Obama Intelligence Official Just Stabbed Him In the Back, And He Is Furious

The liberals in our government have become a broken record with their baseless accusations of President Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia. With the help of the mainstream media, they’ve pissed off the majority of Americans, and now even Barack Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence has stabbed him in the back with one big admission which kills the Russian conspiracy theory once and for all. […]

Cops & Criminals

Gay Thug Sends Victim’s Family Sickening Gift, Forgets One Huge Detail

A judge in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, wiped the grin off of a smug gay thug as he sat in court after being accused of playing a dirty trick on at least 136 male victims, most of whom were underage boys. The 18-year-old criminal may have never been caught if it weren’t for the one huge detail that he forgot when he sent one of his victim’s families a truly sickening gift. […]