrow…. ask the bible thumpers.

  557. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 8:50 am //

    hmm Jeremy seems to have become a guest….. Wonder why that is? One needs to be careful when playing with the big boys. By the way Jeremy, although I doubt you can see it, You fucksticks don’t know what acid is… They quit making good acid in the early 90’s

  558. Maureen Walder Amicone // January 24, 2014 at 9:01 am //

    Just terrible and heartbreaking! I have family/friends that have traveled this path and have lost everything and no matter what kind of intervention you tried would not work. My one family member who is recovering for 10 years now, said it best nothing would have talked him out of using, he said he had to hit rock bottom and make that decision himself. We the “family” were there when he was ready for us.

  559. suck it up!!!!! // January 24, 2014 at 9:12 am //

    Yes that is right I forgot, sorry! Well I’m on your side and agree with everything you have said!!!! These people seem to be naive and ignorant, but hey that’s just my opinion.

  560. Father in the name of Jesus I pray you put your hands on each and every one of these people and take the desire for drugs away. I pray you put people in their path that will lead them to you our Father and healer so they may walk with you the rest of their lives and lead others to you. We give you all the glory in Jesus name! Amen!!!

  561. General Cornhole Jackson III // January 24, 2014 at 10:09 am //

    Top chick was hot

  562. Pete Pallett // January 24, 2014 at 10:33 am //

    Very sad, and very real. It would be just as interesting to me to see before and after pictures of people who’ve stopped using/drinking, and what they look like now as compared to when they were at their worst.

  563. Devin McClain // January 24, 2014 at 1:10 pm //

    He already admitted to having diabetes, too bad he made the choice to eat all of that sugar and his body decided to stop making insulin LOL

  564. Jesus is the answer…..period. He loves the person in the after picture as much, if not more, than he does in the after picture.

  565. Toomuchcoffeeguy // January 24, 2014 at 6:27 pm //

    I’m pretty sure not doing methamphetamine, heroin, and cocaine is the answer.

  566. This is stupid people get the results of their stupid actions. Addiction is not a disease. Thats absolute bullshit. Its a choice. Saying a part of the brain is succeptable to addiction is like saying that water freezes when its cold . No shit sherlock. That part of the brain didnt say yes to crackpipe being passed. Didnt shove that dirty ass needle in your arm. Its the part of your brain that didnt learn right from wrong. The aprt that shoudl have said, “this is a really stupid freaking thing to do. Own your actions , quit doing drugs and stop blaming everyone else and making excuses for your action. Your’e weak and you’re stupid if you let yourself get addicted. Life can suck, thats they way it is. Put on your grownup pants and quit being such crying little bitches and fix your shit. Move on and do something productive for society if your drug addled brains can still function.

  567. Jacqueline Berry // January 24, 2014 at 8:14 pm //

    may god help you and soften your heart.. i manage a drug rehab and you have no idea.. i am also in recovery myself.. i could tell you stories that would blow your mind from addicts i know, have met and from myself..from a simple surgery turning into a drug addiction .. from a father shooting their little girl up with heroin to prostitute her.. do you think that little girl decided to be an addict… may god forgive you for your judgement and soften your heart.. i myself have been on the other side of addiction and had things taken and someone i love hurting m e.. but the fact remains .. it is a disease and i am grateful for my experiences.. it has given me the passion i have in life.. today i am college graduate, a mother, and a licensed professional who runs a facility and i dedicate my life to helping others who suffered like i did with this disease.. that is not who i was years ago and it is people who believe like you do that prevent many addicts from receiving help.. I hope some day you never understand our struggle..

  568. This is stupid people get the results of their stupid actions. Addiction
    is not a disease. Thats absolute bullshit. Its a choice. Saying a part
    of the brain is susceptible to addiction is like saying that water
    freezes when its cold . No shit sherlock. That part of the brain didnt
    say yes to that crackpipe being passed. Didnt shove that dirty ass needle in
    your arm. Its the part of your brain that didnt learn right from wrong.
    The part that should have said, “this is a really stupid freaking thing
    to do. Own your actions , quit doing drugs and stop blaming everyone
    else and making excuses for your action. Your’e weak and you’re stupid
    if you let yourself get addicted. Life can suck, thats they way it is.
    Put on your grownup pants and quit being such crying little bitches and
    fix your shit. Move on and do something productive for society if your
    drug addled brains can still function.

  569. I am not judging people,but we all go through emotionally trying times and get through it without drugs.By faith,family,friends and just the respect you should have for yourself.Grow the hell up and face your problems head on and take pride in yourself.Stop using drugs as your friggin crutch.We’d all love to escape to a world with no worries but that isn’t happening..So face up to it and stop hiding form it with drugs.These people disgust me.They are weak,have low self esteem and just beg to be pitied.Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something about it..

  570. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 9:43 pm //

    Funny… This conversation seems to go between former addicts and not former addicts. Almost everyone of you who say it’s a disease, were addicted to something, Those of us who are saying it’s a choice, weren’t (at least not to drugs) Does that seem apparent to anyone else?

  571. A Real Mother // January 24, 2014 at 10:46 pm //

    Every one has personal issues, stress and hard things in life to deal with. obviously people that use any type of drugs take the easy way out, and use drugs as a fall back. It takes a stronger person to stand up to their problems and deal with tough situations head on and be a productive member of society. It is good to have a sheriffs department share these photos so that our children can see for themselves first hand the realities of drugs and what no parent wants for their kids. I wonder if these people regret the feel good minutes they had?

  572. Earle Holland // January 24, 2014 at 11:05 pm //

    I’d also like to point it out AGAIN that there are circumstances that don’t apply… There was the one I mentioned before that specifically pointed at children born with addiction and then there are others, such as what Jacqueline pointed out ” from a father shooting their little girl up with heroin to prostitute her” Don’t be such a fucking tool. Do you see her being given a choice? “Here do this or don’t do this, you decide” No, Idiot. See, people such as yourself PROVE that common sense isn’t that common any more. “today i am college graduate, a mother, and a licensed professional ” Doesn’t take much to graduate from that college and become a professional, does it? Jesus fuck people, I’ll argue my point of drug addiction is a choice with anyone, Use reality to get my attention or prepare for me to berate your beliefs….and if you fall into that berating, so be it. Doesn’t make me any ruder than you. You suggest god is going to save my soul and soften my heart and blah blah fucking blah, I suggest you’re an idiot, I have the words YOU wrote for evidence, you have a fairy tale that was written, supposedly by men who believed in incest gay rape 10,000 years ago. Which one is most likely to apply today?

  573. Ronnie Reyes // January 25, 2014 at 2:07 am //

    ok, so…. Earle, id like to begin by letting you know I AM currently going through “recovery” of a year and a half of some serious methamphetamine addiction. Oct 19, 2013 I got arrested for possession and under the influence of the drug. Faced with MAX 3yrs in state prison. Im 20yrs old. My first offense. So I got lucky and got put on a “treatment program” with Kaiser Med thanks to the judge. During the program, I have learned a whole lot of the meaning of “addiction”, and especially WHY I HAVE AN ADDICTION. One of the biggest controversial questions in the fucked up world of addiction is in fact, “Is addiction A CHOICE, or A DISEASE?”.. In my opinion that’s a hard mothafuckin question to answer, even for an addict such as myself. But that being said, I think I can respectably put my perspective on it without any argument nor debates. (Also, ARE YOU AN ADDICT? Hmmmm..)..Anyways, I personally perceive the “controversial” question to be very subjective, considering every person in the planet is different and are born with their own set of problems.(anxiety disorder, cancer, bipolar,etc.). So when whoever picks up a strong drug like meth or heroin for the first time and consumes it in whatever way they please, not one person is going to react the exact same way as another first time user. its impossible. Sure, the odds are youll be hooked, but the reasoning behind it is what really needs to be looked at. I know a lot of people who have used meth and heroin for the first time and loved the fuck outta it, but somewhere deep inside them gave them the common sense to let that be the last time. I envy those people. They CHOSE to leave it at that. For instance, my first time using meth i didn’t know what to expect, i thought i was going to feel like i was on some crazy MDMA high, but since i didn’t have any knowledge of the drug i didn’t know if i was high or not. Turns out i got unlucky and got a bunk issue. so i was disappointed and found another dude who was sellin it. Fortunately it was a bit better. I liked the idea of it being cheap and lasting awhile at first.. so anywho, after a just A FEW purchases, i realized i started to blindly make this drug my priority on a daily basis. I was ashamed of myself, i felt weak for the first time in my life just because of this. i was aware of my problem from very early on but yet i still couldn’t seem to get a grip of myself. it started to become routine. pretty soon i forgot often i had a problem. it was so powerful that i literally could not go about my day without it. like i said before, it was priority #1, fuck everything else….But enough about me, im just a fucktard telling my own fucktarded story ;)… Just needed to elaborate on what i meant by it being COMPLETELY SUBJECTIVE. A disease isn’t something EVERYONE has. Its just in certain people that have to live and deal with it. (You starting to see the concept Earle?).. I, Ronnie Reyes, do indeed HAVE A DAMN DISEASE. Would i have this disease if i made the right CHOICE to NOTpick up the pipe a year n a half ago?? hmm maybe, maybe not. The drug is everywhere so most likely. BUT, did I pick that pipe up KNOWING i have this so called disease?? Fuck no! if i did i would be a bigger fucktard! ahaha… But guess what….. I picked the fuckin thing up and puffed that mother fucker like there was no tomorrow… So luckily enough i found out i am the many selected winners of a disease. this pretty much concludes my input and alternate perspective on this in hopes that youll look at this differently Earle…and whoever else. So class: “Is addiction a DISEASE…OR….A CHOICE?”…….*class shouts in confidence* “It is BOTH!!!..DEPENDING ON WHO YOU ARE!!!”……Class dismissed

  574. Rodney Emilien // January 25, 2014 at 8:01 am //

    You know its a spirit and that spirit sucks all of the life out of you. God break the spirit of drug use in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

  575. Earle Holland // January 25, 2014 at 9:20 am //

    Glad you got your shit together and away from that stuff, especially at your age. PLEASE don’t make the choice to go back on these drugs that will kill you. Make the right CHOICE. The bell hasn’t rung yet Class, be seated. You present yourself very well Ronnie. So, According to your theory, Drug addiction is a disease for idiots, brought on by being an idiot? Had you NOT made the CHOICE to be an idiot on the end of a meth pipe, you would not have been an idiot with a drug addiction? I seen where you were going but it still boils down to choice… Sorry man. Again, I’m pleased that you got free, I hope you never fall back and if you do that you are quick to come here so I can pick at you, make you an angry addict who wants to quit and start you off on your fight with addiction again. Hell, I’ll give you my email address if it’s going to help keep ya clean and will fight with you on facebook, through email or anywhere else about how being an addict is an idiot choice. Good luck Ronnie!

