While Everyone Talks About Barron's Shirt, Melania Infuriates Libs With First WH Pic 

While Everyone Talks About Barron’s Shirt, Melania Infuriates Liberals With First WH Pic 

Melania and Barron Trump have finally made their big move into the White House. As everyone saw the photos of them being welcomed to their new home over the weekend, it seems Barron’s shirt got most of the attention. However, while all eyes were fixed on his clothing choices, the First Lady posted her first picture from the White House, and it has furious liberals on the attack. […]

Ivanka Praises Her Father's Work During Interview, Accidentally Lets One Thing Slip

While Praising Her Father’s Work, Ivanka Makes One Honest Admission No One Expected

Ivanka Trump kicked off the week by sitting down with the hosts of “Fox & Friends” for an interview. Although the sit-down was meant as an opportunity for her to praise her father’s administration and all of the accomplishments achieved thus far, things quickly took a turn in another direction. After being asked one blunt question, she made a shocking but honest admission. […]

Fitness Expert Leaves Fans Stunned When She Lifts Up Her Shirt & Exposes Her Dirty Secret
Health & Science

Fitness Expert Leaves Fans Stunned As She Lifts Up Her Shirt & Exposes Her Secret

Janelle Flanagan is a 40-year-old mother-of-four and a Certified Personal Trainer who currently has nearly 40,000 followers on her Instagram account, tuning in for her workout videos, inspirational posts, and muscle pics. However, the fitness expert from New Jersey recently did something a little different that left all of her fans stunned as she lifted up her shirt and exposed her own “little secret” that they never expected. […]

Nanny Spots Stranger Approaching Child, Horrified To Learn What Was Put In His Mouth
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Nanny Spots Stranger Approaching Child, Horrified To Learn What Was Put In His Mouth

When a California nanny decided to take a 2-year-old child to play at the park, the fun outing would turn to horror before her very eyes. While she was watching the boy on one of the structures, she saw a stranger approach him. Unfortunately, although she rushed to the child’s aid, she wasn’t quick enough and would be left horrified to learn what had been forcefully placed in the toddler’s mouth. […]