[WATCH] 5 Armed Men Vs. 500 Muslim Refugees, THIS Is How You Handle Them

Many people have been left wondering how to exactly handle the so-called “refugee” crisis as Muslims flood out of their homelands, but it seems that a few have it figured out. All caught on video, five armed men were seen facing off against 500 refugees. Who do you think won?

Israel Takes On 500 Refugees With Just 5 Armed Soldiers
(Photo Source: YouTube)

Since its creation, Israel has been forced to fight against those who would do them harm. In recent years, things have become a bit more difficult when it comes to defending themselves. Fortunately for them, they were quick to catch on.

A video has recently surfaced depicting about 500 Muslims who left their home on account of the destruction their own religion has brought about. Unfortunately for them, they made their way to the border of a no-nonsense country that isn’t willing to bend over for them.

As outlined in the video’s description, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu doesn’t even refer to the Muslims trying to flood into his land as “refugees,” but rather “invaders.” Furthermore, he’s made it abundantly clear that if anyone tries to breach their border illegally, they are to be shot on sight as a message to anyone else who would think to do the same.

In fact, when things started to get out of hand at the border, 5 soldiers were forced to neutralize the disturbance – and that they did. Simply aiming their firearms at the Muslims was enough to get them to scatter like the cockroaches they are, but when they realized the soldiers didn’t fire, they came back.

Israel Takes On 500 Refugees With Just 5 Armed Soldiers
(Photo Source: YouTube)

When the guns started going off, it’s safe to say there wasn’t a single person in reach of the border any longer. This is how you deal with entitled Muslims trying to take what isn’t theirs. If they want a better life for themselves, they should have thought about that before and tried to seek a better life through illegal means.

As their uncivilized culture continues to flood into Western nations, it’s taking quite the toll. Just take for example Germany, whose jails are bursting at the seams now that they’re full of Muslim refugees. Modern society just can’t take this nonsense. What good is it actually doing to let these people in? How is it helping the problem?

Long answer short – it’s not. It’s causing it to spread, which is their goal. More countries need to handle their affairs like Israel. After all, what good is a border if you just allow anyone to walk on through? It kind of defeats the whole purpose.

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