  576. Carrie Forrer // January 25, 2014 at 9:52 am //

    You are right Breanna, no one wakes up one day and says ” hey I think I wanna be a drug addict.” They need help and understanding. Congrats on your recovery

  577. Stacey Parcher Karey // January 25, 2014 at 3:31 pm //

    These photos conjure thoughts of an ‘easy way out’ to you? Interesting…not judging your thoughts here. It’s just painfully clear to me that the general public are nowhere near as educated on mental health issues as they need to be.

  578. Stacey Parcher Karey // January 25, 2014 at 3:37 pm //

    Meth is highly toxic. Those toxins create sores on the body. Meth addicts perseverate on the sores and notoriously pick at them, making them worse. It also often leads to infection.

  579. Actually earl, I decided that I was making a mistake by stooping down to your level. I have to apologize to those who are currently battling for their lives that have this horrible DISEASE. Especially those who were just looking for some relief from the haunting memories of being molested or raped as a child. I was ednot aiming to to tear open old scars and if I did, I am truly sorry. You see, as I set here today and type letters to ken forsythe, Laurie Richardson, vestas & Emera Utilities (to name just a few), I realize that I may have caused some to relive old, haunting memories that they never chose to endure, but someone forced upon them at a young age. It pains me to know that little kids, the little hunters, Jennas and candaces of the world may have been molested and raped as a kid, and a lifetime of a addiction ensued. For that, I am sorry.

  580. And actually earl, I am not ‘merican, as you put it. However, i am living in the United States of America for the time being. I am Swedish, and that would mean I am from Sweden. I have lived in different counties all over the world. Including Canada. I have lived in France, the U.K., Turkey, Egypt, Japan & Argentina, just to name a few. And let me just say that the United States, by far, is the best place I have ever lived. They are not perfect, but they are as close to perfect as I have ever seen. They do not have all of the government social programs that help get people on their feet like say Sweden or Canada, but what they do have is individuals and churches that give their time, money & love to help out individuals in need. These individuals and churches do a lot more than any government program could ever provide. Why? Because Love is at the core of their reasons to help others. You get to see all of the shootings and negative aspects of the USA on the news, because that is what makes for good television ratings. What they do not show is how well ‘mericans take care of each other, and anyone else that is living within their borders. Unlike you, their compassion runs deep, and is the reason that makes ‘merica so great now, and will remain so as long as they do not let their citizens to become filled with the hate and selfishness that has consumed your humanity.

  581. Lily Smid // January 25, 2014 at 5:23 pm //

    very sad and broken lives. bad choices equal bad results.

  582. Kimberly M. Cozzens // January 25, 2014 at 5:52 pm //

    I don’t agree.We have all been through traumatic things and didn’t take the drug path. its all in the way you cope with your problems. You chose to take the destructive path. That was your choice. Drugs didn’t shoot up your veins, into your nose, and/or go down your throat. You made the conscious decision to use them. Until you can take responsibility for that I will assume you to always be a drug user.

  583. Cam Callihoo // January 25, 2014 at 7:55 pm //

    Addiction for me started with sugar. I ate a lotof it as a child. Made me hyperactive and the doctors put meon addictive medication. I was 9. Mind you it didn’t help my mother was a drunk when I was born. Unfortunately what addiction means to me is an inability to get my poi nt across to people without screaming and usingproofanity. It means I have control issues that want people to think the same way I do. I was notadrug user I smoked cigarrettes and was a workaholic. Eitherway, soundslikeyou have the sameliving problems ofany addictandmay be why you aresohateful to the, Earle.

  584. Ronnie Reyes // January 25, 2014 at 9:25 pm //

    I appreciate you being open minded enough to at least read what I had to say word for word Earle. But, a few things you still need to wrap your head around, especially considering you obviously have lived an “addiction-free” life so far. First things first, lets not get too outta hand with the “name calling” Earle. Its uncalled for and completely inconsiderate and disrespectful. Your of course entitled to say whatever you want but throwing around words like “idiot” and “fucktard” in a discussion such as this makes you look like the biggest idiotic fucktard of em all. No offense. But im getting off track here. Back to the topic at hand. I never said that addiction is a disease for idiots. Id never say that because it sounds completely idiotic. Im not implying anything else about the theory other than what I wrote word for word. Theres no hidden meaning. But I guess you can decipher it in anyway you want to. One thing that I can honestly say that irritates me about you, is that you ARE NOT AN ADDICT and you use no past experiences nor any concrete evidence to support your argument in anything you’ve said to these people here. You look really ignorant so far and I don’t get why your even on this post to begin with. But hey, to each is their own. And class you can leave now, its Saturday. The bell rang yesterday which was Friday. Go enjoy your weekend already!! =)

  585. lildee352 // January 25, 2014 at 9:51 pm //

    Ronnie, Trust me Earle IS trying to be nice and give credit where credit is due ..I can not believe I’m actually doing this but ,I think he’s trying to give you credit and support to help keep you clean ,by pissing you off and offering you his email should you need it .He’s trying to help you . Take it as that …”We’ve had our talks he and I …he’s not all bad he just has an issue with lots of stuff. But all in all I think he has a good heart

  586. I’m sorry you went through all of that, but what you are essentially saying is that it is the drug’s fault that you started using. That is the same theory that the government has on guns. It is the gun’s fault that people are getting murdered.

    I”m sorry, but it is the people who make choices that are at fault. Unless somebody tied you up and put a needle in your arm the first time and did it until you were addicted, it is nobody’s fault but your own.

    I am glad that you are clean now and pray that you will continue on this path.

  587. You decide whether or not to do drugs or drink. Unless you have been living under a rock you know that it is a high possibility you could become hooked. So knowing this and u choose to do drugs or drink anyways. It’s your own fault. Trying to blame it on anything or anyone other then yourself Is like a fat person blaming McDonald’s because there fat and calling it a food addiction. You know what it will do to you before you ever try it. And u choose to say it’s an addiction so you can continue to do it and not have to put the blame on yourself.

  588. It starts with a choice, but then your body becomes the boss and tell your brain waht you want! Tjis mus be what they call loosing your mind! Wish you all the best, hope you all quit, there is a place for us all in the world, and somebody loves you!

  589. Debbie Duck // January 26, 2014 at 8:38 am //

    Thanks Stacey :) I know I should bring in child welfare. Its going to break my heart. We’ve been told so many lies about the diagnosis by the doctor, from our loved one. This situation is way out of hand. Wish us the best?

  590. Debbie Duck // January 26, 2014 at 8:55 am //

    I agree with you Krista but how do you get that point across to your loved one when all they believe is that you don’t n have never cared about them which honestly, is so far from the truth.
    Paranoia n verbal abuse is all we get. These situations rip everyone’s hearts apart :(

  591. No no no!! It begins with a choice and turns into a disease!! STUPID!!

  592. Angelia Faith-Baby Page // January 26, 2014 at 10:47 am //

    I hope these individuals found help or had someone that tried to help. No one knows or should judge someone if they do not know what is really going on. Please do not judge please pray for everyone that is suffering with addiction no matter what it may be. It is never too late. These images made me cry. There was a point in my life where I could have went down the wrong path but I had someone who helpled me. Please help others, reach out to them, share Jesus Christ with them, share a meal a warm coat, a kind word. Don’t ignore and judge for you will be judeged.

  593. Earle, like you I never believed in the disease theory of addiction. Until my smart, talented, beautiful son became an addict. Three kids raised in the same household with alcoholism in the family. Like most kids in high school and college they all tried pot and alcohol. Guess what….one became addicted. He had some life experiences that were more challenging than the other two but guess what he also has……the genetic chemical makeup to become addicted. Why do you suppose that not all of the people that try drugs or drink become addicts? Why can 20 kids try pot or coke and only one become an addict. When a person with the chemical deficiencies in the brain takes drugs their brain says “wow, where has this been my whole life”….worries and hurt go out the window for awhile and the person is happy and the brain calls out for the drug to be happy again. Over time it becomes a physical addiction as well. Do the research. Most people do not want to be alcoholics or drug addicts and I have had many in my life. Yes, they must make the decision to change and get treatment…..which is abstinence and coping skills and working through the shame of the disease. Some won’t. But, if they do, they need all the love and support in the world. My son did go to rehab and is now home trying to put the pieces back together and make a life for himself. This mom is proud because it is not easy and unless you have been there you should probably check your judgments at the door. I have had to cut a family member out of my life because of years of alcohol abuse, offers of help and no desire to change. Happens. What type of diabetes do you have? Type II? Did you watch your diet? Did you exercise? Or was it genetic……which can still be controlled with diet and exercise. Are you angry that you have diabetes? My sister was. I feel a bit sorry for your attitude and for your sake, wish you could find a support group. Maybe one for diabetics. You might be surprised at the outcome.

