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Robert Rich is a husband, father, and political writer that seeks to defend Conservative ideals and protect the rights of all Americans in the face of an oppressive government. As a hardcore Conservative, he strives to keep in tact what made America so great to begin with and is an avid supporter of gun rights. After all, it is the Second that protects the rest. Feel free to use the link below to “like” him on Facebook.

Racist QB Disrespects America, There’s One Thing He Didn’t Want You To Know

August 28, 2016

By now you’ve probably heard how the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers decided to remain seated during the National Anthem as a protest for the so-called “oppression” of blacks in our nation. Unfortunately for him, the one thing he did not want you to know about the situation has just come to light – and boy is it a doozy. [...]

Year After ISIS Kills American, Obama Hides NASTY Thing He Did To Her Folks

August 26, 2016

Many people remember hearing about the tragic death of American aid worker Kayla Mueller at the hands of ISIS, but there’s a lesser known secret that President Barack Obama doesn’t want you to know about. As it turns out, he’s still trying to hide the nasty thing he did to the woman’s parents 17 months ago – and it was downright nasty. [...]
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