Interactive Map Shows Where Obama Is Dumping Illegals Near You

Interactive Map Shows Where Obama Is Dumping Illegals Near You

As Obama continues to keep up the facade that the current border crisis is unintentional and unfortunately unstoppable, others are catching onto his veiled agenda – to dye the voting pools a bit more blue. In an effort to throw a wrench into Obama’s plans however, the folks over at NumbersUSA have put together an interactive map alerting viewers to exactly where Obama is planning on dumping illegals throughout the country.

As the Border States housing facilities are literally bursting at the seams, there is a need – so long as the current administration continues to neglect the massive influx of illegals – for new locations to house those that break our nation’s laws. As we’ve heard down in Murrieta, CA, however, not everyone is so keen on allowing this to happen.


Once these illegals are granted amnesty (and eventually voting rights), what are the chances any of these states will vote for a Republican President ever again? Sure, there’s no guarantee these “new citizens” will vote Democrat, but when you have minimal skill and minimal education and there’s a party that wants to give you free stuff at the expense of others… who are you going to vote for? These are people that can’t afford to enter the country through legal means. Do you really think doctors and lawyers are jumping the fence?

Of course, intent on getting things done however he can regardless of the cost, Obama has taken to secrecy and malicious behavior to find foreign nationals homes in countless American’s backyards. As previously stated, NumbersUSA has created in interactive map in which those concerned can take a peek to see if any of these “dumps” are happening near them.

Outlining locations in which Obama has already relocated or is trying to relocate illegals to the area, the map also shares areas in which residents were successful in shutting down government demands. Users can zoom in to their specific location to find a more area specific view in which they can see exactly where, in the surrounding areas, illegals are being sent.

Now that you guys know about this nifty tool take a peek and let us know if Obama is planning on infesting a location near you.

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