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Fitness Model Posts Side-By-Side Photos, People Freak When They Notice The Difference

Twenty-eight-year-old psychologist Stacey Lee joined Instagram to document her fitness journey, but she found her self-esteem plummeting as she scrolled through photo after photo of picture-perfect models each day. That’s when she decided to take matters into her own hands by posting side-by-side snapshots of her body. When people noticed the difference between the images, they were immediately stunned. […]

Chunks Of Skin Falls Off Man's Leg, Dies After Ignoring One Ordinary Piece Of Advice
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Chunks Of Skin Fall Off Man’s Leg, Dies After Ignoring One Common Piece Of Advice

A man found himself in the hospital after he went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico and chunks of skin began to fall off of his leg. Unfortunately, when doctors discovered what was wrong, it was too late, and it was all because the man decided to ignore one common piece of advice. Now, he’s lost his life because of it, and his untimely passing is serving as a warning to others. […]

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Mom Sparks Fury After Posting Pic Of Baby Smoking Cigarette, Has Jaw-Dropping Excuse

An image posted to Instagram has sparked fury among viewers who are calling for child services to intervene, and after seeing the snapshot, it’s easy to immediately understand why. In the photograph, an infant is inhaling from a lit cigarette, which is being held up to her mouth by an adult. Perhaps what’s worse, the mother of the infant has offered a jaw-dropping excuse for allowing her little baby to smoke. […]