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Robert Rich is a husband, father, and political writer that seeks to defend Conservative ideals and protect the rights of all Americans in the face of an oppressive government. As a hardcore Conservative, he strives to keep in tact what made America so great to begin with and is an avid supporter of gun rights. After all, it is the Second that protects the rest. Feel free to use the link below to “like” him on Facebook.

Cops Bust Florida Duo, Find Huge 6-Year Secret They Hid Behind Walls

June 30, 2016

After kicking in the door of a Florida brother and sister’s home, police quickly placed the duo in handcuffs and began searching the residence. While tearing the place apart, the officers found the pair’s massive secret that they kept hidden for 6 years by hiding it in the walls. [...]

Thug Posts Vid While Being Chased By Cops, 10 Words Prove Chilling Problem

June 30, 2016

While leading police on a high-speed chase through residential neighborhoods, an Ohio thug decided to make a video for social media. Unfortunately, those who later watched it would be horrified by just 10 chilling words the man uttered amid his criminal act – and they prove exactly what’s wrong with the situation. [...]

WATCH: Man Pops Odd Lump Under New Tattoo, What Came Out — NASTY

June 30, 2016

After getting himself a fresh new tattoo on his back, a man was perplexed as an odd lump slowly grew underneath the ink. With the help of a female friend, the tatted man was eventually able to pop the lump with a pair of nail clippers – and what came out was downright nasty. [...]

Muslim Describes 9-Year-Old Girl’s Vagina With 2 Absolutely SICK Words

June 29, 2016

A Twitter spat is going viral after a so-called “moderate” Muslim got into an argument with an infidel. Unfortunately, the situation became rather horrific when the topic of conversation turned to the vagina of a 9-year-old girl – and that’s when the Islamists uttered 2 absolutely horrifying words. [...]

WATCH: Smug Thug Jumps White Kid, Not So Funny When Cops Show Up

June 29, 2016

A disgusting video is going viral that has been the center of so much controversy that it comes with an "anger warning." For reasons unknown, a brass knuckle wearing thug decided to sucker punch a 12-year-old boy while bearing a smug grin – but things weren’t so funny when the cops showed up. [...]

Obama Bends Over For Muslims, Horror As We See Who’s Coming To America

June 29, 2016

As the state of our nation continues its downward spiral, Barack Obama has once again decided to grab his ankles for Muslims worldwide. In fact, his recent move, bending over for his Muslim buddies once again, has many Americans downright horrified as we learn who’s coming to America – and it should send a chill down your spine too. [...]
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