[WATCH] Half-Naked Woman Shoots Heroin, Roommate Horrified By Results

[WATCH] Half-Naked Woman Shoots Heroin, Roommate Horrified By Results
Woman horrifies roommate after taking heroin
It’s no mystery that drugs are bad for you, yet too many people continue to take a wide variety of the toxic substances on a daily basis. Proving just that is a video of a woman in her underwear who had just got done shooting heroin into her arm – and to say her roommate was horrified by the results is putting things lightly.

A shocking video is spreading like wildfire across social media after a girl named Katy decided to shoot up one more time. Unfortunately, the most recent occasion went horribly wrong as many speculated she may have gotten her hands on a bad batch.

Although most people tend to space out or doze off after injecting the toxic cocktail, it seems that Katy had a bit of an adverse reaction. Before long, her roommate came to investigate all the noises, and when he saw what the half-naked woman was doing on the floor of the kitchen, he decided to whip out his phone and record.

Since being posted online, viewers have been left in shock after seeing the woman squirm and make demonic noises on the floor. Completely unaware of her surroundings, Katy didn’t even seem to know that a man was standing just a few feet away, trying to get her attention.

Sadly, this woman’s struggle is far from rare as there are over 500,000 people in the U.S. addicted to heroin, according to a 2016 report released by the Drug Enforcement Agency, citing 2014 statistics. Of course, since then, that number has only gone up.

What’s worse yet is that 10,574 people died in the U.S. from heroin overdose back in 2014 – yet another number that has since more than likely gone up. However, it seems that the biggest risk comes from what dealers are doing to try to get more bang for their buck.

[WATCH] Half-Naked Woman Shoots Heroin, Roommate Horrified By Results
Stock image of heroin
By decreasing the purity by mixing in random and dangerous additives, they’ve taken an already dangerous habit and made it even more fatal in order to stuff a few more dollars in their pockets. According to statistics, the purity has gone down by about half in just the past 20 years from around 43% to just 24% today – and with it, so has the cost as a bag of the poison now costs just $5.

So now, not only do you have a more dangerous cocktail out there for people to inject straight into their bloodstream, but it costs a lot less and is much more available. As a result, thousands of Americans, just like Katy, are out there rolling around on the floor, out of their mind, because they’re hooked on garbage. If there was ever proof that you should never do drugs, it’s this video. If you’re still thinking about it after watching this, well then, I think we can all agree there’s probably no hope for you.

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