New Way To Offend Feminists … “Tat-Calling,” But It Gets Even More Ridiculous

July 4, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

According to feminist bloggers across the world-wide web, pretty much everything is offensive. Just when we thought they had already complained about everything possible, they came up with something new that’s striking a nerve with them. How can there possibly be something else that bothers a feminist? Isn’t their “I’m offended” jar overflowing with things to get upset about already? Obviously not. Apparently, there is always room for one more offense. […]

Seattle Girls Can't Buy A Coke At School, But Here's What They Can Get
Health & Science

Seattle Girls Can’t Buy A Coke At School, But Here’s What They Can Get

July 3, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

School was always supposed to be a place where children learn mathematics and science and grow socially and logically. Now, 13 Seattle area schools have taken it upon themselves to ban Coca-Cola sodas and candy bar vending machines. The ban began in 2004 and actually encompasses all junk food. It’s simply another disturbing chain of events that leaves us all shaking our heads. But that’s not the worst part. […]

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