Muslims FURIOUS As Sale & Production Of Head Coverings Is BANNED

January 10, 2017 Dan Lindsey

In an unprecedented move, one country is taking a politically incorrect approach to rising crime, and it’s making Muslims furious. As followers of Islam demand special considerations for their religious garb in the United States, a Mulsim country is banning the sales and production of head coverings — a decision that would leave liberals outraged in America. […]


Everyone Who Supported Kaepernick Just Got SCREWED — It’s Officially Over!

January 8, 2017 Dan Lindsey

Colin Kaepernick has become infamous for his “protests” during this football season. Taking a knee and refusing to stand for the National Anthem, many lambasted his ignorant sentiments, but others supported his stance — or lack thereof. However, after Kaepernick’s tantrum-filled football season, it’s safe to say those who supported him are now regretting it. In fact, they just got screwed — and it’s officially over! […]


YOU’RE FIRED! Look What Trump Just Did To ALL Of Obama’s Ambassadors

January 6, 2017 Dan Lindsey

In an epic move, Donald Trump is beginning the long-awaited process of draining the swamp. The president-elect is starting with all of Barack Obama’s politically appointed ambassadors. According to a report published Thursday night by The Gateway Pundit, a special edict was released by the State Department on December 23, giving the dismissive details of Trump’s order. […]

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