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Thousands Of Goods Donated To Hurricane Victims, Red Cross Caught Doing The Unthinkable

Between Hurricane Harvey and Irma, millions of people are in desperate need of help, and American’s have stepped up to the plate in more ways than imaginable to donate and volunteer in hopes of restoring some normality. People have donated thousands of pounds of food, millions of items, and hundreds of hours to bring necessities to the hurricane victims, but when one volunteer made her way to a Red Cross donation center, she could not believe the unthinkable act they were doing with all the donations. This will leave anyone who has donated fuming. […]


Liberals Irate As New Photo Of ‘KKK’ Surfaces, There’s Just 1 Big Problem

The liberal media will do just about anything to create divisive and false narratives, especially when it comes to the “racist” right. We are always warned about fake news, but what one outlet just did is ridiculous. A photo was published by a news outlet of “KKK” members walking the streets that immediately made liberal blood boil, but not long after it surfaced, people started to realize there was one major problem with the photo. […]

Cops & Criminals

After Hurricane Irma, Liberals Sue Sheriff For 1 Promise Intended To Keep Community Safe

After Hurricane Irma, Florida law enforcement has done everything in their power to keep their communities safe. Social media has been flooded with warnings regarding safety and shelter, and one Sheriff even made it clear that the crazies needed to keep out. However, liberals have now filed a law suit against the Polk County Sheriff for trying to fulfill his one promise intended to keep his community safe. […]


Miss NJ Asked About Confederate Statue Removal, Answer Immediately Shocks Crowd

During the Miss America pageant, Miss New Jersey took the stage to answer the iconic final question asked by one of the members of the panel of judges. Of course, the network could not help but politicize the show by asking Miss New Jersey a loaded question regarding her stance of the removal of Confederate statues across America. However, her controversial answer shocked the judges and everyone watching at home. […]

Cops & Criminals

Saggy-Pants Thugs Begin To Loot As Hurricane Hits, Didn’t See Who Was Watching

While most Americans are unifying in this devastating time of need, some are taking advantage of the tragedy. A shocking video has just started going viral after a group of nine saggy-pants thugs broke through a window of a sportswear store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, stealing as many boxes of shoes as they could get their greedy hands on, but there was just one problem. The looters didn’t see who was right behind them, leaving the thugs with their saggy-pants around their knees. […]

Health & Science

Pregnant Michigan Mother With Brain Cancer Makes Fatal Decision, Leaves Family Devastated

A Michigan mother of five with a loving family filled with the Lord had the kind of happiness that they thought would last a lifetime, but that was before she found out that she had stage four brain cancer that would call for extensive chemo. After discovering that she had cancer, the mother learned she was pregnant with her sixth child, causing her to make one fatal decision that would cause her whole family unimaginable grief. […]