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Computer Nerd Hires Psychotic Prostitute, Horrified At Sick Gift She Left In His Head

An IT security specialist from Washington state recently made the horrific decision to hire a prostitute, thinking it would be a great experience because she called herself an “escort.” Much to his dismay, the hooker he hired turned out to be a psychopath. Now, the story has gone viral after the perverted geek ended up in brain surgery after the sick gift she left in his head. […]


WATCH: When Employee Denies Special Request, Unhinged Woman Goes Off On ‘Racist’ Taco Bell

Viral footage has emerged on social media after a few Taco Bell employees were recently harassed by a blithering drama queen, and it was all caught on video. The woman had one special request, and when it was denied, she became unhinged, flying off the handle about how “racist” Taco Bell was for not fulfilling her demands. The clip is spreading like wildfire as shocked viewers are left in disbelief by what made this woman accuse the fast food joint of “racism” and fed-up customers, who wouldn’t tolerate any more of her nonsense, brought her to tears. […]


Raiders Quarterback Refuses To Join National Anthem Protest, Racist Teammates Make Him Pay

Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who is known by his teammates for being a strong Christian and patriotic American, is seeing the ugly underbelly of the prejudice now shown to players who won’t join the national anthem protests. Shocking allegations now hang over the Raiders organization as the wife of another NFL player says that Carr’s offensive line made him pay for not kneeling. […]