Liberals FURIOUS As Trump Spends Entire Day Bombing The CRAP Out Of ISIS

President Donald Trump is making good on one of the essential campaign promises that he made to voters; namely, to systematically bring the radical jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State to their Allah-loving knees. He has claimed a major victory in this ongoing struggle to curb terrorism and has greatly succeeded in making the left furious with his latest efforts to bomb the crap out of ISIS. […]


Trump Has Top Advisor Escorted From WH After LEWD Remark About Ivanka

After appointing Craig Deare to head the National Security Council’s Western Hemisphere division just one month ago, President Donald Trump fired him on Friday, and he was subsequently escorted out of the Executive Office Building in D.C. where he worked, marking the second NSC official to leave in one week. Apparently, Deare had been harboring some lewd opinions of the president’s eldest daughter, Ivanka. […]

Cops & Criminals

Thug DRAGS Bloodied Officer Down Highway, Then Some Cowboys Show Up

Intense footage has emerged of a state trooper being dragged down a busy highway by a suspect. The graphic video shows the altercation between the driver and the trooper, who was left bloodied and exhausted after the horrifying ordeal. That’s when a couple of cowboys showed up to teach the unruly thug a much-needed lesson about the right way to treat law enforcement. […]