33-Year-Old Man Stashes Gun In His Rectum


33-year-old Wichita native, Mark Gregory Valadez, stashed a derringer pistol in his rectum.

Evidently, a lot of criminal types get arrested in Oklahoma City on a holiday weekend. In fact, so many people got arrested over the Labor Day weekend that at least one inmate was not thoroughly searched when he was booked after committing a minor city violation.

Mark Gregory Valadez didn’t want to get caught with what appears to be a .22 Short derringer, so he hid the gun in the only place he could think of – in his rectum.

According to KFOR,

He was originally arrested on a city violation that is now a felony count of possession of contraband in a penal institution… and a trip to the hospital.

“Because of complaints and concerns from Mr. Valadez, we had to take him to the hospital on complaints that he was actually found to be impacted do to the weapon,” Sheriff Whetsel said.

The cavity search netted a derringer containing one round and one spent casing.

Authorities were made aware of the “keistered” weapon after Valadez boasted about the gun to other inmates, who proceeded to promptly rat him out to prison authorities.

If it’s found that Valadez was not properly ran through a metal detector, the jail staff member will be dealt with for violating the jail policy.


This story may remind you of the woman who was sentenced to 25 years for trying to smuggle a gun in her vagina. Oddly, that story also occured in Oklahoma. I suppose we’ll have to start calling inside the body carry, “Oklahoma Style Concealed Carry”.