  594. With all due respect…you’re an idiot!!

  595. Robert Meidinger – Your friends that use drugs recreationally are fortunate, along with everyone else that is able to do that. The problem is an addict cannot. Unfortunately they don’t know it until they have tried pot or alcohol or been prescribed pain pills. And, yes those substances do lead to others. I used to feel the same way as Jennifer. Alcoholics and drug addicts were the most selfish people on the planet. Actually, I still believe that. When they see what is happening to their loved one and choose not to make the change. The CHOICE is to get the help. Some are too far gone, some have absolutely no self respect and walk around with more shame and guilt than you could ever imagine and to look in the mirror and admit is too much for their totally messed up brain. No excuses being made here. Most addicts and alcoholics do not choose that path. I speak from family experience and have chosen to cut a sister out of my life after years of offering help and divorced a husband for the same reason. Luckily, sent my son to rehab at 20 and loved and supported him through a difficult time. He now works at staying sober and regrets ever taking the Oxycontin given to him for a football injury. He drank some and smoked pot occasionally like most kids but that pill got him. Unfortunately, addiction to drugs and alcohol is an affliction of the chemicals in the brain. The only treatment is abstinence, learning some coping skills and getting back some self respect because, as you are aware, the whole world judges them.

  596. Elizabeth // January 26, 2014 at 2:34 pm //

    I’m going to have to agree with Earle on this one. Yes, i’m sure many folks are going to have some negative responses to mine, but I will say this. I am educated. I would consider myself an addict, for I have an addictive personality, and I do believe some are predisposed to addiction more than others. I will agree with that. Studies have shown that drug use and addiction cause physical changes in the brain; however, being that I was a drug user for a long time ten years ago, using multiple times a day, I have to say that my addiction was not a disease. It was a CHOICE. Did my use cause a physical and psychological need for more? Yes. Did I continue using although I was aware of the repercussions? Yes. When it is right in front of me, does my heart start palpitating, hands start sweating, and mouth start salivating? Sure. I also used my history to rationalize my use and make excuses. Am I going to sit here and explain all the bad things that happened? No, because it’s not relevant. When I first tried it, it was because I chose to. When I used each time after, it’s because I chose to let my rationalizations overcome my knowledge to know better, and when I stopped, it’s because I chose to find something that was more important than my selfishness. And when its around ten years later, my body still produces a physiological response, but I CHOOSE to say no. People nowadays don’t like to believe that they have the power or ability to stop being selfish (yes I call it selfish) because society wants to say that it’s not their fault. Take responsibility for your actions. Do I have empathy for addicts? Of course. I know how they feel, for I have been there, but I won’t hold sympathy for a person who continues to place their own selfish needs before that of their family and loved ones because it is a choice. It is a choice to begin, a choice to continue, a choice to stop, and a choice to stay sober. Everyone has had bad things happen to them. Everyone has stressors. But not everyone becomes a drug user and not every user believes drug addiction to be a disease. I own up to my choices. I will never put myself in the same catrgory as soneone with cancer, diabetes, or a mental disability.

  597. The one common contributing factor to all these poor souls is, they all experienced something in their lives that led them down a less than desirable path. The sad part is that they are all a products of society. In that, either their parents raised them in a dysfunctional setting, they received a poor education, they never developed the necessary coping skills, or they were unable to find employment that provided a living wage. Imagine if all these people were raised in a loving, caring home, received a quality education, and had an employment opportunity that afforded them a shot at the American Dream. Imagine if these people had a sense of pride and self worth. Imagine if they had a reason to get up every morning and go out into the world and contribute to the good of all mankind. Imagine what kind of world this would be if our government supported the well being of all of it’s citizens and not just the wealthy. Imagine if families, social programs, schools, and employment were funded to the level in which defense spending, pork barrel projects, and our politicians are funded. This would only be possible if we had a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Unfortunately we no longer have a Republic of the people, we have a government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, and for the wealthy.

  598. Joy, I can understand the wanting to take away the problems for the time being. However, I disagree with your statement, ” People who have never been addicted to any drug never understand the illness of addiction…”…. I have never dealt with addiction myself, but having two sons with addictions and a brother with an alcohol addiction, I DO understand the illness.. the illness of how it has destroyed lives, not just the user, but the whole family unit, and the addiction of nothing else mattering to a drug user but the drug. The fallout isn’t just a personal issue, it’s not done just to the user.. but the ones who love those who use and struggle with remaining sober.

  599. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 12:16 am //

    I’m glad your son is trying to get his life back together and I wish him the very best of luck or strength or support, whatever he needs. I’m not angry about diabetes, It’s not that much of an inconvenience to be completely honest. I THINK I’m type one… I never went back to the doctor to find out any more. It’s a genetic thing that Momma gave me. I work 14 hour days (physical work) and am on call the other ten so exercise wasn’t the issue, although someone says my BMI is about 25% or something but we all know that’s a pile of crap.
    Now for the stuff that makes me so unpopular, Had he not taken that first hit, he wouldn’t have become an addict. No one made him take that hit, it was his choice. I’ve actually gotten tired of defending my stance on this subject, I don’t see how me saying it over and over and over is going to change your mind, the same as your opinion isn’t going to change mine. I too have cut family out of my life, walked into his room at 7 am while he was lying in bed talking to his g/f and threw him out of my house. He chose to take the chance of exposing his half sister (5) and step brother(6) and step sister(5) to him being on drugs. They are all almost 20 years his junior and I don’t put up with that shit. This is my oldest son, he has issues and if he decides he wants to fix them, I’ll be here for him, if he doesn’t, that’s his CHOICE. He hasn’t been back. He’s not welcome to visit although we do speak online often. Shit happens.

  600. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 12:22 am //

    Wow… I’m impres…wait…. No, not really. I logged in here via my facebook account… my families names are in there…. Often. Tell ya what, Jeremy from Sweden, There is a file on my desktop, I’ll even name it after you. Tell me what is in it, THEN you can call me impressed. It won’t be a virus or anything malicious at all. two simple words.

  601. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 12:25 am //

    So intelligence dictates that you don’t make the incorrect choice, doesn’t it? If you don’t make the choice, you don’t get the disease? Is that not how you think it works?

  602. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 12:27 am //

    I’m not hateful…Nor do I have living problems of an addict… Can’t you tell, I’m just your normal everyday Leo. screaming my point at deaf ears. :D

  603. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 12:28 am //

    you must be another drug head who thinks they are in recovery…. With all due respect, of course.

  604. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 12:38 am //

    Jumping Jehosaphat! If you repeat that, I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, I’ll call a lawyer and sue!! I have a reputation to upkeep. Sheeesh!
    Ronnie… you may have a point….. But keep in mind the shock factor of my abruptness and apparent rudenessct it’s going to have on ANY addicts that read it. Are they going to hate me? Yeah, prolly …BUT if ONE of them thinks “I’m going to prove that fucktard asshole idiot wrong.” and kicks their habit, I’ll take everybody else’s scorn…. and I was completely serious about the email.. if that helps keep you clean, I have no issues giving it to you… and not in some creepy self serving way, Just help from one almost human to a human. Bet you guess which one you are… I’ll give you a hint, I offered. :D

  605. I didnt access your facebook. It was way easier than that. It was on one of your previous posts about a woman that had passed away. Either way i decided it wasnt cool using your kids names, no matter how old they are. So thats that. Since you pretty well called my bluff, i guess i wouldnt be able to tell you for sure what the file in question contains. I will take a guess at it though. What would earle have in that file. Hmmmm. Lets see. Judging by your previous posts, i would have to guess that the file contains a whole bunch of .jpegs of you screwing a goat. I just get that feeling aboot you earle. Just kidding dude. I am done wkth this articles comment section. It has ran its course. Best of luck to you in life man. I mean that too!

  606. Julie Thackray // January 27, 2014 at 1:23 am //

    My heart goes out to these people…they look so unloved and defeated :(

  607. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 1:23 am //

    Wow… I even told you that it wouldn’t be a virus or any other type of malicious file and I don’t lie… It’s a simple notepad page…. with two large words on it. Goats? really? Goats? Man oh man, I thought you said you lived in Canada? Besides, both of my 6 yr old daughters are allergic to fur bearing creatures.
    I agree, this post has run MOST of it’s course. There are still some possibilities here so I won’t leave it yet.
    Believe it or not, I do pretty well when it comes to life, fantastic family, my own little company, some awesome friends health and happiness.
    I deactivated facebook shortly after this conversation started, I was bored. Nothing helps boredom quite like some derogatory comments on a touchy subject to get some people riled up and into a online discussion.

  608. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 1:31 am //

    Devin, Sugar intake has nothing to do with the onset of diabetes. Maybe you should try to educate yourself before discussing actual diseases. Wait… I hearby choose NOT to be a diabetic anymore. I’m just going to quit. That’s it, I’m back to my self. Wait, you can’t do that with a disease…. only an addiction.

  609. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 1:50 am //

    You somehow got missed..
    1) You made the choice at 24 to take an illegal substance and abuse drugs.
    2) You have since made the choice to quit drugs and make yourself a better person.
    3) I wish you the best of luck with you rehabilitation treatments. Don’t give up because of the comments on this page, YOU have already made the important choice, stick with it!

  610. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 1:56 am //

    So now you should think about how your god let them become an addict… How he could have stopped it as easily as he allowed it to happen. How he didn’t help the addicts. I agree to a point with your comment of we were put here to help each other…. But you can not help someone who doesn’t WANT it. Someone who has chosen not to take the help offered by their friends, families and doctors.

  611. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 1:56 am //

    I don’t know this James person…. Is that the guy down at the subway on main street?

  612. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 1:58 am //

    I guess I wasn’t listening…. Or was smart enough to make my own decision….

