De Niro’s ‘Dark Dirty Secret’ Comes Out After He ‘Sneaks’ Into UN For Showdown With Trump

Aging actor Robert De Niro mysteriously “sneaked” into the United Nations, looking to grab the headlines on what is President Donald Trump’s big day. Trump was on hand on Monday and Tuesday, addressing the UN’s General Assembly as the United States stands perilously close to nuclear war with North Korea. De Niro made his play for a showdown with Trump, and it all went wrong as his “dark dirty secret” came out instead. […]


After McCain Screwed Americans On Obamacare, Meghan Lands Big Starring Role On Liberal TV

Meghan McCain has been absent on Fox News since her dad had surgery for his brain cancer. Many people thought Meghan was taking time out to spend time with her dad, but there’s way more to the story. It seems like the Arizona senator’s betrayal, refusing to vote out Obamacare, is getting paid back in spades by the liberal Hollywood crowd. Meghan, who isn’t known as a potential mega-star, just landed the role of her lifetime. […]


Shocking The Liberal Hollywood Crowd At Emmys, Dolly Does 1 Thing On Stage For Trump

Dolly Parton was the only class act at last night’s Emmy Awards show. The beloved country singer was reunited on stage with her “9 to 5” co-stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda, who are both well-known hardcore leftists, and they made that clear at the Emmys. However, they were completely shocked, as was the entire audience, with the one thing Dolly did for President Donald Trump while on stage. You don’t want to miss this. […]


After Sean Spicer Appears At Emmys, Matt Walsh Reveals 1 Important Detail Everyone Missed

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer caused a stir when he appeared at the 69th Annual Emmy Awards on Sunday evening. After the awards show aired, conservative commentator Matt Walsh was quick to add some much-needed perspective on the situation. The conservative writer took to Facebook to reveal one important detail that everyone else had missed. […]


After Colbert Spews Hate For Trump & America At Emmys, POTUS Just Got Big Time Revenge

Last night’s Emmys were a Donald Trump hate fest. Stephen Colbert, who hosted the sad event, was obsessed with knocking our president and extending hate to America and Trump supporters. But never fear, as the Hollywood crowd gathered, radiating their self-importance, it was Trump who was the big winner. That’s right, Trump just got revenge on those losers, and he did it in a way that is leaving the Hollywood crowd speechless. You’re going to love this. […]


Celebrities Wore Blue Ribbons At Emmy Awards To Send Hidden Message To Trump

Everyday Americans are fed-up with Hollywood’s leftist agenda and their need to shove it down our throats. It seems anytime celebrities gather, they use it as an opportunity to push their progressive ideals, and a few Hollywood elites decided to prance around wearing a blue ribbon all night long. Of course, it holds a hidden meaning as the celebs decided to send a message to President Donald Trump. […]

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Dolly Parton Shocks Fraudsters With Nasty Surprise After They Target Her In Sick Scheme

Dolly Parton is reeling after learning that she was the target of a sick scheme by fraudsters who she caught red-handed. The country singer is best known as one of the most giving entertainers in the business, but that didn’t stop these disgusting individuals from taking advantage of her big heart. However, Dolly is a fighter, and you’ll love how she shocked those fraudsters with a nasty surprise they never saw coming. […]