Cops & Criminals

Georgia Thug Shoots At Woman In Robbery Attempt, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem With His Aim

A Georgia woman was recently startled by the sound of her front door being kicked in while she was home alone. Seconds later, she was horrified to find two thugs in her living room trying to carry out her big screen TV, and she screamed. As the two thugs fled, one of them reached over his shoulder and fired a backward shot at the woman, but there was one huge problem with his aim. […]

Gun Rights

Liberal Meltdown: Gun-Toting Alabama Navy Vet Has Special Offer For Roofing Customers

A Navy veteran who owns a roofing company in Alabama is causing a mass liberal meltdown with a new ultra-patriotic commercial in which he has an epic offer for his new customers. Now, this beer-drinking, gun-toting, cigar-smoking, hard-working, American badass has sent thousands of snowflakes running for their safe-space as he reminds us that “it’s very cool to love your country.” […]

Cops & Criminals

Florida Woman Catches Thug Beating Her Neighbor, Goes Full Mama Bear On Him

A woman and her toddler were recently awakened by cries for help in the early morning hours at their townhome in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She opened her door to find a teenage thug viciously beating her neighbor and warned him to stop. The home intruder then turned his attention toward the mother and her child as he lunged through their front door to attack, but little did he know, she was about to go full mama bear on him, and rightfully so. […]

Cops & Criminals

Thug Breaks Into Woman’s Home After Warned To Stay Out, Quickly Wishes He Had Listened

A woman in Southern California recently heard someone trying to break into her home in the early morning hours. After yelling through her door for the intruder to keep out, she was horrified moments later when he broke through her back door. As she came face to face with the violent thug, he quickly discovered that he would have been wise to listen to her advice and stay out of her home. […]

Cops & Criminals

3 Alabama Thugs Get Brutal Payback After Shooting Marine Who Wasn’t Ready To Die

A Marine Corp veteran in Alabama was horrified when he answered a knock on his door and was instantly hit in the arm and chest with a single barrel shotgun blast. Three Alabama thugs, who had robbed him of his cancer medication weeks before, were back and ready to kill him for the rest of it. This time, the veteran was ready to “react and do” what was necessary to save his own life, giving the thugs a brutal payback. […]