Hannity Blasts CBS AS Fake News After Ted Koppel Screws Him In Interview

Sean Hannity (left), Ted Koppel (right)

The mainstream media is looking to destroy any conservative voices by branding them as dangerous to America. Sean Hannity found this out the hard way when liberal media hack Ted Koppel bashed him and his audience on CBS’s “Sunday Morning.” Now, Hannity is fighting back, demanding Koppel and CBS do one thing that will prove that they are really the “fake news.”

Sean Hannity seemed caught off guard when Ted Koppel, a liberal hack at CBS, told him he was bad for America. Hannity says his 45-minute interview was selectively edited down to two minutes and the whole purpose was for Koppel to make the point that anyone who agrees with Hannity and watches his show is just plain stupid.

Koppel is an old timer from when the mainstream media was the only game in town. He enjoyed his power back then. His highly leftist opinion was broadcast nightly, and to Koppel, that was better for America.

We have to give some credit to the American people that they are somewhat intelligent and that they know the difference between an opinion show and a news show,” Hannity said, speaking about the difference between commentary shows such as his own and actual news programs, according to Daily Mail.

Hannity then said, “Do you think we’re bad for America? You think I’m bad for America?” to which Koppel replied, “yeah” and that “in the long haul” such influential talk shows as Hannity’s hurt the American people. Koppel added, “You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts.”

Koppel’s opinion is that those who watch Hannity, primarily conservative Americans, are too stupid to differentiate between an opinion news show and a regular news show. Koppel failed to bring up any opinion shows on the left, like nutjob Rachel Maddow or Lawerence O’Donnell. For Koppel, those shows are totally fine because they reflect what the mainstream media wants Americans to believe.

Hannity took to Twitter to call out CBS as fake news, and he is demanding they release the 45-minute unedited segment. Koppel has had it out for Fox News for years. In March 2016, he told Bill O’Reilly that he had taken the news from being objective and making it subjective. That’s rich coming from Koppel who slants everything he reports on to the left.

“The interview aired during a ‘CBS Sunday Morning piece (titled) ‘A Polarized America,’ focusing on the political divide across the U.S. During the segment, Koppel said Hannity ‘promoted Donald Trump and a highly partisan agenda’ on Fox News,” reports Syracuse.com

This is the mainstream media trying to change the narrative, hoping to make Americans think they are “real news.” This is also about President Donald Trump who has successfully labeled them “fake news,” and it’s no coincidence that Koppel went after Hannity, who is a huge Trump supporter. The mainstream media is panicking as they lose their relevance to alternative media sources.

Hannity dominates all the rest of the cable news shows with over 3 million viewers per show. By contrast, Rachel Maddow is lucky to get 1.5 million viewers. CBS and the rest of the liberal media would love nothing more than to make Hannity out to be “bad for America.” One thing is clear, you don’t have to love Hannity to appreciate his reach, affecting this last election, and for that one reason, Ted Koppel and the rest of the old liberal hacks want him gone.

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