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Obama Gives Tortured Teen Big ‘F -YOU’ With Public Gift To Racist Attackers

Our jaws collectively dropped to the floor as we watched, in heart-wrenching agony, the torture of a mentally-ill white teen broadcasted via Facebook Live. Four racist black attackers made the victim drink dirty toilet water and held a knife to his throat, among other unspeakable acts of depravity. Unfortunately, it gets worse as Barack Obama just gave the boy a big “F-you” with a public gift for his attackers. […]

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Internet ERUPTS Over NEW Disturbing Video Of Thug Who Tortured White Boy

A day after liberal CNN anchor Don Lemon excused the disturbing video of four black teens torturing a mentally-handicapped white boy as nothing more than a case of “bad home training,” new, graphic, and disturbing footage emerged which proves that at least one of the suspects has a history of making violent and racially-charged threats. It’ll sure be interesting to see how Lemon explains this one. […]


Fox News Host Tracks Down Gay Man Who Harassed Ivanka, LOOK At Him Now

Not too long ago, Ivanka Trump was harassed on a flight by a gay man who took issue with her simply because she is Donald Trump’s daughter. Although it’s safe to say the angry aggressor would like to fade out of the spotlight, it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon after a Fox News host tracked him down. You have to see him now, and luckily, you can, since it was all caught on camera. […]

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Ft. Lauderdale Killer’s Aunt Speaks Out, What She Says Explains Everything

On Friday, Esteban Santiago killed at least 5 innocent people and wounded 8 others when he opened fire at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The mass shooting, which was a tragedy on many levels with 5 lives needlessly lost, will undoubtedly be used by the left as a shameless ploy for further gun control. However, Santiago’s aunt has spoken out, explaining everything. […]

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BREAKING: Shooting Erupts at Fort Lauderdale Airport, Death Toll Rising

Another shooting has rocked the nation just fourteen days from the official commencement of Barack Obama’s presidential term. The tragic news comes as many Americans are counting down the days until Donald Trump is inaugurated, as they consider President Obama largely to blame for the rampant violence the United States has suffered under his leadership, or lack thereof. […]


Woman Got Breasts For Boyfriend, But Years Later Realized Horrifying Truth

The plastic surgery craze has exploded, paving the way for hit reality TV shows on the subject. While this is mostly mindless entertainment without much substance, there are lessons to be learned. On a recent episode of Botched, which chronicles the medical practice of plastic surgeons Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, a patient named Ilana learned firsthand the devastating consequences plastic surgery can have. […]


They Told Trump He Could NEVER Build The Wall, But LOOK What He Just Did

Many said Donald Trump could never build a wall along our southern border, but they are about to eat crow after they see what he just did. A newly released internal agency memo reviewed by Reuters offers a glimpse into President-elect Donald Trump’s strategy for securing the U.S. border with Mexico, something he was widely criticized for promising voters during the election season of 2016. […]