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Guy Saw Former Lover With Disabled Triplets, Realized She Hid Something

Divorce is inevitably difficult, especially when children are involved, but the road that Liz Dunn has walked is hard to imagine. When she made the decision to divorce her husband, she was left to raise their three-year-old daughter on her own. What she didn’t realize at the time, was that she was pregnant again, this time with triplets. The next surprise she got was even more of a shock. […]


[WATCH] Rush Limbaugh Breaks The Internet With DAMNING Video of Hillary

Assuming you haven’t been living in a cave, you’re likely familiar with the leftist media’s latest narrative, claiming so-called “fake news” contributed to Hillary Clinton’s embarrassing loss. Of course, what they really mean is “news from conservative sources,” but just like other narratives pushed by the mainstream media, this one is completely false, and Rush Limbaugh just broke the internet with a damning video of Hillary. […]


First Ivanka Was Harassed On A Plane, What Happened One Day Later Is SICK

Liberals in our country are so intolerant that Ivanka Trump can’t even catch a flight with her family without being harassed. When a gay couple spotted her at JFK, the crazed couple chased her down and berated her for being Donald Trump’s daughter, undeterred by the presence of her 3 young children. As if that wasn’t enough to prove the new low the left has reached, what happened one day later does. […]

World News

ISIS Releases Horrifying New Video With Graphic Christmastime Warning To US

After 8 years of Barack Obama appeasing radical Islam and making excuses for Muslim terrorists, this is where we are. The Islamic State roams rampant, destroying lives with unspeakable acts of terror while feeling emboldened by our pathetic president’s notorious weakness. Now, ISIS has released a terrifying Christmastime warning to the United States just days ahead of one of our most important Christian holidays. […]


Mom Leaves 3-Month-Old Home Alone To Go Drinking, Infant Is EATEN ALIVE

When there are good people trying to have children, it’s infuriating that some sick individuals procreate without any intention of being legitimate guardians. The mother in this story is so pathetic that she left her 3-month-old daughter home alone all night long to go on a drinking binge, only to return to find the baby had suffered one of the most horrifying fates imaginable. […]