Gun Rights

Idiot Says Guns Have More Rights Than Girls, Suffers Brutal Taken Down

A liberal’s insanely idiotic tweet has been mercilessly sleighed by a gun enthusiast who actually knows what he is talking about, and it’s being called the “Best Pro 2nd Amendment Response Ever!” There’s just something about Twitter that seems to bring out the crazier side of progressives who type before thinking and are then made to suffer the consequences in the form of brutal public humiliation. […]

Health & Science

CDC Announces Latest Deadly ‘Gift’ Illegals Have Brought to U.S. Citizens

Donald Trump’s hardline stance on immigration and the security of our Southern Border was greatly criticized during his successful 2016 presidential campaign. However, the importance of such a policy for our nation’s safety is being drilled home now that the CDC has announced the latest deadly “gift” illegals have brought to U.S. citizens, proving once again that the right man won on November 8. […]


Bill Clinton Slips Up, Reveals What’s REALLY Going on With Hillary’s Health

Bill Clinton has been a horrible husband. The former president had so many affairs that the Clintons have gone to great lengths to cover up his sexual indiscretions, reportedly threatening his female conquests and even allegedly having people murdering to keep them quiet. Although Bill has been doing his wife dirty for years, his latest move, exposing Hillary’s health issues, still has to hurt. […]


Liberals LOSE THEIR MINDS As Trump Announces New Inauguration Performer

As January 20th draws near, more performers are being announced daily for President-elect Donald Trump’s historic inauguration, and the latest is ruffling more than a few feathers. It’s sad, really, considering the magnitude of such an event, and the fact that there has seemingly never been such controversy surrounding it. We’re seeing who’s truly tolerant, and it’s not the party which notoriously prides themselves on inclusivity. […]