  613. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:08 am //

    So if they are all children of god, wouldn’t that be some sort of sick incest thing? I mean, He had the grand mother to make the mother and then he had the mother to make the daughter…. Dude’s got some game….
    No, we need to change the children, we need to teach them problem solving skills, teach them that they ARE going to fail and that’s ok because we will still love them, we need to show support for them when they make their choices but make sure that they damn well have to live with those choices. Maybe you’d like to hear about the year I cancelled Christmas on the 8 yr old who didn’t want to accept responsibility for his actions? Maybe if we teach our kids properly, they won’t even think about drugs or booze as a crutch, They are for entertainment purposes only…

  614. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:13 am //

    On the other hand, I don’t get a chance to wake up tomorrow and say “ya know, it’s a beautiful day today, I think I’ll STOP. I’m no longer going to take that needle. I control it now. I no longer need it.” and throw away my insulin because I have a disease . If I were an addict, that would be an option, be it a very hard one, it’s still an option. That’s the difference with a real disease and one someone made up so someone would have something to blame for their own bad decisions.

  615. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:15 am //

    Hey Phil…. Congrats on stopping… but it was still YOUR choice.

  616. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:17 am //

    Does he also decide what 3 yr old child gets cancer and dies? If so, I’d like to have a talk to him. Let’s kill off the pedophiles and let the babies live.
    you forgot to mention illiteracy….. *divorces

  617. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:19 am //

    at 12 and 13, the responsible one is supposed to be the parent. Where are they while this child is being exposed? Oh and at 12, they have at least 7 years of school telling them that drugs are bad….. Just sayin

  618. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:22 am //

    No one is saying they are perfect. We’re not saying that all of these people are horrible people, We’re saying that drug addiction is not a disease, it’s a choice.

  619. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:26 am //

    Lee, you made your choices, you accepted responsibility for them and chose to make changes to get your life back. I don’t hate you, either the you now or the you then and I’m glad you’re still fighting the good fight, I hope you never give up. Best of luck.

  620. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:30 am //

    I have never said they were “bad people” I said they were idiots for making wrong choices. Prayer… yeah.. let’s talk to the invisible man in the sky who loves us all and forgives everything…as long as we ask, otherwise, we’re going to hell. That won’t help.
    Also, I’m sincerely sorry for your loss of your brother.

  621. Gené LeAndra Malmoe // January 27, 2014 at 4:21 am //

    Anyone who has become freed from drug addiction, praise God for that, but don’t blame the drugs. Drugs didn’t hop on in their system on some sort of rampage-onsciousc decisions did. The person who put the drugs in their body chose to, regardless of reason. We have to accept direct responsibility for our actions.
    Drug addicts, homeless, wealthy, clean- it doesn’t affect the value of human life. Wherever a person is from, whatever background they have, they are still image bearers of God. Don’t take joy in trying to further break broken people. These are God’s kids. Pray for them, love them. We all have hidden places in our hearts that resemble these photos. We all harbor depravity and ugliness; some is just more visible.

  622. Keetah Brough // January 27, 2014 at 4:44 am //

    well good for you. you are one hell of a human being and should write a book for the rest of us; we all could use that brilliance you’re so aptly displaying…o.O and you don’t get it, it does not even register as legit for you..likely cause you’ve suffered at the hands of an addict, or watched and been powerless in the hands of an addict..and i’m sorry for that. learn to forgive…i’m not being trite. You’ll be MUCH happier…you can keep your opinion even about addicts…but forgiveness will help you not be so angry and limited in your thinking..and you need to get it. We all do. We all need to understand.

  623. lildee352 // January 27, 2014 at 9:21 am //

    Seee, *whisper,whisper* you do have a heart …”shhhhh” I won’t tell if you don’t ;)

  624. whatever happened to just smoking a joint and calling it a day

  625. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 10:18 am //

    I have another affliction, It’s called reality. Y’all need to try it. It’s awesome :D

  626. I honestly don’t know how to respond to this… I’ve never tried drugs, or been addicted to a substance and have no idea what it’s like. I see many comments talking about their life and how it pushed them to this. I also had challenges, being abandoned at 3 years, raised by grandparents which was poor and in bad health, bullied horribly in school, repeatedly told I was worthless, abused by adults and as a teen men mentally and sexually… At one point I became suicidal and the only reason for me being here was giving church and Jesus a chance. Even with all that I’m thankful to God that I didn’t turn to drugs.

  627. Rita Jean Holden // January 27, 2014 at 10:55 am //

    These pictures SHOULD NOT be in a public forum. How would you feel if you went through something terrible , like an illness, and it changed you physically. You were ashamed of how you looked but could not help it. Would you want pictures of you during that time out for all the world to see??? Who ever put this up, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  628. Vicki Pelton Koenen // January 27, 2014 at 12:45 pm //

    That is so sad. If they would only realize before that crap gets them hooked on it. I hope they get help.

  629. Devin McClain // January 27, 2014 at 1:24 pm //

    If you have type 1 then ill accept that your sugar intake has nothing to do with it, however if you’re type 2 you did it to yourself, and im glad your body is failing you because you made that choice.

  630. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 2:22 pm //

    Yeah…. No. I got this from my Mom. As I stated previously, I never actually went back. I go to a clinic every 6 months to renew my prescriptions for insulin… at time of onset, I was 39, 6’1″ and 195 to 205 lbs, depending on the day. Sugar was not my issue. LOL so I guess by default that would be type 1. I just never cared enough to actually think about it. I take needle, I go on with my day, end of story.

  631. I am sorry but I agree with Earle. It is a choice that leads to addiction. Sure there can be many reasons for that choice but it is still a choice. No, I don’t know you or what you have been through but you don’t know me or what I have been through. Did I try it…yes, did I experience the high? Yes! Did I make a choice? Yes! I chose not to do it any more! It pissed me off that something could make me want it so bad and I had enough sense to know it was addiction calling out to me! Everybody has heard about addiction since they were small children. Unless you lived under a rock, you knew it was addiction calling out to you too! Read the book by Chris Prentiss. His son was a helpless addict. He is no longer one because it is not a disease but a choice! As for the epileptic who spoke out…I am also an epileptic and….So!!!! I have been beaten, abused, raped, kidnapped and so what!!!! We can make excuses for making poor choices or make good choices by accepting responsibility for our behavior! I don’t care who agrees with me or not! Like Earle said, it’s the one’s who made the wrong choice that argue for compassion. Those of us who chose right are on the flip side.

  632. Adam Elmore // January 27, 2014 at 4:16 pm //

    Meth God’s!

  633. Rebecca Coleman Kyzer // January 27, 2014 at 5:08 pm //

    I don’t think you can safely say that you don’t have memory loss and confusion due to smoking pot. Studies have shown that pot is addictive and does impair memory function and can cause confusion. So to blame ALL of your symptoms on your epileptic medication is not a fair statement. Studies have also shown that pot is a gateway drug that leads people on to try other more dangerous drugs. Pot is a drug that can be just as bad as meth, heroin, crack, that some people get addicted and lose their focus in life. I don’t think you can differentiate between one drug and another as in, pot is good and meth is bad. Pot is a way to avoid dealing with life’s stresses just as surely as meth is. And in that way it is just as bad. As for drug companies and addiction, there is no question that modern medicine has improved the lives of many people. Penicillin has saved the lives of thousands. But there is no question that you can become addicted to any drug in the sense that if you take it on a regular basis, that you will suffer some kind of withdrawal if you stop. So when you are prescribed a medication, it is up to you as a consumer to determine if the risks are worth the benefit. But just think how miserable life is when you are having seizures all the time? So which is worse? Having constant seizures or medication side effects? I am not sure that you can honestly answer that since you are complicating the situation by blunting your senses with another drug-pot.

  634. Omg.. all these excuses! Reasons why u did drugs blah blah blah…. its a stupid choice yallnmade stop trying to give yourself ‘reasons’ to why you did it… like if there where no other measures you could have taken!

  635. Libbie Phillips // January 27, 2014 at 7:06 pm //

    Every one can down Earl all they want..I feel as he does in most of the things he had to say..Am I a drug addict, no I am not..because I choose not to be..but I do have a child that who choose her drugs and the “I love it lifestyle” over her 3 beautiful children that I am now raising ( 2 of which I adopted)…help is out there IF YOU WANT IT. but to do that means giving up your ” so called friends” and your life style..Oh how dare some one choose to throw away your kids over this crap..what did they do to begin with. No don’t ask me to have any feeling about something that YOU choose to do..Don’t ask me to push to the side the pain you have caused so many people..As me about the nights I have prayed and cried and shouted for you to come to your senses. Ask me about how many times I held your crying child doing my best to explain why Mommy and/or Daddy doesn’t want them more than they want their drugs. It is not in me any more to have feelings on this subject..Addiction yes, but when you refuse help over and over again, it’s because you love it and you DO NOT WANT TO CHANGE.. Get real people, It’s not just about’s also about the pain you have left behind for others to have to deal with…and guess what, THE DID IT WITHOUT ABUSING DRUGS…

  636. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:01 pm //

    Ummm yeah… so how exactly do you think that they became skeletons in my closet? I threw a big rock at them.

  637. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:06 pm //

    Jim, I assume you’re another of the addicted. I’m dumb because I use reality and logic to rule my life as opposed to useless emotions? Perhaps you could be so kind as to let me know exactly what you are referring to, considering your dumb ass replied to Jennifer and not me, I have no idea which post you took offense to.

  638. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:18 pm //

    Umm ok, let’s get this straight… “Second, a lot of dealers and people who make drugs don’t do the drugs” They make it and sell it but don’t take it…DON’T TAKE IT…… Intelligence dictates, if you go to someone’s home and they are cooking something you/they know nothing about that MIGHT kill people and refuse to eat it, wouldn’t you also refuse to eat it? There is that bad choice policy I was referring to…..

  639. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:31 pm //

    Drug addicts and poverty…… Ya know, if they weren’t drug addicts wasting their income on drugs, They wouldn’t’ be suffering from poverty. Yes, addicts are human who do suffer from a lot of things however they don’t have a disease, they have a place to hide, something to blame and a history of bad choices. Keep on with your abstinence and you will be fine. Good Luck

  640. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:33 pm //

    Agree with the last line, addiction IS addiction but it all boils down to the choices made…..

