Kim Jong-Un Gives The Order, North Korea Wipes Out U.S. City In Simulation

Shocking video footage has surfaced of North Korea wiping out a U.S. city in a mock-up production that was the grand finale at a music show marking the birthday of North Korea’s founding father Kim Il-sung. Kim Jong-un smiled and waved at cheering crowds as America burned in the sickening video production, leaving many to wonder if the North Korean dictator has plans to attack the U.S. with nuclear weapons. […]


Exposed: Hillary Caught Doing The Unthinkable To Her Own Campaign Staff

Hillary Clinton suffered the biggest and most embarrassing defeat of any political candidate in U.S. history in November 2016. Donald Trump destroyed her in the presidential election after she suffered a previous loss in 2008 at the hands of Barack Obama when he clobbered her in the Democratic Party’s primary. Now, new information has surfaced, showing Hillary’s corrupt campaign behavior went further back than anyone knew. […]


North Korea Promises Weekly Missile Tests, So Trump Makes A Vow Of His Own

North Korea has been at the forefront of the world stage with its constant threats to Western countries of missile strikes and even nuclear war. Now, after hearing North Korea’s promise to conduct missile tests on a weekly basis, President Donald Trump made a vow of his own, and it has many wondering if we are about to deliver a blow to the “crazy fat kid” running North Korea. […]


After Obama Holdovers In Border Patrol Do The Unthinkable, Heads Will Roll

Traitors should be dealt with much more harshly than the enemy. A whistleblower has just come forward with damning evidence against Barack Obama’s holdovers within the Border Patrol’s management team who have done the unthinkable. Even more shocking is the reason these corrupt Obama holdouts have committed such an unthinkable offense against their own country, knowing that their heads are going to roll. […]


PBS’s Shocking Lesson Plan On Islam For Kids Exposed, Christians Outraged

PBS, which receives approximately 13 percent of its annual budget from the federal government, has spent over $100 million of your tax dollars over the past two years with a portion of those funds going to a shocking lesson plan on Islam. Now, Christians throughout the country are demanding that the federal government stop funding this project which teaches American kids some truly sickening lessons. […]


Professor Who Tweeted ‘Trump Must Hang’ Leaves Town After Pissing Off Patriots

Nearly two months ago, Fresno State professor Lars Maischak infamously tweeted “Trump must hang” along with a few other incredibly stupid things. Recently, it was reported that the FBI, Secret Service, and Homeland Security had gotten involved as Maischak became the center of some very negative attention. Now, one new startling development has caused the Trump-hating educator to leave town, and for good reason. […]


As Obama’s IRS Commissioner Refuses To Step Down, GOP Makes Bold Move

Last week, Barack Obama’s despised IRS Commissioner John Koskinen arrogantly refused to resign during a Senate Finance Committee meeting where Senator Pat Roberts (R-KS) directly asked him if he would immediately step down due to his proven discrimination against conservative non-profit groups. In response to Koskinen’s cocky refusal, the GOP announced a bold new move that should cause the hated IRS chief to reconsider early retirement. […]