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O.J. Gets Nasty Surprise From Nicole’s Kids That He Doesn’t Want The Parole Board To Know

O.J. Simpson was all smiles after the parole board at Lovelock Prison granted him early parole. The parole board grilled Simpson, who said, “I’ve never pulled a gun on anyone,” and, “My life has been conflict-free,” making people gasp in the gallery. Now, the Juice is getting a nasty surprise from his kids with Nicole Brown Simpson. Sydney and Justin Simpson are throwing a wrench in their father’s plans, and it’s something that may cost him his early parole if the court finds out. […]


‘Pussy Hat’ Wearing Feminists & Muslim Extremists Praise Cop Killer, Get Brutal Backlash

In a sick display, women from the “pussy hat” Woman’s March and female Muslim activists all got together and sung the praises of a cop killer on the run. One of the activists, Linda Sarsour, is infamous for her hate for America, and she got a big shock after she claimed the cop killer was innocent. You don’t want to miss this, as big named politicos come down on these liberal women so hard, it shut their mouths, we hope for good. […]


Former Obama Adviser Gets Bad News After Alluding To ‘Slaughtering Trump & His Supporters’

Former Barack Obama Adviser Neera Tanden, who also worked for Hillary Clinton, is in a lot of hot water after she made references to slaughtering President Donald Trump and his supporters in cold blood. She called for a mascot for the “resist” movement, and the mascot leaves no doubt to her disgusting intentions. However, Tanden is getting bad news now that Trump supporters are aware of her sick intentions, and it serves her well. […]


Liberals Scurrying To Safe Spaces After Caitlyn Jenner’s Latest Bombshell Announcement

Caitlyn Jenner has confirmed that she’s ready to make another change, and no one saw Jenner’s bombshell announcement coming. However, reports have now confirmed that her latest transformation is freaking out the liberal loons. It’s quite an extraordinary move even for Jenner, who made millions in reality TV. Now that her E! reality show is canceled, Jenner needs a new gig, and the far leftist snowflakes are crying foul. […]


Crazy Rosie Gets Brutal Surprise After Caught Stalking WH Adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Crazy Rosie O’Donnell has completely lost her mind. She is so obsessed with Russia, and she says Rachel Maddow’s fake news reports on President Donald Trump are all fact-based truth. So, after weeks of listening to Maddow’s daily dose of lies, Rosie had an epic meltdown and was caught stalking and threatening White House Adviser Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Rosie is now facing the consequences which include a brutal surprise she’ll never forget. […]


Hollywood Crowd Ignores Barack’s Cruel Joke As Michelle Looks Like An Idiot At Espy Awards

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was mingling with the Hollywood crowd as they fawned over her every move at the Espy Awards. Michelle posthumously presented the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the sister of President John F. Kennedy and founder of the Special Olympics. However, the real insider talk was about Barack Obama’s cruel joke, which was publicly ignored as it made Michelle look like an idiot at the awards show. […]


Clint Eastwood Screws Hollywood Celebs, Makes New Pro-American Film With 1 Big Difference

Clint Eastwood is a true legend and American hero, who’s successful at making films that he can pretty much do whatever he wants. His newest work, called “The 15:17 To Paris,” is based on the true story of the three Americans who stopped a terrorist on a train bound for Paris. Eastwood hates the liberal nutjob Hollywood celebrities, so it’s not surprising that he’s screwing them all by making this film with one big difference that you’re going to love. […]


Thanks To Ashley Judd, Hillary Is Selling Disgusting T-Shirts To Raise Cash For Sick Cause

Hillary Clinton is back from her long walks in the woods, and this time, she’s pimping t-shirts for sale. The disgusting tees just popped up on the former Democratic nominee’s Twitter feed, and she’s getting a ton of backlash from conservatives who find them offensive. Everything about this should make you sick, especially where all the cash is going from the sales, and then, there’s Ashley Judd’s role, which will make your skin crawl. […]