Kids Turn To The 'Black Market' To Outsmart Michelle Obama

Kids Turn To The ‘Black Market’ To Outsmart Michelle Obama

June 24, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

Michelle Obama is insane. We might as well get it out there. She is not the president and yet acts as though her ideals of lunches and exercise are what is best for all kids across America. Because of the first lady’s obsession with removing everything even halfway tasty from children’s lunches, the genius little kids decided to outsmart her. […]

Gun Rights

MSNBC Attempts to Divert Attention From the Flag by Demanding Ban on THIS

June 24, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

MSNBC is far from a conservative outlet. With downright racist and divisive motives, they sure seem to be able to get liberal minds all a flutter with socialistic feelings of superiority and equality. They are, of course, a news outlet condoning the ban of the Confederate flag (or the battle flag of Virginia). Yet, they now see another inanimate object as an issue and are attempting to redirect attention to it rather than a flag. […]

California's Governor Wants More Control

California’s Governor Wants More Control

June 23, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

One dictator has taken it upon himself to ensure that other states know he’s a tyrannical fascist. Not content with the stranglehold he has on the state of California, Governor Jerry Brown is making demands to regulate other states as well. […]

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