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Saggy-Pants Thugs Break Into Wrong Home, Fed-Up Elderly Veteran Delivers Brutal Justice

A 79-year-old military veteran in North Carolina was horrified when his wife answered a knock at their door and, instantly, two saggy-pants-wearing thugs rushed in and started to beat him with a drill. As his wife watched in horror, the battered elderly veteran showed his true grit and delivered a dose of brutal instant justice that his attackers will never forget, and rightfully so. […]

Cops & Criminals

WATCH: Smug Thug Taunts Cops For 5 Hours On Rooftop, Fed-Up Grandpa Makes Him Pay

A shocking video has emerged out of Los Angeles, California, where a roof jumping thug who led police on a wild goose chase taunted officers for 5 hours before a fed-up grandpa with a healthy dislike for criminals made him pay. The officers standing on the ground cheered the 83-year-old hero for “doing what they couldn’t do,” and after you see it, you will too. […]


‘Fasten Your Seatbelt’: Awan Brothers About To Tell Debbie’s Big Dirty Secret For Immunity

Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) just set the political world on fire with anticipation after he revealed that the Awan brothers, the IT guys who worked for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, are cutting a deal to save their own skins. Now, Franks says that Americans need to “fasten their seatbelts” because the Awan brothers are about to divulge Debbie’s big dirty secret. […]

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Michigan Mom Tells Teen Son He Can’t Keep Puppy, Never Expected His Evil Reaction

A Michigan mom recently retired to the peace and quiet of her bed after a heated argument with her teen son over keeping a puppy that he had found. Later that night, the entitled brat crept into his mother’s room as she slept, unaware of the evil reaction that her demented child would have after she refused to let him keep the puppy. Now, her sadistic son will pay for what he did to her, and rightfully so. […]

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Pennsylvania Thug Beats His Own Mother With Baseball Bat, Fed-Up Neighbor Wrecks His World

A shocking report has emerged out of Pennsylvania that has shaken a local community to the core. A rampaging thug brutally beat his own mother with a baseball bat in her driveway and then ran to a neighbor’s front door with some very bad intentions. Little did this punk know that the fed-up neighbor was about to wreck his world in a way he could never have imagined, and rightfully so. […]