Man Left "Bloodied And Unconscious" After Thugs Attack Him For Sickeningly Simple Reason
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Grandpa Left Bloodied & Unconscious After Laughing Thugs Attack Over One Physical Feature

After a grandpa had spent the night out with his wife and some friends at a local bar, they began their walk home. Unfortunately, the trip would be cut short when a group of laughing thugs suddenly approached. Sadly, the punks launched an attack, leaving the man bloodied and unconscious on the ground, and it seems that it was all over one physical feature that they took issue with. […]

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Brooklyn Thug Forced To Spend Time With Daughter On Father’s Day, Has Sick Celebration

Not everyone is equipped or ready to be a parent, but unfortunately, those people seem to breed anyway. When one such dad from Coney Island, Brooklyn was left in charge of “babysitting” his own baby girl on Father’s Day, he did something no real man would ever consider. When the baby’s mother returned home, she was left sick to learn how he celebrated fatherhood with the innocent child. […]

Mom Hears Daughter Beg, "Please Daddy, Don't," Horrified To See What He Did Moments Later 
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Mom Hears Daughter Beg, “Please Daddy, Don’t,” Horrified To See What He Did Moments Later

A woman from Chicago, Illinois, had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend when all hell broke loose. Sadly, as the duo’s quarrel escalated, it didn’t take long until the woman’s daughter was put in the middle of the fight. Moments later, she heard her 12-year-old child begging, “Please Daddy, don’t,” and she was quickly left horrified to see what the sick man did moments later. […]

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Stranger Looks At Woman’s Shirt, Makes Her An Offer When He Realizes Her Husband’s Away

Casey Carpenter recently ran to her local Kroger grocery store to get a few necessities, but the mundane task would take a turn when she got in line to check out. She was soon caught off guard as she caught the man in front of her looking at her shirt, but things certainly wouldn’t end there. The bold stranger left her utterly speechless when he mentioned her husband and made her an offer. […]