Good Samaritan Who EXPOSED Cheating Wife Speaks Out To His Critics

Last week, Mad World News reported on a Facebook post going viral after a man exposed a seemingly cheating wife during a Lions football game. Although there wasn’t that much information at the time, except for the photo of the man’s note and his description given on Facebook, he’s recently spoken out and given us his side of the story.

As reported last week, a man was sitting behind a pregnant woman texting a man named “Jason” while sitting at a football game beside her significant other. Every time he turned to her, she either hid or shut off her phone in order to shield her infidelity.

Good Samaritan Who EXPOSED Cheating Wife Speaks Out To His Critics
The cheating pregnant wife and the note given to her significant other.

In order to ensure the unknowing man wasn’t taken advantage of any longer, a fellow fan – the man sitting behind her – wrote him a note to explain what he’d seen. After the game, he handed it to the man, simply asking that he open and read it when he got home.

It seems that feelings were mixed regarding our previous article where some were saying that the Good Samaritan did the right thing while others were saying he should have just kept his nose out of it. In order to provide a bit more detail, however, he’s let us in on a bit more of the back story.

The Good Samaritan’s name is Lye. He explains that despite being someone who normally keeps to himself, it was actually the woman that brought attention to herself via quite the snide remark. According to the do-gooder, “she had said something that irritated me and everyone else around us.”

Good Samaritan Who EXPOSED Cheating Wife Speaks Out To His Critics

After another fan who was sitting near the woman said, “Wow! For the price they charge for fries here, that’s pretty small. They barely give you anything,” the cheater shamed her significant other in front of everyone. Without a second thought, the woman declared for all to hear, “It’s okay, I’m use to small things.”

For those who think he didn’t do the right thing because she might possible experience abuse from her husband over the incident, Lye said, “I doubt any woman who fears getting beat by her husband will speak that way and degrade him like she did or spend over 20 minutes texting the next man RIGHT BESIDE her ‘abusive’ man.”

For those arguing that the man could have been her brother, he insists that isn’t the case. Having been there, he knew the two were definitely a couple. He went on to say, “I can honestly say judging the situation and actually being there, it was different.”

Furthermore, Lye suggests that the man may have already been suspicious of his significant other, saying, “The way her man kept trying to look at her phone from the corner of his eyes, you could tell he was suspicious but didn’t want to get caught trying to get a glimpse and the way she would tilt her phone completely away from him when he turned to talk to her, then turn it off and put it in her purse you could tell exactly what the situation was.”

Good Samaritan Who EXPOSED Cheating Wife Speaks Out To His Critics
Earlier Facebook Post

“I decided to get up and go to one of the stands that sell merchandise and ask for a pen and paper, and the guy there provided me with a pen and a blank piece of receipt paper that I used to write the note on and went back to my seat and waited for the game to be over to hand it to him,” Lye said.

The rest, as they say, is history.

In hindsight, he said, “I don’t regret a d*mn thing, well except the fact that I didn’t leave anything for him to be able to contact me on.” As he went on to explain, “Just like you guys, I’ll never know what happened after they left.”

What do you think – knowing a bit more about the story now, do you feel the same way as before? Did your views change? Let us know in the comments.

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