  641. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:33 pm //

    unless you forget to ask…. then you’re going to hell…. -_-

  642. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 9:59 pm //

    Tod, I agree with you that there has to be a better system. From what I can gather, they require you to go get the methadone rather than allow a carry because they are concerned about the decisions you MIGHT make. The sickness from not taking those pain pills WILL go away. Might have to put up with it for a week while your body detox’s but in the long run, it would be so worth it for you. Maybe get a close friend/family member who isn’t into drugs, has a big heart and is big enough to MAKE you do what has to be done? While detoxing you will do anything to get away and find a fix. Is there a detox center in your town with a residence program? Maybe even in the next town? That would be a help to you. You’re right, 2.5 hours of driving everyday is excessive so maybe find a way to be there while being treated? The government do not have a drug problem, the citizens do. The prescription drugs that are riddling our cities with drug addicts are only partially to blame. Mis-use of the script they are given is the main reason that people are becoming addicted and not all people are mis-using on purpose. They are told they have to sit for the next three weeks to heal but after a week, they find that they can move around comfortable provided they take pain meds or they find that they HAVE to move more than the doctors suggest because of work or life and they over medicate to get through and in turn, end up addicted. I have some empathy for those types of addictions and I hope you find some relief for yours.
    The dealers SHOULD have to suffer through a fate that suits their crimes. The guy selling weed down on the corner is much less of a heel then the guys in the motorhome making Meth. ( wait, that sounds familiar.) Help DOES need to be readily available for people who need it. There should be more therapy centers so that even people in more remote areas have access to the treatment they need. I wish you the best of luck with a treatment plan that works for you.

  643. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 10:12 pm //

    Kudos to you for realizing you had a problem with bad decisions/choices. I hope you never have to depend on your source of addiction again.

  644. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 10:14 pm //

    Isolation. If there are no drugs there, they can’t use them. Best of luck.

  645. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 10:15 pm //

    You…. You I like! (Not that it makes a pinch of difference but I thought I’d share.)

  646. Debbie Duck // January 27, 2014 at 10:25 pm //

    Un subscribed. Thanks

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    ——– Original message ——–

  647. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 10:54 pm //

    Maureen, he said it best indeed….” make that decision himself.” Glad he got it out of his system and is making the choice to NOT be an addict.

  648. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 10:56 pm //

    right… and then you’d wake up with a crowd around you Fucktard. Quit being a bitch and hiding your comments down the bottom hoping that I won’t see them, try REPLYING… it’s really easy, even a Neanderthal like you can figure it out. When I was done with you, we’d rename you “Jason the Unlucky.” Make your own fucking sandwich before you boyfriend slaps the taste outta your mouth.

  649. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 11:06 pm //

    So…. that could be any one of us….except you because you know that addiction runs in the family and made/make a conscious effort to not become addicted. Good for you, proper decisions will get you proper results.

  650. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 11:13 pm //

    God can’t help them, they need to help themselves. Hopefully there is a clinic in their area and they have the courage to walk through the door and say, “I have a problem.” The help is there…

  651. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 11:15 pm //

    I don’t see the clinic that’s helping them as much of a drain on social services nearly as much as the jail that will hold them if they DON’T get help. I’m ok with supporting clinics over jails.

  652. Earle Holland // January 27, 2014 at 11:19 pm //

    umm not my judge…. I like my flying spaghetti monster.

  653. The REAL problem is everyone knows that just by trying this crap one time you can become addicted to it, yet people CHOOSE to try it anyway!
    Not like this is new information. it’s been out for about 30+ yrs now. You can’t blame the drug and not the addict! Did the drug bound & gag you? Rock itself up for injection or blow into your nose all by itself? Get real! Take responsibility for YOUR actions. That’s part of the 12 steps correct? This problem will not get better until people stop blaming, denying, and enabling!
    Not everyone who starts is trying to mask reality either! There are a multitude of reasons!
    And before you all start going off about how heartless I am etc.. I have extensive experience w/addiction (NOT DISEASE!)
    Do you know how many children are in foster care or deplorable conditions? Raped, abused, murdered etc..? Because of your decisions? Feel sorry for the real victims here. The people around you that you F*cked over because you knew better, A concious decision was made the day you tried whatever your drug of choice was!
    Good for those of you who are clean! That is a great thing. Hopefully you will stay that way! You probably aren’t out there blaming evryone/everything for your problems!

  654. dltaylor51 // January 28, 2014 at 10:25 am //

    You cant save the stupid,some people have a self destruct gene combined with stupidity and can rarely be helped.

  655. Whydoyou Wanttoknow // January 28, 2014 at 12:01 pm //

    HMmmm… hate to admit it.. but I know one of them… and he looks nothing like that at all in second pic… photo shopped most of these.. you cant change Bone structure.. and 5 of the pics show the head elongated… too funny… now drugs change your skeleton….LMAO junk B/S site made up

  656. Brian Reyes // January 28, 2014 at 3:04 pm //

    I would first say get help. As for me and my family, we are lucky to never had to deal with this type of problem. So it would be hard for me to give advice Debbie. I’ll pray for you and your family & keep y’all in my thoughts If you don’t mind, keep me informed!

  657. This just breaks my heart. I hope they are all alive still and clean, living a happy, sober life. I can’t imagine one of my loved ones being in this position. Prayers of strength for their families as well

  658. grosssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  659. lildee352 // January 29, 2014 at 9:22 pm //

    Rebecca . Do you have any idea what Epilepsy is or anything about anti-Epileptic drugs ?? I suspect that you don’t know much,so let me tell you why I have every right to “BLAME” my “drugs” that I’m addicted to do to me . I take i take 3000 mgs of Keppra and have to take B6 because it makes me so mean and hateful to my Husband that I’m surprised he’s still here. I take 5000 mgs. of Lamictal which causes depression and I take Vimpat which also causes depression and follow that with 250 mgs. of Topomax which causes severe memory loss. It not only treats Epilepsy it’s for bi-polar disease and Migraines it also makes me very dizzy and for dessert I take Zoloft to fight my depression and most of most of these drugs cause kidney failure and liver damage. Now let me tell you about the little box the Docs. want to put in my chest,it has a wire that will go through my Carotid Artery into my brain which will cause little pulses so hopefully will stop me from seizing,and I’ll have to wear a magnet on my wrist and hope when and if I feel a seizure coming on and hope I can lift my arm and put it to my chest to increase these pulses in my brain . The Magnet I’ll wear will set off alarms when I go through ever scanner I ever go through *Bank* Air Port*,Court House* and some stores AND there is a possibility that I’ll have a heart attack !!!!! NOW You TELL ME about whether smoking pot caused my memory loss ?? I think not . I have never done hard drugs in my life so believe you me I should know whether or not smoking pot leads to that !! You say just think how miserable life would be if I was having seizures all the time ” ? I can’t drive, I can’t work I can’t be alone. How would you deal with all of these things ? Drugs that sometimes make me so sick I can’t get out of bed , and I forget too many things too often ,having no independence or privacy ? could you ? would you? . I’ll tell you here and now I pray to God they legalize Medical Marijuana where I live because you can bet your butt my Doctor will prescribe it to me which will get me off of all of these “Wonderful anti-Epileptic” drugs and I can tell you I won’t be smoking meth or crack or or pain killers or any other prescribed pill .I am not addicted to my drugs I have no choice but to take them and so for the time being I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t But I would rather have something proven to stop my seizures that is natural and has NO chemicals in it .and yes there are people that abuse Pot because they can and want to and yeah it has small side effects .So I don’t know where you get your information and I will agree to disagree with you.and I am going to say one more thing get your facts straight before you try to preach to me about something you know NOTHING about

  660. wolvendeahl // February 10, 2014 at 11:11 pm //

    How are we supposed to have sympathy for these “victims” of “trauma” or “drug addiction” when every time we let them into our trust bubble, they steal from us so they can score. They lie to us and infect us with disease!! (STDs)

    I have the unfortunate experience of discovering how much generosity and compassion is enough to be lied to about ‘where she’s been’ or ‘who she’s been with’ and for what drugs.

    People like me are apathetic to the “problem” because these fiends (and I don’t think that’s a derogatory term for them at all) do nothing but destroy everything and everyone around them, then come crawling back when they’re on some very VERY short “sobriety” trip, … until they need again.

    My rule of thumb is to trust an addict when they are 3 or more years clean. And you BET YOUR ASS they have to EARN all of that trust back IN FULL before I let them even close to my heart.

    You want recovery?? Stop asking your friends and family for it. We stopped caring when you fucked us over. The SECOND time. And the 3rd. And 5th. And 9th. (see where this is going??)

    Best advice ever: put yourself in the hands of professionals for recovery, and when you get out, find a SAFE addiction. Like video games. Or backpacking. Or something that challenges yourself. Then DO IT ALL THE TIME and only keep friends who LOVE doing it WITH you around.

    You’re gonna need to re-learn all your social skills too because most of the people YOU cared about are already so burned that talking to them will be as effective as talking to their tombstone. And the ones who still care, … if they’re not junkies themselves, well … you’d better NEVER fuck up again on THOSE few. EVER.

    That’s the reality of it. I don’t care if you think I’m talking out of my ass because I’ve never been a junkie but here’s some food for thought …

    – I’ve lost 3 ex’s to fatal drunk drivers and 1 to being drunk while driving
    – I’ve lost 4 friends to meth overdoses, 2 to meth induced suicide by firearm, and 1 to a gacked out walk across a very high train trestle.
    – 4 of my oldest best friends from 25 years ago are STILL strung out on heroine and – are confused when I am not polite to them …
    – 2 of those 4 threatened to kill me over a cigarette
    – 1 because I refused to do it with him
    – and the 4th because I found out he has AIDS and is giving piercings out left and right out of his NASTY apartment. Oh, and tattoos. Then shoots up with his “clientele” so obviously I have no respect for him either.

    I don’t need your filthy drug induced experience to know when it’s a lost cause to sympathize or jump on any bandwagon with these fucking idiots.

    You say you want the help?? FUCKING PROVE IT. Nuff said.

