Users Demand Twitter Ban Donald Trump, Their Response Has People Speechless

Social media has become a controversial subject. Ever since the 2016 election, these online platforms have come under fire. Liberals blame them for Donald Trump’s success, and conservatives claim social networks are censoring their content. Many people demand that sites like Twitter — used heavily by President Trump — ban the Commander in Chief. However, Twitter finally made a decision, and you won’t believe it. […]


Fatalities Expected In Northeast, Thanks To Liberal Lawmakers & Climate Alarmists

This past week, the Northeastern United States has experienced record-breaking cold weather, and it will continue to stay in freezing temperatures through the weekend. Snow, biting winds, and subzero conditions will keep schools closed and people huddling for warmth, but what you might not know is, thanks to liberal lawmakers, the Northeast will have a very hard time staying warm and surviving this record cold — all thanks to “global warming.” […]


Liberal Reporter Tries To Slander Trump Over His Twitter Use, Gets Absolutely Humiliated

Is there nothing the left won’t say to slander President Donald Trump? The answer is: no. Liberal journalists and the fake news have been openly lying about the President since day one. They have distorted facts, fabricated “sources,” and straight up invented stories. However, the latest newsperson to criticize the President embarrassed herself. It seems like she was so eager to slam Trump, she exposed her own stupidity. […]


A Day After Liberal California Legalizes Pot, AG Jeff Sessions Rains On Their Parade

With the start of the new year, California has legalized pot. It is now legal to grow, buy, or use marijuana in the super liberal state. I guess the leftist governor, Jerry Brown, was more concerned with getting high than protecting his citizens from criminal aliens. However, before Californians light up that spliff, they might want to learn what Attorney General Jeff Sessions is doing. It’ll end your enjoyment pretty quickly. […]


Snowflake Tries To Shame Eagles QB For Hunting Photo, He Has Priceless Response

Millions of Americans enjoy the pastime of hunting. It is a time-honored tradition, not to mention a vital step in maintaining our ecosystems. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is one of many who proudly hunts every season, but after posting a picture to his Twitter account, a snowflake tried to shame him. Carson responded, proving we need more people just like him. […]

World News

WATCH: New Year’s Nightmare Unfolds As Migrants Transform City Of Lights Into Horror Show

For many in the United States, New Year’s Eve was a safe and uneventful night. Even in New York City, where the biggest celebration occurs, things were relatively calm. That’s not the case around the world. Because of years of shocking ignorance, Europe is facing a humanitarian crisis. Their citizens are in constant danger, thanks to migrants. Once peaceful events are now opportunities for violence and destruction. That’s just what happened this NYE in Paris as migrants transformed the City of Lights into a horror show. […]


Senator Lindsey Graham Makes Startling & Ominous Prediction For The U.S. In 2018

It’s a new year, and 2018 is here. Many people have ambitious New Year’s resolutions. Much of the country is looking forward to a bright and prosperous year. But, as always, the United States faces challenges. How will 2018 shape up? Will it be a success for our country and government? Senator Lindsey Graham weighed in on that question. What he had to say startled many. […]