Gun Rights

Obama’s Secret Gun Confiscation Law Is Here, County Sheriffs Our Last Hope

While Americans were engrossed in watching all the coverage on the Orlando massacre, a secret meeting was taking place at the United Nations. An alarming new law was approved to confiscate all guns in America, and the Obama regime is taking advantage of the fear of home-grown terrorists to implement this plan. Our freedoms are fearfully being lost and our last line of defense is our local county sheriffs. […]

Cops & Criminals

Target Bathroom Bombing Blamed On Christian ‘Homophobe,’ Truth Revealed

Social media was buzzing with irate leftists claiming a Christian “homophobe” had bombed a Target bathroom. With the Orlando gay nightclub shooting in the headlines, freaked out liberals jumped to conclusions that Christians must be bombing Target over its bathroom policies. Now, the truth is coming out, and you’ll love how it leaves those idiot liberals looking rather silly. […]


Top Secret Memo Uncovered, Hillary Sold Out America In Treasonous Deal

A Freedom of Information Act document has been obtained, and it proves Hillary Clinton, while Secretary of State, sanctioned a deal with America’s number one enemy. The liberal press will ignore this report, knowing the damning information proves her guilty of treason. However, everyone needs to know about the secret deal that sold out America and Hillary’s role in undermining our freedom. […]

U.S. News

Nasty Note Left On Car, Navy Veteran’s Blistering Response Is PRICELESS

Navy veteran Rebecca Hayes was running errands at her local shopping center when she noticed a white note placed under her windshield while driving home. After she stopped to read the note, she was so shocked by its contents that she started to cry. However, when she got home, she wiped away her tears long enough to post a blistering response that left readers cheering as she got the last word. […]

Cops & Criminals

Orlando Eyewitness Reveals Troubling Details, ‘Someone Holding Door Shut’

Reports are starting to come in from eyewitness, suggesting that Omar Mateen may have had accomplices at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on Sunday night. Various accounts point to conflicting facts and many agree this needs to be investigated. Most troubling, video footage reveals a man holding a door shut, preventing victims from escaping. Now, Americans are left shocked all over again as these troubling facts come to light. […]

World News

Cop Killed ‘Live’ On Facebook, ISIS Jihadi Laughs & Asks 1 SICK Question

A knife-wielding Islamic State terrorist murdered a police commander and his wife while streaming live on Facebook last night. The live streaming started as the sick jihadi ambushed the commander right outside his home, as people watched the footage and wondered if it was real. Not only was it real, but the terrorist laughingly asks his audience one sick question that will shock you beyond belief. […]

Cops & Criminals

Muslim Activist Lawyer Blames Terror Attack On Another Faith, Not Islam

Chase Strangio is an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyer, and he is playing the blame game, accusing another faith other than Islam for the Orlando terror attack. Strangio, a Muslim, has dedicated his life to fighting so-called Islamophobia, and he wants everyone to know the attack is not Islam’s fault, but who this lawyer is blaming, hoping to breed hate against good Americans, should piss you off. […]