  661. wolvendeahl // February 10, 2014 at 11:11 pm //

    How are we supposed to have sympathy for these “victims” of “trauma” or “drug addiction” when every time we let them into our trust bubble, they steal from us so they can score. They lie to us and infect us with disease!! (STDs)

    I have the unfortunate experience of discovering how much generosity and compassion is enough to be lied to about ‘where she’s been’ or ‘who she’s been with’ and for what drugs.

    People like me are apathetic to the “problem” because these fiends (and I don’t think that’s a derogatory term for them at all) do nothing but destroy everything and everyone around them, then come crawling back when they’re on some very VERY short “sobriety” trip, … until they need again.

    My rule of thumb is to trust an addict when they are 3 or more years clean. And you BET YOUR ASS they have to EARN all of that trust back IN FULL before I let them even close to my heart.

    You want recovery?? Stop asking your friends and family for it. We stopped caring when you fucked us over. The SECOND time. And the 3rd. And 5th. And 9th. (see where this is going??)

    Best advice ever: put yourself in the hands of professionals for recovery, and when you get out, find a SAFE addiction. Like video games. Or backpacking. Or something that challenges yourself. Then DO IT ALL THE TIME and only keep friends who LOVE doing it WITH you around.

    You’re gonna need to re-learn all your social skills too because most of the people YOU cared about are already so burned that talking to them will be as effective as talking to their tombstone. And the ones who still care, … if they’re not junkies themselves, well … you’d better NEVER fuck up again on THOSE few. EVER.

    That’s the reality of it. I don’t care if you think I’m talking out of my ass because I’ve never been a junkie but here’s some food for thought …

    – I’ve lost 3 ex’s to fatal drunk drivers and 1 to being drunk while driving
    – I’ve lost 4 friends to meth overdoses, 2 to meth induced suicide by firearm, and 1 to a gacked out walk across a very high train trestle.
    – 4 of my oldest best friends from 25 years ago are STILL strung out on heroine and – are confused when I am not polite to them …
    – 2 of those 4 threatened to kill me over a cigarette
    – 1 because I refused to do it with him
    – and the 4th because I found out he has AIDS and is giving piercings out left and right out of his NASTY apartment. Oh, and tattoos. Then shoots up with his “clientele” so obviously I have no respect for him either.

    I don’t need your filthy drug induced experience to know when it’s a lost cause to sympathize or jump on any bandwagon with these fucking idiots.

    You say you want the help?? FUCKING PROVE IT. Nuff said.

  662. As a former crack addict, Earle you make me sick with your holyer than tho bullshit. I never broke into a car or someones house. And foe you sit sit there and think that you are any better than the next pisses me off to no end. For the record i have been clean for two years with no rehab or dare you judge someone if you have never been thru what they have or had addiction. And addiction is an addiction weither it be drugs, alcohol, gambling, or even energy drinks. In my book you r a piece shit for even thinking that you are better than anybody else in this world.

  663. TexasBirdGirl // March 12, 2014 at 6:03 pm //

    It makes me sad. Praying for all those in recovery and those in the hell that is addiction.

  664. big foot one // March 12, 2014 at 6:23 pm //

    I have often wondered why anyone after seeing what it does still think it won’t happen to them,,,insane

  665. AMVET_66 // March 12, 2014 at 6:32 pm //

    No need to come here and come off as a high and mighty jackwad looking to pat himself on his own back instead of at least offering a bit of compassion. These people came here to vent their stories to , if anything, to help others see the plight of drug addictions and the ways they used to deal with them … all you can do is come here and sound like a bloviating buffoon. People like you and your opinions on others you have stated are embarrassing and must be such a great joy to your Mom and Dad … your pretty pathetic.

  666. AMVET_66 // March 12, 2014 at 6:34 pm //

    you really ought to stop speaking … it seems your arse is doing all the talking because I think your mouth knows better ……

  667. AMVET_66 // March 12, 2014 at 6:44 pm //

    I personally have only been addicted to cigarettes, but have seen many others deal with coke, meth, alcohol and now once again heroin. Personally no one here needs to listen to you raving what you believe or don’t believe about addiction or anything else. Your just a poor soul looking to prop up his pathetic little life making fun of others grief and standing over them telling all who will listen why your a better person for it … but to tell you the truth, I would rather spend some time with one of these people than I would with someone like yourself … for you I would just drag you out back and pop you in your big fat forehead for being a mouthy, gutless little prick …. now that part is apparent to everyone here.

  668. AMVET_66 // March 12, 2014 at 6:52 pm //

    then just STFU and go away …. you wont see anything more on the topic and everyone here will be the better for it …

  669. These photos are so Photoshopped!

  670. William Robert Guerra // March 12, 2014 at 9:58 pm //

    yet you blame your diabetes on your mom….when truthfully, you were addicted to and abused sugar…so you are NO better than any addict…we all have different crosses to bear…man, you ned Jesus…

  671. JR_atHome // March 13, 2014 at 1:33 am //

    Insulin you take insulin you druggy I bet your doctor gave you the first hit. Bet he already had a new needle for ya didn’t he. That should of sent of red flags how could you miss that? Now your hooked bet ya even have to watch what you eat. No king size snicker bars for you boy see what your missing all that yummy sugar and cornstarch in the GMO’s. That’s a tough gig Earle to bad you have to stick yourself to live. :(

  672. JR_atHome // March 13, 2014 at 1:37 am //

    Earle you better check your stats and get off the reafer madness propaganda. Pot is not a so called gateway drug. Care to debate me on that?

  673. Darla Ghanat // March 14, 2014 at 11:50 am //

    I too believe certain people are genetically predisposed to addiction over others; but I believe if the addictive abuse goes on long enough, everyone will eventually succumb to its perils. Everyone is discussing illegal drugs; however, prescription drugs in many cases are even worse! There just as addicting and detrimental to destroying your mind and body; they can cause such an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine in the brain to make people mentally ill! I find it odd that all the “medical experts” on here failed to mention that. I’m willing to bet that there are as many people addicted to prescription drugs as there are illegal drugs in this country! The medical community is part of it; in the pockets of the Big Pharma! It’s a huge problem and we’d better do something about it before it’s too late!

  674. Darla Ghanat // March 14, 2014 at 12:07 pm //

    I forgot to add one important point, something I will never understand or agree with is using prescription drugs to “help” an addict in their recovery! Anti-psychotics are just a legal form of LSD and the like! If someone had a wound, would you open it again expecting to make it heal? That’s what giving prescription drugs to a recovering addict does…it makes them worse, never better. And if you have stories where you believe addicts got better on meds, well, it’s called “masking” and eventually it will come full circle; the human body was not meant to process toxins! That’s why we have so much cancer today, because we’re surrounded by toxins, which include prescription drugs :(

  675. Earle Holland // March 16, 2014 at 8:41 pm //

    Man, you need to do some research…. I didn’t become addicted to sugar, nor did I abuse it more than anyone else who takes a teaspoon in their 16 oz coffee. My pancreas quit working. 6’1″ 205 lbs… does that sound like someone addicted to sugar? Do some research and get back to me. Yup. the flying spaghetti monster would certainly help me…. fucktard.

  676. Earle Holland // March 16, 2014 at 8:45 pm //

    Actually, My Mom agrees with my opinions on this particular subject. She too has made the best decisions in her life to NOT become a junkie. And if you read ALL the comments you would know that compassion was offered. I have a heart, It bleeds the same blood as the rest of you, it just doesn’t cloud my judgement. Try it, you might like it.

  677. Earle Holland // March 16, 2014 at 8:54 pm //

    Nope, I don’t watch what I eat. If I get in a mood for sweets, which really has never happens to me, I eat them. The rest of the time, I eat whatever the wife or I cook for the kidlets. I DO have to stick a needle in my arm twice a day to live and that sucks. Has nothing to do with the choices I made, because if it did, I would simply choose not to be diabetic anymore. Unfortunately, I have a disease, not an addiction. Druggies like you can choose not to get your fix for a month or two at a time and live better than when you decide to get them, People like me, who miss a day or two of injections don’t live better. See the difference? Addiction versus Disease.

  678. lildee352 // March 16, 2014 at 10:09 pm //

    You know ,I get email notices (my option) and this “discussion “is still going on…and of course i can only read and delete so many comments especially when I see the same names continuing to carry on and on and on . I’m going to go off in left field Earle and all of your repliers or whatever . I am a sufferer of Epilepsy and take a huge hand full of drugs daily, no in reality I am NOT a drug addict .But some of these wonderful drugs the Pharm. gives my Doctors to give to me m.MY life sometimes really sucks. But I personally have NO CHOICE other than taking HARD drugs !Now here’s where I waver from this endless pointless subject. I believe in the legalization of medical Marijuana , (GASP) FAINT and FALL over . That obviously makes me a pot head drug abuser OH NO !!!!! I have never abused drugs but you can bet your sweet ass that if and when prescribes my the Medical Marijuana * That he supports* as well as thousands of doc. for the treatment of Epilepsy and Cancer and Chronic back injury pain and inumberable ailments .Many strains have LOW OR NO THC for children with Epilepsy There is oil and many other facets of treatments . There are also high to mid level treatment which I will take because my seizures are severe and uncontrolled ,but if that is my option I’ll take it and be healthy happy seizure free and NATURAL. Oh by the way Earle , you’re diabetes may or may not be your fault , it doesn’t really matter it’s a non issue .It’s whether or not you treat your illness responsibly or not . If it is your fault the point is taking your meds.. does not make you an makes you smart and healthy

  679. Earle Holland // March 16, 2014 at 10:53 pm //

    I’m with you, I haven’t been here for a couple of months, then someone dragged me back. Sorry for the hassles.

  680. AMVET_66 // March 17, 2014 at 9:18 am //

    actually if your Mom agrees with how you are speaking to others in here and agrees on the content of your vile opinions, then she too is a jackwad … apple don’t fall far from the tree eh ?

