2 Thugs Try To Kill Cop & Take His Car — BIG Mistake When They Get Inside

2 Thugs Try To Kill Cop & Take His Car — BIG Mistake When They Get Inside
Chicago Police (left), 20-year-old Thomas Colquitt (inset)

Chicago has become a hotbed of hate and homicide under President Barack Obama’s leadership as he makes excuses for the actions of thugs and blames police officers who are simply doing their job. Entitled with the belief that they can do whatever they want and get away with it or claim racism because of their skin color, karma took care of a couple of thugs in the most perfect way possible.

There’s rarely if ever a day on the job when Chicago police officers don’t have something awful to deal with, considering feral thugs outnumber law enforcement in the Windy City and run that town like a war zone. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have something a thug wants, they will do whatever they can to take it, even at the cost of a person’s life, which was what 20-year-old Thomas Colquitt attempted on December 29 with the help of his 17-year-old friend. Unfortunately for them, it backfired.

At about 4:40 p.m., the pair of thugs were trolling the South Side of town, looking for trouble when they saw a gun in a car and opened fire on the driver to take the ride. They presumably learned their ineffective shooting skills from rappers and video games because while cocking the gun to the side sure looks cool in a thug’s eyes, it makes it nearly impossible to strike your target — thankfully for the rest of us. Not only did they miss the man with all their bullets, they didn’t realize who they were messing with until they got inside his car and tried to steal it.

According to Blue Live Matter, Colquitt and his partner in crime, who due to his age was not named, had unknowingly targeted an off-duty police officer who was perfectly trained in how to deal with situations like this. He avoided being shot and let the pair into the car but only after putting them under immediate arrest. The timing and target were really convenient since he didn’t need to wait for police to get there, considering he is one and took care of it himself.

Colquitt was charged with one felony count of Attempted Robbery With A Firearm and his young friend has been charged with one felony count of Attempted Robbery With A Firearm and one count of Aggravated Discharge of a Firearm at a Police Officer.

These wannabe tough guys thought they had the perfect target since he was there alone, but they learned the hard way that crime doesn’t pay. They’re only lucky that they didn’t get shot and killed, which was what they deserved had they attempted this stunt on an armed citizen in any other city without tough gun control laws.

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