[Watch] Viewers Outraged Over Disturbing Video Of Father Beating His Baby Daughter

[Watch] Viewers Outraged Over Disturbing Video Of Father Beating His Baby Daughter

A disturbing video of a Saudi Arabian father “disciplining” his infant daughter has garnered criticism, and for good reason.

The video, which has caused an upset with viewers, shows the father has taken a plastic hanger and positioned it around the baby’s feet. As the child screams in pain, her father switches the bottoms of her feet with a rod.

The child appears to be only a few months old, if that.

Her mother’s voice can be heard in the background encouraging her husband to beat the little girl, according to The Muslim Issue.

Bassam Fatiny posted the footage to his Facebook page, allegedly trying to expose and report the father in the clip for child abuse, TMI reports.

The father in the video, who lives in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, reportedly uploaded the video first to Facebook, later complaining that people shouldn’t judge him for “only educating her.”

Switching the bottoms of the feet is a common form of discipline in Middle Eastern and Muslim countries. The practice is very painful and causes immediate trouble in walking and can develop long-term foot problems.


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