Cops & Criminals

Thug Flees Store With Stolen Beer, Didn’t See What Was Around The Corner

One lone thug ran out of a store in Brooklyn, New York, after stealing beer with a fake pistol. It seemed like he might get away with it until some brutal karma decided to stop him in his tracks as he tried to make a break for it. As the suspect fled the convenience store with two six-packs of stolen beer, he had no idea what was waiting for him just around the corner. […]

Cops & Criminals

Thug Gives Cops SICK Excuse After Camera Catches Him Beating 7-Year-Old

Kordarell Williams, a 27-year-old child abuser, was arrested after local police saw surveillance footage of him mercilessly beating his girlfriend’s little boy in the street at an illegal dumping site. Williams brutal hit the 7-year-old with his belt and hand 62 times in 5 minutes in the original graphic video. However, more shocking than his crime was the sickening reason Williams gave for beating the little boy. […]

Gun Rights

11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Just Did the UNTHINKABLE To Gun Owners

Our 2nd Amendment rights have been under fire from the left for a long time, and many are familiar with Barack Obama’s departing words of disappointment over not having succeeded in major gun control legislation. Now, the judicial liberal branch of our government has just issued an unbelievable ruling that has gun owners furious, as they did the unthinkable to law-abiding citizens. […]

Cops & Criminals

Haters Get Bad News, They’ll Think Twice Before Blocking Another Road

America is fed up with domestic terrorism of any kind and some states are taking aggressive action to restore peace in their communities. After what one state just did, the liberal agitators who love to protest by blocking roads, as we’ve seen from the Donald Trump protesters and groups such as Black Lives Matter, will have to think twice before breaking the law — unless they want to get hit with a hefty price and suffer extreme consequences. […]