Deadly ‘Eradicated’ Virus Revived, Making It’s Way Into The U.S. With Illegal Immigration

Deadly 'Eradicated' Virus Revived, Making It's Way Into The U.S. With Illegal Immigration

Along with illegal immigration comes an increase in crime, a loss in jobs, and a hike in taxes, among other hardships. However, many forget the silent killers that criminals crossing the border threaten to spread.

The media has warned citizens of Ebola, Enterovirus D-68, and even Chagas disease being spread by those traveling from foreign countries, but there’s another deadly endemic making its way into the U.S., and you’ve probably heard nothing about it.

Dengue hemorrhagic fever has now been added to the list of viruses and diseases brought in by illegal immigrants this year.

Deadly 'Eradicated' Virus Revived, Making It's Way Into The U.S. With Illegal Immigration
Oral lesions are a rare but real symptom of Dengue hemorrhagic fever. (Photos: Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine)

Although the virus is spread through mosquitoes infected with the potentially deadly strand, the U.S. is seeing an increase in diagnoses, treatment, and death with the flood of “unaccompanied minors” surging into the country.

There is suspicion that the infected mosquitoes are being carried into the U.S. on clothing and baggage of illegal aliens, putting the entire American population at risk.

WND reports:

“The big picture here is that we are getting all these diseases brought into the United States by the ‘imported disease people’ from Latin America,” Dr. Lee Hieb, past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, explained to WND in an interview.

“We don’t generally test for dengue fever, because until recently we have not had hordes of people coming into the United States from areas of the world like Latin America where dengue fever is endemic,” said Hieb, a WND columnist.

Hieb revealed that the U.S. tests legal immigrants for diseases, but if you’re “one of the ‘chosen few’ coming into the United States illegally from Latin America, the U.S. does no health screening whatsoever.”

At least 2.5 billion people, more than 40 percent of the world’s population, are now at risk from dengue, and the WHO anticipated some 50 to 100 million dengue infections would occur worldwide every year.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), early symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, and vomiting. Acute phase symptoms include restlessness, rash, and, if not treated quick enough, shock. Half of infected patients who go into shock die.

Deadly 'Eradicated' Virus Revived, Making It's Way Into The U.S. With Illegal Immigration

There is currently no vaccine to prevent Dengue hemorrhagic fever. Doctors recommend using a mosquito repellent containing DEET to ward off infectious insects.

The news of a new endemic arrives as President Obama warns he will pass amnesty for the tens of millions of illegals already in the U.S.

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