Bernie Sanders’ Own Jewish Brethren Feeling Betrayed By His Policies

January 31, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Bernie Sanders is the closest a Jewish candidate has ever come near the White House as president. One would think his Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel would be elated that a Jew may come to hold the reigns of power. At closer glance, Sanders has more critics that are practicing Jews. Sanders’ Judaism is not orthodox. In fact, his stances on Israel leave those Jews in the Holy Land praying for his political demise. […]

Health & Science

SEE IT: HUGE Bulge On Back Sliced Open, Video Leaves Viewers Cringing

January 31, 2016 Staff

When one guy discovered a lump on his back, he sought medical attention to make sure it wasn’t a sign of something that could potentially lead to serious health concerns in the future. When he visited Dr. Sandra Lee, she decided to remove the lump. Now, there’s a video of the procedure, and the gruesome removal has people cringing. […]

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