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Conservatives Send Liberals A Brutal ‘Safety Pin’ Message Of Their Own

November 14, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

As attention for wearing safety pins flows through liberal circles as much as butthurt has lately, conservatives have a “safety pin” message of their own. Although it’s hard to imagine what wearing one safety pin will accomplish, those who wear them insist they are doing the right thing, and celebrities are even joining in, tweeting #safetypin. However, maybe they should listen to our reason for “safety pins.” […]

Trump Announced HUGE Change He Just Made That Has Libs Wetting Their Beds
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Trump Announced HUGE Change He Just Made That Has Libs Wetting Their Beds

November 10, 2016 Amanda Shea

President-elect Donald Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office, but he isn’t wasting time to make good on his campaign promises. Our new Commander-in-Chief made a major announcement about what he has already put into action that no other president before him has done. Fragile liberals still mourning their party’s loss are now wetting their beds in fear for their lives. […]

Libs FREAK When They See ‘SICK’ Thing Reality TV Mom Put In Girl’s Hands

Liberals FREAK When They See What Reality TV Mom Put In Girl’s Hands

November 2, 2016 Robert Rich

Offended whiners seem to be around just about every corner these days, and a reality television star just figured that out the hard way. Unfortunately for her, the mother decided to snap a quick pic of her daughter before posting it to social media – and entitled punks immediately started to whine when they saw what was in the little girl’s hands. […]

Anti-Trump Crowd Fuming At Gun Store Ad's Politically Incorrect 'Promise'
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Anti-Trump Crowd Fuming At Gun Store Ad’s Politically Incorrect ‘Promise’

November 2, 2016 Dom the Conservative

With Hillary Clinton threatening to enforce gun control on an even stricter level, tactical businesses are seeing a rise in sales to customers concerned with possibly another Democratic president. However, what one gun store announced in their newspaper ad has anti-Trump activists even more outraged and Second Amendment-supporting Americans flocking to their doors. […]

Gun Rights

LEAKED: Hillary Would Completely BAN The Most Popular Guns In America

October 26, 2016 Prissy Holly

There are so many reasons Americans should not vote for Hillary Clinton, but one of those reasons is this woman’s tyrannical plans to strip us of our Second Amendment rights. What many people do not realize is that if she becomes president, Hillary would ban many of our favorite guns, as revealed in a bombshell report that was just leaked. […]

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Gay Trump Supporters Threatened With DEATH, Issue BOLD Warning Of Their Own

October 24, 2016 Christy Lee Parker

Hillary Clinton says only deplorable, homophobic, women-hating, racists support Donald Trump, but his fans come from all walks of life. In fact, gay Trump supporters recently attended a rally to support the Republican candidate, but unfortunately for them, the left caught wind of it. Liberals showed their “tolerance” with threats of death, but the gay Trump supporters fired back with a warning of their own. […]

[Pics] Gun Store's Prophetic Ad Has Hillary's Media Shills Steaming Mad
Gun Rights

[Pics] Gun Store’s Prophetic Ad Has Hillary’s Media Shills Steaming Mad

October 17, 2016 Shae Weatherall

There’s been a healthy amount of speculation about what could happen to our Second Amendment rights if, God forbid, Hillary Clinton is elected president. One Nevada gun store landed a preemptive strike against that scary possibility in running a sale ad for tactical rifles, but it’s the text included in the ad that really has has Hillary’s gun-grabbing media shills steaming mad. […]

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