PICS: Depraved Liberals Create NASTY Display Right Outside Pence’s Home

January 19, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Before Mike Pence takes his oath, swearing in on Ronald Reagan’s Christian Bible tomorrow, a few overly sensitive liberals decided that they needed to protest in front of the vice president-elect’s temporary Maryland home. Pence has been open about his Christian beliefs, and of course, some liberals found that offensive. In a show of complete hypocrisy, they staged an odd display for him to witness last night. […]


Famous ‘Wild Child’ Liberal Entertainer SHOCKS Fans By Converting To Islam

January 17, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

One famous entertainer, well-known for the Hollywood party scene, is blowing minds after reliable sources and her own social media concur, she is converting to Islam. The rumor mill is aghast with tracking down just how could this happen, with all the paparazzi going wild for any tidbit of information. We’ve got all the juicy details of this mind blowing conversion from wild child party girl to hijab-wearing Muslima. […]

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