One MAJOR Detail of Liberal Hack's Anti-White Rant Sparks Instant Outrage

One MAJOR Detail Of Liberal Hack’s Anti-White Rant Sparks Instant Outrage

January 24, 2017 Shae Weatherall

White Republicans have become immune to being labeled as racists by Obama worshipers over the last eight years. Apparently, some of the bullies on the left have noticed, so they’ve decided to take it up a notch. Many Americans are voicing their outrage today after hearing one liberal’s rant that included some nasty remarks about white people, but one major detail about her tantrum made the whole thing a lot worse. […]

Trump Ruffles Some Feathers With Brutally Honest Tweet About Women's March

Trump Ruffles Feathers With Brutally Honest Tweet About Women’s March

January 22, 2017 Shae Weatherall

As yesterday’s Women’s March took place, one big question emerged: Why were the marchers even protesting since most of their Anti-Trump talking points were debunked long ago? President Trump is apparently wondering the same thing, so this morning, he had something to say about the march and the big-mouth celebrities who took part in it. Of course, his brutally honest tweet is ruffling a lot of feathers. […]

Finally! New Bill Pushes Food Stamp Reform & Moochers Are Going To HATE It

Finally! New Bill Pushes Food Stamp Reform & Moochers Are Going To HATE It

January 15, 2017 Shae Weatherall

Since Donald Trump was elected to be our next president, lawmakers across the nation have begun taking bold steps to bring actual conservatism back into government. A recent bill that has just been introduced by a Tennessee legislator would finally bring about the reform in the food stamp system that countless ticked-off taxpayers have been demanding for years — and the moochers are going to hate it. […]

Police Beg For Help In Locating Illegal Alien Who Committed Sick Crimes
Cops & Criminals

Illegal Alien Commits Sick Crimes, Leaves Police Begging For Help

January 12, 2017 Shae Weatherall

Anyone who still has a soft opinion regarding illegal immigrants needs to see the pleas made by law enforcement from a Los Angeles-area police department after a fugitive committed multiple offenses, including a recent disgusting crime against a small child in California. Cases such as this one happen all too often and must be included in the argument in favor of securing America’s borders. […]

Ted Cruz Announces His Badass Intentions For Muslim Group

Senator Ted Cruz Announces Serious Consequences For Muslim Group

January 11, 2017 Shae Weatherall

It’s been a while since Ted Cruz made big headlines but his recent announcement about his intentions to renew his fight against the enablers of Muslim terrorism is gaining a lot of attention. If he manages to change the rules of the game, like it’s never happened before, it will be a huge hit to Muslim politics and undoubtedly help to weaken Islam’s standing in America. […]

[Video] New Details Emerge On Jerusalem Attack, What It Means For US
World News

[Video] New Details Emerge On Jerusalem Attack, What It Means For US

January 8, 2017 Shae Weatherall

Our friends in Israel are mourning again today after a horrific attack that left four people dead and more than a dozen more injured. A graphic video of the incident, along with new details about the attack, have now emerged which provide even more insight into how dangerous it is that we now have so many unvetted Muslim refugees in our country and what we need to do about it, immediately. […]

Uncle Ted Did It Again! Offended Liberals Whine Over Nugent's Viral Post

Uncle Ted Did It Again! Offended Liberals Whine Over Nugent’s Viral Post

December 27, 2016 Shae Weatherall

Politically incorrect rocker Ted Nugent is well-known for his pot-stirring antics, which he directs at whiny liberals who tend to take themselves way too seriously, and it appears that he’s managed to get under their skin once again. Uncle Ted’s recent post on Facebook is earning cheers from conservatives, and the ironic, butt-hurt reactions from the left make it even more enjoyable to read. […]

[Videos] Blogger's Epic Rant DESTROYS Racist MTV Message To "White Guys"

[Video] Blogger’s Epic Rant DESTROYS Racist MTV Message To “White Guys”

December 21, 2016 Shae Weatherall

MTV News released an incredibly racist video this week in which various millennials instructed “white guys” on how to “better” themselves in the coming new year. Public backlash was swift over the shocking ignorance contained in the footage, but one popular video blogger’s response may be the best reaction yet in pointing out the divisive left’s insanity and hypocritical manipulations. […]

[Video] Beware! Devious Woman Helps Trap Men By Selling One Thing Online

[Video] Beware! Devious Woman Helps Victimize Men With One Item Sold Online

December 20, 2016 Shae Weatherall

Just when we thought that morality in our society had already hit rock bottom, here comes another story of devious treachery, proving how low some people will go in order to make an easy buck. A woman in Florida has come up with a plan to pay her bills, and she gives zero cares about the victims of her diabolical scheme as she sells one item online, knowing it’s being used against unsuspecting men. […]

[Video] Badass Uber Driver Takes Out Thieving Thug To Protect Passenger
Cops & Criminals

[Video] Badass Uber Driver Takes Out Thieving Thug To Protect Passenger

December 19, 2016 Shae Weatherall

While some people are wary about using independently run car services, a passenger in Florida is likely thanking their lucky stars that the driver of one particular Uber vehicle happened to be a badass, who didn’t hesitate to protect both their lives. Two violent thugs thought the driver and his fare would be easy targets, but they definitely thought wrong. […]

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