Gun Rights

Reporter Makes Chilling Prediction After Liberals Are Now Seen Toting Guns

March 27, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Liberals have recently decided that all the power they’ve given to the federal government is a bad thing because, suddenly, it’s in the hands of someone they don’t like. Now, Phoenix-area leftists are ratcheting up tensions with their recent open carry protest at the state capitol, and the cowards are not likely done yet. In fact, one leftist reporter has a chilling prediction for what this is signaling for America. […]

Gun Rights

Mom Defends Her Son After School Loses It Over Item Found In His Pocket

March 24, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

The newest target of liberal mania is a little boy, and it’s all because of what he had in his pocket. One public school has lost their minds, but luckily, the little boy’s mother is now speaking out. In a soon-to-be viral Facebook post that you’ll want to read, she puts these liberal educators firmly in their place over their irrational fears. […]

Gun Rights

Anti-Gun Senator Feinstein Pushes Gorsuch, He Shuts Her Up With 4 Words

March 22, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

During Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, he’s been attacked and grilled by leftists, but he’s stood firm in his convictions. He even put the California anti-gun Senator Dianne Feinstein firmly in her place, shutting her up with only four words after she pushed him, insisting on hearing his opinion on a decision from an older case. […]

Cops & Criminals

VIDEO: Thug Creeps Up On Contractor, Didn’t See Who Was Behind Him

February 27, 2017 Dan Lindsey

A video recently surfacing out of Atlanta, Georgia has gone viral across the internet as a contractor was approached by a thug who was looking for trouble. However, it would appear from the video that the contractor has worked in this part of town before as the thug got a rude awakening that he didn’t expect. […]

Gun Rights

Concealed Carry Permit Holders Recieve Startling Letter From Nazi-Sheriff

February 27, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Contra Costa County in the Bay area of the socialist dystopia known as California has a very liberal and almost communist sheriff in charge. These are scary times for gun owners in the Golden State, and unfortunately, this sheriff is not protecting the rights of gun owners, as they found out after receiving a very startling letter that should leave gun owners everywhere extremely troubled. Right now, it’s Contra Costa County, but is your county next? […]

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