SHOCKING: Liberals BUSTED, Want YOU To Pay For Horrific Islamic Practice

January 3, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Human rights activist Pamela Geller is reporting on a shocking new video involving an Islamist practice and Planned Parenthood. Most conservatives want Planned Parenthood, which is funded by our tax dollars, totally defunded from performing abortions, but what about something that people say is a cultural norm for Muslims? You’ll be shocked by what the crazy liberals have in mind. […]


Angry Muslims Leave SICK New Year’s ‘Present’ At Country’s Oldest Church

January 3, 2017 Dan Lindsey

Horror erupted at a celebration as citizens of a town gathered to ring in the New Year. A mob, described by police as “a large number of young men from North Africa,” assaulted the homeless and began throwing fireworks into crowds of people, which included families with children. Unfortunately, the terrorists were just getting started, and they’d soon leave a sick New Year’s “present” at the oldest church in the country. […]

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