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VIRAL Video Exposes SICK Act Nurses Performed On NAKED, Unconscious Patient

March 28, 2017 Jodi

Surgery is scary enough without having to worry that the medical staff tasked with your operation might do something vile and unethical to you while you’re unconscious. For one patient, these fears became a horrifying reality, compounded by the fact that it was all caught on camera and posted online for the world to see as he laid naked on the operating table. […]

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While Wearing Pink P#ssy Hats, Feminists Found New Item To Call Sexist

March 23, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

It’s difficult to go about daily life without offending a feminist. They tend to get riled up over ridiculous and often imaginary issues, being unaware they have the same rights as men and shouting about the non-existent patriarchy. If they have nothing to be mad about during any given day, they will make something up, as one company found out after making a product for Breast Cancer Awareness. […]

Mom Suddenly Has "Full Body Shakes," Screams When She Looks At Her Breast
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Mom Suddenly Suffers ‘Full Body Shakes,’ Screams As She Looks At Her Breast

March 17, 2017 Alisha Rich

Being a new mom can be a very stressful time in a woman’s life. Not only are you adjusting to life with your new baby, but it seems that everyone has their own opinion and recommendation that you “must follow, or else.” However, that was the least of one New York mother’s worries when she suddenly began to feel her entire body shake and was left screaming in agony as she looked at her breast. […]

WATCH: 3 Girls Take Heroin On Street, Parade Embarrassing Results Publicly
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WATCH: 3 Girls Take Heroin On Street & Publicly Parade Embarrassing Results

March 16, 2017 Robert Rich

A disturbing video is going viral after a few women decided to inject heroin on what is believed to be a street in Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately for the women, they didn’t know how quickly they’d be indisposed after taking the illegal substance – and that’s about the time that they involuntarily began to parade the embarrassing results. […]

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Doctor Claims Smoking Cannabis Is Harmful, Suggests Odd New Way To Use It

March 7, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

With the decriminalizing of cannabis on the rise in several states and its acceptance gaining popularity, doctors are having to reevaluate how they suggest patients use the plant. However, one creepy doctor, who now claims that cannabis can be harmful when smoked, has an odd new suggestion on how you can reap all the benefits of the drug without actually smoking it. […]

Girl Emerges With Odd Line On Neck, Horrified Mom Warns What Caused It
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Girl Emerges With Odd Line On Neck, Horrified Mom Warns What Caused It

February 28, 2017 Alisha Rich

A young girl was playing on the playground with her friend at school when something terrible happened. In fact, as the child went down the slide, she emerged several seconds later in severe pain and with an odd line across her neck. When her mother heard what happened, she was left absolutely horrified. Now, she’s warning others about what caused it. […]


‘Trans-Racial’ Rachel Dolezal Made The American Taxpayer Pay For HER LIES

February 26, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

“Trans-racial” Rachel Dolezal is back in the news, but not for being a black woman trapped in a white woman’s body. This time, she’s got a new book out, and the sordid details of her life are now on display for everyone to see. It’s not a surprise, she gets mocked by the left and right alike, but what is leaving many furious is how she admitted she’s making the American taxpayer pay for her lies. […]

Girl Born With HUGE ‘Stain’ On Face, Looks Much Different 25 Years Later
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Girl Born With HUGE ‘Stain’ On Face, Here’s How She Looks 25 Years Later

February 22, 2017 Robert Rich

After being born with what is known as a port wine stain on her chin, a New York girl has suffered severe bullying at every stage of life. However, after 40 different procedures and $15,000 spent trying to fight the massive birthmark, she’s developed into quite the beautiful young woman just 25 years later – but not for the reason you may think. […]

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