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She-Thugs Slash Her Face & Threaten Her Child, Then Fed-Up Ohio Woman Goes Full Momma Bear

An Ohio woman was horrified when two violent she-thugs broke through her front door. Shockingly, the victim was severely slashed on her face by one assailant while the other suspect held the door open. The bleeding victim retreated into her home as the two attackers followed and turned their attention toward her 10-year-old child. That was all it took for the fed-up victim to go full momma bear on the intruders, and rightfully so. […]

Cops & Criminals

WATCH: Harvey Flood Victims Catch Looters On Video, Shocked When They Realize Who They Are

A shocking video has emerged out of flood damaged Houston, Texas, where victims of Hurricane Harvey caught looters red-handed in their home. More shocking to the homeowners than the selfish act itself was realizing who the thieves are. Now, the thugs are going to pay a heavy price for delivering this devastating double-blow to people who were already flood victims and now burglary victims as well. […]

Cops & Criminals

Good Samaritan Sees Thug Stealing & Offers To Pay For Stolen Goods, Gets Horrific Surprise

A shocking video has emerged out of Los Angeles, California, when a thug was seen shoplifting by a good Samaritan who offered to pay for the merchandise that he was stealing. Sadly, as the good Samaritan leaves the store, the thug repays his offer of kindness with a truly horrific surprise. Now, police are looking for the evil man who committed this unspeakable act before he harms anyone else. […]

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San Antonio Man Said Hurricane Harvey Victims Should “F*cking Drown,” Gets Instant Karma

A man from San Antonio, Texas, wrote a Facebook post saying that Hurricane Harvey victims should “f*cking drown,” and he has found himself on the wrong side of karma after his hate-filled message went viral. Now, the degenerate, who also called flood victims “cheap evacuees,” is going to need a miracle to dig out of the hole he’s dug, and rightfully so. […]