The Kellogg’s-Breitbart War: Censorship or Capitalism?

December 1, 2016 Staff

The latest fallout from Donald Trump’s election is apparently going to be fought in the cereal aisles and ad banners on websites. Kellogg’s and other companies announced plans to block advertisements from appearing on alt-right news website Breitbart. […]


Barack Obama Stoops To New Low In Honor Of Fidel Castro

November 30, 2016 Staff

The death of Cuba’s former dictator Fidel Castro was noticed around the world. One of the people speaking of him in surprisingly benign terms was the American President – Barack Obama. However, Obama has stooped to a new low to honor Castro, and Americans should be rightfully irate. […]


Potential DNC Chairman Lays Out Chilling Socialist Agenda

November 28, 2016 Staff

Reeling from their catastrophic defeat on November 8, Democrats have been doing some soul searching to find the reason they lost, and they came up with some surprising answers. Now, a potential DNC chairman is laying out a chilling socialist agenda to rectify the situation. […]


Trump Officially Considering Marine Hero for Secretary Of Defense

November 20, 2016 Staff

Speculation regarding Donald Trump’s cabinet has run wild – but there’s one name that’s causing an even greater buzz than the others. Now, the word is out that Trump is officially considering a Marine hero for Secretary of Defense, and it’s a choice that should command respect — even from Democrats. […]


One Lone Voice in Democratic Party Gets Why They Lost

November 16, 2016 Staff

Former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to say what seemed obvious to everyone except Democrats: that the nation is not racist and sexist, and that people didn’t vote Democrat because they felt left behind by the Democrats. […]

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