  681. Earle Holland // March 17, 2014 at 12:35 pm //

    Because we see the difference between making a choice and ending up addicted and actually having a disease pick you? Asshats like you give these fucktards an excuse for their actions. Assholes like me take them away. Only ONE of these two systems will work properly to get them off the drugs and never go back. Which would you sooner of your child? Someone who accepts responsibility for their actions or someone who blames anything and everything for their bad choices. I haven’t condemned anyone who has said that they are quitting and are working hard to do it. I have always, both in the post and others, encouraged them in any way possible, Including offering my contact information to someone who might need someone to say “Hey, you’re going to fuck up, don’t do that.” Even if it’s just some asshole stranger from an online discussion. My identity is not hidden, My name is right there for anyone to see. Unlike yours. Didn’t know that Vet’s, as your nickname appears to claim you to be, were cowards. Good to know.

  682. Kristina Maley // March 19, 2014 at 6:34 pm //

    I, too am a recovering addict. I have been sober and clean for 5 years now. I graduate from college with 2 associates degrees (with high honors) and I go into WSU for 3 semesters for a bachelor’s degree in Social Work with emphasis on Drug counseling. There is help. There is hope. The problem with our society today is the shame that accompanies this disease. Yes, it is a DISEASE. There is no cure and without help, it is fatal. I want to give back. I want to give hope to those who still suffer. I wish people had more compassion for this terrible addiction. One in seven people will become addicted to drugs or alcohol in their lifetime…Addiction is all around us. Nobody plans to become an addict. NOBODY. Did you sit on the swingset with your friend at 7 years old and tell him/her that when you grow up you hope to be a drug addict…Of course not. Please have some empathy and sorrow for the sufferers…They could be you someday….

  683. Kristina Maley // March 19, 2014 at 7:01 pm //

    I’m not sure I have ever read such hatefulness from anyone…WOW. People ask you not to judge and you call them stupid…I don’t get it. I’m an addict in recovery and I graduate in May with high honors and I’m getting licensed in MN for drug counseling….I only want to give people hope again. I want people to succeed. I love when people can beat this terrible disease. I’m glad your family loves you…..They may be the only ones with your attitude. Attitudes are contagious.

  684. lildee352 // March 19, 2014 at 7:03 pm //

    Bravo, Congratulations , I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you .But you stopped doing drugs ,and because doing something that I believe was painful , There is a lot of people that are un-informed about addiction .I’ve been there ,someone VERY close to me was addicted of Crack .It was horrible to see the things he would do just for money to get high it was hard very hard to get through ,but now 12 years later He moved back home with his Family and he’s going to school he has a good job. I guess what my point is that there is hope

  685. Kristina Maley // March 19, 2014 at 7:05 pm //

    I’m a recovering addict clean for 5 years now. My doctor was my dealer…I graduate from college with high honors (3.86 GPA) in May and getting my license to be a drug counselor….There is help. There is hope. I only want people to succeed and beat this disease….Yes, disease. Nobody plans to become addicted….Have some compassion. Have some empathy. Statistically, 1 in 7 people will become addicted in their lifetime….Careful. It just may be you…

  686. Kristina Maley // March 19, 2014 at 7:07 pm //

    Earle: I’m not sure I have read such hatefulness in a long time. I read most of your posts and be grateful for your “happy” family. They may be the only people left that will have anything to do with you with your attitude. Attitudes are contagious…..

  687. Kristina Maley // March 19, 2014 at 7:13 pm //

    I read with a heavy heart to most posts and was amazed at the bitterness associated with addiction. Why? Is it so difficult to understand that people with addictive personalities can and do become addicted to drugs and alcohol? It isn’t about willpower. If it was, there would be no such thing as addiction. When someone crosses the line between abuse and addiction, there is NO MORE CONTROL. Addicts lose total control. The addiction now controls the person. Whether you understand addiction or not, remember, we all will know people in our lives who are dealing with this awful disease, and when it happens to people we love, we usually lose the anger and bitterness…..I hope so anyway…..God Bless those who are still suffering……:)

  688. Kristina Maley // March 19, 2014 at 7:18 pm //

    Thanks for the kind words….I have lived for too long in an addicts shoes. It amazes me how bitter some people are about addiction…If it doesn’t happen to you, it will happen to someone you love sometime in your life….Lets be kind to one another and treat addiction as we would any other disease, with compassion and support….

  689. Earle Holland // March 19, 2014 at 9:34 pm //

    Well, Kristina, Another recovering addict who thinks I’m an ass…. Join the club. Your opinion is irrelevant to me, You’ve already proven that you make bad choices. According to what you have posted, in a few months, maybe you will agree with what I’m saying. I mean, you went from addict to resource person, which is great BUT you didn’t change your attitude any. It’s still someone else’s fault, isn’t it? It could never have been your fault for making the original choice, could it? That would be unthinkable!! Someone with a 3.86 GPA would never make a poor choice involving drugs. Attitudes are contagious. Good thinking. Fortunately, Addiction isn’t. Making poor choices, also not contagious. I don’t hate these people, I’m not angry with them, I just feel that IF we label this as a sickness, as a disease, we provide an excuse, not only for the current addict but also for the future addicts. We don’t want to give them an excuse. We don’t want to give YOU an excuse. There is no honest reasoning behind becoming a meth addict. So I lack in empathy for self induced addiction….. I can live with that.

  690. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:09 am //

    One in seven with suffer with addiction sometime in their lives. I will pray that you or someone you love isn’t one of them. You see, addiction doesn’t discriminate. It gets anyone….Please don’t respond. As far as blame? I own every “bad” choice I ever made. I just choose not to live in the past. I don’t look back, I’m not going that way….And you need to get educated, please, before you are dealing with this disease yourself. Because Its a disease, doesn’t give addicts an excuse. It only states that there is NO CURE. Its fatal. If the addict doesn’t get help, they will die. Most addicts are the kindest, most considerate, emotional people who run from pain. Excuse? of course not. FACT. I wish people like you would stop ranting about addicts being “less than”. The only Judge should be God himself…..

  691. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:10 am //

    Oh, and I can live with that…..

  692. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 9:06 am //

    Earle: For many of us, feelings of shame, even self-hatred, are paramount.No one of us has a fully untarnished past.We all experience REGRET. We are not perfect. Perfection is not expected in the great Divine plan. But we take our experiences, and grow from them, move beyond the shame. We celebrate what we have learned through our addiction. We prepare, to help others who search for new direction. That is my new job in life. To help another human being accept themselves warts and all. NONE of us is perfect, even YOU Earle….I will relish the joy at hand and share my wisdom with another. All painful pasts brighten someone’s future, when openly shared….Please, stop hurting people either directly or indirectly with your hateful, judgments……Thanks

  693. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:19 pm //

    I loved your reply. Please note, Earle isn’t going to change his angry rants. You are right about one thing…Someone that angry MUST be afraid of the unknown….Thanks for sharing…Keep it up

  694. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:21 pm //

    AMEN….I think he thinks he is either a doctor or GOD….

  695. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:23 pm //

    Turned your back on your own son, when he needs you the most???? SURPRISE SURPRISE

  696. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:29 pm //

    Ask God’s forgiveness, please, before its too late Earle….All of us on this site are just trying to educate you, but as you so cruelly put it on one of your posts….You turned your back on your own son. Your own family….WHO DOES THAT SHIT????

  697. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:31 pm //

    AMEN AGAIN…well stated

  698. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:38 pm //

    Maybe there is a support group for anger issues in your area. Hope so…..You must be a bored troll just looking for excitement anyway possible. I thought you said you have a “great life and great family”. Maybe you should be spending more time with them and leave the rest of us alone….

  699. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:39 pm //

    No doubt…

  700. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:44 pm //

    I love that I’m not the only one who really wishes Earle would just leave….NO ONE needs his cruel rants. If he’s “better” than the rest of us,,,,good. LEAVE

  701. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:46 pm //

    Hey,,,I have my name up, it bright lights if you like. Point is, I am a grateful recovering addict. I get a chance to do things right, and help people at the same time….Try it sometime…Start with your family

  702. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:52 pm //

    If you think by shaming an addict who is already their own worst enemy, you are going to “save” an addict, you really don’t have a clue at all……Yes, you are not liked but not for the reason you may think…You sound like a narcissist *sshole…..

  703. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 8:58 pm //

    You eat with that mouth? oh, and your mother is ok with the useless cunt word? You all need therapy Earle,,,Sooner the better.

  704. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 9:03 pm //

    I read your post with a heavy heart….Please know that I cried most of the way through your painful story…I too, am a recovering addict in college with a 3.86 GPA becoming a Drug and Alcohol counselor…I want no I need to give back. Someone believed in me when I felt there was no hope…I want to pay it forward. Please take good care of your wonderful wife. She isn’t a victim,,,she’s a survivor…Thanks for the story

  705. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 9:08 pm //

    Who said I was a meth addict anyway????? please learn to read the posts before engaging in your hate and intolerance….I make no excuses for anything in my past. One thing is for sure. I’m so proud of my accomplishments today….don’t give a shit what you think. If addiction is so awful and we are all losers, what are you doing on this site anyway? its for us “less thans” who need each others support….GO AWAY

  706. Kristina Maley // March 20, 2014 at 9:12 pm //

    I just found out today that I will graduate with high honors. WOW. I went from pain pill addiction to high honors in 5 years. There is hope. There is help. Can’t wait to take my LADC in MN and become a counselor. I want to pay it forward. Someone believed in me when I felt hope was gone. I was hopeless….Look at me now….For anyone who still suffers, get the help you need and get up, show up and get educated…..I love who I have become. Look people, if nothing else, get the help just to piss off Earle…..:)

  707. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 9:29 pm //

    God? Really? God! Bahahahahhahahaha…. That’s fucking hysterical. Sorry, I’m a pastafarian… Look it up.

