Secret Message Hidden In Melania Trump’s U.N. Outfit, Leaves Hillary Clinton Livid

There is a lot of talk circulating across the internet after pictures surfaced of First Lady Melania Trump attending the United Nations General Assembly alongside President Donald Trump. Although most eyes were on the President, viewers have picked up on a “hidden message” in the outfit Melania wore to the assembly, and all fingers are pointing to Hillary Clinton as the intended recipient, leaving her furious. […]


VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Unleashes Fury, Destroys Illegal Alien With 8 Words He Didn’t Expect

Former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and his “DREAMers” were shoved down our throats, giving us thousands of entitled leeches demanding that we allow illegal aliens to reap our country’s benefits, despite the fact that they spit on our Constitution and laws. Unsurprisingly, Americans have had enough. Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson shut down one DACA recipient with 8 brutal words on live TV as Carlson unleashed his fury, and rightfully so. […]

Cops & Criminals

Loud Mouth Brat Prints Disgusting Message On Cop’s Receipt, Instantly Made To Regret It

A California police officer was working his shift as normal when it came time to eat, and he decided on the pizza chain Pieology Pizzeria, which is known for their instant personal pizzas. What he didn’t know was that one entitled employee was going to take notice of his uniform and leave him a nasty surprise printed on his receipt. Now, the brat is getting her deserved karma while a picture of the receipt goes viral. […]

Cops & Criminals

Group Of Illegals Play Game Of Cat & Mouse On California Freeway, Hit With Instant Karma

The unsecured border between the United States and Mexico is a major issue for our national security. It is too easy to step onto U.S. soil illegally with zero repercussions — unless you do it like one group of illegals recently did. While trying to enter America illegally, a van dumped nine aliens into the U.S. before deciding to play a game of cat and mouse on a California freeway — until they were hit with a brutal dose of instant karma. […]


Celebrities Wore Blue Ribbons At Emmy Awards To Send Hidden Message To Trump

Everyday Americans are fed-up with Hollywood’s leftist agenda and their need to shove it down our throats. It seems anytime celebrities gather, they use it as an opportunity to push their progressive ideals, and a few Hollywood elites decided to prance around wearing a blue ribbon all night long. Of course, it holds a hidden meaning as the celebs decided to send a message to President Donald Trump. […]

Cops & Criminals

Thug Attempts Armed Robbery With The Wrong Officer, Gets Deadly Dose Of Karma

Bank customers were horrified when they watched as a thug approached the wrong guy at an ATM, attempting to initiate an armed robbery. The thug realized too late that he was robbing an innocent citizen who just so happened to also be a military police officer. Terrified people around him were stunned when they saw the brutal instant justice he was served — and it was all caught on shocking video. […]


Before Giving Speech To US Military, Melania Did 1 Thing Media Doesn’t Want To Report

After the recent hurricanes, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania spent a day honoring all of those in our military who helped in the relief efforts. They delivered a fantastic message to our service members, and it is now going viral. Although Melania’s speech was heartwarming, it is what she did before the speech that the media doesn’t want to report for one disgusting reason. […]


Liberals Meltdown Over Melania’s Dinner Dress, Video Of Michelle Surfaces & Shuts Them Up

First Lady Melania Trump joined her other half Thursday evening for the White House Historical Association reception and dinner, looking glamours as always. However, as soon as photos hit the internet of the historic night, liberals went into full meltdown mode over Melania’s stunning silver gown, but as a video surfaced of Michelle Obama, it shut them all up. […]