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Michael Moore Hears Cop Was Stabbed By Islamic Terrorist, Says ‘F*ck You’ To The WRONG Guy

Michael Moore, the idiot liberal loser, is at it again. This time, he is weighing in on the police officer who was stabbed by an alleged Islamic terrorist at an airport in Flint, Michigan. Moore is causing quite a stir as he spewed, “F*ck you,” after hearing about the attack. The terrorist shouted, “Allahu Akbar,” while stabbing the cop in the neck, and all Moore could do was insult the wrong guy. […]


WATCH: Sesame Street Brainwashes Kids On Whole New Level With Sick Parody Of “Orange Is The New Black”

A disturbing clip of Sesame Street’s new parody of the very adult Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black” is shocking many viewers on the web as the tax dollar funded “kids show” takes brainwashing children to a whole new level. Watch as the liberal minds behind Sesame Street blend the normal with the obscene in an attempt to introduce their young audience to prison life and the LGBT agenda with something as simple as an orange snack. […]


Feminazis Attack Journalist For Seeing ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie, Here’s The Sick Reason Why

Stephen Miller, a journalist who writes entertainment articles, recently reviewed the new Wonder Woman movie, and he was shocked by all of the hate that came his way from feminazis. Gal Gadot, the star who plays Wonder Woman, has been under attack also for being an Israeli military veteran who is against terrorists, and now, we have Miller getting bashed. You’ll be shocked by the feminazis’ one sick reason for attacking him, proving these people have lost their minds. […]


It’s Prison Time For Rosie After She Was Just Busted Sending ‘Aid’ To U.S. Traitors

Rosie O’Donnell has just been caught aiding traitors of the United States, and it’s shocking patriots across the country, who say “enough is enough.” Rosie probably thought she wouldn’t get caught, but then again, she’s not right in the head. As you check out what she did and how this means possible prison time for the Trump-hater, her sick actions will piss you off. […]


Wonder Woman Actress ‘Kicked ISIS A**’ In Real Life, Hollywood Feminists Call For Boycott

Gal Gadot, the actress who stars as “Wonder Woman,” is under fire by the Hollywood critics and liberal feminists snowflakes, like Ashley Judd. They’re appalled that she’s portraying a strong female superhero after they learned her role in “kicking ISIS a**” in real life. The Hollywood feminists are hoping to influence ticket sales as the movie premieres across the country by calling for a boycott, and they hope you’re too stupid to find out why. We’ve uncovered the truth of Gal Gadot past and her role in fighting Islamic terrorism. You’re going to love this. […]


Katy Perry Spoke At Manchester Benefit Concert, Terror Victims Horrified By 3 Words

Katy Perry is one of the countless celebrities who has allowed fame to transform her into a mindless liberal mouthpiece without a shred of common sense. She has proven as much on many occasions, but perhaps never quite as glaringly as she did in the wake of Manchester’s terrorist attack when she shared an awful 3-word message with the grieving victims of radical Islamic terrorism during Ariana Grande’s “One Love Manchester” benefit concert. […]


Liberal Actors Stage Anti-Trump Play, Weeks Later Get Brutal Reality Check

The liberal Hollywood elitists just never learn. Their views are so contradictory to the way the rest of America feels, and they are so preoccupied with themselves that their ability to relate to average Joes is nearly nonexistent. This was most recently proven when a group of liberal actors staged an anti-Trump play and were met with a brutal reality check only weeks later. […]


WATCH: Kathy Griffin Says Trump Is ‘Bullying’ Her, 1 Detail Blows Up In Her Face

Kathy Griffin is not content with fading away into obscurity after having ruined her own career by posing with what appeared to President Donald Trump’s bloody, severed head. At a press conference on Friday, the D-list comedian, accompanied by her lawyer, vowed to fight back against the Trump family’s “bullying.” However, something was noticeably missing from her little publicity stunt, and it blows Griffin’s credibility right out of the water. […]