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Gun Control Group BUSTED Intentionally Mislabeled Massacre Of Dallas Cops

December 22, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

“Fake news” has been a focus since the election, but who’s promoting it has never been more apparent. While liberals blame conservatives, the leftists are the guilty ones, and one gun control group takes the cake with their intentional mislabeling of the July massacre of Dallas cops. Wishing to promote a gun free society, Everytown boosted their numbers with the miscategorization, but they just got busted. […]

Gun Rights

Patrons Of California Gun Store Got A Surprise When They Looked At Reciept

December 21, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

Firearms Unknown is making a name for themselves, and it isn’t a difficult task either, considering the gun store lies in the heart of liberal, anti-gun California. After upsetting sensitive liberals with a fake cardboard AR15 sign, the store decided to make a change to their receipts, further fueling the fires for furious leftists. Now, on a closer look at the proof of purchase, patrons are getting a surprise. […]

[Video] Badass Uber Driver Takes Out Thieving Thug To Protect Passenger
Cops & Criminals

[Video] Badass Uber Driver Takes Out Thieving Thug To Protect Passenger

While some people are wary about using independently run car services, a passenger in Florida is likely thanking their lucky stars that the driver of one particular Uber vehicle happened to be a badass, who didn’t hesitate to protect both their lives. Two violent thugs thought the driver and his fare would be easy targets, but they definitely thought wrong. […]

Woman Scared For Her Life When She See What Came Instead Of Toy She Ordered
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Woman Scared For Her Life When She Saw What Came Instead Of Toy She Ordered

A New York state couple ordered what they thought would be the perfect gift for a friend’s little boy. When UPS showed up with a delivery, his wife was there and was sick when she saw what was in the box instead of the airplane they bought which she happened to have put in the back of her car without realizing it as she drove around with her granddaughter. […]


Star Wars Stormtrooper Becomes Latest Victim Of Political Correctness

December 12, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

The political correctness crowd has taking its latest unsuspecting victim after the Stormtroopers from the hit movie series Star Wars found themselves in the crosshairs of the left. A scene from the premiere of Rogue One, the newest Star Wars film, showed the Stormtroopers suspiciously missing one item, and it’s all because of liberal sensitivities. […]

Gun Rights

FBI Director Goes Public With Obama’s Shameless Lie To Entire Country

Liberals care little about facts when it comes to pushing their rhetoric. For the past 8 years, we’ve endured Barack Obama’s endless lies, as he continually twists and distorts the truth in order to get Americans to go along with his tyrannical plans. However, one of Obama’s biggest whoppers has been exposed by FBI Director James Comey in an embarrassing and public slap in the face for all the world to see. […]

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