Cops FREAK As They See What’s In Background Of Chicago Thug’s Drinking Vid

A thug is in for a bit more than they bargained after a video of them at a party was posted online. Unfortunately for the wannabe badass, it seems that the local now know what was lurking in the background during the clip – and they just about freaked out when they learned what it was.

Although details surrounding the video are murky at the moment, including the sex of the individual in the clip, police are now looking into footage of what appears to be a feminine man or possibly a masculine woman said to be from Chicago. Apparently partying in what appears to be a laundry area at the time, the androgynous thug can be seen on top of the appliances while downing a bottle of liquor – but that’s not the part that has everyone concerned.

Clearly exposed and resting on the thug’s back shoulder, viewers easily see that the moron was actually holding a rocket launcher at the time. Along with that, a few other guns can be spotted in the clip, including an AK-47. As most of the country is aware, Chicago, has some of the strictest gun control in the nation, yet these weapons are still making their way within the city’s borders.

Mad World News reached out to the Anti-Gun Enforcement department of the Chicago Police Department but officers weren’t yet aware of the clip. After being informed about the frightening ordeal, officers were interested in watching the video for themselves.

Cops FREAK As They See What’s In Background Of Chicago Thug’s Drinking Vid
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Mad World News was told that members of the department would take a look at the video and begin to investigate the shocking display. Although the person has yet to be identified, it’s only a matter of time before officers locate them and begin to ask a few questions.

It just goes to show how dumb some criminals really are. After all, it doesn’t take a lot of brains to realize how bad of an idea openly advertising your ownership of an illegal firearm really is. Beyond the local law enforcement, you never know who else may be watching and want to get their hands on it.

Cops FREAK As They See What’s In Background Of Chicago Thug’s Drinking Vid

Chicago had well over 700 deaths just last year. How many more innocent souls do you think could be taken out with a single shot of this weapon? Thugs like this usually don’t care about collateral damage, which is exactly why this one has no right handling something as serious as a rocket launcher.

Although gun laws may look good on paper, the only people they ever apply to is those who already follow the rules. Criminals will always get their hands on guns or more serious forms of weaponry, regardless of laws. So much for the crap people like President have been feeding us for the past 8 years – I guess this shows just how honest his words really were.

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