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As People Are Dying After Las Vegas Attack, Here’s What ‘Concerned’ Celebrities Are Doing

The news is still breaking about the horrific shooting that took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. So far, we know that 50 people were killed and many hundreds were wounded. Police are still investigating the motives of the shooter, as medical staff at local hospitals work to save lives. It is a terrible event that will be discussed for weeks, if not months to come. But, as the death count is still rising, “concerned” celebrities are up to no good. […]


Trudeau Spit In Trump’s Face Over Refugees, Canada Pays For It In Blood

When President Donald Trump started improving America’s vetting systems, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau made an announcement, spitting in Trump’s face. He openly welcomed anyone rejected by the United States, saying they would have a home in his country. Now, only a few months later, he’s should be regretting his words. We are beginning to see the fruit of his reckless policy, as terrorism has come to Canada. […]

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Texas School Makes Shocking Demand Of Congress, Leaves Americans Outraged

In the ongoing battle between conservatives and liberals, there is one state that is considered the gold standard for American values: Texas. This proud state has stood for conservative principles for generations. Its people embody many of the values that make America great: faith, family, and a healthy gun collection. That’s why one school’s recent, shocking demand of Congress is leaving Americans outraged since the implications won’t just effect that school or that state alone. […]


Governor Of CA Follows China’s Lead, Decides It’s Time to Ban Something We Use Every Day

The governor of California, Jerry Brown, has just announced a new policy that will surely frustrate millions of citizens in his state and probably around the country as its effects will undoubtedly reach far beyond the liberal state. This new policy was sparked by something he saw in China, the largest Communist country in the modern world, and his sights are set on something we use every day. […]


Christians Outraged As Historic Church Is Forced To Host Satanic Show

It’s not a wild statement to say that people of faith are under constant persecution. Around the world, Christians face arrests, beatings, torture, and ultimately death for standing up for Christ. But, this isn’t just something that happens in the Middle East and Asia. Even in the Western world, “Christian” nations attack their own. Proving that, a church has been forced to host a satanic show, and Christians are rightfully outraged at the unbelievable event, held in what should be a holy place. […]

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Schools Get More Transgender-Friendly — Here’s What They’re Doing To Kids Now

Once upon a time, liberals liked to attack conservatives over the issue of science. They claimed because we questioned the validity of their climate change alarmism, we didn’t accept scientific research. Or, because many Christian conservative choose to believe in the Biblical account of Creation over Darwin’s story, they were backward and uneducated. Oh, how times have changed as schools push certain agendas, and you won’t believe what they’re doing to our kids now. […]

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BUSTED: Sweden Lies About Sex Attacks At Festivals — Frightening Truth Is Coming Out

When people go to a music festival, they expect a couple of things. First, they expect to listen to music from some of their favorite bands. They also expect there to be large crowds, overpriced food and merchandise, and terrible parking. But what they don’t expect is for themselves or someone they’re with to be sexually assaulted or for authorities to lie about. However, that’s what Sweden has done — but the truth is coming out. […]