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Trump-Hater Charlie Sheen Accused Of ‘Heinous Sex Crime’ Against Famous 13-Year-Old Actor

Actor Charlie Sheen wished President Donald Trump dead, but that was nothing considering that he is now in the biggest trouble of his life for allegedly committing one of the most heinous child sex crimes possible. Sheen’s gone into hiding and is being called “way worse than Harvey Weinstein,” which says it all. It’s not just what he did, he did it to a famous thirteen-year-old actor, and you’ll agree the Hollywood cesspool is being drained faster than we thought. […]


Melania Wows Press As Her One Move Causes Chinese To Dub Her ‘America’s Secret Weapon’

President Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump recently arrived in Bejing, China, and right away, the press was focused on the first lady. Melania, who grew up in a communist country and of course favors living in an open and free society, found herself in the middle of a crucial diplomatic visit. Melania wowed the press immediately, but after she did one thing that bolstered the sensitive diplomatic negotiations, the Chinese now see her as “America’s secret weapon.” […]


Michelle Cashes In On Million Dollar Deal As Her ‘Secret Plot’ To Screw America Comes Out

Michelle Obama is on a rampage over the last two months while Barack has been holed up in their Kalorama, Washington, D.C., mansion, hanging out with his longtime “only” friend, according to the former first lady. While Michelle has stepped up her verbal assaults on President Donald Trump, the mainstream media were shocked to learn Michelle has a “secret plan” to screw America and is cashing in millions to achieve it. […]


After Alec Baldwin Caught Spreading Sick Lie About Melania, Trump Sends Epic Smackdown

Alec Baldwin is desperate after Saturday Night Live’s ratings plummet as his tired Donald Trump impersonation is wearing thin, even with leftists. Hoping to spark some publicity, Baldwin has been making the rounds on cable TV and liberal talk radio, trashing Trump. Well, the fifty-nine-year-old Baldwin went too far when he blatantly attacked our beloved first lady, spreading a sick lie, but that’s not all.  After the president was made aware of it, he sent Baldwin an epic smackdown. […]


After ‘Star Trek’ Star Says ‘Praying Got Churchgoers Killed,’ Gets Dose Of Texan Justice

The Hollywood crowd has lost their mind over the mass shooting that happened in Sutherland, Texas. The killer’s target was a Baptist church during its Sunday service which led “Star Trek: The Next Generation” star Wil Wheaton to bash Christians, saying that prayers don’t work. If they did, the victims would still be alive, according to him. Wheaton, a noted atheist, loves to mock Christianity, but he was shocked when he immediately got a dose of Texas justice. […]


‘Sharpshooting Plumber’ Chased Texas Killer, Courageous Actions Send Left Into Tailspin

Heroes are found in everyday Americans, like the brave “sharpshooting” plumber who received word from his daughter that the Baptist church down the street from their home was “being shot up by a madman.” Within minutes, Stephen Willeford pulled into the church parking lot just as the shooter was emerging. What Willeford did next was so astonishing that he’s being applauded as a hero. However, his courageous acts have sent the left into a tailspin. […]


Chelsea Handler Blames Trump Supporters For Texas Shooting, PRES Gives Her Epic SmackDown

Chelsea Handler, who is now calling herself a “political activist” after her Netflix gig got canceled, immediately weighed in on the horrendous mass shooting at a Baptist church in Texas. Handler made her ill-advised remarks before the police had even cleared the victims’ bodies, blaming the shooting on Trump supporters. Well, President Donald Trump just slapped Handler and her idiot leftist cohorts with an epic smackdown, causing her to spin out of control. […]


Trump’s Ready To ‘Lock Her Up,’ Hillary’s Destroyed Emails Found With Big ‘Smoking Gun’

Hillary Clinton thought she was so smart, “bleaching and destroying” her computers and hard-drives and deleting over 33,000 emails. Well, that did not work. The former Secretary of State’s emails have just been found, and what they say is the smoking gun to many crimes, implicating other well-known figures. Hillary’s in shock, holed up in her Chappaqua, New York, home, as President Donald Trump signals the Justice Department to drain the swamp as they get ready to “lock her up.” […]


Brazile Bombshell: ‘I Fear For My Life’ After Outing Hillary’s ‘Secret Role’ In Murder

Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee Chairman, just dropped a bombshell about the former failed presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Brazile, who confessed to slipping Hillary the debate questions, admits to “shutting her blinds so snipers could not see her,” after she learned of an unsolved murder, implicating Clinton’s “secret role.” Brazile said she “fears for her life,” and she knew the best way to stay alive was to go public. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Muslim Lawyer: ‘It’s A Man’s Solemn Duty’ To Do Sick Thing To Women ‘Exposing Their Legs’

A very prominent lawyer was caught on live TV screaming about “women who expose their legs, wearing ripped jeans.” He was adamant that it is the duty of men, who see a woman exposing any part of her legs, to immediately approach her and do something so vile and disgusting, it’s blowing people’s minds. As the leftists make excuses for terrorism, this lawyer proves liberals are playing with fire. You don’t want to miss this. […]