Actress Thinks Schools Should Teach Teens ONE Sex Act To Lower STD Rates

Hollywood actress Shailene Woodley, who is starring in the new Oliver Stone film Snowden, thinks she has figured out how to drop the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies. Shockingly, Woodley claims schools should be teaching teens, especially girls, one certain sex act to fix these issues, and the idiotic actress even wants to write a book about her bright idea. […]


Trump’s Health Records Reveals ONE Important Fact, Hillary’s Doc Lies Again

Donald Trump’s results from his physical last week are in, and with Hillary’s health being such a mystery, Americans want to be assured he is as healthy as he looks. Trump’s stamina on the campaign trail has never faltered, but is he fit to serve as president? Now, Trump’s results have revealed one important fact while, at the same time, Hillary’s doctor has lied again. […]

Cops & Criminals

SEE IT: Muslim Millionaire Gets Nasty Surprise After Years Of Collecting Welfare

Coming from a wealthy Iranian family and calling himself “Prince Ali Pascal Mahvi,” a Muslim millionaire in Ohio has enjoyed living in a million dollar home with a pool and tennis courts while collecting welfare and food stamps at the expense of American taxpayers. Saying he’ll take everything he can from our welfare system, little did he know his fraud wouldn’t last forever, and he just got a nasty surprise. […]


Trump Gets Last Laugh After Liberal Woman Pastor Set Vile Trap For Him

Faith Green Timmons, a black Methodist pastor, tried to set-up Donald Trump while he was speaking in Flint, Michigan yesterday. With cameras rolling, Timmons loudly interrupted Trump, attempting to create a soundbite to make him look bad. Now, information is exposing this so-called pastor’s sinister agenda, and Trump is now getting the last laugh as the phony pastor’s plan backfired big time. […]


Woman Lied To Cops After Attacking Blind Trump Fan, Forgot 1 Thing

A disgusting woman, who was protesting a Donald Trump rally, is accusing a legally blind Trump supporter of attacking her. Shirley Teeter, of Asheville, North Carolina, was part of the protesters when she claims 73-year-old Richard Campbell punched her in the face. Now, as police issued a warrant for the man’s arrest, the truth is coming out, and what this leftist liar is trying to do is absolutely sickening. […]


Hillary Claims Only ‘Passed Out’ Twice, Doctor EXPOSES Secret From 1998

Hillary Clinton spoke with Anderson Cooper after she collapsed on 9/11, attempting to put to rest the rumors that she is extremely ill. Cooper asked Hillary point blank how many times she has passed out, and Hillary responded, “Only twice that I recall.” Unfortunately for her, the many medical emergencies that she is hiding are being exposed, and one doctor is revealing a secret, dating clear back to 1998. […]


Liberal Media Says Hillary Poisoned & Two Famous Politicians To Blame

As speculation over Hillary Clinton’s health continues, the liberal mainstream media is now reporting that we should not rule out the possibility that the presidential nominee could have been poisoned as a world famous doctor makes that very claim. What’s more shocking, this doctor suggests that he knows who is to blame, and a respected news source is actually publishing this crap. […]