GRAPHIC VIDEO: ISIS Supporters Attack Kurds With MACHETES and KNIVES

Although the outrage here in America over the atrocious acts of Muslim extremists groups such as ISIS is ever present, we are not alone – not by a long shot. As anti-IS (Islamic State) demonstrations are taking place worldwide, pro-ISIS demonstrators recently proved just how “moderate” they are after attacking peaceful protestors with machetes and knives.

For those unaware, ISIS is currently attacking the nation of their long time enemy, Kurdistan, while Turkey turns a blind eye. As ISIS grows stronger by the day and their horrendous acts continue to go unpunished, many around the world are growing increasingly upset. So much in fact that many have organized protests such as the recent ones in Hamburg, Germany.

They started on Tuesday afternoon where a group of about 80 Kurdish protesters gathered at Hamburg’s central train station, did their bit, and peacefully disassembled around 6 pm, according to A short while later, a larger group, this time consisting of about 500 Kurdish activists that “damaged several cars and Turkish snack bars, breaking panes of glass and throwing around plastic chairs,” as RT reports.

After arresting 14 rioters, police were able to gain control of the situation and get everything under control.

That is until later when another large group of several hundred participants gathered outside the Al Nour Mosque. At about 11:30, RT reports that “the Kurds were attacked by a group of approximately 40 armed supporters of the Islamic State.”

Four were hospitalized with serious stab wounds and lacerations.

Tensions in the area have risen during the recent days as each prospective group is at each others throats. Apparently frustrations rose when Kurds began to voice their outrage over the atrocities committed by ISIS wherein about 100 members from each side squared off for an all out brawl.

On Tuesday this reality was even worse as each side brought a bit more backup and came along with stones and bottles. After running out of ammunition, the groups tried to break through police barricades where pepper spray and batons were deployed to quell the fighting.

GRAPHIC VIDEO:  ISIS Supporters Attack Kurds With MACHETES and KNIVES

Protests have taken place worldwide, especially in surrounding European capitals such as, “London, Brussels, The Hague and in Sweden’s Gothenburg.”

If these supporters aren’t members of ISIS, and the only tie they have to these Islamic extremists is their religion, then why are they supporting them? After all, our president insists almost on a daily basis that ISIS doesn’t represent the religion of Islam, right?

Still think they’re all just “moderate”?

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