‘Concerned’ Mom Tries To Take Down Trump, There’s Just One BIG Problem

Catherine Byrne, presenting herself as a “concerned mom,” attended a Mike Pence rally to tell him that Muslim dad Khizr Khan was totally disrespected by Donald Trump and that Pence should disavow him. The mainstream media is using the moment to make Trump look bad, but new information is coming to light, and Americans should be shaking their heads after seeing the one big problem with Catherine Byrne. […]


Obama Says Trump’s ‘Unfit,’ But There’s 1 Huge Problem He Didn’t See Coming

Today, Barack Obama used a joint press conference with the Singapore Prime Minister to launch into a six-minute tirade against Donald Trump, calling him “unfit.” As Trump fought back on social media, the truth was exposed, and there’s one huge problem with what Obama said. Now, it’s safe to say, Obama never saw it coming, and it makes him look really ridiculous. […]


Benghazi Plot Uncovered, Hillary Let 4 Americans Die For One SICK Reason

It’s been a long four years since the Benghazi attacks with so much speculation about the reasons the State Department left those Americans to die in Libya. With American troops on standby in Italy and Spain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton refused to send help. Now, we’ve uncovered the smoking gun. The sick reason our fellow Americans died and Hillary’s shocking criminal behavior has finally been fully exposed. […]

World News

ISIS Announces Next Phase — All Americans & Christians Need To Be Warned

The mainstream media has its collective head in the sand regarding the Islamic State since they think acknowledging the danger will help Donald Trump’s campaign. They would rather have us live in ignorance, even if it puts us at risk, to ensure votes for Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately, ISIS isn’t playing around. The terrorists have announced their next phase, and now, all Americans and Christians need to be warned. […]


Hillary Health Crisis: Up Close Pics Reveal Serious Issue Hidden From Voters

Hillary Clinton’s health has been a topic of discussion since she began her presidential campaign, and it’s back in the spotlight since she received the official Democrat nomination. The potential president’s health is a concern for all Americans, and Hillary has appeared ill the past few years. Now, up close pictures are revealing a potentially serious medical issue, and Americans want answers before it’s too late. […]


Khan’s True Beliefs Exposed As Muslim Dad Goes On Bizarre Twitter Tirades

Khizar Khan is the Muslim dad who threw the Constitution in Donald Trump’s face at the Democratic National Convention (DNC), but now, more information is coming to light, exposing his true nature. This guy has a shady background and is on social media, outing his controversial beliefs with his bizarre Twitter tirades and his continued harassment of Donald and Melania Trump. […]


Muslim Sexually Assaults 5 Girls, Admits LEWD Motive For Migrating To West

Five females between the ages of 16 to 27 have come forward to tell the tale of a Muslim migrant man who sexually assaulted them after they went out for a night of dancing at a local nightclub. However, possibly more disturbing than his actions is his lewd motive for migrating to the West after his disgusting and shocking admission proves just how dangerous these migrants are. […]