Navy SEAL's Wife Stood By Him After Car Wreck, Months Later Video Caught How He Repaid Her
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Navy SEAL’s Wife Stood By Him After Car Wreck, Months Later Video Caught How He Repaid Her

In March, a Navy Seal, who was serving as a combat medic instructor, was in a horrific car accident that left him in a coma and fighting for his life. Although the recovery has been difficult, his beautiful wife has stood by him every step of the way. Months after the wreck, a video was released that captured how the man repaid his wife for her devotion, and now, it’s going viral. […]

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‘Seizing’ Mom Calls 911, Responding Officers Horrified To Learn What Was Hidden In Her Car

After spending the entire day at the hair dressers, a young mother from Atlanta, Georgia, returned to her car, only to discover that it wouldn’t start. After she requested the help of a man to get it started, she soon called 911 with complaints of a seizure. However, when police arrived on the scene, they were left horrified to learn what the woman was trying to hide in the backseat of her car. […]

Doctors Make Simple Mistake, Mom Horrified When She's Left With A Hole In Her Face
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Doctors Make Costly Mistake, Texas Mom Horrified When She’s Left With A ‘Hole’ In Her Face

A pregnant woman from Austin, Texas, noticed a discoloration on her face that she would eventually assume was caused by her pregnancy hormones after visiting a dermatologist, who claimed the mark was a harmless liver spot. However, several months later, the young mother paid the price for her doctor’s costly mistake, and now, she’s warning others after she was left with a hole in her face. […]