  708. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 9:46 pm //

    So…. If you hate what YOU chose to do so much, that would be incentive to STOP FUCKING DOING IT… Quit whining, bitching and moaning and just do it. you seem to think I have no tolerance for addicts and to a point, I guess you could be almost correct, But, I have all kinds of respect for people who are trying to quit and better their lives, I think that’s fucking fantastic. I’ve encouraged EVERY person here that has admitted to having a problem and trying to get rid of it. I’ve offered personal contact information on at least one occasion, I’ve congratulated those who have been drug/addiction free and encouraged them the only way I have available to me. Lady, I don’t know who you think you are but you might want to go back and re read my comments and look at them from the non addict point of view, maybe get your priest to decipher them for you, unless he’s a fucking addict too. As for me “dealing with this disease” myself, wrong again. I have dealt with addictions. I don’t have to deal with them any more. Anyone stupid enough to become an addict and stay that way, won’t be in my life long enough for me to have to deal with THEIR problem, THEIR choice, THEIR addiction. They don’t have a disease. Unless of course the medical society has reclassified stupidity as a disease, which I highly doubt. You OWN your choices, both good and bad, Good for you, You should own them but you don’t have the RIGHT to claim it’s a disease, it’s a choice. Make the right choice, win a prize. Make the wrong choice and deal with the situation you put yourself in. Follow a bad choice with a good choice, awesome, I’m GLAD that you are no longer a practicing addict. I’m even happier that you can take your experiences and share them with people who haven’t made the bad decision to risk addiction yet and maybe show them that it’s not the way to live so that possibly they won’t ever make that wrong choice. That would be fucking fantastic. No one should have to live their lives like the people in these pictures, it’s horrible. That doesn’t make it a disease. So you go on with your training, education and whatever the hell else you are doing to better yourself, Continue to hate me, think I’m an ass, whatever but keep in mind, I’m actually cheering you on. Hoping that you… and every other addict, both here and not here won’t ever take another hit of whatever it was that you were all addicted to.

  709. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 9:51 pm //

    Oh and the reason I’m here is the same reason there are all these comments here. People are debating a subject. It’s a debate that interests me. Choice vs Disease. Why are YOU here? I’ve been here discussing, debating, encouraging and bashing for the past couple of months. You wander into a discussion yesterday and feel you should be able to tell people to go away? Guess again toots.

  710. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 9:53 pm //

    You should take another look at the top of the page…. these are pictures of meth addicts…. so by coming in here admitting that YOU are an addict and claiming that you are all better now, it would imply that you were a meth addict, wouldn’t it?

  711. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 9:58 pm //

    The term you are looking for dipshit, is a realist. No one here is going to educate me…. you weren’t even smart enough to make the right fucking choices to start with. Oh and please, explain to me how your “god” is so all powerful, all knowing can make anything happen and yet he still permits people to become fuck head addicts? He allows others to show up at schools and shoot 7 yr olds? Yeah…. go god.

  712. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:00 pm //

    IF you don’t like the realism in my comments…… Fuck off. No one needs your religious sanctimonious bullshit either.

  713. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:02 pm //

    In case you haven’t noticed, I’m fairly certain that on more than one occasion, I’ve openly admitted to being an asshole…. and it doesn’t hurt my feelings.

  714. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:05 pm //

    yes…. I eat with this mouth…. I eat cunt too… what’s your point?

  715. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:35 pm //

    So I should put my other children through what he chooses to do? I don’t fucking think so. I wouldn’t let you near my kids, what would make him special? He should know better, knowing my views. He grew up with me, do you think that he wasn’t/isn’t well versed in how I feel about making stupid decisions that can and will affect those around you?

  716. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:41 pm //

    First, you all keep dragging me back here. I was done a couple of months ago than some asshat who thinks he’s important dragged me back. Guess what dickwad, you are not important. you don’t matter. you didn’t matter then, you don’t matter now. The day you even dream about walking out back with me, you better wake the fuck up and apologize before your old ass gets hurt. There’s nothing gutless about me. I see my name… I don’t see yours. You call someone a gutless little prick and then don’t even have the guts to use your name? Fuck off asshole…..

  717. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:44 pm //

    I do…. but it’s almost midnight here… kids are asleep… you fucktards keep dragging me back, I keep coming to express my views on your idiotic thoughts posted to a public forum.

  718. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:45 pm //

    OR I could stay and drive fucktards like you up the wall…. Can you guess which I’m going to do?

  719. Earle Holland // March 20, 2014 at 10:48 pm //

    Hey Ronnie, Just wondering how you are making out. Hope all is well. Best of luck man.

  720. My dear Earl, my white trash friend … if you ever wanted to know who I am all you need to do is look me up, unless your such a bonehead you cannot pull yer head out of your butt and stop spewing your hateful and contemptible rhetoric for a few moments to do so … I’m not that hard to find out my real name, its not being hidden you dope ….. you say I don’t matter, but that little ol me drags you back, lol … your are simply so pathetic that you cannot help yourself.
    What was it your said to me ” Guess what dickwad, you are not important. you don’t matter. you didn’t matter then, you don’t matter now
    Come on, admit it, you like getting the abuse as much as you like giving it … I’m glad … my idea has worked quite well and I have succeeded in getting under your skin, lol
    Good night princess.

  721. OrganicGirl // March 21, 2014 at 12:06 am //

    I am sure that addiction is no picnic, but an illness it is not. No one goes to a back alley and buys cancer, diabetes, or heart disease to name a few illnesses. Alcoholic’s and Drug addicts made a conscience decision one day to buy and ingest something that they then became addicted to, over time. People suffering from diseases and illnesses didn’t go out and buy it. I am tired of hearing, “I have an illness”. No you don’t! You choose to put those chemicals in your body and now you want to say you are sick. You are/were an addict.

  722. Kristina Maley // March 21, 2014 at 9:30 am //

    Look up the word DEBATE and don’t disrespect me calling me toots…please

  723. Kristina Maley // March 21, 2014 at 9:36 am //

    SO thats how a person debates? They tell everyone THEY are right and call names to the people they don’t agree with.???…HUMMM yep, I think I will stay in college and go on with the future I have. LOOK UP DEBATE. It isnt about name calling if you disagree…..

  724. Kristina Maley // March 21, 2014 at 9:44 am //

    I have to go to school and LEARN from others….I have learned nothing but HATE from you. I was hoping there was something, anything you could have taught me about staying clean and helping others….You know, service work. I look to others for help and good advice….To tell people the garbage you tell them, I will pass….I thought this site could be a good place to share, and help someone. If there are others like you, NO THANKS. I wouldn’t change your mind anyway, but,,,,please STOP calling me names. It isnt nice or necessary….I am sorry you chose to disown your son, but that was YOUR choice. I’m sorry you don’t believe in something greater than yourself but that is also YOUR choice. If I continue to seek this site for opinions and answers, I ask that you not give me your hatefulness, cruel comments or call me names…Can we agree to just NOT comment to each other? Lets just agree to disagree? I think you get enough people who will “debate” you. I just want to help those who seek it….OK? TRUCE?

  725. Kristina Maley // March 21, 2014 at 9:49 am //

    Just so everyone knows,,,,,I’m not a recovering meth addict…I’m a pain pill addict, clean for 5 years now and going to college to help ALL addicts. Addiction is addiction and doesn’t matter to me which you happen to struggle with. If anyone is looking for someone to talk to, please post to me. I will answer as soon as possible. I know its hard but YOU CAN DO IT…..take it one day at a time….Sometimes we have to take it one hour at a time, just DON’T USE TODAY…..I have quite a few 24 hours under my belt, and although I don’t have the answers, I will support you in your journey…..I wish everyone (yes, even Earle, well)….

  726. Kristina Maley // March 21, 2014 at 10:20 am //

    Not that its any of your business, but im a recovering pain pill addict….I will never not be an addict, however, I am in RECOVERY for 5 years now and sponsor other addicts. I started a support group at my school for others who may need help and I can here to try to help someone with support…Thats why I’m here. I’m not here to berate and humiliate people….Holy cow, Earle, is anyone safe? Has anyone redeemed themselves enough for you? I think I have paid a high price for the addiction I suffered with. I paid my dues (so to speak) and I just want to give back. Thats all. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Just because I’m not a meth addict doesn’t mean I don’t belong here. YOU are not a meth addict either, what brings you if it isn’t to hurt people who are already hurting…..just saying….

  727. Kristina Maley // March 23, 2014 at 10:33 am //

    Good Morning all…Hope the weekend wasn’t a difficult one….I took a ten chapter test in Social Deviance, and got a 98%! Guess I understand deviant behavior….:) I again want to remind people if you are struggling, I’m here for support. There are no easy answers to addiction, but its worth it to quit using…I only wish I wouldn’t have wasted all that time popping pills and drinking away the pain…It never went away anyway, just numbed it…Anyway, remember, there is HOPE there is HELP….God bless all those struggling and otherwise…I want to give back. Someone believed in me when I “knew” I was a piece of shit….Guess what, I was NEVER a piece of shit, I was sick. Please know that people do care……HAVE A GREAT SUNDAY…..

  728. Kristina Maley // March 23, 2014 at 10:38 am //

    Oh, and if anyone is from Minnesota, Minneapolis is having their yearly NA party today….A great chance to meet people who understand. People are willing to be sponsors as well. Remember, they have been there. Lots of food and non-alcoholic drinks….I just got a text from someone there about this party. If you are in our COLD state, let me know……:)

  729. sad legalize marijuana

  730. Kristina Maley // March 27, 2014 at 5:01 am //

    Good Morning all….I’m proud to announce that another addict decided recovery was for them!!!! I wish I could save EVERYONE. Too bad it doesn’t work that way…I will be celebrating 5 years in sobriety April 15. Also, just so people know, I’m not recovering from meth addiction, as many on this site might be, but I feel addiction is addiction. If I can support anyone trying to do something healthy for themselves, please don’t hesitate to ask….Too many people die from their addictions instead of asking the dreaded 4 letter word….HELP. Gotta run. I have a PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) banquet I’m speaking at tonight and it will take me hours to get ready….lol

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