Health & Science

His Life Didn’t Matter To A Liberal Doctor, But He Defied The Odds

September 4, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

As we all know, liberals hold human life in a lower regard than animal life, and this story is one such example of how horrible and disgusting their mindset has become. There are things about human life that liberals don’t seem to understand. Life matters. Humans matter. And human life is more valuable than a lion or a seal or a whale. […]


One State Just Did Something For All Cops That Will INFURIATE Godless Liberals

September 3, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

One state is taking a stand for all life and making it known that violence will not be tolerated against their “thin blue line” members. They are making sure a message is sent to thugs and criminals everywhere and making a declaration that is sure to be a slap to Barack Obama’s Godless face and the face of liberals everywhere. Unlike our Commander-in-Chief, they are saying boldly “something can be done!” […]

Health & Science

One Little Girl’s Selfless Act Just Saved Her Brother’s Life

September 2, 2015 Dawn Parabellum

Often, the most innocent among us, our children, also have the biggest hearts. Not jaded by judgment or life in general, children are more likely than adults to care and show selfless compassion. This is most definitely the case in this heart warming story. One five year-old is showing us what it means to truly put another before ourselves. Prepare your Kleenex, because this one is a tear-jerker. […]

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