[VIDEO] Illegal Immigrant Shoots Man and Does Something Sickening

Last month, a twice-deported Mexican illegal alien by the name of Marcelo Marquez went on a shooting rampage in Sacramento which resulted in the deaths of two police officers.

[VIDEO] Illegal Immigrant Shoots Man While Doing Something Sickening
One carjacking victim who miraculously survived, is now speaking out and offering some disturbing details about the killer who attempted to shoot him in the head at point-blank range.

“When he shot me he was smiling. When he shot me, you seen a crazy look. He liked what he was doing…to me,” said Anthony Holmes in a recent interview with a local NBC News affiliate in Sacramento.

The shooter approached Holmes and demanded that he give up the keys to his car. Holmes’ response to the hijacker was, “Man, I don’t know you.”

Holmes’ quick reaction is what saved his life that day.  In a split decision maneuver, he moved Marquez’s gun away from his head. The shot was deterred from the point-blank range which was aimed straight at his head, affecting only his hands and ear.

“That’s what saved me, my hands. If I hadn’t done that, I would have been. Then my kids wouldn’t have no dad,” he said.

After extensive surgery, Holmes was released from the UC Davis Medical Center. He currently is only able to eat and drink through a straw, as his jaw is wired shut. The gunshot left him with limited mobility, as both his left and right hands remain casted.

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This story, for one man, had a happy ending. As for the two officers who were killed at the hands of this twice-deported illegal immigrant, they weren’t so lucky. It’s a shame that we have illegal thugs in our country taking the lives of our US citizens, and there is such little outrage.

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