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Muslim Refugees Learn German Doctor Jewish, Show Her How They REALLY Feel

January 31, 2016

A German optician was offering her services at a migrant center near Frankfurt last October and never expected what would happen while she was volunteering to help incoming refugees. She made the mistake of telling them she was Jewish, and they immediately showed her how they really feel about her religion. [...]

Marine Dad Makes School PAY After Pushing Islamic Propaganda On Daughter

January 29, 2016

All across the country we’ve heard stories of schools pushing Islamic propaganda on students while downplaying other religions, but one Marine Corps veteran has had enough of it. After learning about the enraging lesson plans being fed to his daughter, he decided to make the school pay… big time. [...]

Cop Being PUMMELED By Thug, Then BADASS Texas Veteran Showed Up

January 29, 2016

A Texas deputy found himself in a life and death struggle after responding to a man driving erratically, then getting into an altercation after attempting to stop him. The deputy ended up being pummeled by the thug, but things quickly changed when a badass Marine Corps veteran saw what was going on. [...]
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