Cops & Criminals

BLM Swarms Officer’s Home, Philly Police Union President Sends Them Running With 4 Words

Activists from Black Lives Matter swarmed the home of a police officer who shot a black man in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, chanting, “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace.” However, Philly Police Union President John McNesby was having none of it, and he sent them all running with a brutal four-word statement that was entirely politically incorrect. […]

U.S. News

Soldier Pulls Baby From Deadly Water, Keep Your Eye On What Else Is Squeezed In His Arms

A new video has surfaced out of Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which depicts the tremendous effort being made by members of the National Guard who have flown into Houston from states across the U.S. One soldier repelled out of a hovering helicopter in order to pull a baby from the deadly flood waters beneath. As you watch the harrowing footage of his brave rescue, keep your eyes on what else is seen squeezed tightly in his arms. […]