Cops & Criminals

Pennsylvania Punk Attempts Armed Bank Robbery, Fed-Up Older Man Delivers Brutal Justice

A shocking video has emerged out of Pennsylvania, where a dumb punk walked into a bank and pointed a handgun in people’s faces as he demanded money. Unfortunately for the masked idiot, he didn’t see who was behind him until it was too late. A fed-up older gentleman, who walked into the bank just moments before, decided it was time to deliver a dose of brutal justice to the thug, and rightfully so. Luckily for us, it was all caught on surveillance video. […]

U.S. News

Racist Professor Says Math Gives “Unearned Privilege” To Whites, Misses 1 Important Thing

A liberal professor from the University of Illinois has taken stupid to a whole new level with claims that mathematics gives “unearned privilege” to white people and that math tests discriminate against minority students — but only when they perform worse than their white counterparts. Like many other liberal arguments, this professor is forgetting one important detail. […]

Cops & Criminals

Horrific Video Shocks Parents As Middle School Kids Commit Sex Act In Locker Room

A shocking video has emerged out of Henrico, Virginia, and the footage has rocked America’s public school system after middle school kids were caught on camera committing a vile act on each other. Even though the graphic video has been edited by news organizations, it is shocking to watch and still beyond comprehension that such a sickening act took place among young kids. Now, parents of the children at the school want answers and accountability, and rightfully so. […]

Cops & Criminals

Lone Woman Confronts Intruder In Her Home, Delivers Brutal Texas Justice

In Conroe, Texas, a woman was horrified when she heard someone trying to break into her home in the middle of the night. The woman shouted at the intruder to leave her front door alone, only to find the intruder coming through her back door moments later. There was only one option left for the lone woman, who had already called the police and was left to defend herself. It was time to dish out some brutal Texas justice. […]