Cops & Criminals

Saggy-Pants Thug Pulls Gun On Fed-Up Detroit Grandpa, Gets Brutal Dose Of Instant Justice

A fed-up Michigan man, who turned 61 years old just this week, was shocked to find a saggy-pants wearing thug sticking a gun in his back in broad daylight when all the grandfather wanted was to stop for a cup of coffee. Now, the Detroit grandpa’s story has gone viral after he confronted the thug and delivered a brutal dose of instant justice that the punk never saw coming. […]


House Of Blues Tells Country Singer To Disarm, He Has A Much Better Idea

In a day and age when most celebrities loathe the values our great country was founded upon, there are still a few famous patriots out there who fearlessly defend the principles outlined in our Constitution. Country singer Jamey Johnson is one of the good guys. When House of Blues in Myrtle Beach (HOBMB) told him to disarm before entering the concert venue where he was set to play on Sunday, he had a much better idea. […]

Cops & Criminals

Georgia Thug Shoots At Woman In Robbery Attempt, There’s Just 1 Huge Problem With His Aim

A Georgia woman was recently startled by the sound of her front door being kicked in while she was home alone. Seconds later, she was horrified to find two thugs in her living room trying to carry out her big screen TV, and she screamed. As the two thugs fled, one of them reached over his shoulder and fired a backward shot at the woman, but there was one huge problem with his aim. […]