Toddler's Face Turns Red And Blistered, Mom Freaks When She Learns Why
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Toddler’s Face Turns Red & Blisters, Mom Freaks To Learn Her Simple Mistake

May 21, 2017 Alisha Rich

After a day of fun, one mother was recently left terrified when she noticed that her toddler’s face was turning red and blistering. As time passed and her daughter’s face only got worse, she immediately took her to the doctors. When they explained what had caused the reaction, she freaked as she realized the simple mistake she had made, and now, she’s warning others. […]

Health & Science

Texas Beauty Queen Undergoes Rare Treatment, Looks Totally Different Now

May 19, 2017 Jodi

Twenty-year-old Jillian Williams, a contestant in the glamorous world of Miss Teen USA beauty pageants, had always been athletic and energetic. However, in September 2015, she began to experience pain in her knee while playing volleyball for Texas Lutheran University. After undergoing a rare treatment, she now looks completely different. […]

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