You Can Kiss These 2 Major Holidays Goodbye As They Make Obama’s Hit List

With just a few weeks left in office, it seems that Barack Obama wants to make those last days count. Unfortunately, he just put two major holidays in his crosshairs – and if he gets his way, you can kiss them goodbye.

It’s no secret that Obama has fought against America’s Christians every step of the way, but he just hit a new low. In fact, by his bashing of everything Godly, some feel so entitled to do whatever they want that they’ve begun to simply follow his lead.

You Can Kiss These 2 Major Holidays Goodbye As They Make Obama’s Hit List
Barack Obama

According to The American Mirror, the city of Bloomington, Indiana is renaming two major holidays in order to better reflect cultural sensitivity in the workplace. “All city employees receive paid time off for Columbus Day, a federal holiday celebrating the discovery of the United States of America by explorer Christopher Columbus, and Good Friday, the Friday before Easter Sunday,” Herald Times Online reports. “In the future, the city will be calling these paid days off ‘Fall Holiday’ and ‘Spring Holiday.’”

The decision was announced by Mayor John Hamilton – a heavily Democratic politician living in a traditionally liberal city. “We are terrifically proud of our diverse workforce in the city,” Hamilton wrote. “That diversity makes us stronger and more representative of the public we proudly serve. These updated names for two days of well-merited time off is another way we can demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity.”

You Can Kiss These 2 Major Holidays Goodbye As They Make Obama’s Hit List
Good Friday is the day Jesus died for the sins of all mankind.

In short, he’s decided to single-handedly rename a Christian holiday to something of no meaning outside of a day off for the working class. Of course, he apparently wants to erase the history that has made a place for his very existence.

Whether this moron likes to admit it or not, there are still Christians in this nation that hold these holiday’s like Good Friday dear. What’s next to go? Christmas? By him changing these special days in the name of inclusivity, he’s actually doing the exact opposite of what he says he is by purposefully excluding a large portion of America’s population.

Sadly, we’re seeing more and more anti-Christian bigotry perpetrated in this nation as Obama continues his personal crusade against the religion. However, not everyone is simply lying down in regards to the most recent decision as social media is up in arms over the matter with just some of the comments reading:

You Can Kiss These 2 Major Holidays Goodbye As They Make Obama’s Hit List You Can Kiss These 2 Major Holidays Goodbye As They Make Obama’s Hit List

Everything that America stands for has been under attack during these last 8 years of strategic sabotage, and that’s exactly why Donald Trump won. With the promise to “Make America Great Again,” well, seeing how crap like this continues to happen, there’s no wonder he has such appeal.

Barack Obama was responsible for a great deal of damage to this nation. Unfortunately for him, his expiration date is about to come up, and now he gets to watch as all of his crap is flushed down the toilet.

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