Nasty Michelle Humiliates Nation After Camera Caught What She Did To Trump

Michelle Gets Odd Look On her Face While Receiving Special Gift From Trumps

January 20, 2017 Robert Rich

Michelle Obama has become known as a nasty, spiteful woman, and it seems that she wanted to go out with her reputation fully intact. Cameras caught an odd look on her face as Donald and Melania Trump were arriving at the White House to present her with a special gift – and one of her final acts as First Lady just solidified how many Americans feel about her. […]


Right Before Obama Left Office, He ADMITS To LIE About Russian ‘Hackers’

January 20, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Barack Obama’s eight years in office were nothing but lies and scandals, laced with tyrannical executive orders and horrific laws designed to strangle the economy and control the public. However, just hours before he left the White House for good, he actually admitted that he’s a liar, owning up to a lie about Russian hacking and information obtained by WikiLeaks. […]


Melania Trump Enters Inaugural Dinner, Jaws Immediately Drop To The Floor

January 20, 2017 Jodi

You didn’t think Melania Trump was going to attend her first Cabinet dinner in Washington wearing something understated or demure, did you? On Thursday evening, the incoming First Lady and President-elect arrived fashionably late to the Candlelight Dinner at Union Station. However, they were worth the wait because every jaw in the room dropped to the floor as Melania walked in. […]

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