Man Shows Up To Have Sex With Horse, Gets BIG Surprise [VIDEO]

One guy recently allowed his “infatuation” with an unlikely love interest to cloud his judgment. Apparently, he’d had his mind set on having sex with a horse and was willing to travel all the way from Pennsylvania to Arizona just to get what he wanted. However, he probably didn’t count on getting a much bigger surprise upon arrival. Although he traveled 4,347 miles to Phoenix to meet with the “beloved” horse, things definitely didn’t go according to his plans. In fact, he didn’t even make it out of the airport. […]

Odd Pile On Corner Catches Woman's Attention, Makes Inconceivable Find

Odd Pile On The Corner Catches Woman’s Attention, Makes Inconceivable Find

A Tennessee man immediately called his sister-in-law to meet him alongside a sleepy strip of road in an otherwise peaceful part of Knoxville. He had paused at a stop sign when he looked out his window and noticed a strange pile in the brush alongside the road. Passing by this same spot each morning on his way to work, he had never seen anything out of the ordinary there until this particular day, which would leave his sister in hysterics and the community on edge.